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Leeds : 


Printed by JOWETT & SOWRY, Albion Street. 



Class Book 


017. ma L5ic 

V.t ! 


F 11-20M 









Leeds : 

i 907. 




COMMITTEE, 1906-1907. 



Councillor JOHN D CONYERS. 

2>eput£=Cbairman : 





BIDermen : 


Councillors : 


IRoiWlftembers ot Council: 




Citg Xibrarian : thomas w. hand. 

2>eputE Xibrarian : Robert mcLEannan. 

Xibrarian, Reference Xibrars: John w. walker. 

Cbief assistant, iReterence Xtbrarg: george w. strother. 

Xibrarian, Central Xenoing Xtbrarg: dixon sharphouse. 


Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 


JNCE the last Catalogue was issued in 1901, many important additions 
have been made to the Collection of Books, and the Library now 
contains some 48,142 volumes. The classification of books in the 

Library is as follows : — A, Theology and Philosophy ; B, History and 

Biography; C, Geography and Travels; D, Useful Arts and Science; 

E, Fiction ; F, Miscellaneous Literature ; G, Juvenile Literature ; 

H, Poetry and Drama; J, Sociology; K, Fine Arts; L, Magazines. 

In the compilation of the Catalogue, it has been necessary to economise space 
having regard to the cost of printing, and the necessity of publishing it at a reasonable 
price. With this object in view, the titles of the works are not given; except that 
in the case of anonymous works published without the real or assumed names of 
the author, they appear under the title of the book, in addition to being placed in the 
subject to which they relate. The arrangement of the Catalogue is on the 
Dictionary System, as was the case in the previous one, that is, the books are placed 
under the name of the author, and the name of the subject to which the book belongs, 
and in certain cases under the titles. Considerable pains have been taken to 
insure that each entry is complete and intelligible, and books bearing vague or 
obscure titles have been annotated, giving the reader a clue to their contents. 
Though compiled on the Dictionary System, the Classified System has been 
introduced in many instances, as for example under Botany, Chemistry, Electricity, 
Geology, Machinery, Natural History, Religion, Zoology, etc., and the names of 
countries. Here are brought together all the books in the Library bearing on 
the subject dealt with, and cross-references are given to allied subjects. In the 
case of these subject headings they are printed in heavy type, and it is to be 
understood that the entries immediately following, treat of the person or matter so 
marked. Under the chief entry of authors' names will be found all books written 
by any author, followed by criticisms and biographies relating to the writer. In many 
instances the Subject Heading has been sub-divided, as will be seen on reference 
to the word Bible, Biography, Language, Literature. The contents of Collected 
Works, Essays, and other books on Miscellaneous Subjects have been set out, 
thus enabling the reader to gain a more extensive knowledge of the resources 
of the Library in any special topic he may desire to pursue. The works of 
authors who have adopted a pseudonym are generally entered under the assumed 
name. This is followed by the real name when known, and a reference is given 
from the reil name to the pen name, or vice-versa. English compound names are 

entered under the second part of the name, except where the author has taken 
an additional name to his former one, for example, Halliwell-Phillips will be 
found under the first name, but Baden-Powell, will be found under the latter. 
Foreign compound names are entered according to the usage of the country to 
which the author belongs, for example, Viollet-le-Duc, Imbert de Saint Amand, will 
be found indexed under the first part of the name. Under the headings Essays, 
Plays, Poems and Poetical Works, Sermons and Speeches, only the Author and 
number is given ; further particulars will be found under the Author's name in 
the general arrangement. The figures immediately following after the entry denote 
the year when the work was published, and must not be confused with the number 
of the book, which in all cases is placed at the extreme end of the entry. If a work 
is comprised in more volumes than one, the number of the first only is given, and 
readers desiring the other volumes must ask for the particular one required. The 

dash or dashes ( ) at the commencement of the lines represent the heading 

or as many words of the preceding line as the dashes number, except in the case 
of authors'' names and their Christian names and initials, which are represented 
by one dash only. Abbreviations have been used throughout the Catalogue, such 
as Abp., Bp.', Card., Ed., Trans., signifying Archbishop, Bishop, Cardinal, Edited, 
Translated, respectively. 

For Juvenile Books, Works in Prose Fiction, Music and Musical Literature, the 
Reader is referred to the special Catalogues which have been published of these 
departments of the Library. 

In the compilation of the Catalogue it is possible some errors may have 
escaped detection, and Pleaders and Borrowers will oblige if they will kindly 
intimate to the Librarian any mistakes which they may discover. 

It now rests with the Readers and Borrowers to assist the Library Committee 
in promoting the beneficial purposes of the Institution by exercising care in the 
use of the books, and observing a strict adherence to the Bye- Laws and Regulations 
given at the commencement of the Catalogue, which are framed with a view to the 
equal rights of all Readers and Borrowers, and to the safety and proper 
circulation of the books. 

I have much satisfaction in acknowledging the valuable assistance given in the 
compiling of this Catalogue by Mr. J. VV. Walker, and other members of the staff. 

Central Library, THOMAS W. HANI), 

May 2gth, JtyOJ. City Librarian. 


Made in pursuance of the provisions of the Public Libraries Act, 1901, and of every 
other power them enabling - in that behalf by the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Citizens 
of the City of Leeds, acting by the Council at a Meeting of the said Council, duly 
convened and held in the Council Chamber, in the Town Hall, in the said City, on 
Wednesday, the sixth day of July, 1904. 

Interpretation of Terms. 
1.— In the construction of the Bye- Laws, the following words and expressions shall have the 
meanings hereinafter respectively assigned to them, unless such meanings be repugnant to or 
inconsistent with the context or subject matter in which such words and expressions occur, that is 
to say : — 

" The Corporation " means the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Citizens of the City 
of Leeds, acting by the Council ; 

"Library" means any and every Public Library which by virtue of the Public 
Libraries Act, 1892, or the Public Libraries Act, 1901, is for the time being under the 
control of the Corporation ; 

" Librarian " means the principal Librarian for the time being appointed by the 
Corporation, or any other person or persons in the employ of the Corporation, appointed 
by the Corporation to act as assistants to the principal Librarian. 

" Book " means any and every book, magazine, newspaper, pamphlet, picture, 
engraving, etching, map, chart, plan, print, or other article of a like nature forming part 
of the contents of the Library. 

Prohibition of Admission of Unclean Persons, &c. 
2. — A person shall not while in an offensively unclean condition either in person or in dress use 
the Library. 

Prohibition of Audible Conversation. 
3. — A person shall not to the annoyance of any other person engage in audible conversation in 
any reading room in the Library. 

Prohibition of Obstruction, &c. 
4. — A person shall not wilfully obstruct, disturb, interrupt, or annoy any person in the proper 
use of the Library. 

Prohibition as to Dogs. 
5. — A person shall not cause or allow any dog belonging to him or under his control to enter 
or remain in the Library. 

Persons not to enter part of Library set apart. 
6. — -A person other than the Librarian shall not enter or remain in any part of the Library not 
set apart for the use of the public. 

Prohibition of Smoking. 
7. — A person shall not spit on any part of the Library, or on any article forming part of the 
contents thereof, or light any match, or smoke tobacco or any like substance, in the Library. 

Negligent use of Books, &c. 
8. — A person shall not carelessly or negligently soil, tear, cut, deface, damage, injure or destroy 
any book forming part of the contents of the Library. 


9. — Every person who shall offend against any of the foregoing Bye-laws shall be liable for 
every such offence to a penalty of forty shillings. 

Provided, nevertheless, that the Court of Summary Jurisdiction before whom any proceedings 
may be taken in respect of any such offence may, if the Court think fit, adjudge the payment of any 
sum less than the full amount of the penalty imposed by this Bye-Law. 

Removal of Offenders. 
10. — Every person who shall commit any offence against the Libraries Offences Act, 1898, or 
against any of the foregoing Bye-Laws may be excluded or removed from the Library by any officer 
or servant of the Library Authority in any one of the several cases hereinafter specified, that is 
to say :■ — 

(1) Where the offence is committed within the view of such officer or servant, and the 
name and residence of the person committing the offence are unknown to and cannot readily 
be ascertained by such officer or servant. 

(2) Where the offence is committed within the view of such officer or servant, and from the 
nature of such offence or from any other fact of which such officer or servant may have 
knowledge, or of which he may be credibly informed there may be reasonable ground for 
belief that the continuance in the Library of the person committing the offence may result in 
another offence against the Act or against the Bye-Laws, or that the exclusion or removal of 
such person from the Library is otherwise necessary as a security for the proper use and 
regulation thereof. 


Made under the provisions of the Public Libraries Act, 1892, by the Lord Mayor, 
Aldermen and Citizens of the City of Leeds, acting as the Library Authority for the 
said City, at a Meeting of the City Council, duly convened and held in the Council 
Chamber, in the Town Hall, in the said City, on Wednesday, the sixth day of July, 1904. 

Interpretation of Terms. 

1. — In the construction of these Regulations, which are hereinafter referred to as the Leeds 
Public Libraries' Regulations, the following words and expressions shall have the meanings herein- 
after respectively assigned to them, unless such meanings be repugnant to or inconsistent with the 
context or subject matter in which such words and expressions occur, that is to say : — 

"The Corporation" means the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Citizens of the City of 
Leeds, acting as the Library Authority ; 

" Library " means any and every Public Library which by virtue of the Public Libraries 
Act, 1892, or the Public Libraries Act, 1901, is for the time being under the control of 
the Corporation, and the several rooms, passages, corridors, and staircases thereof; 

"Librarian" means the principal Librarian for the time being appointed by the 
Corporation, and any other person or persons in the employ of the Corporation appointed 
by the Corporation to act as Assistants to the principal Librarian ; 

"Borrower" means any person to whom a ticket is issued, entitling such person to 
borrow books from the Library ; 

"Guarantor" means any person who shall sign a guarantee in the form hereinafter set out ; 
"Book" means any and every book, magazine, newspaper, pamphlet, picture, 
engraving, etching, map, chart, plan, print, or other article of a like nature forming part of 
the contents of the Library. 


2. — The Departments of the Library respectively shall be open to the public daily as hereunder 
set out, except on Sunday, Christmas Day, Good Friday, and such other days and hours as the 
Library Committee may from time to time direct, viz. : — 

Reference Departments from 10 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. 

Juvenile Departments from 5 p.m. to 9. p.m. 

Lending Departments from 10 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. 

Newsrooms from 8 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. 

3. — Any ratepayer of the City desirous of proposing a book for addition to the Library may on 
application to the Librarian enter particulars of the same in the proposition book. 

Reference Lirraries. 

4. — A person shall not obtain a book without first signing a " Reader's Ticket," and a person 
signing the same shall be taken and considered to have assented to these Regulations. 

5. — A separate ticket must be signed in respect of every work required, and such work must 
be returned before the person to whom it was issued leaves the room. 

6, _Works which in the opinion of the Librarian are of special character and rarity will he 
issued only on written application to the Library Committee. 

7. — Copying in ink from books borrowed shall only be allowed on the express permission of 
the Librarian. The tracing of illustrations is prohibited. Persons must not soil or injure any book 
by fingering or laying their hands or arms thereon, or in any other way. 

Lending Library. 

8.— Every Parochial Elector of the City who is enrolled on the Roll of Parochial Electors for 
the City, or who produces for inspection by the Librarian a receipt for the then current rate levied 
by the Corporation, shall be entitled to borrow books upon his making application in the following 
form— copies f which may be obtained at the Library on payment of one penny for each copy— 
and obtaining a borrower's Ticket :— 

$, the undersignedj being a Parochial Elector of the City of Leeds, hereby make applica- 
tionfora Borrower's Ticket, entitling me to borrow books from the Library> ami I hereby 
ton plai e 01 pay the value <>\ any book lent to me which shall he lost or materially 
injured whilst in my possession. I also furthei undertake to pay all fines and other payments 
which in:.-, become payable by me under or in accordance with the Leeds Public Libraries 
Regulations, by whi< h Regulations 1 agree to abide, and all expenses which may be incurred 
by tii-- ( lorporation in rei overing the same. 



9. — Am person resident in the City, not being a Parochial Elector of the City of Leeds, or 
any person being a member of the family of, and residing with, any Ratepayer of the City, not 
resident in the City, desiring to take out books may do so after obtaining the guarantee of a Rate- 
payer of the City (hereinafter called the Guarantor) to be approved by the Librarian, in the following 
form,— copies of which may be obtained at the Library on payment of one penny for each copy— 
and obtaining a borrower's Ticket : — 

3, the undersigned, being a Ratepayer of the City of Leeds, hereby make application 

for a Borrower's Ticket in favour of (Name) 

(Address) (Occupation) 

(Age) (hereinafter called the Borrower), entitling the Borrower to 

borrow books from the Library, and I declare that I believe the Borrower to be a person 
to whom books may be safely entrusted for perusal, and I hereby undertake to replace or 
pay the value of any book lent to the Borrower which shall be lost or materially injured 
whilst in his possession. I also further undertake to pay all fines and other payments 
which may become payable by the Borrower under or in accordance with the Leeds 
Public Libraries' Regulations, by which Regulations I agree to abide, and all expenses 
which may be incurred by the Corporation in recovering the same. 

Signature of a 



3, the undersigned, in consideration of your issuing a Borrower's Ticket to me, do 
hereby undertake to replace or pay the value of any book lent to me which shall be lost 
or materially injured while in my possession, and I also further undertake to pay all 
fines which may become payable by me, under or in accordance with the Leeds Public 
Libraries' Regulations, by which regulations I agree to abide, and all expenses which 
may be incurred by the Corporation in recovering the same. 

10. — Directors of Public Companies, having a Registered Office within the City, whether 
resident or not, shall be allowed to become borrowers on their obtaining the usual guarantee. 

11. — Any person not resident in the City, and not being a member of the family of, and 
residing with, any Ratepayer of the City not resident in the City, and any person not being a 
Director of a Public Company having a Registered Office within the City, desiring to take out 
books, may do so after complying with the provisions of Clause 9 of these Regulations, and upon 
payment of the sum of five shillings. 

12. — A Borrower's Ticket will be issued to the Borrower personally, or to some responsible 
person duly authorised in writing by such Borrower, on the day following the day on which the 
application, or the application and guarantee as the case may be, was delivered at the Library, 
provided that such application or application and guarantee, is found on examination to be in order. 

13. — Any Guarantor who shall desire to determine his liability under a guarantee, shall give 
notice thereof in writing to the Librarian, and he shall be released from the liability under such 
guarantee if no loss or injury has occurred for which he is responsible, or so soon as he has made 
good any such loss or injury, and from the date of such release the rights of the Borrower, in respect 
of whom such guarantee was given, shall cease. 

14. — The Committee reserve to themselves the right to decline to issue to any person a 
Borrower's Ticket, and to suspend the validity of any Ticket whenever they may see sufficient 
reasons to do so. The occurrence of an infectious disease in a Borrower's house shall cancel his 
Ticket for the time being. 

15. — Borrower's Tickets shall be available for twelve months from the date of issue, and shall 
not be transferable, and such Ticket shall only be available at the Library in respect of which it is 
issued. Borrowers must return all books to the Library from which they are issued. 

16. — A person obtaining a ticket in the name of another person will be prosecuted. 

17. — -On application made on a duplicate of the ordinary form, a Student may obtain a duplicate 
Borrower's Ticket, upon which works not being fiction may be borrowed. Such duplicate ticket 
shall expire on the same date as the ordinary ticket issued to such Student, irrespective of the date 
on which such duplicate ticket was issued. 

18. — A Borrower shall not be allowed to change any book on the day on which such book was 
issued to such Borrower. 

19. — It is desirable that books be applied for by the borrowers personally, but in cases where 
this is not possible, a responsible messenger should be sent, as the Librarian is authorised to refuse 
to deliver books to any messenger whom he may not consider qualified to take proper care of such 
books. ' *j C2HT1S 

20.— In wet weather all books should be returned to and from the Library under cover, as in 
the event of any damage occurring to any book the Borrower is held responsible for the same. 

21 — The books returned to the Library shall be delivered into the hands of the Librarian, and 
the Borrower shall be held responsible for any book not so delivered. 

22. — Borrowers shall return every book within the time specified within the cover of such book 
from the date of issue (including the date of issue and return) unless they shall desire to renew the 
loan of the book for another fortnight, which they may do by giving the Librarian notice on the 
day on which the return of the book is due, either personally or by postcard, stating the Class-letter, 
Number, and the Title of the book. A book falling due on any day on which the Library is closed 
shall be deemed to be returned within the time allowed for reading such book if it is returned on 
the first day on which the Library is open after the day on which the said book fell due for return. 

23. — A Borrower detaining any book beyond the time allowed, shall pay in respect of such 
book, until the same is returned, die following fines, namely : — 

For the first two weeks beyond such time at the rate of One Penny per week or portion of 
a week, and for every week or portion of a week after the first two weeks at the rate of Two-pence 
per week. A Borrower shall also pay to Librarian the postage on all applications made to him 
for the return of any book overdue. 

24. — A Borrower shall not lend any book issued to him or her to any other person. 

25. — If a Borrower makes default for four weeks in returning any book, he shall be liable for 
its value, and proceedings may be instituted to compel the return of the book, or the payment of 
its value. 

26. — No book shall be issued except on the production of a Borrower's Ticket, and only one 
work shall be issued on any one such Tickets at one time, except in the case of works consisting oi 
a set of two or three volumes, which shall be issued in complete sets if desired. 

27. — Writing or drawing in any part of a book with pen or pencil, or turning or doubling down 
the leaves, shall be treated as damage, for which a Borrower will be held responsible. 

28. — Borrowers are requested to give notice as early as possible of any defect or disfigurement 
they may find in books after receiving them. 

29. — Borrowers are cautioned against losing their Tickets as they and their Guarantors will be 
held responsible for any books obtained by means of the same. A charge of one penny shall be 
made for replacing a lost Ticket. 

30. — Borrowers are required to give notice to the Librarian of any change in the residence of 
themselves or their Guarantors, and on leaving the City, or ceasing to use the Libraries, are requested 
to return their Tickets to the Librarian, in order that they may be cancelled, and their liability 

News- Rooms. 

31. — Magazines and periodicals shall not be removed from the tables on which they are placed. 

32. — No newspaper, magazine, or periodical shall be retained for more than ten minutes after it 
has been enquired for by another person. 

33. — Any person who shall offend against any of the Bye-Laws made by the Corporation with 
respect to Public Libraries, or against these Regulations, shall not be permitted to use the Library, 
and if found therein shall be removed therefrom under the direction of the Librarian. 


Any change in the residence of Borrowers or their Guarantors must be intimated to the Librarian 
within one week of such change. 

To facilitate the issue of books, readers are requested to consult the indicator to see if the book 
required is in or out. 

The Librarian will be pleased to receive suggestions from readers as to any book or books they 
may consider desirable should be purchased for the Library, and such suggestions will be submitted 
to the Libraries Committee for their consideration. 

No person shall take out of any Public or Lending Library any book for use in any house in 
which there is a person suffering from infectious disease, and no person shall return to any Public 
or Lending Library any book which lias been to his knowledge exposed to infection from any infectious 
disease, hut shall at once give notice that it lias been exposed to infection to, and leave the book at 
the office of the I" pector of Nuisances, who shall cause the same to be disinfected and then 
returned to the Librarian. If any person offends against this enactment he shall be liable to a 
penalty not exceeding forty shillings. 





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1501 C 
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2S33 ( : 
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Aby inia. 1870 -2071 n 

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De Co on (E. \. ) Cradle o\ the Blue Nile. 



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503 C 
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1775 C 
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in Abyssinia. 1862 1509 C 

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Wilkins ( H. St. C. ) Reconnoitring in Abyssinia. 

1870 1508 C 

See also Africa, Central and East. 
Acacia Tree. See Forestry. 
Accidence. See Grammar. 


Bagot (A.) Accidents in Mines ; their Cause 

and Prevention. 1878 1644 D 

Parry (L. A.) Risks and Dangers of Various 

Occupations and their Prevention. 1 900. . . 1832 D 

See also Ambulance, Surgery. 


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1903 1932 D 

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2030 D 
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See also Arithmetic, Bookkeeping. 

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Gas. 1902 4289D 

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Thompson (G. F. ) Acetylene Gas and Calcium 

Carbide. 1898 685 D 

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1903 1254F 

Displaying Shakespeareas a Satirist and Proving the Identity 
of the Patron and the Rival of the Sonnets. 

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W. Leaf. 1887 340II 

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1885 8681 D 

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Acland (A. II. I) ) Guide to the Choice of Books. 

L 89 1 2323 F 

and Jones (B.) Working Men Co-operators. 1884.. 6J 
- and Ransome (C.) Outline of Political History 

of England to 1894 534J 

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statics. 1870 456 D 

See also Ear, Music, Physics. 
ACROBATS and Mountebanks. By II. Le Roux 

and J. Gamier. 1890 3008J 

See also Circus. 
Acting and Actors. See Drama, Theatricals, Amateur. 
Acton (J. E. E. D.) ist Baron. Letters to Mary, 

Daughter of W. E. Gladstone. 1904 3846 B 

Acts of the Apostles. See Bible, Commentaries . 

Paul (St.). 
Acworth (W. M.) Elements of Railway 

Economics. 1905 331 J 

- Railways and the Traders. 1891 532 f 

- Railways of England. 1900 2001 J 

Deals with the Working and Management of the Various 
Railway Companies. 

Adair (F. E. S.) A Summer in High Asia. 

1899 2288 C 

Being a Record of Sport and Travel in Baldistan and 

Adam (P.) Practical Bookbinding. 1903 1042 D 

Adams (A.) Natural History for Travellers. 

1854 8223D 

Adams (A. L.) Notes of a Naturalist in the 

Nile Valley and Malta. 1870 553C 

- Wanderings of a Naturalist in India. 1867... 1 178 C 
Adams (B.) America's Economic Supremacy. 

1900 1125J 

- Law of Civilization and Decay : an Essay 

in History. 1898 9022B 

Contents: — The Romans ; Middle Age ; First and Second 
Crusades ; Fall of Constantinople ; Suppression of the 
Temple; English Reformation ; Suppression of the Convents ; 
Eviction of the Yeomen ; Spain and India ; Modern Centrali- 

- The New Empire. 1903 1279J 

An Essay to Deal, by Inductive Methods, with the Consoli- 
dation and Dissolution of those Administrative Masses, called 

Adams (C. ) The Coward Science. 1882 . . : ., .8465 D 

An Answer to Professor Owen's attack on the Anti-Vivi- 
section Agitation. 

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Adams (D. C. O.) The Saints and Missionaries 

of the Anglo-Saxon Era. 1897 1703 A 

Adams (F.) The Australians : a Social Sketch. 

1893 10014 B 

Description of the Characteristics of Australia and the 

- Essays in Modernity. 1899 , 7409 F 

Contents: — Tennyson; Democracy; The Anglo-Indian 
Story-Teller; Poetry and Criticism of Mr. Swinburne; Some 
Recent Novels ; Shelley; Rudyard Kipling's Verse. 

- New Egypt : a Social Sketch. 1893 10011 B 

Written with the Object of placing the English Occupation 
of Egypt in a Truer Light, and to Create an Interest in 
Egyptian Affairs. 

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of the United States 2002J 

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of its Development. 1899 10325 B 

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- Humming Birds 1127 D 

- Life and Adventures of Dr. Livingstone 321 B 

- Nests and Eggs of Familiar Birds. 1 " 1891 1128 I) 

- Wild Flowers, Birds, and Insects of the Months. 

563 D 
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Animals. 1897 .1813A 

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Adams (f. C. ) Lectures on the Lunar Theory. 

1900 2131 D 

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- Comic Poets of the 19ih Century 431 II 

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Personal Impressions of the People and Institutions of the 
United States. 

Adams (W. II. D.) Battle Stories from European 

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- Celebrated Englishwomen of the Victorian 

Era. 1884 2093 B 

- Celebrated Women Travellers of the 19th 

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Studies of Nature and Pictures of the Seasons. 

- Curiosities of Superstition and Sketches of 

some Unrevealed Religions. 1882 273 A 

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Story of the Great Campaigns of the British Army. 

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Picturesque Aspects of Natural History. 

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Men and Manners, Life and Letters in England's Augustan 

- Great Fisheries of the World 8119 D 

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- Life in the Primeval World. 1872 548 D 

Treats of Fossil Animals, Fossil Vegetables, and Primitive 
Man. it 

- Lighthouses and Lightships. 1878 8111 D 

- Mediterranean Illustrated. 1880 3055 C 

- Memorable Battles in English History. 1879. 1952 B 




Adams (W. II. D.) Merry Monarch; or England 

under Charles II. 1885 3939 B 

- Monsters of the Deep. 1876 8117 D 

- Mountains and Mountain-Climbing. 1883 ...8044 C 

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History of the Buried Cities of Campania. 

- Recent Polar Voyages : a Record of Discovery 

and Adventure. 1880 1318C 

- Records of Noble Lives. 1880 567 B 

Biographies of Sir Philip Sidney, Francis Bacon, Robert 
Blake, George Monk, William Penn. 

- Stories of the Lives of Noble Women. 1880. 564 B 

Story of Anne Askew, Lady Vere, Lady Alicia Lisle, 
Elizabeth Gaunt, Elizabeth Inchbald, Lady Arabella Stuart, 
Lady Jane Grey, Mary, Countess of Pembroke, Queen Jeanne 
D'Albret, Madame Roland, and Charlotte Bronte. 

- Story of the Maid of Orleans. 1889 9538 B 

-Warrior, Priest, and Statesman. 1875 2118B 

Biographical Studies of Thomas a Beckett ; Stephen Lang- 
ten ; Simon de Montford. 

- Witch, Warlock, and Magician. 1889 1187 A 

Historical Sketches of Magic and Witchcraft in England 
and Scotland. 

- Women of Fashion : a Series of Biographical 

and Critical Studies. 1878 9282 B 

Contents :— Vol 1. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu ; Duchess 
of Marlborough ; Lady Morgan ; Miss Berry. 

Vol. 2. Madame D'Arblay ; Mrs. E. Inchbald ; Countess of 
Blessington ; Charlotte Bronte ; Harriet Martineau. 

- Wrecked Lives ; or, Men who have Failed. 



T. Wolsey ; Dean 

Contents -.—First Series— Cola di Rienzi 
Swift ; R. Savage ; T. Chatterton. 

Second Series— M. Robespierre ; R. Burns ; B. R. Haydon; 
H. Heine ; E. A. Poe ; T. Kosciusko. 

Adams (W. I. L.) Amateur Photography. 1899.1139 K 
Adams (W. M.) Book of the Master. 1898... 3124 A 

A Clue to the Mysterious Religion of Ancient Egypt, afford- 
ed by a Comparison of the Secret Passages and Chambers 
contained in the Great Pyramid, with the Secret Passages and 
Chambers Portrayed in the Sacred Papyrus describing the 
" Entrance on Light," which the Egyptian Priests entitled 
the •' Book of the Master of the Secret House," now called 
the " Book of the Dead." 

- House of the Hidden Places. 1895 3137 A 

Clue to the Creed of Early Egypt from Egyptian Sources. 
Adams (W. P.) Motor-Car Mechanism and 

.6010 D 


1676 A 

Addison (J.) Works. 1906 503 F 

Contents -—Vol. 1. Poems ; Translations of Virgil, Ovid, 
and Horace; Dialogues on Ancient Medals ; Travels in Italy. 

Vols. 2-3. The Tatler. The Spectator. 

Vol. 4. The Spectator, continued ; The Guardian ; The 
Lover; Present State of War; The Whig Examiner ; The 

Vol. 5. The Freeholder, continued ; On the Christian Re- 
ligion ; The Drummer; Discourses in Ancient and Modern 
Learning ; The Plebeian, by Steele ; Letters, Miscellanies 
and Gleanings. 

Vol. 6. Letters, continued ; Translations of Addison's Latin 
Poems and Latin Prose ; Official Documents ; Addisoniana. 

-Anton (P.) England's Essayists: Addison. 

1883 32F 

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" 1878 1878B 

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1905 1381K 

- Classic Myths in Art. 1904 1376 K 

An Account of Greek Myths as Illustrated by Great Artists. 

Addison (P. L.) Construction for Engineers 

and Builders. 1888 9346 D 

Addleshaw (P.) The Cathedral Church of 

Exeter: a History and Description. 1898. 1327 B 

ADDRESSES. See the Names of the following 
Authors : — 

Management. 1906 

Adamson (R.) Ficlite, for English 


Adamson (W.) Life of the Rev. Joseph Parker. 

1902 3535B 

Addams(J.) Democracy and Social Ethics. 1902.1233 | 
Adderley (J.) Looking Upward. 1896 2700 A 

Papers on the Study of Social Questions from a Religious 
Point 'A View. 

AitchisonQ.) 1814 A 

Albert {Prince) 2502 H 

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Brougham (H.) Lord. .529 F 

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Herschel(Sir J.F.W.)2324F 

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O'Hagan (T.) Lord . .1364 F 
Reaney(Mrs. G. S.).. 2123 A 

Robarts(F. H ) 1782 A 

Robertson (F. W.)....387F 
Kosebery (A. P. )Lord. 7414 F 
RowntreeQ. W.) . . . .2302 F 
Stanley (A. P.) Dean 

2050, 2100 A 

Wagner (C.) 3318 A 

Ward(W.) 3446 A 

Williams (T. R.) ....1753 A 
Wilson (J. M.) 1767 F 

Addy (S. O.) The 
House. 1898. 

Evolution of the English 

- Monsieui Vincent. 1901 

of a ( 'hristiart Social Reformei oi ill 

Story of Francis of Assist. 1901.... 


17th Century. 

1725 B 

Addis (W. E.) Hebrew Religion to the Estab- 
lishment of Judaism under Ezra. 1906. ..3346 A 
Addison (A. (..) Story ol Oh- Birkenhead : a 

Recordof British Heroism. 1902 2953 B 

Addison (J.) 'I he Spectator 958 1'' 

Edited and Annotated by <<. Gregory Smith, 
Introductory Essay l>y Austin Dobson. 

lom, Wit, and Allegory. 


Selei ted from 

.882 F 

.521 J 

Social Life in England as found in the History of the 
English Dwelling-House. 

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Ade(G.) Fables in Slang. 1902 236 F 

- More Fables in Slang. 1902 237 F 

ADEL, History of. By H. T. Simpson. 1879. 4751 B 

See also Leeds. 
Adeney (W. F. ) Canticles and Lamentations 

(Expositor's Bible). 1895 2682 A 

- Century's Progress in Religious Life and 

Thought. 1901 2933 A 

Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther. (Expositor' 's 

Bible). 1893 2590A 

- How to Read the Bible. 1905 1822 A 

St . Luke. ( Century Bible) 1 973 A 

Thessalonians and Galatians. (Century Bible) 1979A 
Virgin Birth and the Divinity of Christ : an 

Essay. 1905 3453 A 

Adlard (G.) Ainye Robsart and the Earl of 
Leycester, and a History of Kenilworth 

Castle. 1870 4031 B 

Adler (E. N.) Jews in Many Lands. 1905. .. 10080 B 
Adler (M.) Student's Hebrew Grammar. 1900.. 837 F 




ADRIATIC SEA, Our Home by the. By 

M.Collier. 1886 2551 C 

See also Italy : Mediterranean Sea. 

By J. W. Rowntreeand A. B. Binns. 1903. 2392 J 
Advent Readings. By M. E. Granger. 1891... 2546 A 
Advent Sermons. By Dean R. W. Church. 

1885 2703 A 


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Benyowski (M. A.) Memoirs and Travels in 

Siberia, Japan, &c 2810C 

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in Cevlon. 1843 2570C 

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1893 4372 B 

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1894 2819B 

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1890..... 2360 B 

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Travel, Sport, and Adventure, from Blackwood's 

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Trelawney (E. J.) Adventures of a Younger 

Son 7586 E 

Villars (P.) Escapes of Casanova and Latude 

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See also Mountaineering, Sport, Voyages. 


Badenoch (J.G.) Art of Letter-Painting. 1898.841D 
Calkins (E. E.) and H olden (R.) Art of 

Modern Advertising. 1905 1417 J 

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1897 2558 B 

Rogers ( W. S. ) Book of the Poster. 1901 . . .3154 K 
Sampson (H.) History of Advertising. 1875. 911 J 
Advocate. See Law. 
Aegean Sea. See Greece. 
Aerial Navigation. See Balloons. 
^Eschylus. Cheophoroi in Greek. With Intro- 
duction and Notes by A. Sidgwick. 1884... 327 H 

-Dramas. Trans, by A. Swanwick 820 H 

-Pkys. Trans, by R. Potter 405H 

/Eschylus. Prometheus Vinctus. Trans, by F. G. 

Plaistowe and W. F. Masom 369 H 

- Tragedies. Trans, by T. A. Buckley 821 H 

-Campbell (L.) Tragic Drama in /Eschylus. 

1904 2001 ¥ 

- Coplestone (R. T. ) /Eschylus for English 

Readers 1 F 


Aristotle. Theory of Poetry and Fine Art. 

Ed. by S. H. Butcher. 1902 3160 F 

Beauty's Aids ; or, How to be Beautiful. 1901. 1107 D 
Biese (C. J. C.) Development of the Feeling 

for Nature in the Middle Ages and Modern 

Times. 1905 1220 D 

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1882 289 K 

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Schimmelpenninck (M. A.) Principles of 

Beauty. 1859 1471 D 

Veron (E.; Aesthetics. 1879 1148K 

Walker (E. E.) Beauty through Hygiene. 

1905 787D 

See also Art, Painting, Sculpture. 
Aether. See Air. 


Bellow (H. W. ) History of Afghanistan and 

the Afghans. 1879 ■ 1991 B 

Eyre (V.) Militarv Operations at Cabul. 

1843 '. 1519B 

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paign of 1863. 1896 10243B 

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Le Marchand (G. E. N.) Campagne des Anglais 

dans 1' Afganistan. 1878-9 328 MB 

Male (A.) Scenes through the Battle Smoke. 

1890 2360 B 

Malleson (G. B. ) Russo-Afghan Question and 

India. 1885 9084 B 

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to Ceylon Forty Years Ago. 1884 2392 C 

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Cavalry Brigade. 1881 2203C 

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our Dealings with It. 1885 653B 

Yate (A. C. ) England and Russia face to 

face in Asia. 1887 2495C 

Yate (C. E. ) Letters from the Afghan Boundary 

Commission. 1888 2555 C 

See also Abdur Rahman, Asia, Central, Cabul, Herat. 
Aflalo (F. G. ) Cost of Sport. 1899 454 K 

- Fisherman's Weather. 1906 1392K 

The Opinions of upwards of One Hundred Anglers on Wind 
and Weather in their bearing on Fishing. 

- Natural History of Australia. 1896 1732 D 

- Natural History of Vertebrates of the British 

Islands. 1898 1343D 

- Sea and Coast Fishing. 1901 1248K 




Aflalo (F. G. ) Sea-Fish, an Account of the Methods of 
Angling practised on the English Coast. 1898. 773 K 

- Sea-Fishing on the English Coast. 1891 503 K 

- The Salt of My Life. 1905 2749 K 

Angling Reminiscences. 

-Types of British Animals. 1899 8078 D 

- Walk through the Zoological Gardens. 1900... 6779 D 
Aflalo (M.) Truth about Morocco. 1904 2386 J 

An Indictment of the Policy of the British Foreign Office 
with regard to the Anglo-French Agreement. 



Africa and its Exploration, as told by its 

Explorers 3061 C 

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1873 1904C 

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in Africa. 1883 8307 C 

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1892 2968 C 

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Colvile (Z. ) Round the Black Man's Garden. 

1893 1796C 

Du Couret (L. ) Souvenirs de Voyage en 

Afrique. 1895 501 MC 

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and Christian Enterprise. 1874 1266 C 

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1900 2950 C 

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of Africa by Alien Races. 1899 10310 B 

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Century. 1898 10190 B 

- Great Britain in Modern Africa. 1907 ...10476 B 
Stewart (J.) Dawn in the Dark Continent. 

1903 1197 A 

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ploration. 1895 2866 C 

See also Ethnology, Geography, Languages, 
Natural History. 

Central and East Africa. 

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Africa. 1889 2569 C 

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Equatorial Alrica. 1890 8384 C 

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1861 C 
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1890 3785B 

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1898 2661 B 

Bourne 'II. R. F.) Other Side of the Emin 

i f Expedition. 1891 84I4C 

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AFRICA, Central and East. 

Burdo (A.) Travels in Central Africa. 1880.. 2245 C 
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Africa. 1894 2820C 

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iSV<?tf/.y<?Bechuanaland,CapeofGood Hope, Damara- 
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See also Ashanti, Benin, Congo, Gold Coast, 
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1881 927D 

- Principles of Agriculture. 1881 929 D 

Thomas (O. ) Agricultural and Pastoral 

Prospects of South Africa. 1904 2366 J 

Upton (11. M.) Profitable Dairy Farming. 

1888 9179D 

Wallace (R.) India in 1887: Study of its 

Agriculture 2256 D 

Warington (R.) Chemistry of the Farm. 

1882 8386D 

Willonghby (E. I' - .) Milk ; its Production and 

Uses. 1903 1753 D 






Wood (T. ) Farmer's Friends and Foes. 

1888 9197D 

Wrightson (J.) Text Book on Farm Crops. 

1892 9607 D 

See also Cattle, Drainage, Land, Sheep, Irrigation. 

AGRIPPA (H. C) Life. By H. Morley. 1856. 1425 B 
Aguilar (E. ) Ilovv to Learn the Pianoforte. 

1883 501 K 

Aguilar (G.) Women of Israel. 1889 2403 A 

AHMED KHAN (SirSyed) Indian Statesman. 

Life and Work. ByG. F. I. Graham. 1885.9269 B 
Aide (H.) Eleonore, and other Poems. 1856. .. 158 H 

- Romance of the Scarlet Leaf, and other 

Poems. 1865 157 H 

Aiken (P. F. ) Memorials of Robert Burns. 

1876 1996B 

Aikin (W. A.) The Voice : its Physiology and 

Cultivation. 1900 1070 D 

Ainger (A. ) Biography of Charles Lamb. 1888.9680 B 

- Biography of George Crabbe. 1903 695 B 

- Gospel and Human Life : Sermons. 1904... 3300 A 

- Lectures and Essays. 1905 976 F 

Contents: — Vol. 1. Three Stages of Shakspeare's Art ; 
Ethical Element in Shakspeare ; Sir John Falstaff ; Euphu- 
ism, Past and Present ; Swift ; Cowper ; Burns ; Scott ; Mrs. 
Barbauld ; Children's Books ol a Hundred Years Ago. 

Vol. 2. Letters of C. Lamb ; How I Traced Charles Lamb 
in Hertford-hire ; Nether Stowey ; Coleridge's Ode to Words- 
worth ; Death of Tennyson ; Secret of Charm in Literature ; 
Influence of Chaucer upon his Successors ; Illiterate Peasant ; 
Some Aspects of Mr. S. Phillip's New Tragedy ; Mr. Dickens's 
Amateur Theatricals ; C. J. Mathews ; True and False 
Humour in Literature ; Sir G. Rose ; Art of Conversation ; 
Teaching of English Literature ; Books and their Uses. 

Ainger (A. C.) Handbook on Fives. 1890 90 K 

Ainslie (A. C. ) Smoking Fires: their Cause 

and Cure. 1871 1341 D 

Ainslie (J. B). Reminiscences of a Scottish 

Gentleman. 1861 1926B 

Ainsworth (W. F. ) A Personal Narrative of the 

Euphrates Expedition. 1888 2576 C 

An Account of the Expedition in 1835-37, ordered hy the 
British Government, to Survey the River Euphrates, with a 
view to establishing a short Sea Route to India. 

- The River Karun : an Opening to British 

Commerce. 1890 8377 C 

rVINS WORTH (W. H.) Novelist. 
Memoir. By W. E. A. Axon. 1902 2704 B 


Archibald (D. ) Story of the Earth's Atmosphere. 

1897 6738 D 

Bailey (E. H. S.) Chemistry of Air. 1906. .. 9305 D 

Birks (T. R.) Matter and Ether. 1862 1448 D 

Buchan (W. P.) Ventilation and Air Testing. 

1891 9473 D 

Cohen (J. B.) Air of Towns. 1896 1952D 

Cowell (W. B.) Utilization of Air, Ozone, 

and Water in Industries. 1900 574 D 

Dolbear (A. E. ) Ether, Matter, and Motion. 

1899 8087D 

Fletcher (B.) Light and Air. 1902 360 D 

Fox (C. B.) Sanitary Examinations of Air. 

1878 1757 D 

Giberne (A. ) Ocean of Air. 1890 9394 D 

Innes (C. H.) Air Compressors and Blowing 

Engines. 1906 8608 D 

Mendeleeff (D. ) Chemical Conception of the 

Ether. 1904 2253 D 

Rabagliati (A.) Air, Food, and Exercises. 

1897 732D 

Ramsay (Sir W.) Gases of the Atmosphere : 

the History of their Discovery. 1896.... 1312 D 


Reclus (E.) History of the Atmosphere. 

1873 2042 D 

Rotch (A. L.) Sounding the Ocean of Air. 

1900 353 D 

Sloan (T. O' C.) Liquid Air and the Lique- 
faction of Gases. 1899 1628D 

Smith (R. A.) Air and Rain. 1872 3276 D 

AIREDALE, Handbook for. By L. C. Miall. 

1890 418 C 

-Through. % H. Speight. 1891 . ( 424 C 

- See also Yorkshire. 

Airy (Sir G. B.) Algebraical and Numerical Theory 
of Errors of Observations. 1879 10057 D 

- Elementary Partial Differential Equations. 

1873 10056 D 

- Gravitation. 1884 10045 D 

- Popular Astronomy. 1877 754 D 

- Autobiography of Sir G. B. Airy. Ed. by W. Airy. 

1896 4641 B 

Airv(0.) Charles II. 1904 9530 B 

Air'y (R.) History of Westminster School. 1902. 9709 B 
Aitchison (J.) Bag with Holes : Addresses to 

Children. 1896 1814 A 

Aitken (E. II.) Behind the Bungalow : Sketches 

of Native Character in India. 1897 958 C 

- Naturalist on the Prowl in the Indian Jungle. 

1894 10162 D 

- The Tribes on My Frontier : an Indian 

Naturalist's Foreign Policy. 1897 8253 D 

Aitken (G. A.) Life and Works of John 

Arbuthnot. 1892 4311 B 

Dr. Arbuthnot was contemporary with Pope awd Swift, 
and this work contains his correspondence with those writers. 

- Life of Richard Steele. 1889 .....' 4116 B 

Aitken (M. C. ) Scottish Song: a Selection of 

the Choicest Lyrics. 1874 39 H 

Aitken (SirW. ) On the Animal Alkaloids. 1887.6618 D 

A Short Summary of Recent Researches as to the Origin of 
some Diseases by or through the Physiological Processes 
going on during Life. 

Aitken (W. F. ) Biography of Baden-Powell, the 

Hero of Mafeking. 1900 10349B 

Aitken (W. H. M. H.) Difficulties of the Soul. 

1880 2372 A 

- Romance of Christian Work and Experience. 

1898 958 A 

Aizlewood (J. W.) Echo and Narcissus-: Poems. 

1893 434 H 

AKBAR Emperor of Hindoostan. Biography. 

ByG. B. Malleson. 1890 9763B 

Akenside (Mark) Poetical W T orks 269 II 

Akers (C. E.) History of South America, 

1854-1904 3600 B 

ALABAMA, Ship. Two Years on the. By A. 

Sinclair. 1896 2944C 

See also United States, Civil War. 


Broke (G.) With Sack and Stock in Alaska. 

1891 8442 C 

Cane (C.) Summer and Fall in Western Alaska. 

1903 1823 C 

Dall (W. H. ) Alaska and its Resources. 1870. 1756 C 
De Windt (H.) From Paris to New York bv 

Land. 1904 '.1984C 

- Through the Gold Fields of Alaska. 1898. 1765 C 
Elliott (H. W.) Alaska and ihe Sea Islands. 

1886 2499 C 

Heilprin (A. ) Alaska and the Klondike. 1899. 1614 C 
Karr (H. W. S. ) Bear Hunting in the White 

Mountains. 1891 8430C 





Macdonald (A.) In Search of Eldorado. 1905.2382 C 
Pierrepont (E.) Fifth Avenue to Alaska. 

1884 8128 C 

Pike (VV. ) Through the Subarctic Forest. 

1896 1833 C 

Whvmper (F. ) Travel and Adventure in 

Alaska. 1868 1915C 

See also Klondike. 
ALBANIA, Recent Travel in. By E. F. Knight. 

1880 1376 C 

-Winter in. By H. A. Brown. 1888 8311 C 

See also Macedonia, Turkey. 
Albany {Prince Leopold) Duke of. Garlands 

for a Royal Grave 2157 A 

Christian Tributes to H.R.H. Duke of Albany, by Dean 
Farrar, Canon Liddon, and others. 

ALBANY (L. M. C E.) Countess of. Biography. 

By V. Lee. 1884 2315B 

Albemarle (G. T. ) bth Earl of. Fifty Years of my 

Life. 1876 .' 3060B 

Albemarle (A. A. C.) 8th Earl of . Handbook 

ofCycling. 1887 70 K 

Albert {Prince) Golden Precepts, or the Opinions 

and Maxims of Prince Albert. 1873. 36 1 F 

- Speeches and Addresses. 1862 2502 B 

-Brett (R. B.) Sketch of Prince Consort. 

1897 10303 B 

- Martin (SirT.) Life of Prince Consort. 1880... 2942 B 

- Victoria (Queen) Early Years of Prince 

Albert. 1867 2501 B 


Rees ([. D. ) Duke of Clarence and Avondale 

in Southern India. 1891 2732 C 

Vincent (J. E.) Duke of Clarence and 

Avondale: a Memoir. 1893 9393 B 

Albert Victor {Prince) and George {Prince, 

nozv Piiuce of Wales) Cruise of the 

Bacchante, 1879-82. Ed. by J. N. Dalton.,2475 C 
Albert N'yanza, Lake. See Africa, Central and East. 
Albertis (L. M. d') New Guinea: What I Did 

and Saw. 1880 2213C 

Three Years of Exploration, with a Voyage to Yule 
Island in 1875. 

ALCHEMY, Story of, and the Beginnings of 

Chemistry. By M. M. P. Muir. 1902. .. 6747 D 

- See also Chemistry, Occult Science. 

Alcock (A.) Naturalist in Indian Seas. 1902. .. 2303 D 

Alcock (C. W.) Association Football. 1892 121 K 

Alcock (Sir R. ) Art and Art Industries in Japan. 

1878 8783 D 

- Capital of the Tycoon : Three Years' Residence 

in Japan. 1863 2191 C 

- Michie (A.) Life and work of Sir R. Alcock 

in the Far East. 1900 4493 B 

Alcock (R. II ) Botanical Names for English 

Readers. 1 876 2521 D 


Brannt (W. T. ) Raw Materials and the 

Distil ation of Alcohol. 1885 9752 D 

Edwards (W. N.) Exposition on the Nature 

and Effects of Alcohol. 1905 1547 D 

Miller ([.) Alcohol: its Place and Power. 
1883.. 9597 D 

Reade(A. A.) Study and Stimulants 8358 1) 


Buxton (C.) How to Stop Drunkenness. 1901.1191 J 

( anterbury Convocation Report on Intem- 
perance. 1869 745 J 

Gilbert (VV.) Legion ; or, the Modern 

Demoniac. 1882 444 A 

Kelynack (T. N.) Ed. Drink Problem in its 
Medico-Sociological Aspects. 1907 3046 J 


Kerr (N.) Inebriety : its Etiology, Pathology, 

Treatment and Jurisprudence. 1889 9370 D 

Reid (A.) Alcoholism : a Study in Heredity. 

1901 . 1234 A 

Usher (J. E.) Alcoholism and its Treatment. 

1892! 9703 D 

Worship of Bacchus a Great Delusion. 1876.2206 J 

See also Narcotics, Opium, Temperance, Vine. 
Alcott (L. M.) Comic Tragedies. 1893 476 II 

- Cheney (E. D.) Ed. Life, Letters, and Journals 

of L. M. Alcott. 1890 9584 B 

Alden (Percy) The Unemployed. 1905 394 J 

History of the Inquiries made, and the Practical Steps taken 
by other Governments to deal with the Problem of the 

Alden (R. M.) Art of Debate. 1900 404 F 

Alderney. See Channel Islands. 
Alderson (B. ) Andrew Carnegie: from Tele- 
graph Boy to Millionaire. 1902 9666 B 

Alderson (J. P.) Biographv of Mr. Asquith. 

1905 3464 B 

Aldis (T. S.) Text Book of Geometry. 1872. ..1406 D 
Aldous (J. C. P.) Elementary Course of Physics. 

1898 1838 D 

Aid ridge (R.) Ranch Notes. 1884 .............. .8142 C 

In Kansas, Colorado, the Indian Territory and Northern 


J. Bertrand 292 MB 

ALERT, Cruise of the. By R. W. Coppinger 

1883 3045 C 


Mahaffy (J. P.) Story of Alexander's Empire. 

1887 9247B 

Wheeler (B. I.) Alexander the Great and the 
Merging of the East and West in Universal 

History. 1900 10342 B 

Williams (J.) Life of Alexander the Great. 

1829 1 B 

ALEXANDER I., Emferor of Russia. Life 

and Times. By C. Joyneville. 1875 3045 B 

See also Russia. 
Alexander III. Emperor of Russia. Souvenirs 

de Sebastopol. 1894 403 MB 

ALEXANDER I., of Servia, History of. By 

Mrs. F. N. Wilson. 1903 3323 B 

Alexander (A.) Physical Trainingat Home. 1898. 524 K 
Alexander (C. F.) Sunday Book of Poetry. 1872.97 H 
Alexander (F. ) Christ's Folk in the Appennine : 
Reminiscences of her Friends among the 
Tuscan Peasantry. Ed. by J. Ruskin. 1887. 466 B 

- Story of Ida. Ed. with Preface by J. Ruskin. 

1885 9592B 

Alexander (G. G.) Confucius, the Great Teacher. 

1890 9768 B 

Alexander (J.) Conquest of the Air. 1902 946 D 

The Romance of Aerial Navigation. 

Alexander (J. II.) Elementary Electrical Engin- 
eering. 1906 999 D 

Alexander (J. VV. ) and Others. The Man of Business, 
Considered in Six Aspects. 1864 1129F 

Practical Papers on the Formation of Character. 
Alexander (Mrs., i.e., A. F. Hector) Fair Women 

and Brave Men. 1892 9839 B 

Alexander (T. ) Elementary Applied Mechanics. 

1880 8206 D 

Alexander (VV.) Abp. Epistles of St. John 

( Expositor's Bible). 1 892 2608 A 

Finding of the Book: Poems 852 II 

Great Question: Sermons. 1885 2303 A 

Verbum Cruris: Sermons. 1892 2513 A 





Alexander (W. L.) St. Paul at Athens. 1865. ..362 A 

Lectures on the Discourses of St. Paul at Athens. 

Alexander (W. M.) Demonic Possession in the 

New Testament. 1902 1236A 

ALEXANDRA, Queen of England. 

Burdett (Sir II. C.) Public Life and Work when 

Princess of Wales, 1863-1890. 1890 9784 B 

Toolev (S. A.) Life of Queen Alexandra. 

1902 4783 B 

ALEXANDRA. Empress of Russia. 

Memoirs. By A. T. Von Grimm. 1870.. . 804 B 
Alhere (V. ) Tragedies. Ed. by E. A. Bowring. 

1S76 82211 

Alford (C. J.) Geological Features of the Trans- 
vaal. "1891 3029D 

Alford (D. P.) History of the Abbots of Tavi- 
stock. 1891 9860B 

Alford (II.) Queen's English. 1864 258 F 

A Manual of the Idiom and Usage of the English Language. 

- Sermons on Christian Practice. 1856 78 A 

-Sons of God: Sermons. 1872 98 A 

- Truth, and Trust; Lessons of the War. 1871.. 49 A 

Four Advent Sermons on the Franco-German War. 

- Life, Journals and Letters of H. Alford. Ed. 

by his Widow. 1873 3033B 

ALFRED, King. 

Asser (J.) Life of King Alfred. 1848 9585 B 

Besant (Sir W.) Story of King Alfred. 1901... 102 B 
Bowker ( A. )Ed. Life of Alfred the Great. 1899. 1004 B 
Draper (W. II.) Study of Alfred the Great. 

1901 1262 B 

Haller( A. Von.) Life of Alfred the Great. 1849. 1424 B 
Hawkins (W.) and Smith (E. T.) Story of 

Alfred the Great. 1900 1829B 

Hughes (T.) Life of Alfred the Great. 1891. .. 806 B 
Macfadyen (D. ) Life of Alfred the Great. 1901. 1263 B 
Pauli (R.) Life of Alfred the Great. 1900... 9232 B 
Was Alfred King of England ? By a Saxon. 

1901 2918 B 


Cocks (J. ) Sea- Weed Collector's Guide. 1853. .800 D 
Cooke (M. C.) Algae in Ponds and Ditches. 

1897 791 D 

- Introduction to Fresh-Water Algae. 1890.. 9409 D 
Duncan (P. M.) Algae at the Sea-Shore. 

1879 772 D 

Gifibrd(L) Marine Botanist. 1853 803 D 

Gray (P.) and Woodward (B. B.) Seaweeds, 

Shells, and Fossils 6179D 

Harvey (W. H.) Synopsis of British Sea 

Weeds. 1857 134 D 

Hibberd (S. ) Sea- Weed Collector. 1872. . . .449 D 
Landsborough (D. ) History of British Sea- 
Weeds. 1851 467 D 

Murray (G.) Study of Sea- Weeds. 1895. .. 1685 D 
Nave (J.) Preparation of Fresh Water Algae. 

1867 567 D 

West (G. S.) Treatise on the British Fresh- 
water Algae. 1904 2142D 

See also Aquarium, Botany, Palaeontology. 
Alge (S.) and Rippmann (W. ) First French 

Book. 1905 214 F 


Briggs (W.) and Brvan (G. H.) Advanced 

Algebra. 1896...'. 6700 D 

-Intermediate Algebra. 1898 10283 D 

- Middle Algebra. 1898 576 D 

Colenso (J. W.) Bfi. Elements of Algebra. 

1888 .". 1004 D 

Galbraith (J. A.) Manual of Algebra. 1873 6 D 


Haddon (f.) Elements of Algebra, and Key. 

1871 9D 

Hall (II. S.)and Knight (S. R.) Elementary 

Algebra. 1904 484 D 

- - Higher Algebra, and Key. 1892 9737 D 

1 liggs (W. P. ) Self- Taught Algebra. 1897.8439 D 
Langley (E. M.) and Bradley (S. R. N.) 

Algebra for Schools. 1901 729 D 

Smith (C.) Elementary Algebra. 1904 6647 D 

- Treatise on Algebra. 1893 10087 D 

Todhunter (I.) Algebra. 1885 9064 D 

Wand (S. W.) Treatise on Algebraical 

Geometry. 1835 1802 D 

Alger (J. G.) Englishmen in the French Revolu- 
tion. 1889 9636 B 

- Glimpses of the French Revolution. 1894... 9979 B 

- Paris in 1789-1794. 1902 3354 B 

Farewell Letters of Victims of the Guillotine. 


Belloc (H.) Algerian Studies. 1906 1494C 

Blackburn (H.) Artistic Travel. 1892 2768 C 

-Artists and Arabs. 1868 1510C 

Bridgman (F. A.) Winters in Algeria. 1890.2709 C 
Dumas (A. ) Impressions de Voyage a Alger. 509 MC 
Castellane (L. C. P. de) Count. Souvenirs of 

Military Life in Algeria. 1886 4193 B 

- Another Copy in French 301 MB 

Edgcumbe {Lady E. ) and Wood {Lady M.) 

Four Months' Cruise in a Sailing Yacht. 

1888 8432 C 

Edwards (M. B. ) Winter with the Swallows. 

1867 1524 C 

Gerard (J.) Lion Hunting in Algeria. 1874..1192C 
Herbert (M. E.) Lady. Algeria in 1871 ....1965C 
Lamping (C. ) and France (A. de) France in 

Algiers. 1845 796B 

Maxsted (H. R. ) Motor Car Tour through 

Algeria. 1894 2263C 

Nugent (Mrs. E. G.) Land of Mosques and 

Marabouts. 1894 2263 C 

Playfair (R. L. ) Handbook for Algeria. 1890.411 C 

- Scourge of Christendom : Annals of British 
Relations with Algiers. 1884 3827 B 

Seguin (L. O.) Walks in Algiers. 1888 8290 C 

Watson (G.) The Voice of the South. 1905.. 2008 C 
Wilkin (A.) Among the Berbers of Algeria. 

1900 2269 C 

Workman (F. B. and W. H.) Algerian 

Memories. 1895 737 C 

See also Africa, North. 

ALI PASHA, Vizier of Epirus. Life. By 

R. A. Davenport. 1837 2B 

ALICE, Princess of Great Britain and Lre- 
laiul. Biographical Sketch and Letters. 
By C. Sell. 1884 1090 B 


Banister J. ) England under the Jews. 1902. . . 197 J 
Cunningham (W.) Alien Immigrants to 

England. 1897 1386 B 

Gordon (SirW. E.) Alien Immigrant. 1903. 1285 J 
White (A.) The Destitute Alien in Great 

Britain. 1905 1442 J 

Wilkins (W. H.) The Alien Invasion. 1892.. 1443 J 
See also Emigration, Pauperism. 
Alison (Sir A. ) Epitome of the History of Europe. 

1848 2281 B 

- History of Europe, A. d. 1789-1852 10420 B 

- My Life and Writings. 1883 3686 B 

ALKALI, Maker's Handbook. By G. Lunge. 

1891 9770 D 





ALKALOIDS, Animal. By SirW.Aitken. 1887.6618 D 
Aiken (H.) National Sports of Great Britain... 1926 K 
All -Fours. See Cards. 

All the Year Round. 1859-1894 2001 L 

Allan (C. E. and F. J.) Housing of the Working 

Classes Acts, 1890-1900. 1901 22951 

Allan (F. T.) Aids to Sanitary Science. 1903. ..6361 D 
Allan (J.) 'Under the Dragon Flag. 1898 1022 B 

Experiences in the Chino-Japanese War. 

Allan (Sir W.) Songs of Love and Labour. 

1903 865 II 

Allard (L. ) Les Flibustiers : Embuscades et 

Combats 601 MC 

Allardyce (P.) Stops; or, How to Punctuate. 

1902 144F 

Allbutt (T. C.) Historical Relations of Medicine 

and Surgery. 1905 785 D 

- On the Composition of Scientific Papers. 1904. 685 F 

- Use of the Ophthalmoscope. 1871 2344 D 

Allcock (J. ) Municipal Accounts. 1903 1932 D 

A Handbook of Information as to the best Methods of 
Keeping Accounts in relation to Industry. 

Allcroft(A. FI.) History of Greece B.C. 495-362. .671 B 

- and Haydon (J. H.) History of the Early 

Principate 10106 B 

History of the Reigns of Augustus and 

Tiberius 10108 B 

- Latin Composition and Syntax 131 F 

Allcroft (A. H.) and Masom (W. F.) Early 

Grecian History to B. c. 495 10104 B 

- - History of Rome B.C. 202 to a.d. 14 10366 B 

- - History of Sicily, B.C. 491-289 10103 B 

Alldridge (T. J.) The Sherbro and its Hinterland. 

1901 2368 C 

ALLEINE (J.) Puritan Preacher. Life and 

Death. 1815 1763 A 

Allen (A. H.) Commercial Organic Analysis. 

1885 2763 D 

Allen (A. P.) Ambassadors of Commerce 531 J 

Sketches and Anecdotes of Commercial Travellers 

Allen (A. V. G. ) Christian Institutions. 1898... 616 A 

- Life and Writings of Jonathan Edwards. 1889. 707 B 
Allen (C. B. ) Cottage Building ; or, Hints for 

Improving the Dwellings of Working Men 

and Labourers. 1906 8984 D 

Allen (C. F. R.) Book of Chinese Poetry. 

1891 ...... ; 1554 H 

Allen (C. L. ) Cabbage, Cauliflower and Allied 

Vegetables from Seed to Harvest. 1901... 8591) 

ALLEN (E.) Officer of the Revolutionary War. 

Life. By J. Sparks. 1834 422 B 

Allen (Grant) Anglo-Saxon Britain. 1901 270 B 

- Charles Darwin. 1886 9158 B 

- Colin Clout's Calendar. 1883 8453 D 

Essays, chiefly on Botanical Subjects. 

Colour-Sense : its Origin and Development. 

1879 553A 

Colours of Mowers. 1882 84021) 

County and Town in England : Together 

with some Annals of Churnside. 1901... 856 B 

Historical Accounts of the English Counties. 

European Tour. 1899 .........1243 C 

Evolution of the Idea of God : an Inquiry into 

the Origins of Religions. 1897 674 A 

Evolutionist at Large. 1884 8261 I) 

- Falling in Love, with other Fssays 9034 F 

Flowers and th<-ir Pedigrees. 1883 8(532 1) 

Historical Guide to Florence. 1902 6057 C 

Historical Guide to Paris. 1902 6061 C 

Allen (Grant) Historical Guide to the Cities of 

Belgium. 1897 6056 C 

- Historical Guide to Venice. 1901 6058 C 

-Lower Slope-; Poems. 1894 903 II 

- Moorland Idylls. 1896 1243 D 

-Post-Prandial Philosophy: Essays 9295 F 

Contents: — Struggle for Life among Languages; S- ience 
in Education ; Theory of Scapegoats; American Duchesses; 
Is England Played Out? Monopolist Instincts; Concerning 
Zeitgeist ; Decline of Marriage; About Abroad; Why England 
is Beautiful ; Anent Art Productions ; Point of Criticism. 

- Science in Arcady. 1892 1346 D 

Contents: — My Islands; Tropical Education; On the 
Wings of the Wind ; A D-sert Fruit ; Pretty Poll ; High 
Life; Eight-Legged Friends; Mud; The Greenwood Tree; 
Fish as Fathers; An English Shire; The Bronze Axe; Isle 
of Ruim ; A Hill-Top Stronghold ; A Persistent Nationality 
Casters and Chesters. 

- Story of the Plants. 1895 45 D 

- Clodd (E.) Memoir of Grant Allen. 1900... 1842 B 

Allen (G. B. ) Water Color Painting 496 K 

Allen (J.) Battles of the British Navy. 1893... 308 B 
Allen (J. P.) Practical Building Construction. 

1897 4150 D 

Allen (L. J. ) Biography of Albrecht Diirer. 1903. 35 B 

Allen (M. L.) Savoury Dishes. 1886 6170D 

Allen (R.) Siege of the Peking Legations: 
Being the Diary of the Boxer Rising in 
China in 1900. 1901 1917B 

ALLERTON (W. L. JACKSON) Lord. Record 
of his Installation as the Provincial Grand 
Master of the WestRiding of Yorkshire. 1893. 3007/ 

Allerton. See Bradford. 

Allibone (S. A.) Great Authors of all Ages. 1880.2020 F 

- Poetical Quotations. 1873 3177 F 

Allies (T. W. ) Per Cruce ad Lucem : the 

Result of a Life. 1879 1154 A 

Allingham ( W. ) Ballad Book 30 II 

- Rambles. 1873 1003C 

In the New Forest. Winchester. Farnham. Banks of 
Erne. Ballyshannon. Exeter. Torquay. Dean Prior. 
Bideford and Clovelly. Liverpool. Vale of Blackmore. 
Salisbury. Canterbury. 

Alliott (R.) Psychology and Theology. 1855. ..2245 A 
Alliston (N.) Reconnoitres in Reason and the 

Table-Book. 1906 3421 A 

Contents :— On Contraries ; Limits of Determinism ; On 
Eventuality ; Perversity of the Will ; On Force ; Egoistic ; 
Abstract Idea ; Analysis of Motion ; Miscellaneous ; Literary 

Allnatt (F. J. B.) Witness of St. Matthew. 

1884 2128 A 

ALLON (H.) Story of his Ministry. By W. II. 

Harwood. 1894 10046 B 

Allotments. See Land. 

Allsopp (F. C.) Electric Bell Construction. 

1900 9469D 

- Induction Coils and Coil Making. 1894 9905 D 

- Practical Electric Light Fitting. 1905 9846 D 

- Telephones : their Construction and Fitting. 

1901 6346D 

Alma-Tadema (Sir L. ) See Tadema (Sir L. A.) 
Almsgiving. See Charities. 


Clodd (E.) Story of the Alphabet 89 F 

Day (L. F.) Alphabets Old and New. 1898... 179 K 

Lettering in Ornament. 1902 1280 K 

Delamotte (F. G.) Medieval Alphabets and 

Initials 614 K 

Strange (E. F.) Alphabets: Manual of 

Lettering. 1902 1338 K 

Alpine Plants. See Gardening. 






Baedeker (C.) The Eastern Alps. 1903 6015 C 

gerlepsch (II.) Life in the Alps. 1861 2-458 C 

Bonney (T. G.) Alpine Regions of Switzer- 
land. 1868 1718 C 

Bumaby(Mrs. F.) High Alps in Winter. 1883.929 C 
My Home in the Alps. 1892 8541 C 

- True Tales of Mountain Adventure. 1903.2303 C 
Conwav (Sir W. M.) Alps from End to End. 

1895 2850 C 

pavies (J. S.) Dolomite Strongholds. 1896. 1103 C 
Dempster (C. L. H.) The Maritime Alps and 

their Seaboard. 1885 2442 C 

Dent (C. T.) Above the Snow Line. 1885. 8126 C 
-Mountaineering. 1892. {Badminton Library). 78 K 
Edwards (A. B.) Untrodden Peaks of the 

Dolomites. 1873 1868 C 

Forbes(J. D.) Tour of Mont Blanc and Monte 

Rosa. 1855 37 C 

Gilbert (L ) and Churchill (G. C. ) The Dolomite 

Mountains. 1864 2340 C 

Gribble(F.H.) The Early Mountaineers. 1899.2693K 
Grohman(W. A. B.) Gaddings with a Primitive 

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1880 2170 C 

- Scrambles Amongst the Alps. 1871 1804 C 

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See also Europe, France, Mountaineering, 

Alsatian Mountains. See Vosges. 
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Corday. 1890 9644 B 

Alternative, The : a Study in Psychology. 

1882.... :...2260A 

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Alvensleben (M.) Baron Von. With Maximilian 

in Mexico. 1867 1066 B 

The Object of these Memoirs is to afford a Vivid Picture of 
the Mexican National Character in all its Phases. 


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1848 8533 C 

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1875 2966 C 


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See also America, South. 
Ambassadors. See Diplomacy. 
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Belief. 1876 818 A 


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Handbook on Ambulance Work and Nursing. 

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See also Accidents, Medicine, Surgery. 


History and Discovery. 

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See also Canada, Columbus (C. ), Indians, 

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South and Central. 

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1854-1904. 1904 3600 B 

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- Sketches in South America. 1898 901 C 

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r and Central America. 1896 8477 C 





AMERICA, South and Central. 

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America. 1877 2037 C 

See also Amazon, Andes, Argentine, Buenos 

Ayes, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, 

La Plata, Peru. 

- Civil War. See United States. 

- Indians. See Indians. 

- Literature. See Literature, American. 

- Religion. See United States. 

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1885 8681 D 

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Among the Clods ; or, Phases of Farm Life. 

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1904 2002 F 

Amos. See Bible, Commentaries. 
kmos (S.) Fifty Years ol the English Constitu- 
tion. 1880 585J 

Science of Law. 1877 533J 

Science of Politics. 1883 520 J 

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The (ournal and Correspondence of Andre-Marie Ampere, 
tbe inventor of the Electrii Telegraph, presenting a phase 
of French Society from 1793-1804. 


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Doing, and How to Do Them. 1906 1393 K 

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Mackarness (Mrs. II.) Ed. Young Lady's 

Book. 1888 9630 D 

Young Ladies' Treasure Book of In and Out 

Door Occupations 2567 K 

See also Cards, Conjuring, Games, Gymnastics, 

Sports, Theatricals. 
Amy (P. E.) Lecture on the Channel Islands. 

1899 6059 B 

Analysis, Chemical. See Chemistry. 


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listes 296 MB 

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- See also Granada, Spain. 


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Ed. by K.Crawford 4305 B 

Anderson (A.) Ballads and Sonnets 450 1 1 





Anderson (D.) Scenes in the Commons. 1884... 523 J 

Contents : — What the House of Commons is Like; Installa- 
tion of a Speaker, Swearing-in of Members ; The Bradlaugh 
Scandal; Mr. Gladstone as an Orator, Character of Lord 
Beaconsfield ; The Fourth Party ; Parnellism and Parnellites; 
Obstruction Rampant — The Twenty-Two Hours' Sitting ; 
The Forty-One ami a Half Hours' Sitting— The Speaker's 
Coup d'Etat ; Suspension of the Thirty- Five. 

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Structures. 1897....' 487 D 

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1857... 1469 B 

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peditions to Western China. 1876 2025 C 

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1897..! 986D 

- Prospector's and Traveller's Handbook. 1900.6168 D 
Anderson (K. C.) The Larger Faith. 1903. ..3291 A 

Some Aspects of the New Theology. 
Anderson (L.) Linear Perspective and Model 

Drawing. 1895 2570 K 

Anderson (Lindsay) Cruise in an Opium Clipper. 

1891 8422C 

The Cruise which is the Subject of this Volume was one in 
Search of a Port in the Island of Formosa, known as Takow. 

\ndfrson (Marv, i.e. Mme. De Navarro) A Few 

Memories. 1896 2745 B 

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Criticism. 1902 1268 A 

- Coming Prince : the Last Great Monarch of 

Christendom. 1881 869 A 

- Daniel in the Critics' Den. 1902 3071 A 

Vn Investigation of the Genuineness of the Book oi Daniel. 

-Human Destiny. 1895 3075 A 

An Examination of the Bible Teaching of Future Life, also 
. a Review of Recent Literature on the Subject. 

- Silence of God. 1897 615 A 

- Sidelights on the Home Rule Movement. 

1906 2421 J 

- The Buddha of Christendom. 1899 1262 A 

This Work is written to Emphasise the True Character and 
Aim of the Reformation which is ignored by the Ritualists. 

- The Gospel and its Ministry : Handbook of 

Evangelical Truth. 1901 3074A 

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of Religious Knowledge. 1840 21 A 

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1893 , 9135 D 

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Travels and Adventures in Africa and Asia. 

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Andes. 1894 8543C 

Whymper(E.) Travels Amongst the Great 

Andes of the Equator. 1892 2001 C 

See also Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Mountains. 

Andom (Ralph). See Barrett (A. W.) 

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ANDREE (S. A.) and his Balloon. By H. 

Lachambre and A. Machuron. 1898 8036 C 

Andres (E. ) Practical Treatise on the Fabrica- 
tion of Volatile and Fat Varnishes, Lac- 
quers, Siccatives, and Sealing Waxes. 1882. 9728 D 

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Andrew ( W. P.) Bolan and Khyber Railways. 

1879 2201C 

Letter on the Break of Gauge in India and Want of Rail- 
ways to the Bolan and the Khyber. 

- Our Scientific Frontier. 1880 2201 C 

A Study of the North-Western Frontier of India. 
Andrew (W. R. ) Life of Sir H. Raeburn. 1886.4497 B 
Andrewes (L.) Seventeen Sermons on the 

Nativity 2450 A 

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Andrews (C. M.) The Old English Manor. 

1892 3001J 

Es;a.y on Anglo-Saxon Economic Life. 

Andrews (J.) Studies in Photography. 1892 677 K 

Andrews ( W.) At the Sign of the Barber's Pole. 

1904 , 9443B 

Notices of the Barber and his Trade, 

-Bygone England. 1892....... 4278 B 

Social Studies in its Historic Byways and Highways. 

- Bygone Middlesex. 1899 3031 B 

- Church Treasury of History, Custom, and 

Folk-Lore. 1898 2949 A 

- Curiosities of the Church. 1891 2579 B 

- Ecclesiastical Curiosities. 1899 2820 B 

- Historic Byways and Highways of Old 

England. 1900 2852 B 

- Historic Yorkshire. 1883 4000 B 

- Literary Byways. 1898 1844F 

Contents .-—Authors at Work ; Earnings of Authors ; De- 
clined with Thanks ; Epigrams on Authors ; Poetical Graces ; 
Poetry on Panes; English Kok -Rhymes ; Poetry of Toast 
Lists; 'J oasts and Toasting; Curious American Old-Time 
Gleanings ; On Poets ; The Cottage Countess ; Compder of 
" Old Moore's Almanack" ; James Nayler the Mad Quaker ; 
Biographical Romance ; Short Letters. 

- North Country Poets. 1888 1514 II 

Poems and Biographies of Natives or Residents of 
Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmoreland, Durham, 
Lancashire, and Yorkshire. 

-Old Church Life. 1900 2773 B 

- Old Church Lore. 1891 2580 B 

- Old Time Punishments. 1890 4327 B 

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- Ed. Wreath of Christmas Carols and Poems. 

1906 365H 

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Angelo (Michel). See Buonarotti (M. A.) 

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Anglican. See Church. 

Anglin(S.) The Design of Structures : a Practi- 
cal Treatise on the Building of Bridges, 
Roofs, etc. 1895 976 D 

Angling. See Fish and Fishing. 

ANGLO-ISRAELISM. Great Prophecies con- 
cerning the Gentiles. By G. H. Pember. 
1895 2319 A 

- Israel's Wanderings : Tracing the Lost Tribes 

of Israel into the British Isles. By Oxonian. 

1885 904 A 

Anglo-Saxons. See England, and Literature. 

ANGOLA and the River Congo. ByJ. J. Monteiro. 

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See also Africa, Central and East. 
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Animal Intelligence. See Instinct. 

- Locomotion. Set Motion. 

- Magnetism. See Hypnotism. 


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See also Anatomy, Cat, Cattle, Colour, Dog, 

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- See also Anthropology. 

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Another World ; or, Fragments from the Star 

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a Description of Native Races in Uganda. 

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Note-Book of a Geologist and Mining Engineer. 

- and Latham (R. G.) Channel Islands. 1802.1906 C 
Anstev (E. , i.e. F. A. Guthrie) Mr. Punch's 

Pocket Ibsen: 1893 522 H 

Anstie (F. E. ) Uses of Wines in Health and 

Disease. 1877 1763 D 

Anstie (T-) Colloquies of Common People. 

1902 3199 A 

A Philosophic Dialogue. 

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Antarctic Regions. See Polar Regions. 

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See also Civilization, Ethnology, Language, Man, 


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See also Archaeology and Names of Countries 

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See also Ireland. 


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Apes. See Monkeys. 

APHORISMS: A Pocket of Pebbles, with a 
few Shells : being Fragments of Reflection. 
By W. Philpot. 1878 340F 

Apjohn (L. ) John Bright and the Peace Party... 9208 B 

- Richard Cobden and the Free Traders 2123 B 

Apocalpyse. See Bible, Prophecy. 

Apocrypha. See Bible. 
A pod idee. See Zoology. 

APOLLONIUS, Philosopher, and other Essays. 

ByT. Whittaker. 1906 3317 A 

- Sketch of. By Card. J. H. Newman. 1876. .. 1949 B 
Apostles. See Bible, Saints. 

Apostles' Creed. See Creeds. 
Apostolic Age. See Church. 

- Fathers. See Fathers, Christian. 
Apparitions. See Demonology, Ghosts, Hallu- 
cinations, Illusions, Psychology, Spiritualism. 

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Apple. See Gardening. 

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also Algae, Fish, Zoology. 


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See also Africa, Algeria, Arabia, Asia Minor, 
Crusades, Egypt, Mohammedanism, Pales- 
tine, Spain, Tunis. 

ARARAT and Transcaucasia. By J. Bryce. 

1876 1128C 

- See also Asia Minor. 

Arber (E.) Story of the Pilgrim Fa 1 hers. 1897.1421 B 

Arbitration. See Capital and Labour. 

Arblay (Mdme. d'). See Burney (Frances). 

Arboriculture. See Forestry. 

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Manual of Arabian History and Literature. 

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by himself. Ed. by the Countess of 
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See also Anthropology, Antiquities, Assyria, Egypt, 

Greece, Jews, Mythology, Palestine. 





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An Account of W. Hedley the Inventor of Railway Loco- 
motion on the Present Principle. 

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Memorial of Fleet Street, London, in its Relation to the 
Growth of Literature. 

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Contents:— Playwrights of Yesterday. J. Albery. F. W. 
Broughton. Sir F. C. Burnand. H. J. Byron. Sir VV. S. Gilbert. 
S. Grundy. B. Howard. H. A. Jones. P. Meritt. H. C. 
Merivale. A. W. Pinero. R. Reece. G. R. Sims. S. T. Smith. 
Lord Tennyson. W. G. Wills. 

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A Criticism of the Noteworthy Literary and Theatrical 
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ARCHERY. By C. J. Longman and H. 

Walrond. {Badminton Libi ary). 1894 63K 

- Book of. By G. A. Flansard. 1841 1059 K 

- See also Sports. 
Arches. See Bridges. 

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1897 6738 D 

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ture. 1905 374J 



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by SirC. Wren. 1881 1150 K 

See also Art, Building, Carpentry, Cathedrals, 
Churches, Plastering, Ventilation. 
Arctic Regions. See Polar Regions. 
ARDENNES, In the. By K. S. Macquoid.l881.]484C 

- Guide to the. By Ward and Lock 489 C 

Arditi ( L. ) Musical Compose] . My Reminiscences. 

1896 4613 B 


Crawford (R.) Across the Pampas and the 

Andes. 1884 8091 C 

Mill (H. R. ) Resources and Prospective 

Advantagesofthe Argentine Republic. 1900. 1353C 
Turner (T. A.) Argentina and the Argentines. 

1892 2961 C 

See also America, South and Central, Buenos 
Ayres, La Plata. 

Argosy, a Magazine. 1874-1901 1151 L 

Argument. See Logic. 

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Smith. 1871 1437B 

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An Appeal to History. 1893 889J 

- New British Constitution and its Master- 

Builders. 1888 524J 

-Organic Evolution Cross-Examined. 1898...6716D 

- Our Responsibilities for Turkey. 1896 1376 B 

- Philosophy of Belief; or, Law in Christian 

Theology. 1896 1011 A 

-Reign of Law. 1868 366 A 

Contents : — The Supernatural Law ; its Definitions. Con- 
trivance a Necessity Arising out of the Reign of Law. 
Apparent Exceptions t<< the Supremacy of Purpose. Creation 
Ly Law. The Reign of Law in t lie Realm of Mind. Law 
in Politics* 

- Scotland as It Was and Is. 1887 3932 B 

- The Eastern Question from the Treaty of Paris, 

1866 to 1878. 1879 , 9399 B 

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Legend : being the Last Historic Legends 
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A History of the Movement for Federation, and an Account 
of the Establishment of the Federation League. 

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ARIANS of the Fourth Century. By Card. 

J. II. Newman. 1833 2169A 

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Thousand. 1867 2784 B 

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1849 2147 B 

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Crook.* 1892 2760 C 

- Snake Dance of the Moquis of Arizona. 

1884 2445 C 

Cozzens (S. W. ) Three Years in Arizona. 

L874 2341 C 

Pumpelly (R. ) Notes of a Residence in 

Arizona. 1870 1 925 C 

See also Colorado. 
Arkwright ( J. P. ) Cabinet Making for Amateurs. 2422 D 
Arlot (M.) Guide for Coach Painters. 1899 ...1502 D 

ARMADA. Spanish Story of the. By J. A. 

Froude. 1898 1315 B 

- Year after the. By M. A. S. Hume. 1896... 4614 B 

- See alio England, History of. 

Annan (A. ) Stepping Stone to Arithmetic, and 

Key. 1866 6566D 


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1891' 8563 C 

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'Studies. 1901 2948 C 

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1904 1628 C 

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1896 516B 

See also Asia Minor. 
Armistead (W. ) Tales and Legends of the 

English Lakes. 1891 1615 F 

Armitage (E. N.) Quaker Poets of Great 

Britain and Ireland 1515 H 

Armitage (E. S.) An Introduction to English 

Antiquities. 1903 146 B 

- Key to English Antiquities. 1897 10244 B 

Armitage (H.) Miniature Life of Greuze. 1902.. 130 B 

ARMS AND ARMOUR in Antiquity and the 

Middle Ages. By C. Boutell. 1902 9467 B 

-in England. By J. S. Gardner. 1898 3550B 

- See also Sword. 

Armstead (H. W. ) Artistic Anatomy of the Horse. 

1900 4291 D 

Armstrong (A. C. ) Transitional Eras in Thought. 

1904 3250 A 

Armstrong (E.) Elizabeth Farnese, the Termagant 

ofSpain. 1892 4386B 

Armstrong (E. S. ) History of the Melanesian 

Mission. 1900 1257 A 

History of the Mission founded by Bishop Selwyn of New 
Zealand, and continued by Bishop Patteson and others. 

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1896 1023 D 

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General. 1851 425 B 

- Life of Richard Montgomery : American 

General. 1834 422B 

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Armstrong (R.) Construction of Steam Boilers. 

1874 320 D 

Armstrong ( R. A. ) God and the Soul : Essay 

towards Fundamental Religion. 1906 3373 A 

- Makers of the Nineteenth Century. 1901 . . .2021 B 

Contents: — The Preacher: T. Carlyle ; Man of Science : 
C. Darwin ; Statesman : W. E. Gladstone ; Novelist : G. 
Eliot ; Dramatist : H. Ibsen ; Critic: M. Arnold : Iconoclast : 
C. Bradlaugh ; Painter: G. F. Watts; Patriot: G. Ma^zini ; 
Monarch: Queen Victoria; Ecclesiastic: J. H. Newman; 
Broad Churchman : A. P. Stanley ; Prophet-Philosoper : J. 

Armstrong (T. N.) Practical Photography. 

1898 124 K 

Armstrong (W. ) Wrestling. {Badminton Library.) 

1904: 91 K 


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- Story of the Great Campaigns of the 
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Armies of To- Day : A Description of the 

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Army from Within. 1901 528 J 

Details of a Soldier's Life, and Suggestions for Reforms in 
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See also Military Science. 
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Experien< <■■> of a Summer spent in tin: Garden. 

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Contents : — Business of Disestablishment ; Abuses of a 
Landed Gentry; Free Trade in Land; Transfer of Land; 
Free Land ; Government of London ; The City ; Water 
Supply, London and Elsewhere ; Liberal Party and the 
Catholics; Railways and the State ; Intoxicating Liquors 
Question ; Temporary Employment in Casual Distress ; 
Reply to Cassandra [Mr. Greg]; Woman's Suffrage ; Political 
Enfranchisement of Women ; Legal Position of Married 

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1 >iscourses in America. J 885 1605 F 

2 4 




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Literary Influence of Academies. Maurice de Guerin. 
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Spinoza and the Bible. 

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Being the Conversations, Letters and Opinions of the Late 
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1875 2051A 

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Lesser Arts of Life. By W. Morris. Egyptian Tomb and 
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Decorative and Industrial Art. 

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Design. By W. Crane. Wall Papers. By W. Crane. Fictiles. 
By G. T. Robinson. Metal Work. By W. A. S. Benson. Stone 
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Stained Glass. By S. Table Glass. By S. Clarke. 
Printing. By W Mori is and Emery Walker. Bookbinding. By 
T. J. Cobden-Sandersor,. Mural Painting. By F. Madox- 
Brown. Sgraffito Work. By H. Sumner. Stucco and Gesso. By 
G.T.Robinson. Cast Iron. By W. R. Letbaby. Dyeing asan 
Art. By W.Morris. Embroidery. By May Morris. Lace. By A. 
S. Cole. Bonk Illustration and Book Decoration. By R. Bloin- 
field. Designsand Working Drawings. ByL.F. Day. Furniture 
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Wood-Work. By T. G. Jackson. \\ oods and other Materials. 
By S. Webb. Modem Embroidery. By M. E. Turner. 
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Stitches and Mechanism. By A. S. Cole. Design. By 
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1904 2542 K 





ART, Decorative and Industrial. 

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See also Aesthetics, Archaeology, Architec- 
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Engraving, Illumination, Needlework, 
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Letters Discovered among the Literary 

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Contents: — Vol.1. Life and Letters. 2. Letters : Toxophilus. 
3. Schoolmaster. 

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Past and Present. Ed., with Additions, 
including a Chapter on Old-Age Pensions, 

by H. P. Thomas. 1902 2432J 

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J. R. Planche. 1864 '.2770B 

Ashango Land. See Africa, Central and East. 

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Boyle (F. ) Through Fanteeland to Coo- 

massie. 1874 2948 B 

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1896 2377B 

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peh. 1896 400KB 

Reade (W. W. ) Story of the Ashantee Cam- 
paign. 1874 1449B 

Stanley (Sir II. M.) Coomassie and Magdala. 

1874 1775C 

See aho Africa, West. 
Asboth (J. de) Tour Through Bosnia and 

I [erzegovina. 1 800 2980 ( ' 

Ashbourne (F. Gibson) Lord. Pitt : Some 

Chapters of his Life and 'limes. L898....6087 I'. 

Ashhy (II. j Health in the Nursery. 1898 786 D 

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Ashe (!•;. (>., Besieged by the Boers. 1900 ..1349 B 
Diary of I. if'- and Events i:i Kimberley during tin- Sic^c 

Ashe (R. P.) Two Kings of Uganda, or Life 

by the Shores of Victoria Nyanza. 1890... 8384 C 

Ashenhurst (T. R.) Design in Textile Fabrics. 

1888 6471 D 

- Textile Calculations and the Structure of 

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- Weaving and Designing of Textile Fabrics. 

1893 2379 D 

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Ashley ( W. J.) James and Philip van Artevelde. 

1883 2322 B 

An Essay on the History of the Arteveldes and the general 
development of the Flemish To.vns. 

- Ed. British Industries. 1903 1324 J 

Contents: — British Iron and Steel Industries. By S. S. 
Jeans ; Midland Iron and Steel Wages Board. By D. Jones; 
British Cotton Industry. By E. Helm ; Woollen and Worsted 
Industries of Yorkshire. By F. Hooper; British Linen and 
Flax Industry. By Sir R. L. Patterson ; British Railways as 
Business Enterprises. By C. H. Grinling ; British Shipping 
and its Present Position. By B. W. Ginsburg ; Trust Move- 
ment in Great Britain. By H. W. Macrosty. 

Ashton (J. ) Adventures and Discourses of 

Captain John Smith. 1883 640 B 

- Chap- Books of the Eighteenth Century. 1882.1390 F 

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- Humour, Wit and Satire of the 17th Cen- 

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- Romances of Chivalry. 1887 2053 J 

- Social England under the Regency. 1 899... 1355 B 

- Social Life in the Reign of Queen Anne. 1882.3642 B 

- The Devil in Britain and America. 1896.... 1088 A 

An Account of Demonology and Witchcraft in England 
and America. 

- The Fleet : its River, Prison and Marriages. 

1888 4247 B 

- When William IV. Was King. 1896 6001 B 

Deals Primarily with the Chief Topics of his Reign, and, 
afterwards, with the Social Aspect of the Times. 

Ash well (A. R.) Life of Bishop Wilberforce. 

1880 3471 B 

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and of the Anti-Corn Law League. 1876... 1722 B 

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Life. By A. L. Caiman 709 B 

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Drawn Steel. 1903 4286 D 

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Amoor. 1860 2997 C 

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Turkistan Steppes. 1895 2923 C 

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Russia in Central Asia in 1889 4569 B 

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Asia .....1127C 

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Central Asia. 1890 ...8428C 

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1895 ..501 MC 

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1893 1582 C 

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1899 8609 C 

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Knight (E. F. ) Where Three Empires Meet. 

1893 2267 C 

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Lvall (Sir A. C.) Asiatic Studies, Religious 

'and Social. 1899 1229A 

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1885.... 2494 C 

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1896 2894 C 

See also Afghanistan, Arabia, Asia Minor, 

Bokhara, Burma, Ceylon, China, India, 

Japan, Korea, Malay Peninsula, Palestine, 

Persia, Siam, Syria, Tibet, Turkestan. 


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1891 8563 C 

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1887 2695C 


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1896 1676 C 

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Le Messurier (A.) From London to Bokhara. 

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to Ceylon. 1884 2392 C 

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the Levant. 1865 3000C 

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Sykes(M.) Through Five Turkish Provinces. 

1900 2440C 

Thielman (M. von) Journey in Turkey in Asia. 

1875 ]093C 

Walker (Mrs.) Eastern Life and Scenery. 1886. 8374 C 
See also Armenia, Assyria, Chaldea, Media, 

Palestine, Turkey. 
Asiatic Turkey. See Asia Minor. 

ASOKA, Emperor of India. Life. By V. A. 

Smith. 1901 9304 B 

ASPHALT, Account of. By W. J. Dibdin 572 D 

Aspin (J.) Cosmorama. 1834 190J 

The Manners, Customs, and Costumes of all Nations of the 
World Described. 

ASQUITH (H. H. ) Statesman, Biography of. 

By J. P. Alderson. 1905 3464 B 

ASSAM, Wild Sports of. By F. T. Pollok 

and W. S. Thorn. 1900 2248C 

Assaying. See Copper, Gold and Silver, Lead, 
Metals and Metallurgy. 

Asser (J.) Chronicle. Trans, by J. A. Giles. 1848.9585 B 

ASSISI, Story of. By L. D.Gordon. 1900.. ..541B 
Assurance. See Insurance. 


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History 2266A 

dimming (J.) Fall of Babylon Foreshadowed. 

18 ™ 408A 

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Assyria. 1892...... 9317 jj 

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- Story of Media, Babylon, and Persia. 1889.9437 B 
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- History, Geography, and Antiquities of 
Chaldea, Assyria, Babylon, Media, and 
Persia. 1862 3617 B 

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] 884 2480 B 

- Assyria ; its Princes, Priests, and People. 

1885 . 2278 A 

- Fresh Lights from the Ancient Monu- 
ments. 1885 2257 A 






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Assyria. 1855 1346 B 

See also Asia Minor, Chaldea, Media, Palestine. 
Astley (Sir J. D. ) Fifty Years of My Life in 

the World of Sport at Home and Abroad. 

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1905 2146 D 

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Young (C. A.) Textbook of General 

Astronomy. 1893 3372 D 

See also Astrology, Aurora Borealis, Earth, 

Gravitation, Meteorology, Moon, Spec- 
trum, Stars, Sun, Telescope, Time, 

Atcherley (R. J.) A Trip to Boerland : a Year's 

Travel. 1879 2128 C 

Atchison (C. C. ) Winter Cruise in Summer 

Seas. 1891 2686C 

Journey Through Brazil and Buenos Ayres. 

Athanasius (St.) Orations against the Arians. 2456 A 
- Select Treatise. Trans, by Card. J. H. 

Newman. 1888 2422A 


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Life. 1884 2205 A 

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See also Agnosticism, Belief, Naturalism, Theism. 
Athenieus. Deipnosophists. Trans, by C. D. 

Yonge. 1854 1052 F 


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in his Day. 1896 1135F 

Ilorton (G.) Description of Modern Athens. 

1902 2612C 

Lytton (E. G. E. Bulwer) Lord. Athens: 

its Rise and Fall. 1874 1303 B 

See also Greece. 





Atherstone (E.) Fall of Nineveh : a Poem .447 II 

Athletics. See Games, Gymnastics. 

Atkins (F. A.) Aspiration and Achievement: 

Y"oung Man's Message to Young Men. 

1897. 1749A 

- First Battles, and How to Fight Them 1750 A 

- Moral Muscle : Brotherly Chat with Young 

Men 1751 A 

Atkins (J. B. ) National Physical Training. 

1904 ..1308 K 

Atkinson (A.) and Holroyd (G.) Practical 

Cookery. 1900 975 D 

Atkinson (A. A.) Electrical aud Magnetic 

Calculations. 1902 1563 D 

Atkinson (D. II.) Old Leeds: its Bygones 

and Celebrities. 1868 534 B 

- Ralph Thoresby, his Town and Times. 1885.4657 B 
Atkinson (E. ) Ganot's Natural Philosophy. 1896. 1258 D 
Atkinson (Edward) Distribution of Products. 

1885 526J 

Atkinson (J. B.) Art Tour to Northern Capi- 
tals of Europe. 1873 1002K 

- Overbeck. 1882. {Great Artists) 2211 B 

Atkinson (J. C. ) Forty Years in a Moorland 

Parish. 1891 4197 B 

Reminiscences and Researches in Danby in Cleveland, 

- Memorials of Old Whitby. 1894 4458 B 

- Sketches in Natural History. 1861 i447 D 

Atkinson (J. J.) Primal Law. 1903 2306 D 

Contents: — Man in the Brutal Stage; Sexual Relations of 
Animals ; Man varying from Animals ; Earliest Evolution of 
Law ; Avoidances ; From the Group to the Tribe ; Traces of 
Period of Transition — Avoidances ; Classificatory System. 

Atkinson (P.) Elements of Dynamic Electricity 

and Magnetism. 1891 1202D 

- Power Transmitted by Electricity. 1902 1206 D 

Atkinson (T. D.) Account of English Architecture. 

1904 770 K 

- Terms Used in English Architecture. 1906. .. 1945 K 
Atkinson (T. W. ) Oriental and Western Siberia. 

1858 2342 C 

Seven Years' Explorations and Adventures in Siberia, Mon- 
golia, The Kirghis Steppes, Chinese Tartary, and Part of Cen- 
tral Asia. 

Atkinson (Mrs. T. W. ) Recollections of Tartar 

Steppes. 1863 8341 C 

Atkinson (W. N. )and (J. B.) Explosions in Coal 

Mines. 1886 2757 D 


Andrews (W. A.) Daring Voyage across the 

Atlantic Ocean. 1880 304C 

Bright (C) Story of the Atlantic Cable. 1903.6740 D 
Dewar (J. C. ) Voyage of the Nyanza in the 

Atlantic Ocean. 1892 2816C 

Maginnis (A. J.) Atlantic Ferry, its Ships, Men, 

and Working. 1893 810J 

Thomson (Sir C. W.) Voyage of the " Chal- 
lenger " in the Atlantic. 1877 2840 C 

ATLAS MOUNTAINS, Travels in the. By 

J. Thomson. 1889 8334C 

- See also Africa, North, Morocco. 

ATLAS, Universal, of the World. By G. Vv T . 

Bacon. 1905 3068 C 

Atlay (J. B. ) Trial of Lord Cochrane. 1897. . . .6003 B 
Atmosphere. See Air. 

Hoff (J. H. van't. ) Arrangement of Atoms 

in Space. 1898 858D 

Roscoe (Sir H. E.) and Harden (A.) New 

View of Dal ton's Atomic Theory. 1896. . .2050 D 
Somerville (M.) Molecular and Microscopic 

Science. 1869 1124 D 

Wurtz (C. A.) Atomic Theory. 1885 9111 D 

See also Chemistry. 

Atonement. See Christ. 

Attention. See Education, Emotions, Psychology. 

Atteridge (A. II.) Towards Khartoum: the 

Story of the Soudan War of 1896. 1897... 3919 B 
Attwell (II.) Book of Golden Thoughts. 1871.. 166 A 
Attwell (Henry) The Italian Masters in the 

National Gallery. 1888 482 K 

Aubertin (J. J.) Fight with Distances: The 

States, Hawaiian Islands, Canada, British 

Columbia, Cuba, The Bahamas. 1888 8296 C 

- A Flight to Mexico. 1882 1500C 

Description of a Journey to Mexico in 1881. 

Aubigne ([. II. M. d') Historic Scenes in Martin 

Luther's Life 4782 B 

- History of the Reformation. 1861 874 A 

- Oliver Cromwell : a Vindication. 1874 629 B 

Aubin(E.) Morocco of To- Day. 1906 1700 C 

Aubrey (D.) Letters from Bombay. 1884 8155 C 

A Few Facts about Anglo-Indian Presidency Towns. 
Aubryet (X.) Chez Nous et Chez Nos Voisins. 

1878 903 MT 

AUCTIONEERS' Manual. By W. F. Nokes. 

1906 1989 D 

Auditing. See Accountancy. 

Audsley (G. A.) and Bowes (J. L.) Keramic Art 

of lapan. 1881 2501 K 

AUDUBON (J. J.) Naturalist. Life. By 

R. Buchanan. 1869 2983 B 

Augustine (St.) Confes*ions. 1886 2446 A 

- The City of God 2478 A 

- Bush (R. W.) St. Augustine: his Life and 
Times 9104 B 

- Harnack (A.) Lectures on the Confessions of 
of St. Augustine. 1901 3064 A 

AUGUSTINE (Sister, i.e., A. von Lasaulx). 

Biography. 1880 9100 B 

AUGUSTUS (C J. C 0.) Emperor. Life and 

Times. By E. S. Shuckburgh. 1903 3976 B 

- History of the Reign of. By A. PL Allcroft 
and ]. H. Haydon 10108 B 

Aumale (II. E. P. L. ) Duke cT. History of the 

Princes de Conde. 1872 2833 B 

Aurelius (M. A.) See Antoninus (M. A.) 

AURORA BOREALIS. By A. Angot. 1896.. 1278 D 


Brabourne (E. ) Lord. Ed. Letters of Jane 

Austen. 1884 3830B 

Leigh (J. E. A.) Memoirs of Jane Austen. 

1872 2119B 

Ritchie (Mrs. R.) Essavon Jane Austen. 1883.2371 B 
AUSTEN (MPS. S.) Memoir and Corre- 
spondence. By J. Ross. 1888 9528 B 

Austen (W. C. R.) Study of Metallurgy. 1892.9676 D 
Austin (A.) At the Gate of the Convent, and 

other Poems. 1885 812 H 

- Door of Humility : Poems. 1906 813H 

-England's Darling: a Play 802 II 

- Flodden Field : a Tragedy. 1903 811 II 

- The Garden that I Love. 1894 1608 D 

On the Joys to be found in an Old Garden. 

- Golden Age : a Satire. 1871 927 H 

- Human Tragedy : a Play 803 H 

- In Veronica's Garden. 1895 1 188 F 

A Description of Birds and Nature's varied Beauties, etc.. 

- Lamia's Winter-Quarters. 1898 9138 F 

- Lesko the Bastard : a Poem 804 H 

- Lyrical Poems. 1891 805 II 

- Madonna's Child : a Poem. 1873 801 H 

-Poetry of the Period. 1870 1523 F 

Contents: — Tennyson, Browning, Swinburne, Matthew 
Arnold, Wm. Morris, Koman Catholic Poets; Poetry of the 
Future, Supernatural Poetry. 





Austin (A.) Prince Lucifer: a Play. 1887 806 H 

- Savonarola : a Tragedy. 1891 807 II 

- Soliloquies in Song 808 II 

- Spring and Autumn in Ireland. 1900 1708 C 

- Tale of True Love, and other Poems. 1902. ..810 II 

- Tower of Babel : a Drama. 1890 809 H 

- Victoria the Wise: Poems 1552 H 

-\ustin (H. H.) Among Swamps, and Giants 

in Equatorial Africa. 1902 1983C 

- With Macdonald in Uganda. 1903 4505 B 

Account of the Uganda "Mutiny and Macdonald Expedition 
in the Uganda Protectorate and the Territories to the North. 

Austin (L. F.) Points of View : Essays. 1906.1244 F 

Selection of Contents: — Sir Henry Irving; Sparrowgrass 
and Shakespeare ; Meat and Drink ; Drama of the Letter 
Box ; Famine in Books ; America at Oxford ; Country Life ; 
At a Woman's Club ; Motor Cars and Nervous Systems : 
After-Dinner Speech ; Our Mother Tongue ; Art and Glory of 
Eating; American Reticence; The Holiday Mood; Art of 
Small Talk ; Detained in Gout-Land. 

- Sir II. Irving in England and America. 

1838-1884. 1884 .2466 B 


Adams (F. ) Australians; a Social Sketch. 

1893 10014B 

•\flalo (F. G. ) Natural History of Australia. 

1896 ' 1732D 

Australia as It Is. 1894 8024 C 

Barker (M.A.) Lady. Letters Descriptive 

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Bonwick (T-) British Colonies and their 

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Buckingham and Chandos (A. A. ) Duchess of. 

Glimpses of Four Continents. 1894 8566 C 

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1903 2134C 

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1882 ...2403 C 

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L898 1401 C 

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Queensland Squatter. 1901 2361 C 

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hough (J. G.) Towards the Sunrising. 

1902 1303C 

Grey (GO ournals of Discovery in Australia. 

1,11 .... 2258C 

HattOT 'II. F.) Advance Australia. 1885 .2474 C 


Howitt (W. ) History of Discovery in Aus- 
tralia. 1865 1573 C 

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1892 2678C 

Jose (A.) Two Awheel and Some Others 

Afoot in Australia. 1903 1352 ( ' 

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Papers on Australasia. 1900. {British 

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of Australian History. 1892 3699 B 

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1902 1841 C 

Reminiscences of Australian Life. 1893 8513C 

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1891 2736C 

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Sail (C. R.) Farthest East, and South and 

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tralasia. 1888 8450 C 

Willoughby (II.) Australian Pictures. 1886.2472 C 

See also New South Wales, New Zealand, 
Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria. 






Conigrave ( f . F. ) I Iandbook of South 

Australia. 1886 2471 C 

Daly (I). I).) Digging, Squatting, and 

Pioneering Life in South Australia. 1887..2693C 
Marcus (W.) South Australia: its History, 

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Tolnier (A.) Reminiscences of Life in South 

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Western Australia. 

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Australian Gold Fields. 1896 8587 C 

Taunton (II.) Australind : Wanderings in 

Western Australia. 1903 2281 C 

Yivienne (M.) Travels in Western Australia. 

1902 2752 C 


Baedeker (C.) Handbook for Austria. 1907. 6020 C 
Clowes (Sir W. L. ) The Campaign of Lissa, 

1866. 1902 515 B 

Coxe (W.) History of the House of Austria. 

1854 1368 B 

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Eden (L. S.) Lady's Glimpse of the War in 

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Campaign between the Prussians and the 

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and Country. 1903 1287 C 

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Years' War. 1869 823 B 

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Wyait (W. J.) Austro-Italian War, 1866. 

1867 2803 B 

See also Bohemia, Germany, Hungary, Istria. 
AUSTRIA, Empress of. Martyrdom of. By 

Mrs. P. F. C. Owen. 1899 2619 B 

Autenrieth (G.) An Homeric Dictionary for Use 

in Schools and Colleges. 1881 1425 F 


Allihone (S. A.) Great Authors of all Ages. 

1880 2020F 

Archer (F.) How to Write a Good Play. 

1892 9221 F 

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Bennett (A.) How to Become an Author. 

1903 1357 F 

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Black (II. C.) Notable Women Authors of 

the Day. 1893 9917B 

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1864 638B 

Choice Extracts from Standard Authors 56 F 

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Writers. 1878 1879 B 

Davison (A. B. ) Thousand Thoughts from 

various Authors. 1880 1556 F 

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1883 1499 F 

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1905 1548F 

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Authors. 1899 9457 B 

How to Write for the Magazines. 1900 936 F 

How to Write for the Press. 1899 809 F 

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Authors. 1893 847 F 

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- How to Write an Essay. 1901 1302 F 

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Langford (J. A. ) Prison Books and their 

Authors. 1861 767 F 

xMiles(E H.) How to Prepare Books. 1900. ..519F 
Morris (C.) Half- 1 lours with the Best 

Humorous Authors 9080 F 

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Men: the Nineteenth Century 10477B 

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1904 1232 F 

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1886 1670 F 

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1890 9060 F 

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Writing. 1905 1585F 

Taylor (|.) One Thousand Extracts from the 

Best Authors. 1838 280 F 

Truth about an Author. 1903 643 F 

A Sketch of the Writer's Literary Experiences as an Autho 
and Professional Reviewer. 

Tweddell (G. M.) Bards and Authors of 

Cleveland and South Durham. 1872 3937 B 

Vincent (L. H.) Bibliotaph ; and other People. 

1898 766F 

Watson (E. H. L. ) Hints to Young Authors. 

1902 138 F 

Wotton (M. E.) Word Portraits of Famous 

Writers. 1887 10341 B 

Autocar. See Motor Car. 

AUVERGNE, Summer Days in. 1874 1118 C 

-Through. By E. Barker. 1884 338 C 

- See also France. 

Avebury(Sir J. Lubbock) Lord. Addresses, Political 
and Educational. 1879 2124J 

Contents: — Imperial Policy of Great Britain ; Bank Act of 
1844; Present System of Public School Education, 1876; 
Present System of Elementary Education ; Income Tax ; 
National Debt; Declaration of Paris; Marine Insurances: 
Preservation of our Ancient National Monuments ; Eg) pt. 

- Ants, Bees, and Wasps. 1883 8449D 

- Beauties of Nature. 1892 9802 D 

- British Wild Flowers: Considered in Relation 

to Insects. 1875 8019 ; D 

- Contribution to our Knowledge of Seedlings. 

1896 8500D 

- Essays and Addresses. 1900-3 2337 F 

Contents: — Huxley's Life and Work ; John Ruskin ; Rich- 
ard Jefferies ; Macaulay Ceremonial ; Manchesier Public Lib- 
rary" Jubilee ; Order of Merit ; Bank Hobdays ; Early Closing 
Bill ; Present Position of British Commerce ; Fis al I'o icy ; 
Municipal Trading; Education; Study of Nature; Address 
to the London County Council Scholars ; Address to the 
Churchmen's Union. 

- Fifty Years of Science. 1882 2437 D 

- Free Trade. 1904 2379J 

- On Buds and Stipules. 1899 10334 D 

- On Municipal and National Trading. 19U7..2428J 





Avebury (Sir J. Lubbock) Lord* Origin and Metamor- 
phoses of Insects. 1874 1484 D 

- Origin of Civilisation. 1902 2373 D 

- Pleasures of Life. 1887 7158 F 

- Pre-Historic Times. 1878 2765 D 

- Representation. 1890 795 J 

- Scenery of England and the Causes to which 

it is Due. 1904 1372 D 

- Scenery of Switzerland ; a Geological Survey. 

1896 8585 C 

- Scientific Lectures. 1879 2234 D 

Contents:— Flowers ; Insects; Plants; Habits of Ants; 
Study of Prehistoric Archaeology, etc. 

- Senses, Instincts and Intelligence of Animals. 

1888 9233 D 

- Short History of Currency and Coins. 1902... 196 J 

- Use of Life. 1894 9250 F 

Aveling (E. B.) Chemistry of Non-Metallics. 

1886 8845 D 

AVEYRON, Our Home in. By G. C. Davies 

and Mrs. Broughall. 1890 2659C 

- See also France. 
Aviaries. See Birds. 

AVON, Shakespeare's, from Source to Severn. 

By C. Showell. 1901 4788 B 

Avonmore (M. T. L.) Viscountess. Teresina in 

America. 1875 1890 C 

Awdry (Mrs. W. ) Farly Chapters in Science. 

1899 10333D 

- Easy Lessons in Light. 1880 914 D 

Axon (W. E. A.) Cheshire Gleanings. 1884... 791 F 

- Echoes of Old Lancashire. 1899 2519 B 

- Memoir of W. II. Ainsworth. 1902 2704 B 

Aylward(A.) Transvaal of To- Day. 1878. ...2097 C 
Aynsley (Mrs. II. G. M.) Our Tour in Southern 

India. 1883 2324 C 

- Symbolism of the East and West. 1900... 1300 A 
Ayre (J.) Treasury of Bible Knowledge. 1872.1559 A 
Ayres (A.) Acting and Actors, Elocution and 

Elocutionists. 1894 8K 

- Essentials of Elocution. 1886 34 F 

Ayrton (Mrs. H.) Treatise on the Electric Arc. 

1902 2071 D 

Ayrton (W. E.) Practical Electricity. 1897... 9200 D 
AYRSHIRE, Picturesque. By W. Harvey 

1906 1496C 

Aytoun (W. E. ) Ballads of Scotland 78 II 

- Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers 203 II 

- and Martin (Sir T. ) Bon Gaultier Ballads. 1870.413 H 
Azeglio (M. T. d') Marquis. Recollections. 

Trans, by Maffei. 1868 891 B 

Aztecs. See Mexico. 

J3aBCOCK(B.) Uncrowned Queen. 1902..2372B 

Life of Frances E. Willard, the Temperance Organiser. 

Babrius. Fables. Trans, by J. Davies. 1860 53 H 

Babylonia. See Assyria. 

Babylonian Cups ; or, Behind the Scenes. 1880. 1022 J 

xhe Chief Object of this Work is to Point Out The Facilities 
That at Present Exist for Obtaining Strong Drink sub rosa and 

BACCHANTE, Cruise of the. By Prince Albert 

Victorand Prince George. 1879-1882. 1886. 2475 C 
Bach (A. B.) Principles of Singing. 1885 61 K 

BACH (J- S.) Musical Composer. 

Poole (R. L.) Biography of Bach. 1882 2235 B 

Riemann (H.) Analysis of Bach's Wohltem- 

perirtes Clavier. 1890 366 K 

Spitta (P.) Life of ]. S. Bach. 1884 4434 B 

BACHE (E. and W.) Musicians. Rem- 
iniscences. By their Sister. 1901 2482 B 

Bachye (Rabbi) Duties of the Heart. 1905 1802 A 

Backgammon. See Cards. 

Backhouse (E.) and Tylor (C.) Early Church 

History. 1884 1193 A 

- - Witnesses for Christ. 1887 1185A 

Memorials of Church Life. 

Backhouse (J.) Visit to the Mauritius and South 

Africa. 1844 2349 C 

Bacon (A. M.) Japanese Girls and Women. 

1905 6069 C 

Stud/ of the Inner Life of Japanese Women. 

- Japanese Interior. 1893 508 C 

Letters on Daily Events, Sights and Impressions of Japan. 

Bacon ( F. ) Lord. Essays. 1 891 91 1 1 F 

Essays, and Colours of Good and Evil. Ed. 

by W. A. Wright. IS78 169 A 

- Novum Organum. L893 2576 A 

- Abbotl (E. A.) Francis Paeon : his Life and 

Works. 1885 4191 B 

Anton (P.) England's Essayists: Bacon. 1883.32 F 

- Church(R. W.) Dean. Biography oi Lord Bacon. 

1884 2390 B 

Bacon (F. ) Lord. Craik (G. L. ) Bacon, his 

Writings and Philosophy. 1860 393 F 

- Dixon (W. H.) Personal Historv of Bacon. 

1861 ' 3452 B 

-- Story of Lord Bacon's Life. 1862 19 B 

- Fowler (T.) Life and Work of Bacon. 1881. .91 14 B 

- Nichol (J.) Bacon : his Life and Philosophy. 

1901 1915 A 

- Shakespeare Controversy. See tinder Shake- 

speare — Bacon. 
Bacon (G.) Balloons, Airships, and Flying 

Machines. 1905 488 D 

Bacon (G. W.) Universal Atlas of the World. 

1905 3068 C 

Bacon (J.) Theory of Colouring 425 K 

Bacon (J. M.) Dominion of the Air. 1902 1457 D 

Story of Aerial Navigation. 
Bacon (L. W.) History of American Christianity. 

1899 1097 A 

BACON (N.) Virginian Leader of 'Insurgents. 

Memoir. By W. Ware. 1848 434 B 

Bacon (R. II.) Benin, the City of Blood. 1897.4667 B 
The Story of the Benin Expedition of 1897. 


Badcock (J.) Vignettes from Invisible Life. 

1883 85S1D 

Bastian (II. C. ) Modes of Origin of Lowest 

Organisms. 1871 1761 D 

Conn (H. W.) Story of Germ Life. 1898 ....6741 1) 
Fischer (A.) Structure and Functions of 

Bacteria. 1900 4266 D 

Frankland (Mis. P. ) Bacteriain Daily Life. 1903 697 D 
Frankland(P. F. and Mrs. P.) Micro-Organisms 

in Water. 1894 .....3373D 

Hewlett (R.T.) Manual of Bacteriology. 1898. 8001 I) 
Hueppe(F. ) Principlesof Bacteriology. 1899. 10342D 

Newman (G. ) Bacteria. 1 899 2225 I) 

Trouessart (F. L.) Treatise on Microbes, 

Ferments and Moulds. 1886 8915 D 

Woodhead (G. S.) Bacteria and their Pro- 
ducts. 1891 8373 D 

See also Fermentation. 





Badcock (J.) Vignettes from Invisible Life. 1883.8581 D 
Microscopic Studies of Animal and Plant Life. 

Baddeley(M. J. B.) Guide to Bath and Bristol. 

1902 409C 

- Guide to Oban and Neighbourhood. 1893. .. 8523 C 

- Guide to Orkney and Shetland. 1905 481 C 

- Guide to Scotland. 1901 404C 

- and Ward (C. S.) Guide to Ireland. 1902 441 C 

Baddeley (W.) Treatise on Lawn Tennis. 1895.. 502 K 
Baddeley (W. St. C.) Tchay and Chianti; or, 

Wanderings in Russia and Italy. 1887...8429C 

- Travel-Tide. 1889 2689 C 

Contents: — Monte-Casino; Bergamo; Carmagnola ; Bul- 
garia; Buenos Aires; To Corfu ; Music of Wagner ; Como ; 
Constantinople ; Tunis ; Hungarians ; Gipsy Music. 

Baden- Powell (R. S. S.) See Powell (R. S. S. 

Badenoch (J. G.) Art of Letter Painting. 1898.. 841 D 
Badenoch (L. N.) Romance of the Insect 

World. 1893 9832 D 

- True Tales of the Insects. 1899 2363 D 

Badin (A.) Grottes et Cavernes. 1867 802 MD 

Badt (F. B.) Bell Hangers' Handbook. 1900...39D 

- Incandescent Wiring Handbook. 1899 38 D 

Baedeker (C. ) Handbooks: — 

Alps, Eastern (1903) .6015C 

Belgium (1905) 6009 C 

Canada (1900) 6063 C 

France, Northern (1905) 

6018 C 
France, Southern (1902) 

6019 C 
Germany, Northern (1904) 

484 C 
Germany, Southern (,1907) 

6020 C 
Holland (1903) 6009 C 

Italy, Central (1904) ..498C 
Italy, Northern (1906) 491 C 
Italy, Southern (1903) 6021 C 

London (1905) 436 C 

Norway (1903) 6022 C 

Palestine (1906) 6082 C 

Paris (1893) 6023 C 

Rhine (1906) 6083 C 

Sweden (1903) 6022 C 

Switzerland (1905) ...^IOC- 
Syria (1906) 6082 C 

Baernreither (J. M.) English Associations of 

Working Men. 1889 2008J 

BAFFIN'S BAY, Whaling Cruise to. By A. 

H. Markham. 1875 516 C 

- See also Polar Regions. 

Bagehot (W.) Biographical Studies. 1899 1672 B 

Contents : — Character of Sir R. Peel ; Lord Brougham ; 
Mr. Gladstone ; W. Pitt ; Bolingbroke as a Statesman ; Sir 
G. C. Lewis ; Adam Smith as a Person ; Lord Althorp and 
the Reform Act of 1832 : Prince Consort ; What Lord Lynd- 
hurst really was ; Tribute to Sir G. C. Lewis ; Mr. Cobclen ; 
Lord Palmerston ; Earl of Clarendon ; Mr. Lowe ; M. 
Guizot ; Prof. Cairnes ; Mr. Disraeli as a Member of the 
House of Commons. 

- Literary Studies. 1898 1289 F 

Contents : — Vol. 1. Memoir of Bagehot. By R. H. Hutton ; 
H. Coleridge ; Shakespeare — the Man ; W. Cowper ; First 
Edinburgh Reviewers ; Edmund Gibbon ; Percy B. Shelley. 

Vol. 2. T. B. Macanlay ; Beranger ; Waverley Novels ; 
C. Dickens ; Lady M. W. Montagu ; Clough's Poems ; 
Sterne and Thackeray ; Wordsworth ; Tennyson ; and R. 
Browning. / 

Vol. 3. Letters on the Coup d'Etat of 1851 ; Caesarism as 
it existed in 1865 ; Oxford : Bp. Butler ; Ignorance of Man ; 
Emotion of Conviction ; Metaphysical Basis of Toleration ; 
Public Worship Regulation Bill ; H. Crabbe Robinson ; Bad 
Lawyers or Good ; Credit Mobilier and Banking Companies 
in France. 

- Lombard Street. 1892 573J 

Description of the Money Market. 

- Physics and Politics. 1887 1054 J 

Thoughts on the Application of the Principles of " Natural 
Selections" and Inheritance to Political Society. 

Postulates of English Political Economy. 1885.552 J 

The English Constitution. 1904 1055 J 

A Description of Working of the English Constitution. 
Bagenal (P. H. ) American Irish and their Influence 

on Irish Politics. 1882 2343 B 

3agot (A.) Accidents in Mines : their Cause and 

Prevention. 1878 1644 D 

Bagot (A. G.) Men We Meet in the Field, or The 

Bullshire Hounds. 1881 212K 

Sketches in the Hunting Field. 

- Sport and Travel in India and Central America. 

1897 8603;C 

- Sporting Sketches at Home and Abroad. 

1879 8171 C 

Bagot (Mrs. C.) Links with the Past. 1902. ..3208 B 

Glimpses of Byegone Days and of the Lives of Those Who 
Were Serving Their Country in Times of National Peril. 

BAHAMAS, Travels in the. By J. J. Aubertin. 

1888 8296 C 

- Travels'in the. By" L n! Ford." 1893." '.'.'.'.'. ^2803 C 

- See also West Indies. 

BaikieQ.) Through the Telescope. 1906 2231 D 

Baildon (H. B.) Robert Louis Stevenson : a Life 

Study in Criticism. 1 901 425 F 

Bailey (A.) Succession to the English Crown. 

1879 1964B 

Bailey (E. H. S.) Text-Book of Sanitary and 

Applied Chemistry ; or, the Chemistry of 

Water, Air, and Food. 1906 9305 D 

Bailey (G. H.) and Briggs (W.) Advanced 

Inorganic Chemistry 6734 D 

- First Stage Inorganic Chemistry. 1896 1366 D 

- Tutorial Chemistry 6694 D 

Bailey (H.) Travel and Adventure in the Congo. 

1894 2951 C 

Bailey (J.) Loom Tuning. 1906 141 D 

Bailey (J. B.) England from a Back Window. 

1881 532C 

- From Sinner to Saint. 1892 9890B 

Biographical Sketches of Historic Individuals whose Moral 
Lives Underwent a Remarkable Change. 

Bailey (L. H.) Nature-Study Idea. 1903 3201 D 

- Principles of Vegetable Gardening. 1901 564 D 

- The Survival of the Unlike : a Collection of 

Evolution Essays Suggested by the Studv 

of Domestic Plants. 1896 .'. 1273 D 

Bailey (P. J.) Festus : a Poem 631 H 

Bailey (T.) Records of Longevity. 1857 1535D 

Baillie (J.) Pleasant Memories: Woman's 

Thought and Life's Work. 1878 2007 A 

Bailward (M. E.) Mothers and their Responsi- 
bilities. 1904 1823A 

Bain (A.) Education as a Science. 1879 541 J 

-Emotions and the Will. 1859 649 A 

- English Composition and Rhetoric. 1887 132 F 

- English Grammar. 1891 635 F 

- Higher English Grammar. 1896 17 F 

- John Stuart Mill : a Criticism with Personal 

Recollections. 1882 2355 B 

-Logic. 1870 .....2660 A 

- Mental and Moral Science : a Compendium 

of Psychology and Ethics. 1884 201 A 

- Mind and Body. 1873 2919A 

- Practical Essays . 1884 1346F 

Contents: — Common Errors on the Mind; Errors of Sup- 
pressed Correlatives ; Civil Service Examinations ; The 
Classical Controversy; The University Ideal — Past and 
Present; Art of Study; Religious Tests and Subscriptions; 
Procedure of Deliberate Bodies. 

- Senses and the Intellect. 1864 620 A 

- Study of Character. 1861 665 A 

Bain (F. W. ) Life of Christina, Queen of 

Sweden. 1890 1970 B 

Bain (J. A.) Life of Fridtjof Nansen. 1897... 1477 B 
Bain (R. N.) Charles XII. and the Collapse of 

the Swedish Empire, 1682-1719. 1895.. .1471 B 

- Pupils of Peter the Great. 1897 6014 B 

A History of the Russian Court and Empire from 1697 
to 1740. 





.279 B 

BAINES (E.) M.P. for Lee is. Life. 1859. 
Baines(F. E.) On the Track of the Mail- 
Coach. 1895 10302 B 

Bain ton (G.) Art of Authorship. 1890 1208 F 

Literary Reminiscences, Methods of Work, and Advice to 

Baird (H. M.) Rise of the Huguenots. 1880... 2131 B 

- Theodore Beza, the Counsellor of the French 

Reformation, 1519-1605. 1899 10335 B 

Baird (W. ) Biography of General Wauchope. 

1900 9828 B 

BAIREUTH (F. S. W.) Margravine of. 

- and Voltaire. By G. Horn. 1888 4028 B 

- Memoirs. 1887 4027 B 

Baker (Alfred) Reporting, Hints and Practice. 

1889 21 F 

Baker (Alice) How to Paint Photographs in 

Oil and Water Colours. 1901 698 K 

Baker (E. A.) Moors, Crags, and Caves of the 

High Peak and the Neighbourhood. 1903. .2560 C 
Baker ( H. B. ) French Society from the Fronde to 

the Great Revolution. 1874 , 1863 B 

- Our Old Actors. 1878 3276 B 

Baker (J.) Pictures from Bohemia. Drawn with 

Pen and Pencil 3065 C 

Baker (J. G.) North Yorkshire. 1863 2582 D 

Studies of its Botany, Geology, Climate and Physical 

Baker (J. H. ) Education and Life : Papers and 

Addresses. 1901 683 J 

Baker (M. N.) Municipal Engineering and 

Sanitation. 1902 1059 D 

Baker ( R. S. ) Boys' Book of Inventions. 1903.. 1687 D 

- Boys' Second Book of Inventions. 1904 1688 D 

- Seen in Germany. 1902 2317 J 

An Account of German Life. 

Baker (Sir S. W.) Albert N'Yanza, Great 
Basin of the Nile and Explorations of the 
Nile Sources. 1898 848 C 

-Cyprus as I Saw It in 1879 2123 C 

- Eight Years in Ceylon. 1898 951 C 

- Ismaili'a : Expedition to Central Africa tor the 

Suppression of the Slave Trade. 1874 1896 C 

- Nile Tributaries of Abyssinia. 1883 1501 C 

- Rifle and Hound in Ceylon. 1892 642 C 

- Wild Beasts and their Ways. 1890 2992 D 

- Murray (T. D.) and White (A. S.) Memoir 

of Sir S. W. Baker. 1895 4553 B 

Baker (T.) Battling Life, chiefly in the Civil 

Service. 1885 9411 B 

Baker (Thomas) Mathematical Theory of the 

Steam Engine. 1890 321 D 

- Mensuration and Measuring. 1890 201 D 

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1902 897D 

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Users. 1889 ;.... 9349 1) 

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and Work. By W. A. Barrett. 1882 2344 B 

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Waggon. 1896 2863 C 

Travels in Matabeleland and Mashonaland. 

Balfour (A. J.) Defence of Philosophic Doubt. 

1879 822 A 

- Essays and Addresses. 1893 7286 F 

Contents /—The Pleasures of Reading ; Bishop Berkeley s 
Life and Letters ; Handel ; Cobden and the Manchester 
School; Politics and Political Economy; A Fragment <>f 
Progress ; Religion of Humanity. 

- Fiscal Reform Speeches, 1880-1905. 1906. ..2414 [ 

- Foundations of Belief. 1895 1007 A 

Balfour (G. ) Life of Robert Louis Stevenson. 

1901 4621 B 

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- Introduction to Palaeontological Botany. 1872.19001) 
Balfour (Lady B.) Lord Lytton's Indian 

Administration. 1899 2256 J 

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1906 1490C 

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1906 2428 C 

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1887 2541C 

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- Travels and Politics in the Near East. 

1898 2452 C 

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Journey through the Western Balkans. 

1897 1951 C 

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See also Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, 

Roumania, Servia, Turkey. 
Ball (C J.) Jeremiah [Expositors Bible). 1890.2597 A 

- Light from the Fast ; or, the Witness of the 

Monuments: an Introduction to the Study 

of Biblical Archeology. 1899 1098 A 

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Study of Cairo and its Environs and the Nile and il 

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Ball (J.) Notes of a Naturalist in South America. 

ISS7 8236 

Ball (Sir R. S.) Astronomy : a Primer. 1900.. .7421) 

Cause of an Ice Age. 1891 96661) 

Elementary Lessons in Applied Mechanics. ...315 1) 

Experimental Mechanics. 1871 1951 I) 

( i reat Asl ronomers. 1 895 101 64 B 





Ball (Sir K. S.) In Starry Realms. 1892 9599 1) 

- In the High Heavens.' L893 3504 1) 

- Star-Land. 1890 9420D 

Heing Talks with Young People about the Wonders of the 

- Story of the Heavens. 1885 29691) 

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A Popular Exposition of Astronomy. 

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1889 6271D 


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Poetry. Ed. by C. C. Clark 1536 II 

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See also Carols, Poetry. 
Ballantyne (VV.) Sergeanl-at-Law. Experiences 

of a Barrister's Life. 1882 3681 B 

- Old World and the New. 1884 2359 C 

Random Recollections of English and American Society. 
Ballantyne (R. M.) Personal Reminiscences in 

Book-Making 10332 B 

Ballantyne (T.) Essays in Mosaic. 1870 5F 

Contents: — Art of Reading ; Thinking; Conversation and 
Gentlemanliness ; Good Manners and Good Breeding ; Con- 
centration and Method ; Statesmanship ; Pococuranteism ; 
Cynicism ; Scepticism ; Uses of Adversity ; Solitude and 
Retirement ; Sympathy with Nature ; Friendship ; Gospel of 
Labour; Too Much Brain-work ; Gospel of Rest. 

Ballard (F.) Clarion Fallacies. 1904 1316 A 

Reply to Mr. R. Blatchford's Strictures Upon Christianity 
in "The Clarion" and the Book Entitled "God and My 

- Guilty : a Tribute to the Bottom Man and a 

Plain Reply to " Not Guilty, a Defence of 

the Bottom Dog" by R. Blatchfurd. 1907. 1936 A 

- Haeckel's Monism False. 1905 1342 A 

An Examination of Haeckel's Works ' Riddle of the 
Universe,' ' Wonders of Life,' 'Confession of Faith of a Man 
of Science.' 

- Miracles of Unbelief. 1901 1219 A 

- Smoking Craze : Indictment with Reasons, 

and an Appeal to Christians. 1901 1713 A 

- Sports from the Christian Standpoint. 1903.. 3151 A 

- Theomonism True : God and the Universe 

in Modern Light : a Sequel to Haeckel's 
Monism False. 1906 ...1369 A 

- Which Bible to Read — Revised or "Authorised" ? 

1898 2813 A 

Ballard (R. ) Kingdom of the Zore, and other 

Poems 731 H 

- The Solution of the Pyramid Problem, or 

Pyramid Discoveries, with a New Theory 

as to their Ancient Use. 1882 664 A 

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Practice. 1885 8030 D 


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1902 946 D 

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Topography, and History. 1877 8157 C 

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1903 1998 C 

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See also Asia, Central. 
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- Brunetiere (F.) Honorede Balzac : Essay on 

hisW T orks. 1906 855 F 

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Bamford (A. J.) Turbans and Tails : or, Scenes 

in the Unromantic East. 1888 8298 C 





Bamford (S.) Passages in the Life of a Radical. 

1844 91B 

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White Man's Grave. 1888 2528 C 

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Bancroft (H. H.) The New Pacific. 1900 1826 C 

The Lands and Peoples of the Pacific Seaboard of the 
United States, and their Future Destinies. 

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and Off the Stage." 1892 9848 B 

- (Sir S. B.) and (M. E.) Lady. On and Off 

the Stage 3982 B 

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Murray. 1857 23 B 

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- Sir George A. Macfarren : his Life, Works, 

and Influence. 1891 9713 B 

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On the Evils of the Alien Invasion. 

Bankes (G. N.) Across France in a Caravan. 

1893 1671C 

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Girl. 1902 564 F 

- Campaigns of Curiosity : Journalistic Adven- 

tures of an American Girl in London. 

1894 1077J 

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Poems 457 II 

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Cook's first Voyage round the World. Ed. 

by Sir J. D. Hooker. 1896 4635B 

Banks (J. S. ) Tendencies of Modern Theology. 

1897 2714 A 

Banks (W. S.) Walks in Yorkshire : — 

Contents:— North West and North East Yorkshire. .8576 C 
Wakefield and its Neighbourhood 822 C 


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1898 958J 

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L889 9371 I) 

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See also Money. 

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1889 2469 A 

BAPTISTS, English, Story of the. By J. C. 

Carlile. 1905 3321 A 

-Pioneers. By J. II. Shakespeare. 1906. ...1904 A 
BARBADOES, Negro in, Lecture on the. By 

W. Merivale. 1902 6059 B 

- Travel and Adventure in. By R. G. Burton. 

1898 2409 C 

- See also West Indies. 


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1890 9440 B 

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1835 16 C 

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Pirates. 1899 1825C 

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Ancient Egyptians. 1900 892 D 

Barber (T. W.) Repair and Maintenance of 

Machinery. 1895 2002 D 

Barber (W. T. A.) David Hill, Missionary and 

Saint. 1898 10195 B 

Barbers. See Hair and Hairdressing. 

Barbier (P.) Pictorial French Course: With 

Pictures, Descriptions, Conversations, and 

Grammar. 1906 975 F 

Barclay (I.) The Way the World Went Then. 

1898 1635 D 

The Story of Evolution for Children. 

Barclay (J. W.) New Theory of Organic Evolution. 

19 i3 997 D 

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- Le Comte de Montlosier et le Gallicanisme. 

1881 402 MB 

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Barine(A.) Alfred de Musset 260 MB 

-J. H. Bernaudin de Saint- Pierre 262 MB 

Baiing-Gould (S.) See Gould (S. B.). 

Baring (M.) With the Russians in Manchuria. 

1905 2595 B 

Barker (A. F. ) Analysis and Reproduction of 

Textile Fabrics. 1894 6673 D 

- Introduction to the Study of Textile Design. 

1903 *....2809D 

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Design. 1897 1213 D 

- Management of Small Engineering Workshops. 

1899 12151) 

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Barker (D.W.) and Allingham (W.) Navigation : 

Practical and Theoretical. 1904 8609 D 

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Barker (E. II.) Wanderings by Southern 

Waters. 1893 2781 C 

Parker (John) Syria and Egypt under the last 

Five Sultans of Turkey. 1876 3161 B 





BARKER (JOSEPH) Atheist and Christian. 

Life. By himself. 1880 2194 B 

Barker [\\. A.) Lady. The Bedroom and the 

Boudoir. 1878.' 103 K 

Hints on the Sanitary and Ornamental Treatment of the 

- Letters to Guy. 1885 8174C 

Descriptive of Life in Wetst Australia. 

-Station Life in New Zealand. 1883 730 C 

- Travelling About 8307 C 

A Brief Accouut of Traveller's Explorations in Australasia, 
North and South America t Africa, and Asia. 

- Year's Housekeeping in Soulh Africa. 1894. 1169 C 
Barkley (H. C.) Between the Danube and the 

Black Sea ; or Eive Years in Bulgaria. 

1877 1080C 

- Bulgaria before the War. 1877 1126C 

- Ride through Asia Minor and Armenia. 1891. 8563 C 
Barlet(S.)and Masom (VV. F.) French Reader. 695 F 
Barlow (C. VV. C.) and Bryan (G. 11.) Elemen- 
tary Mathematical Astronomy. 1892 6493 D 

- Geometry of the Similar Figures and the 

Plane. 1895 10125 D 

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and Intellectual Philosophy. 1846 40A 

Barlow (P.) Strength of Materials. 1867 3338 D 

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Settler in North New Zealand. 1889 8328 C 

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- Landscape Painting in Water-Colours 2505 K 

Barnard (P. M.) Interpretation of the New 

Testament in Modern Life and Thought : 

an Fssay. 1905 3453A 

Barnard (S. ) and Child (J. M.) New Geometry 

for Schools. 1904 1284 D 

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Biography. By J. H. Batt. 1905 647 B 

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Far East. 1889 2644C 

A Tour in North America, Japan, China, Ceylon. 
Barnell (H. J.) Practical Object Lessons from 

the Plant World 8025 D 

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Chinese Regiment. 1902 9717 B 

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- Treatise on Sound. 1893 6593 D 

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1883 1000 D 

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Barnes (R. Y.) Universal System of Book- 

Keeping. 1871 '. 2059 D 

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- and O'Neill (H. C. ) Primer of Domestic Economy. 

1892 6480 D 

Barnett (P. A.) Common Sense in Education and 

Teaching. 1899 557 J 

Barnett (S. A. and H. O.) Practicable Socialism. 

1894 681J 

BARNSLEY, History of. By R. Jackson. 

1858 2935 B 

-Worthiesof. By J. Wilkinson. 1883 9054 B 

Baron (D.) Ancient Scriptures and the Modern 

Jew. 1900 997 A 

Baron (W.} Echoes from the Looms : Collection 

of Poems, chiefly in the Lancashire Dialect. 

1903 491H 

BARONETAGE, History of the. By F. W. 

Pixley. 1900 4220 B 

Pair (J.) Anglican Church Architecture. 1846... 34 K 
Barr (W. M.) Catechism on the Combustion of Coal 

and the Prevention of Smoke. 1901 1438 D 

Barr (R.) The Unchanging East. 1900 1561 C 

Adventures and Travels in the Mediterranean, Greece and 
Asia Minor. 

Barran (T. W. ) Bamboo Working. 1901 1581 D 

Barras (J.) New Shikari at Our Indian Stations. 

1885 8197 C 

BARRAS (P. F. J.) Comtede, Member of the 

Directorate. Memoirs. Ed. by G. Duruy. 

1895 4688 B 

Barrell (F. R. ) Elementary Electricity and 

Magnetism. 1898 .18401) 

Barrett (A. W. pseud. Ralph Andom) Side Slips, 

or Misadventures on a Bicycle. 1898 1288 C 

Barrett (C. R. B. ) Battles and Battlefields of 

England. 1896 4700 B 

Barrett (E. R.) Truth about Intoxicating Drinks. 

1899 8863 D 

Barrett (W. A.) Lives of English Church 

Composers. 1882 2231 B 

- M. W. Balfe : his Life and Work. 1882.... 2344 B 
Barrett (W. F. ) and Brown (W.) Practical 

Physics. 1892 6509 D 

Barrie (J. M.) and his Books. By J. A. 

Hammerton. 1900 2439 B 

- Biography of Margaret Ogilvy. 1897 10231 B 

Barrington (Sir J.) Personal Sketches of his 

Own Times. 1869 .....2694B 

Barrington (J. T. ) England on the Defensive. 

1881 748J 

The Problem of Invasion Critically Examined Under the 
Aspect of a Series of Military Operations. 

Barron (A. F. ) Vines and Vine Culture. 1892.. 9769 D 

Barron (W. ) British Winter Gardens: a Trea- 
tise on Evergreens. 1852 648 D 

BARROW (I.) Bp. Lecture on. By II. Wace. 

1877 2064 A 

Barrow (J., funr. ) Family Tour through South 

Holland. 1831 33 C 

Barrow (John) Mountain Ascents in West- 
moreland and Cumberland. 1886 8205 C 

Barrows (E. P.) Biblical Geography and 

Antiquities 695 A 

Barrows (J. H.) A World-Pilgrimage. 1897.. 1580 C 

Barrows (S. J.) Isles and Shrines of Greece. 

1898 2947 B 

Barrus(G. H.) Engine Tests. 1900 2403 D 

Barry (A.) Bp. Ecclesiastical Expansion of 

England. 1895 588A 

- Lectures on Christianity and Socialism. 

1890 2483 A 

- Life and Works of Sir C. Barry. 1867 3032 B 

- Sermons Preached at Westminster Abbey. 

1884 2097 A 

BARRY (SiP C), Architect. 

Life and Works. By Bp. A. Barry. 1867. .. 3032 B 

Barry (J.) Lectures on Painting. 1889 549 K 

Barry (J. P.) At the Gates of the East: a 
Book of Travel Among Historic Wonder- 
lands. 1906 2426 C 

Barry (J. Warren) Studies in Corsica. 1893 ..2800 C 
Barry (Sir J. Wolfe) Railway Appliances. 1893.6105 D 

Barry ( M. J.) Songs of Ireland. 1846 27 H 

Barry (W.) Life of Ernest Renan. 1905 9953 B 

- Story of the Papal Monarchy, A.D. 590-1303. 

1902 9983 B 

Barry (VV. W.) Walking Tours in Normandy. 

'1868 888C 

Barter (S. ) Manual Instruction Drawing. 1896. 1202 K 

- Manual Instruction Woodwork. 1892 3211 D 





Barth (H.) Travels in North and Central 

Africa in 1849-55. 1857 1861 C 

Barthelemv Saint-Hilaire (J.) The Buddha 

and his Religion. 1895 2689 A 

Bartlet (I. V.) Apostolic Age: its Life, Doc- 
trine, Worship, and Polity. 1900 2871 A 

- Primer of Earlv Church History. 1897 1745 A 

- The Acts [Century Bible) 1975 A 

Bartleit (A. D. ) Life Among the Wild Beasts 

in the "Zoo." 1899 2104 D 

-Wild Animals in Captivity: the Habits, 
Food, Management, etc., of the Beasts 

and Birds at the "Zoo." 1898 10297 D 

Bartlett(SirE.A.)BattlefieldsofThessaly. 1897.4062 B 
Bartlett (J.) Familiar Quotations. 1891 I139F 

- Shakespeare Phrase Book. 1881 1439 F 

Bartlett (R. E.) The Letter and the Spirit. 1888.976 A 
Bartlett (S. C.) From Egypt to Palestine; 

Through Sinai, the Wilderness, and the 

South Country. 1879 2143C 

Bartlrtt (W. H.) Forty D.iys in the Desert on 

the Track of the Israelites 2295 C 

-Jerusalem Revisited. 1853-4. 1855 2996 C 

Bartley (G. C. T. ) Schools for the People. 1871.2009 J 

- Seven Ages of a Village Pauper. 1874 1056 T 

BART010MME0 (FRA.) Painter. 

Biography. By L. Scott. 1881 2024 B 

BARTOLOZZI (F.) Engiaver, and his Pupils 

in England. By S. Brinton. 1903 32 B 

Barton (E. A.) Colonist's Medical Handbook. 

1890 6297 D 

Barton (I. A. G.) Review of the History of the 

Ancient World. 1875 1267 B 

Bartram (G.) Ballads of Ghostly Shires. 1900. 220 H 
Barttelot(W. G.) Life of E. M. Barttelot. 1890.3785 B 

Being an Account of the Relief of Kandahar, of Gordon, 
and of Emin. 

Barwise (S.) Purification of Sewage. 1899... 10318 D 
Bascom (J.) Growth of Nationality in the United 

States. 1899 961 J 

BASEBALL, Handbook of. By N. Crane. 

1892 121 K 

- Rounders, Handbook of. By J. M. Walker. 
BASHAN, Giant Cities of. By J. L. Porter. 

1877 2028 A 

-Travels in. By S. Merrill. 1881 2244 C 

- See also Palestine, Palmyra, Syria. 
Bashkirtseff (Marie) Journal. Trans, by 

M. Blind. 1890 4092B 

-Letters. Trans, by Serrano 4209 B 

- Blind (M.) Study of M. Bashkirtseff. 1892. ..4290 B 
Baskerville (B. C. ) Polish Jew : his Social and 

Economic Value. 1906 3044 J 


Thompson (J. A.) Fancy Basket-Making. 

1902 15821) 

White (M.) Basket-Making at Home. 1904. 9167 D 

- How to Make Baskets. 1901 1432 D 

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BaslablefC. F.) Commerce of Nations. 1892 15 J 

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Being some Account of the Nature, Modes of Origin, and 
Transformation of Lower Organisms. 

Brain as an Organ of the Mind. 1885 91 1 3 I) 

Evolution of Life. 1907 2470 D 

Modes of Origin of Lowes) Organisms. 1871.1761 D 

Bastiat (F.) Harmonies of Political Economy. 

I860 20I0J 

Bastille. See Paris. 

Batchelor (J.) The Ainu of Japan. 1802 8461 C 

ion, Superstitions, and General History of the Hairy 
Aborigines oi Japan. 

Bate (A. II.) Principles of Electrical Power: 

Continuous Currents. 1905 900 D 

Bate (J.) Influence of Mind on Mind. 1883 ...933 A 

Bate (P.) English Pre-Raphaelite Painters, 

their Associates and Successors. 1901 1288 K 

Bateman (C. T.) fohn Clifford, Free Church 

Leader and Preacher. 1904 10383 B 

- Miniature Life and Works of G. F. Watts. 

1901 128B 

- Romance of the Bible. 1903 3188 A 

Story of the British and Foreign Bible Society. 
Bateman (G. C.) and Bennett (R. A. R. ) Book 

of Aquaria. 1890 9518 D 

A Practical Guide to the Construction, Arrangement, and 
Management of Fresh-Water and Marine Aquaria. 

Bates (D.) Law of Likeness. 1903 1278 A 

Contents: — The Creed; The Change; West Africa; On 
Natural History; Spiritual Epuch ; Religion and Science; 
Christianity; The New Prophecy. 

Bates (E. K. ) Kaleidoscope: Shifting Scenes 

from East to West. 1889 2255 C 

Bates (II. W.) Naturalist on the River Amazon. 

1848 8533 C 

- Stanford's Compendium, etc., of Central 

America, the West Indies, and South 
America. 1878 2738 C 

Bates (K. L. ) Spanish Highways and Byways. 

1901 1562C 

Bates ( L. ) Games with Music. 1901 403 K 

Action Songs and Guessing Rhymes. 

Bates (W.) Maclise's Portrait Gallerv of 

Literary Characters. 1883 2428 B 

Bateson (M.) Story of Mediceval England, 

1066-1350. 1903 9250 B 

Bateson V W. ) Materials for the Study of Varia- 
tion Treated with Especial Regard to 
Discontinuity in the Origin of Species. 
1894 3413 D 

BATH, Guide to. By M. J. B. Baddeley. 1902.409 C 

- Road : History, Fashion and Frivolity. By 

C. G. Harper. 1899 2060C 

Baths and Wells. See Watering Places. 
BATLEY, Reminiscences of, during the last 

30 Years. 1882 210 B 

Batson (H. M.) Book of the Country and the 

Garden. 1903 2202 D 

Batt (J. H.) Dr. Barnardo : the Foster-Father of 

Nobody's Children. 1905 647 B 

Battersby(C.F.H.)Pilkington of Uganda. 1898.2661 B 

An Account of Pilkington's Missionary Labours in Central Africa 

Battersby(H. F. P.) Hockey. 1900 566 K 

his Sons. 1890 10135B 

Canon Battershy was the Founder of the Keswick Conven- 
tion, an Account of which is given in this Work. 


Adams (W. H. D.) Battle Stones from European 

History 2368 B 

- Memorable Battles in English History. 

1879 1952B 

Allen (J.) Battles of the British Navy, 1190- 

1840. 1893 368 B 

Barrett (C. R. B.) Battles and Battlefields in 

England. 1896 4700 B 

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Crane (S.) Great Battles of the World. 1901.1668B 
Creasy (Sir E. ) Fifteen Decisive Battles of the 

World. 1894 825 B 

Forbes (A.) Barracks, Bivouacs, and Battles. 

1892 2055 B 

Grant (J.) British Battles on Land and Sea.. 4754 B 






Higginson (F. J.) Naval Battles in the 

Century. 1906 10475 B 

Leadman'(A. D. H.) Battles Fought in York- 
shire. 1891 4176B 

Low (C. R. ) Battles of the British Army. 

1890 ...9599 B 

- Battles of the British Navy. 1872 878 B 

Robson (W.) Great Sieges of History. 1859.1160 B 
5 t also Armv, and Names of Countries. 
Batts (II. I.) Pretoria from Within. 1899-1900.1027 B 
Batty (J ) Spirit and Influence of Chivalry. 1890. 750 B 
Battye (A. Trevor-) A Northern Highway of 

the Tzar. 1898 8211C 

Journey through the Tundras and Forests of High Northern 

- Ice Bound on Kolguev. 1895 2867 C 

An Exploration of Arctic Europe, to which is added a 
Record of the Natural History of the Kolguev Island. 

- Pictures in Prose of Nature, Wild Sport, 

and Humble Life. 1894 1204 D 

Baudry (F.) Life of Henry Dorie, Martyr 80 B 

BAUER (K.), German Actress. Posthumous 

Memoirs. 1884 3907 B 

Bauerman (H.) Descriptive Mineralogy. 1884.6096 D 

- Svstematic Mineralogy. 1881 6097 D 

- Treatise on the Metallurgy of Iron. 1890 169 D 

Baughan (R.) Influence of the Stars. 1891 .1005 K 

A Treatise on Astrology. 

- Leather Work Book. 1879 538 K 

Instructions for Making and Ornamenting Articles so as to 
imitate Carved Oak. 

- Northern Watering Places of France. 1880... 8194 C 

- Winter Havens in the Sunny South : Hand- 

book to the Riviera. 1880 8193C 

Baur (F.) Philological Introduction to Greek 

and Latin for Students. 1876 607 F 

Baur (W.) Religious Life in Germany. 1872... 1475 B 
Bautain (M. ) Art of Extempore Speaking. 1898. 164 F 

BAVARIA : Guide to the Eastern Alps. By 

C. Baedeker. 1903 6015C 

Bax (E. B. ) Essays in Socialism, New and Old. 

1906 1401 J 

- Handbook of the History of Philosophy. 1886.1790A 

- Jean Paul Marat, the People's Friend. 1901.. 9306 B 

- Outlooks from the New Standpoint. 1891 525 J 

Contents: — Essays on the Orator of the Human Race; 
Decay of Pagan Thought ; Liberalism v. Socialism ; Curse 
of Law ; Socialist's Notes on Practical Ethics ; Economical 
Basis of History ; Individual Rights under Socialism ; 
Marriage ; Courage ; Practical Significance of Philosophy. 

- Outspoken Essays on Social Subjects 1117 J 

Contents: — From Phallism to Purism; the Everlasting 
Female ; Materialistic Doctrine of History ; Futility of 
Holiness ; Early Christianity and Modern Socialism ; Luxury, 
Ease, and Vice; National History of the Nonconformist 
Conscience ; Value ; Voluntaryism versus Socialism. 

- Peasants' War in Germany, A.D. 1525-1526. 

1899 2545 B 

- Problem of Reality : Being Outline Suggestions 

for a Philosophical Reconstruction. 1892.. 551 A 
-Religion of Socialism. 1896 546J 

- Selected Essays of Schopenhauer. 1891 2296 A 

Baxandale (W.) Dictionary of Anecdote. 1888.2313 F 
Baxter (D.) England's Cardinals. 1903 9687 B 

- Memoir of Cardinal Pole. 1901 720 B 

Baxter (K. S.) In Bamboo Lands. 1895 2111 C 

Travels in Japan. 

Baxter (Mrs. L. E.) See Scott (L.). 

Baxter (Richard) Dying Thoughts upon Phil- 

lippians—i-xxin. 1834 123 A 

- Saint's Rest. 1887 2452A 

- Davies (J. 11.) Life of R. Baxter. 1887. ...4158 B 

- Tulloch (J.) English Puritanism and its 

Leaders. 1861 933 B 

Baxter (W. E.) England and Russia in Asia. 1885.85 J 

- Winter in India/l881-2 1486 C 

Bayard (M.) Suggestions for Fan< y Dress 8071 D 


de Bayard. History of. By Jacques de 

Mailles 3697 B 

Bayley (A. M. C-) Vignettes from Finland. 1895. 8602C 
Bayley (Sir E.) Thoroughness in Christian 

Life and Practice. 1878 537 A 

Bayley (J. ) Great Truths on Great Subjects. 1877. 142 A 
Bayley (R. C. ) Modern Magic Lantern: a 
Guide to the Management of the Optical 
Lantern 763 K 

- Photography in Colours. 1900 685 K 

Bayley (T. ) Assay and Analysis of Iron and 

Steel, Iron Ores and Fuel. 1884 8734 D 

Bayliss (Sir W.) Rex Regum : a Painter's Studv 

of the Likeness of Christ. 1898 2748 A 

Bayly (G.) Sea-Life Sixty Years Ago. 1885... 1357 C 
Bayly (J. A. S.) New Studies in Old Subjects. 

1889 9032 F 

Contents: — Implements of War ; Good Queen Bertha; 
Venerable Bede ; St. Hilderferth ; Becket the Archbishop ; 
Pilgrim and the Shrine ; Mary Stuart ; Fotheringhay Castle ; 
Story of the Armada ; The Brewer and his Beer; Old Pipes 
and Smokers ; Early Church Dedications ; Pews of the Past ; 
Monumental Brasses ; Church Bells ; Religious Guilds ; 
Dartford Priory ; Kent ; Norman Castles. 

Bayly (Mrs. and E. B.) Home Weal and Home 

Woe. 1892 1089 J 

-Home-Making ; Home Destroyers ; The Work- 

Con tents . 
men's Hall. 

Bayne (P.) Chief Actors in the Puritan 

Revolution. 1878 3231 B 

- Days of Jezebel : a Drama 105 H 

- Lessons from My Masters. 1879 3157 F 

Critical Studies of the Works of Carlyle, Tennyson, and 
Rusk in. 

- Life and Letters of Hugh Miller. 1871 2965 B 

- Two Great Englishwomen. 1881 1399 F 

Critical Essays on the Works of Mrs. Browning and Char- 
lotte Bronte and her Sisters ; with an Essay on Portry. 

Bayne (W. ) Biography of Sir David Wilkie, "'"1 
R.A. 1903 10462B 

Baynes (A. H.) Bp. of Natal. My Diocese 

during the War. 1900 1849 B 

An Account of the Boer War, 1899-1900. 

Baynes (T. S.) Port -Royal Logic. 1872 15A 

Baynham (G. W.) Elocution : Selections from 

Leading Authors and Dramatists 1549 F 

BAZAARS : Lady's Bazaar and Fancy Fair 

Book 9095 D 

- Things Worth Doing. By L. and A. B. Beard. 

1906 1393 K 

Bazin (R.) The Italians of To-Day. 1894 1527 C 

- Another Copy in French. 1894 527 MC 

Beaconsfield (B. Disraeli) Lord. Home Letters, 

1830-31. 1885 336 C 

- Memorials. Reprinted from the " Standard." 

1887 2151 B 

- The Runnymede Letters 706 J 

These Letters were evoked by the P litical Events of 1835-6, 
and Breathe Throughout a Dislike of Whiggism. 





Beaconsfield (B. Disraeli) Lord Wit and 

Wisdomof. 1881 1014 F 

- Brett (R. B.) Sketches of the Queen's Prime 

Ministers. 1897 10303 B 

- Brewster (F. C.) Disraeli in Outline. 1890. .. 4559 B 

- Clavden (P. W. ) England under Beaconsfield. 

1873-1880 3434 B 

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- Gorst (II. E.) Life of Beaconsfield. 1900... 2102 B 

- Kebbel (T. E.) Life of Beaconsfield. 1888. .. 9416 B 

- Macknight (T.) Biography of Beaconsfield. 

1854 ^888 B 

- O'Connor (T.P.j Life of Beaconsfieid. 1905. 10023 B 

- Sichel (W.) Study of B. Disraeli. 1904 3377 B 

Beadle (C. ) Chapters on Papermaking. 1904. . .925 D 
Beak (G. B. ) Altermath of War : an Account 

of the Repatriation of Boers and Natives 
in the Orange River Colony, 1902-1904. 

1906 2431 J 

Beale (D.) Literary Studies of Poems. 1902... 1703 F 

Contents: Dante and Beatrice; Britomart ; or, Spenser's 
Ideal of Woman ; King Lear ; Theology of Paradise Lost ; 
Religious Teaching of Browning ; Browning's Christmas Eve ; 
New Wine ; The Connection of Literature with History ; A 
Vision of many Dimensions. 

- Soulsby (L. H. M.) and Dove (J. F.) Work and 

Play in Girls' Schools. 1898 570J 

Beale (L. S.) How to Work with the Microscope. 
1880 2782 D 

- Microscope in its Application to Practical 

Medicine. 1878 3229 D 

- Protoplasm : Physical Life and Law. 1892... 1667 D 

- The Liver. 1889 3228 D 

Beale (S. ) Profitable Poultry Keeping. 1 891 . . . 10103 D 
Beale (S. S.) Amateur's Guide to Architecture. 

1887 116K 

- Churches of Paris from Clovis to Charles X. 

1893 10053 B 

Description of the Historical and Archaeological Side of the 
Churches, also Quaint and Legendary Lore regarding Them. 

Beale (Wilfrid, i.e., W. Maynard) Enterprising 

Impresario 1171 F 

The Reminiscences of a Theatrical Manager. 

- The Light of Other Days Seen Through the 

Wrong End of an Opera Glass. 1890 2604 B 

Beaman (A. G. H.) M. Stambuloff. 1895. .. 10133 B 

A Biography of M. Stambuloff, the Bulgarian Statesman 
Who Was Assassinated in 1895. 

- Pons Asinorum ; or, Bridge for Beginners. 

1899 45K 

- Twenty Years in the Near East. 1898 1828 C 

Turkey, Egypt, and 

Recollections of Travel and Sport 

Beamish (R.) Life of Sir M. I. Brunei, Civil 

Engineer. 1862 2840 B 

Beard (C.) The Industrial Revolution. 1902. ..1209 J 
Beard (D. C.) Jack of All Trades. 1900 1292 K 

Useful and Delightful Arts and Handicrafts for Boys. 

Beard (J. R. ) Life of Toussaint l'Ouverture, the 

Negro Patriot. 1 853 1 1 79 B 

- Voices from Captivity. 1852 1157 B 

Contents : Bonnivard, the Prisoner of Chill on ; Man in 
tin: Iron Mask; Sand, the Popular Assassin ; Marilac, the 
Bear-Tamer ; ALbe Sicard am] the French Massacres in Sep., 
1792; Prison Characters; Prison Martyrs; Prison Cruel- 
tii : Voice from th< Dungeons of the Inquisition; Treason 
and Escape of Lord NTithisdale ; Learning and Virtue in 

Beard (L. and A. B. ) Things Worth Doing and 

Hov\ to Do Them. 1906 1393 K 

- Whal a Girl Can Make and Do. 1903 740 K 

Beard (W. S.) Guide to Employment for Boys 

on Leaving School. 1890 73J 

Beardmore (N.) Manual of Hydrology. 1862. .. 3990 D 

Beardmore (W. L. ) Drainage of Habitable 

Buildings. 1892 9686 D 

Bearne (C.) Lives and Times of the Early 

Valois Queens. 1899 2249 B 

Contents :— Jeanne de Bourgoyne, Blanche de Navarre, 
Jeanne d'Auvergne et de Boulogne. 

- Pictures of the Old French Court. 1900 9501 B 

Account of Jeanne de Bourbon ; Isabeau de Baviere ; 
Anne de Bretagne, depicting Life at the French Court from 
the Hth to the 16th Centuries. 
Beasley (R. D. ) Elementary Treatise on Plane 

Trigonometry. 1877 8212 D 

Beasts. See Animals. 

Beaton (A. C. ) How to Calculate Quantities and 

Measurements. 1897 295 D 

BEATON (D.) Cardinal, Priest, and Politi- 
cian. History of. By J. Herkless. 1891... 9770 B 
BeattieQ.) Beauties of. Ed. by A. Howard 94 F 

- Poetical Works 112H 

Beatty (W.) Death of Lord Nelson. 1894... 10013 B 

An Authentic Narrative of the Death of Lord Nelson. 
Beaucaire (H. de) A Mesalliance in the House 

of Brunswick. 1886 3915 B 

The Story of Eleonore d'Olbreuze, the wife of the Duke 
Georges Guillaume of Brunswick, and of their Daughter, 
Sophie-Dorothee, wife of Duke George of Hanover, who 
afterwards became King of England. 

Beaufort (H. C. F.) 8th Duke of. Driving. 

{Badminton Library). 1889 73 K 

- and Morris (M.) Hunting. {Badminton Library). 

1885 77K 

Beaufort (R. L. de) Abbe Liszt : Story of his 

Life. 1886 9212B 


M.) Life. By M. A. Bonneau. 1870 1070 B 

Beaujoint ([.) Secret Memoirs of Marquise De 

Pompadour. 1885 3889 B 

Beaumarchais (C. de) Theatre 1902 MH 


A. Hallays 231MB 

- Memoirs. By C. A. Sainte Beuve 293 MB 

BEAUMONT (F.) Dramatist. 

-Coleridge (S. T. ) Lectures and Notes on 

Shakespeare, Beaumont, etc. 1881 405 F 

- Hunt (J. H. Leigh) Selections from Beau- 

mont and Fletcher 572 1 1 

- Macaulay (G. C. ) Critical Study of Francis 

Beaumont. 1883 2467 B 

Beaumont (R.) Colour in Woven Design. 1890.9471 D 
-Wool Manufacture. 1890 1268 D 

- Woollen and Worsted Cloth Manufacture. 

1888 9184 D 

Beaumont (W. W.) Treatise on the Steam 
Engine Indicator and Indicator Dia- 
grams. 1905 2218 D 

Beauty. See Aesthetics. 

Beavan (A. II.) Tube, Train, Tram, and Car ; 

or, Up-to-Date Locomotion. 1903 2451 D 

Beazley (C. R.) J. and S. Cabot and the 

Discovery of North America. 1898 10274 B 

Bechstein (J. M.) Natural History of Cage 

Birds. '1837 1298 D 


Gillmore(P.) Sport in Bechuanaland. 1886... 8256 C 
Hepburn (J. I). ) Twenty Years in Khama's 

Country. 1895 8579 C 

Mackenzie {).) Wanderings in Bechuana- 
land. 1883 8049 C 

Macnab (F.) On Veldt and Farm. 1897 8069C 

See also Africa, South. 

4 2 




Beck (C.) and Andrews (H.) Treatise on 

Photographic Lenses. 1903 733 K 

Beck (S. W.) Gloves, their Annals and Asso- 
ciations. 1883 540 J 

Beck (W.) Friends: Who They Are and 

What They have Done. 1893' 1833 A 

Becke (L.) Notes from My South Sea Log. 1905. 1688C 

The Author's Reminiscences of his Adventurous Career as 
a Trader in the South Sea Islands. 

- Wild Life in the Southern Seas. 1897 1608 C 

- and Jenerv(W.) Story of Admiral Phillip and 

the bounding of New South Wales. 1899.10066 B 
Becker (B. II.) Adventurous Lives 1878 1972 B 

Contents: — Vol. 1. Princess of the First Empire; Count 
Saint-Germain ; Cagliostro ; Casanova ; Count de Bonneval ; 
John Law; William Caxton ; Odd Members of Parliament. 

Vol.2. Ville-Hardouin ; Joinville ; KuLruquis ; Marco 
Polo ; A Wandering Jew ; A Learned Ambassador ; Last of 
the Valois ; A Free^-Lance ; A Buccaneer ; William Dampier; 
Eminent Pirates ; Barentz and Heemskerck ; A Saint of the 

-Disturbed Ireland. 1881 1366 B 

Descriptive Scenes of Irish Life in 1880-81. 

BECKE r (T. A. ) Abp. Before his Consecration. 

By L. B. Radrord. 1894 9350B 

- Life. By W. H. D. Adams. 1875 2118 B 

Beckett (Sir E. ) See Grimthorpe (E. B. D. ) ist Lord. 
Beckett (E.) Book of the Strawberry. 1902... 11 17 D 

With Sections on the Raspberry, Blackberry, Loganberry, 
and Japanese Wineberry. 

Beckett (R. A.) Romantic Essex. 1901 1375 C 

Beckmann (J.) History of Inventions, Discoveries, 

and Origins. 1846 1476 D 

BECKWOURTH (J. P.) Mountaineer. Lile 

and Adventures. By T. D. Bonner. 1892..4373B 

Becon (T.) English Reformer. Writings 352 A 

Becqueral Rays. See Light. 

Beddard (F. E.) Text-Book of Zoogeography. 

1895 1216D 

Beddoes (II. R. ) Lectures on the British Army. 

1899 6059B 

Beddow (F. ) First Stage Inorganic Chemistry 552 D 
Bede (The Venerable) Ecclesiastical History of 

England : also the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 

Ed. by J. A. Giles. 1894 1209 B 

- Longueville (T. ) The Venerable Bede, Ex- 

purgated, Expounded, and Exposed. 1886. 490 A 

- Rawnsley (H. D.) Life and Work of the 

Venerable Bede. 1904 3353 B 

Bedford (H. A.) i ith Duke of. Story of a Great 

Agricultural Estate. 1897 545J 

Origin and Administration of Woburn and Thorney Estates. 

Bedford (W. K. R.) and Holbeche (R.) Order 
ol the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem. 
1902 3137 B 

Being a History of the English Hospitallers of St. 
their Rise and Progress. 


Beebe (C. W.) The Bird: 

Function. 1907 

Beeby (C. E. ) Creed and Life. 

its Form and 


1897 1076A 

Critical Enquiry Concerning the Ancient Oi thoHox Creed, and 
a Declaiatiou of its Contents in Proof of its Capacity to Meet 
the Needs of Modern Life. 

Beech (F.) Dyeing of Cotton Fabrics. 1901. .. 2128 D 
Beecher (H. YV.) Addresses delivered in England, 

1886 ^....2335 A 

-Biography. By his Son. 1888 4047 B 

- Forty-six Sermons. 1885 2310 A 

- Last Sermons. 1887 2249 A 

- Lectures on Preaching. 1874 550 A 

-Life of Jesus the Christ. 1871 773 A 


..20 A 
.511 A 

ind Experi- 
Books and 

..31 A 

..868 F 
.3081 A 

Beecher (II. W.) Life Thoughts. 

- Royal Truths. 1862 

- Sunshine in the Soul : Views 

ences. 1 875 

Beeching (H. C.) Conferences on 
Men. 1900 

- Religio Laici. 1902 

Studies Addressed to Laymen. 

- The Apostles' Creed : Six Lectures. 1905... 3324 A 

Beer (J. T.) Leeds. Creation : a Poem 49 H 

Beerhohm (C.) Little Book of Plays : for Pro- 
fessional and Amateur Actors. 1897 894 H 

Beerbohm (J.) Wanderings in Patagonia. 1879.2181 C 


Avebury (J.) Lord. Ants, Bees and Wasps. 

1883 8449 D 

Beeton (S. O.) Bees: How to Breed, and 

Rear Them 701 D 

Bevan (E. ) Natural Historv of the Honey 

Bee. 1827 '. 1657D 

Cheshire (F.) Practical Bee-Keeping 8871 D 

Dzierzon (Dr.) Rational Bee-Keeping. 1882.8359 D 
Edwardes (T. ) The Bee-Master of Warrilow. 

1907 157 D 

English Bee-Keeping. 1851 966 D 

Harris (W. H.) Honey Bee: its Nature, 

Homes, and Products. 1884 8763 D 

Harrison (C. ) Book of the Honey Bee. 1903. 1453 D 
Hunter (J.) Manual of Bee-Keeping. 1875... 109 D 

Jenyns (F. G.) Book about Bees. 1888 9265 D 

Maeterlinck (M.) Life of the Bee 1168 D 

- Another Copy in French 801 M D 

Neighbour (A.) Bees, Beehives and Bee-Culture. 

1878 8092 D 

Richardson (H. D.) Hive and the Honey Bee. 244 D 
Robinson (J. F.) British Bee Farming. 1889.9555 D 

Simmins (S.) Modern Bee Farm. 1887 9241 D 

Taylor (H.) Bee Keeping Manual. 1880 8131 D 

Beesly (A. II.) Life of G. J. Danton. 1899... 6030 B 

- The Gracchi, Marius, and Sulla. 1884 678 B 

Beesl} (E. S.) Biography of Queen Elizabeth. 

1892 9825 B 

Beet (J. A.) Commentary on Romans. 1900... 2817 A 

- Immortality of the Soul. 1902 1235 A 

- Key to Unlock the Bible. 1901 325A 

- Manual of Theology. 1906 1374 A 

- Through Christ to God : a Study in 

Scientific Theology. 1901 3445A 

Beet ( W. E. ) Roman See in the First Centuries : 

an Essay. 1905 3454 A 

- Transfiguration of Jesus. 1905 1824A 

BEETHOVEN (L. VAN.) Musical Composer. 

Crowest (F. J.) Life of Beethoven. 1899 966 B 

Grove (Sir G.) Beethoven and his Nine 

Symphonies. 1896 238 K 

Matthews (J.) Violin Music of Beethoven. 

1902 1285 K 

Nohl (L. ) Unrequited Love ; An Episode in the 
Life of Beethoven. 1876 3085 B 

Rudall (H. A.) Biography of Beethoven 9735 B 

Beeton (Mrs. I.) Book of Household Manage- 
ment. 1898 1345 D 

- Book of Needlework 335K 

- Housewiie's Treasury of Domestic Informa- 

tion 8147D 

Beeton (S. O.) All About Country Life 1717 D 

- All About Everything : a Dictionary of Prac- 

tical Recipes and Everyday Information. .. 1709 D 

- Bees, Rabbits, and Pigeons : How to Breed 

and Rear Them 701 D 

- British Song and Talking Birds : How to 

Rear and Manage Them 667 D 





Beeton (S. O.) Dictionary of Natural History. 

1871 1729 D 

-Public Speaker 1265F 

- Science, Art and Literature : a Dictionary 

of Universal Information 4637 F 

Begbie (H.) S'ory of Baden- Powell : The 

Wolf that never Sleeps. 1900 1037 B 

Begonia. See Gardening. 

Behmen (J.) Dialogues on the Supersensual 

Life. " 1901 1657A 

Behnke (E. ) Mechanism of the Human Voice. 

1882 8660 D 

-and Browne (L.) The Child's Voice: its 
Treatment with Regard to After Develop- 
ment. 1885 6163 D 

Behnke (Mrs. E. ) Speaking Voice : its Develop- 
ment and Preservation. 1897 736 K 

Behrens (H.) Manual of Microchemical Analy- 
sis. 1894 1043 D 

Brighton (J. T.) Betel-Nut Island: Personal 
Experiences and Adventures in the 
Eastern Tropics. 1888 8273C 

Beke (C. ) Discoveries of Sinai in Arabia and of 

Midian. 1874-7 2166 C 

Belcher (Sir E.) Last of the Arctic Voyages in 

Search of Sir J. Franklin, 1852-4 1564 C 

Belcher (T. H.) Practical Electricity. 1902 582 D 

Belcher (T-. W.) Our Lord's Miracles of 

Healing. 1890 2444 A 

BELFAST. Birds, Fishes, and Cetacea of Belfast 

Lough. By R. L. Patterson. 1881 2341 D 

- Guide to. By A. and C. Black. 1905 6070 C 


Allen (G.) Guide to the Cities of Belgium. 

1897 6056 C 

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Bell (R.) Wayside Pictures through Holland. 
1858 1774 C 

Huet (C. R. ) Companion for Visitors to Bel- 
gium. 1888 8326C 

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Moens (W. J. C.) Through Belgium, by 

River and Canal. 1876 1954 C 

Richardson (W. R. ) From London Bridge 

to Lombardy. 1869 910C 

Scudamore (C.) Belgium and the Belgians. 

1901 1517C 

Ward and Lock's Guide to Belgium 489 C 

Warren (E. P.) and Cleverly (C. F. M.) Wan- 
derings of the Beetle in Belgium. 1885 . . .2992 C 

See also Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels. 

BELGRADE, the White City of Death. By 

Mrs. N. Wilson. 1903 3323 B 

- See also Servia. 

Belgravia: a Magazine, 1866-1899 1431 L 


Aitken (W. II. M. H.) The Difficulties of the 

Soul. 1880 2372 A 

Anderson (Sir K.) Silence of God. 1897... 615 A 
Argyll (G. T>.)8th Duke of. Philosophy of 

Belief. 1896 1011 A 

Balfour (A. J.) Defence of Philosophic Doubt. 

1879 822 A 

foundations of Belief. 1895 1007 A 

Ballard (F.) Miracles of Unbelief. 1901... 1219 A 

- Theomonism True. 1906 1369 A 

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Beeby (C. E.) Creed and Life: a Critical 

Enquiry. 1897 1076 A 

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1861 171 A 

Difficulties of Belief. 1876 567 A 


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Europe, Asia, and Australia. 1883 872 A 

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Regard to Creation? 1883 2101 A 

Daily Telegraph Correspondence on Belief. 

1905 3284A 

Dobney(II. II.) Letters to the Perplexed. 

1878 548A 

Downes(R. P.) Pillars of Our Faith. 1906...1855A 
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Grounds of the Believer's Expectations ...1518 A 
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1854 2480 A 

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1906 1373 A 

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Spencer (I. S.) Conversations Respecting the 

Way of Salvation. 1879 194 A 






Stone (C. T-) Cradle- Land of Arts and Creeds ; or, 

Nothing New under the Sun. 1880 2178 C 

The New' Truth and the Old Faith. By a 

Scientific Layman. 1880 864 A 

The Saviour of the Wor'd. 1896 2697 A 

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See also Agnosticism, Atheism, Christian 
Evidences, Naturalism. 
Bell (Sir C.) Anatomy and Philosophy of Ex- 
pression. 1893 8709 D 

-Letters. 1870 1678 B 

Bell (C. D.) A Winter on the Nile, in Egypt, 

and in Nubia. 1888 850C 

Bell (C. F. M.) From Pharaoh to Fellah : a 

Description of a Tour in Egypt. 1888. ...2914 C 
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with an Essay on the Principles of Elocu- 
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Sketches of West Indian Negro Life and Character. 

Bell (H. T. M.) A Forgotton Genius: Charles 

Whitehead. 1884 9339 B 

Bell (J.) Analysis and Adulteration of Foods. 

1881 8296 D 

Bell (James) Telegraphist's Guide. 1898 943 D 

- and Wilson (S.) Practical Telephony. 1898.. 556 D 
Bell (L.) Electric Power Transmission. 1897. .. 2208 D 
Bell (Lilian) As Seen By Me : Impressions of 

Two Years Travel in Europe. 1901 201 C 

Bell (Malcolm) Biographical and Critical Study 

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- Sir E. Burne-Jones : a Record and Review. 

1898 2058 B 

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Bell (T. F. ) Jacquard Weaving and Designing. 

1895 2003 D 

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and Mouth. 1896 1265 D 

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Maidens. 1887 253 A 

Advice on the Self- Formation of Character. 

- The Transvaal War, 1880-81. 1885 2489 C 

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from Rock and Field toward Rome. 1866. .1225 D 
Bellasis (E. ) Cherubini : Memorials Illustra- 
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the Afghans. 1879 1991 B 

Bellew (I. C. M.) Poets' Corner: a Manual 

for Students in English Poetry. 1868.. ..709 II 

- Shakespeare's Home at New Place, Strat- 

ford-upon-Avon. 1863 10036 B 

BELLINI (G.) Italian Artist. Life and 

Works. By R. E. Fry. 1899 6088 B 

Belloc (H.) Aftermath; or, Gleanings from 

a Busy Life. 1903 ' 864 F 

Contents: — Reviewing; Political Appeals; The Short 
Story; Short Lyric ; The Interview; Personal Pars; Topo- 
graphical Article ; On Editing ; On Revelations ; Special 
Prose ; Notes on Style ; Ode. 

- Avril : Being Essays on the Poetry of the 

French Renaissance. 1 904 1 857 F 

- Esto Perpetua : Algerian Studies and Impres- 

sions. 1906 1494 C 

- Hills and the Sea. 1906 1587 F 

Contents : — North Sea ; Singer ; Family of the Fens ; 
Election ; Sea-Wall of the Wash ; Lynn ; Slant off the 
Land ; Man and his Wood ; Channel ; Mowing of a Field ; 
Roman Road ; Onion-Eater ; Men of the Desert ; At the 
Sign of the Lion ; Autumn and the Fall of Leaves ; Good 
Woman ; Harbour in the North. 

- Historical Sketches of Paris. 1900 1405 B 

- The Path to Rome. 1902 1531 C 

Account of a Pilgrimage from Toul, in France, to Rome. 


Briscoe (J. P.) Curiosities of the Belfry. 1883.. 52 B 
Grimthorpe (E. B. D.) ist Lord. Remarks on 

Church Behs. 1856 '. 604 K 

Tyack (G. S.) Book About Bells. 1898 9959 D 

Bells, Electric. See Electricity. 

Belting. See Machinery. 

Belvoir Hunt. See Hunting, 

Bemrose (Sir II. 11.) and others. Christianity 

and Wealth: an Essav. 1905 3154 A 

BEN RHYDDING, Walks and Drives from. 

ByG. Radford. 1881 1363C 

Bendyshe (T. ) Ed. Anthropological Treatises 

of JohannF. Blumenbach. 1865 2780 B 

With the Inaugural Address of John Hunter on the 
Varieties of Man. 

Beneden (P. J. Van) Animal Parasites and Mess- 
males. 1876 1632 D 

Benedict (F. G.) Chemical Lecture Experiments. 

1901 1604 D 

Benedict (Sir J.) Life of Weber. 1881 2234 B 

BENEDICT, ST., Abbot of Monte Cassmo, 

Mission of. By Card. J. H. Newman. 1876. 1949 B 

Benedikt (R.) and Knecht (E. ) Chemistry of 

the Coal Tar Colours. 1886 8865 D 

BENGAL, Folk Tales of. By L. B. Day. 1883.3388A 

- Large and Small Game of. By J. H. Baldwin. 

1877 1007 K 

- See also India. 

Benger(G.) Rumania in 1900 4792 B 





Bengtson (T. ) The Gastronomist, an Alpha- 
betical List of the Principal Dishes, Courses, 
Wines, and Service, in French, English, 
German , and Swedish. 1893 9965 D 

Benham (W. ) Catharine and Crauford Tait, 
Wife and Son of Abp. Tait : a Memoir. 
1S79 1959B 

- History of the Episcopal Church in America. 

1884 2521 A 

-Ed. Sermons for the Church's Year. 1884 ...900 A 

- and W T elch (C.) Medieval London. 1901... 4784 B 

Benin. Massacre, Account of the. By A.Boisragon. 

1897 10266B 

- The City of Blood. By R. H. S. Bacon. 1897.4667 B 

- See also Africa, West. 

Benison (H. W. S. W.) Haunts of Nature. 

1889 9406 D 

Descriptive Sketches of Country Rambles and Nature Study. 

- Nature's Fairy Land : Rambles by Woodland, 

Meadow, Stream and Shore. 1892 6428 D 

Benjamin (D. H.) The Launderer. 1900 2123 D 

The Management and the Operation of a Steam Laundry. 

Benjamin (S. G. W.) Story of Persia. 1888... 9435 B 
Benn (A. W.) Philosophy of Greece : con- 
sidered in Relation to the Character and 

History of its People. 1898 3173 A 

Bennett (A. ) How to Become an Author. 1903. 1357 F 
Bennett (C.) Modern Malady; or, Sufferers 

from Nerves. 1890 9655 D 

Bennett (E.) Amenities of Social Life. 1887. . .7157 F 
Bennett (E. A.) Fame and Fiction. 1901 1405 F 

Contents: — Average Reader, and the Recipe for Popularity; 
Miss Braddon ; J. M. Barrie ; C. M. Yonge ; Rhoda Brough- 
ton ; Sarah Grand ; The Master Christian ; E. T. Fowler ; Red 
Pottage ; Revolution in Journalism ; Fiction of Popular Mag- 
azines ; Silas Hocking ; Craze for Historical Fiction in America ; 
J. L. Allen ; David Harum ; George Gissing ; Ivan Turgenev ; 
George Moore. 

- Polite Farces for the Drawing Room. 1900... 109 H 

Bennett (E. M.) Path of Life : a Poem 46011 

Bennett (E. N.) Downfall of the Dervishes. 

1898 10283B 

A Sketch of the Sudan Campaign of 1898. 

Bennett (E. T. ) Phenomena of Spiritualism. 

1906 1846A 

Bennett (H. W.) Bromide Enlarging 2758 K 

- Carbon Process in Photography. 1904 2760 K 

Bennett (J.) Treatise on Billiards. 1889 126 K 

Bennett (W.) Memoir of Madame de Maintenon. 

1880 2226H 

Bennett (W. C. ) Songs for Sailors 167 II 

Bennett (W. II.) General Epistles : James, Peter, 

John, [iide. ( Century Bible. ) 1901 1982 A 

- Genesis. ( Century Bible) 1 951 A 

-Jeremiah xxi-lii. (Expositor's Bible). 1895. ..2687 A 

- Primer of the Bible. 1897 2778 A 

Bensley (B. ) Louis XIV. and his Contemporaries. 

1845 292B 

Benson (A.C.) Biographyof Lord Tennyson. 1904.313 B 

- From a College Window. 1906 1193F 

Contents:— 'Essays on the Point of View; On Growing 
Older; Books; Sociabilities; Conversation; Beauty; Art; 

m; Education; Authorship; Criticism of Others; 

; Ambition; The Simple Life; Games; Spiritualism ; 

Habits ; Religion. 

Memoirs of Arthur Hamilton [a fictitious 

Biography. By Christopher Carr.] 1886.9429 B 
TJie Gate of Death : a Diary. 1900 3456 A 

I Elouse of Quiet: an Autobiography. 
Ed. by J. T. 1904 1189F 

Benson (A. C.) The Thread of Gold. 1906 1683 F 

The Idea of this Hook is to Show That There is a Certain 
Golden Thread of Hope and Love Interwoven With All Our 
Lives, Running Consistently Through the Coarsest and 
Darkest Fabric. 

- Upton Letters. 1905 1686 F 

Benson (C. E.) Crag and Hound in Lakeland. 

1902 2404 C 

Fellside Hunting and Mountaineering in the English Lake 

Benson (E.) Sordello and Cunizza. 1903 733 F 

Fact, Legend, and Poetry Concerning Dante's Fore-Runner 
Sordello, and the Story of Cunizza of Romano, with a Brief 
Account of Sordello's r'oetry. 

Benson (E. F.) and Miles (E. H.) Diversions 

Day by Day. 1905 1360K 

Contents: Street Romance; Conditions and the Room; 
Games for Large and Small Spaces ; Handicaps ; Town 
Practice for Country Games ; Games versus Gymnastics ; 
Co-operation ; C'eanliness ; Clothing ; Solitary Exercises. 

Benson (E. W.) Abp. Boy Life : Sundays in Wei 

lington College : Sermons. 1 S93 2662 A 

- Cyprian : his Life, Times, and Work. 1897.4676 B 

- Fishers of Men : Sermons. 1893 2664A 

- Life in Christ. 1878 837 A 

- Living Theology : Sermons. 1891 2511 A 

- Minor Moralities of Life. 1868 329 A 

- Seven Gifts : Sermons. 1885 2663 A 

- Technical Education, and its Influence on 

Society. 1892 21 J 

- Benson (A. C.) Life of Abp. Benson. 1900... 2777 B 
Benson (J. W.) Time and Time-Tellers. 1902. 1176 D 
Benson (M.) and Gourlav (J.) The Temple of 

Mut in Asher. 1899 3234 B 

An Account of the Excavation of the Temple and of the 
Religious Representations and Objects Found Therein, as 
Illustrating the History of Egypt and the Main Religious 
Ideas of the Egyptians. 

Benson (Margaret) Capital, Labour, and Trade, 

and the Outlook. 1891 14 I 

Benson (W. A. S.) Elements of Handicraft and 

Design. 1893 127 K 

Bent (J. T. ) Cyclades ; or, Life among the 

Insular Greeks. 1885 8317C 

- Genoa : How the Republic Rose and Fell. 

1881 3852 B 

- Ruined Cities of Mashonaland. 1892 2779C 

- Sacred City of the Ethiopians. 1893 2833 C 

Travel and Research in Abyssinia. 

Bentham (G.) Handbook of British Flora. 1866. 1663 D 
Bentham (].) Principles of Morals and Legisla- 
tion. 1879 852J 

- Theory of Legislation. 1896 311 J 

BENTINCK (G. C) Lord. Racing Life of. By 

J. Kent. 1892 4363 B 

BENTINCK (W.) Lord. Ruler of India. 

Biography. By D. C. Boulger. 1892 9869 B 

BENTLEY (RICHARD). Biography. 

By R. C. Jebb. 1882 2252 B 

Bentley ( Robert) Student's Guide to Botany. 

1884 485D 

Ben- ley (W. H.) Life on the Congo. 1S93 8279C 

- Pioneering on the Congo. 1900 1752C 

Bentley Ballads. Ed. by J. Doran 107 H 

Benyowsky (M. A.) Count de. Memoirs and 

Travels in Siberia, Kamchatka, Japan, 

the Liukiu Islands, and Formosa. 1893.. 2810 C 

Br ranger (P.J. de) Songs 24 II 

Berard (M. Victor) British Imperialism and 

Commercial Supremacy. 1906 2409 J 





Berdmore(S.) Scratch Team of Essays. 1883.886 F 

Essays on the Kitchen and the Cellar; Thackeray; 
Russia ; Carriages, Roads, and Coaches. 

Berdoe (E.) Healing Art, and the Claims of 

Vivsection. 1890 6262D 

- Origin and Growth of the Healing Art. 

1893 2807 D 

History of Medicine in All Ages and Countries. 
Bere (K. B. de la) New Poultry Guide. 1898.2028 D 
Beresford (LordC. ) Break-Up of China. 1899.. 2957 C 

With an Account of Present Commerce, Currency, Water- 
ways, Armies, Railways, Politics, and Future Prospects 

Berger (F. K. ) Winter in the City of Pleasure : 

or, Life on the Lower Danube. 1877 .... 1 123 C 

Berkeley (G. ) B/>. Principles of Human Know- 
ledge. 1893 255 A 

-Works. Ed. byG. Sampson. 1897 1085 F 

Contents: — Vol. 1. Biographical Introduction, By A. J. 
Balfour ; Arithmetic demonstrated without Euclid or 
Algebra; Mathematical Miscellanies; New Theory of 
Vision ; Principles of Human Knowledge ; Passive 
Obedience ; Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous. 

Vol. 2. Essays in the Guardian ; Concerning Motion ; 
Ruin of Great Britain ; Churches in Foreign Plantations ; 
Verses ; A Sermon ; Theory of Vision Vindicated and 

.Vol. 3. The Analyst ; Defence of Freethinking in Mathe- 
matics ; The Querist; Discourse addressed to Magistrates: 
Siris ; Letters on Tar Water ; Maxims on Patriotism ; Farther 
Thoughts on Tar Water. 

- Fraser (A. C.) George Berkeley, his Life 

and Philosophy. 1903 1912A 

-Huxley (T. H.) Helps to the Study of 

Berkeley. 1894 532A 

Berkeley (G. F.) Anecdotes of the Upper Ten 

Thousand. 1867 2784 B 

- Fact against Fiction. 1874 1998 D 

The Habits and Treatment of Animals. 

Berkeley (H.) Japanese Letters. 1891 ..*. 1393 J 

Eastern Impressions of Western Men and Manners as con- 
tained in the Correspondence of Tokiwari and Yashiri. 

- Wealth and Welfare ; National Trade Policy 

and its Cost. 1887 556 J 

Berkeley (H. R.) and Walker (W. M.) Practical 

Receipts for the Manufacturer, the Mechanic, 

and for Home Use. 1902 1873 D 

Berkeley (M. J.) Introduction to Cryptogamic 

Botany. 1857 2055 D 

- Outlines of British Fungology. 1860 2854 D 

BERKSHIRE, Highways and Byways in. 

By J. E. Vincent. 1906 8620 C 

- Travels Round our Village. By E. G. Hay- 

den. 1901 1836 F 

Berlepsch (H.) The Alps ; or, Sketches of Life 

and Nature in the Mountains. 1861 2458 C 

BERLIN, Reminiscences of. 1870-71. By G. T. 

Taylor. 1885 4034 B 

Berlioz (H.) Autobiography. 1884 9991 B 

- Modern Instrumentation and Orchestration. 

1882 2065 K 


Lefroy (Sir J. H.) Discovery and Early Set- 
tlement of the Bermudas, 1515-1685. 1877.4761 B 

- Ed. History of the Bermudas. 1882 4046 B 

Moore (E. C. S.) Lecture on Bermuda. 1900.6057 B 
Newton (M.) Glimpses of Life in Bermuda. 

1897 . 728C 

See also West Indies. 
Bernacchi (L.) To the South Polar Regions. 

1901 1815C 

An Account of the Cruise of the " Southern Cross " to the 
Antarctic Regions, 1898-1900. 

Bernard (B.) Life of Samuel Lover. 1874 1616 B 

Bernard (E. R.) English Sunday : its Origin 

and its Claims. 1903 1754 A 

Bernard (F.) and Whiteing (R.) Wonderf il 

Escapes H23B 

Bernard (H.) In Pursuit of Dulcinea : Quixotic 

Journey through Spain. 1904 1579 C 

Bernard (H. M.) The Apodidae : a Morpho- 
logical Study. 1892 9649 D 

Bernard (T. D.) Progress of Doctrine in the New 

Testament. 1873 568 A 

Bernard (W. C.) and Brown (H. M.) Housing 

of the Working Classes Act, 1890 1 1 12 J 

BERNARD, Saint. 

Eales (S. J. ) Life andTimes of St. Bernard. 1 890. 725 B 
Morrison (J. C. ) Life and Times of St. 

Bernard. 1877 1910 B 

Ratisbonne (M.) Life and Times of St. 

Bernard. 1859 1153B 

Bernstein (J.) Five Senses of Man. 1876 1597 D 

Bernthsen (A. ) Organic Chemistry. 1894 950 D 

Berridge (J.) Works. 1864 449 A 

Contents: — Christian World Unmasked; Sion's Songs or 
Hymns ; Justification by Faith Alone ; Cheerful Piety ; Let- 
ters ; Outlines of Sermons ; Last Farewell Sermon. 

Berry (A.) History of Astronomy. 1898 8056 D 

Berry (C. A. ) Vision and Duty : Sermons. 

1893 2643 A 

- Drummond (J. S.) Memoir ofC. A. Berry. 1899.1413B 

BERRY (C F. L.) Duchess of. 

Imbert de Saint- Amand (A. L. ) Duchess of Berry, 

and the Court of Charles X 9395 B 

- Duchess of Berry and the Court of Louis 

XVIII 9885 B 

Berry (L. ) Heart Echoes: Devotional Poems... 580 H 
Berry (T. W.) How to Become a Teacher. 1904. 220 J 
Berry ( W. G. ) Scotland's Struggles for Religious 

Liberty. 1904 1839 A 

Bersch (J. ) Manufacture of Mineral and Lake 

Pigments. 1901 1260 K 

Bert (P.) First Year of Scientific Knowledge. 

1886 6196D 

BERTHA, Queen, and her Times. By E. H. 

Hudson 9029 B 

Berthon (H. E.) and Onions (C. T.) Advanced 

French Composition. 1904 1465 F 

Bertram! (J. )D'Alembert 292 MB 

BERWICK(J.F. ) i st Duke of. Marshal of France, 

and James II. By C T. Wilson. 1876... 3078 B 

-Life. By C. T. Wilson. 1885 3779 B 

Besant (A.) Ancient Ideals in Modern Life. 

1901 1701 A 

Contents: — Four Ashramas. Temples, Priests, and Wor- 
ship. Caste System. Womanhood. 

- Reincarnation. 1892 1567 A 

A Manual of Theosophical Teaching. 

- Seven Principles of Man. 1904 1566 A 

- Study in Consciousness. 1904 1860 A 

- Thought Power : its Control and Culture. 

1901 3060 A 

Besant (Sir W. ) As We Are, and as We May 

Be: Essays. 1903 569 F 

Contents: — Endowment of the Daughter; From Thirteen 
to Seventeen ; People's Palace ; Sunday Morning in the City: 
Riverside Parish ; St. ^Catherine's by the Tower ; Upward 
Pressure ; Land of Romance ; Land of Reality ; Art and the 
People ; Amusements of the People ; The Associated Life. 

- Autobiography. 1902 4010 B 

- East London. 1901 4292 B 

Description of the People, and of the Past and Present 
Conditions of East London. 





- Rabelais, for English Readers 

- South London. 1899 

Besant (Sir W.) Essays and Ilistoriettes. 1903. ..640 F 

Contents :— King Rene of Anjou ; Failure of the French 
Reformation ; The~ophile de Viau ; Alfred de Musset ; Henry 
Murger ; Froissart's Love Story ; Story of a F'air Circassian ; 
Over Johnson's Grave ; First Society of British Authors ; 
Literature as a Career. 

- Eulogy of Richard Jefferies. 1888 9511 B 

-Fifty Years Ago. 1888 4306 B 

- French Humourists from the 12th to the 19th 

Century. 1873 2027 F 

- Gaspare! de Coligny. 1894 10047 B 

- Life and Achievements of Edward Henry 

Palmer. 1883 2421 B 

- Life of Captain Cook. 1890 9582 B 

- London. 1892 4291 B 

Pi< tures of London, Showing the Streets, the Buildings, and 
the Citizens at Work and at Play. 

1367 F 


Being a Description of the People, and of the Past and 
Present Condition of South London. 

- Story of King Alfred. 1901 102 B 

- The Pen and the Book. 1899 9021 F 

This Book Is Written for the Instruction and the Guidance 
of Young Persons Who Are Thinking of the Literary Life. 

- Westminster. 1895 4595 B 

-and Palmer (E. H.) Jerusalem, the City of 

Herod and Saladin. 1899 2829 B 

-and Pollock (W.) The Charm : Plays 617 H 

- and Rice (J.) Sir Richard Whittington, Lord 

Mayor of London. 1894 2153B 

Besant (VV. H.) Conic Sections, Treated Geo- 
metrically. 1869 491 D 

-Elementary Hydrostatics. 1890 6351 D 

BESSON (H.) 'Painter. Life. By H. L. S. 

Lear. 1872 1985B 

Betel-Nut Island. See Penang. 

BETHAM (M.) Studyof. By M. B. Edwards. 

1880 2089 B 

Bettany (G. T.) Conquerors of the World. 1889.710 B 
A Popular Account of the Peoples and Races of Europe. 

- Life of Charles Darwin. 1887 9364 B 

Lives of Eminent Doctors. 1885 9240 B 

- Primer of Botany 6217 D 

- The World's Religions. 1890 998 A 

BET1ERT0N (T.) Actor. Biography. By R. 

W. Lowe. 1891 9664B 

Bettex (V.) Modern Science and Christianity. 

1903.. 3228 A 


Ashton (J.) History of Gambling in England. 

1898 2318 J 

Brandt (F.) Games, Gaming, and the 

Gamester's Law. 1873 491 K 

Hogge (J. M.) Betting and Gambling. 1904. ..210 J 

Rowntree ( B. S. ) Ed. Betting and Gambling : 

a National Evil. 1905 ' 355 J 

Smith (C. VV.) Commercial Gambling: 
Causes of Depression in Agriculture and 

Trade. 1893 932 J 

Bevan (Edward) Natural History of the Honey- 
Bee. 1827 1657 I) 

Bevan (Edwyn) Jerusalem Under the High- 
Priests. 1904 .'.1321 A 

Lectures on the Period between Nehemiah and the New 
'I i lament. ■ 

I uW.A.) Miniature Life of Rossini. 1904.327 B 

Bi (W. L.) Student's Manual of Ancient 

I , ography. 1875 L360C 

BEVERAGES: Cooling Cup, and Dainty 

Drinks. By VV. Terrington 373 1) 

Soda Fountain Requisites. By G. H. Dubelle. 

1893 ' 9940D 

Beveridge (A. J.) Russian Advance. 1903. .2351 J 
Things Seen and Observed in the Regions of Russia's 
latest Asiatic Advance. 
Beveridge (W.) Rp Thoughts upon Religion 

and a Christian Life. 1834 126 A 

BEVERLEY MINSTER: an Illustrated 

Account of its History. Bv C. Hiatt. 

1898 .' 9296 B 

BEWICK (W.) Painter. Life. By T. 

Landseer 1871 1393 B 

Bewley (E. W.) Dudley Castle : Poems 140 H 

Beynon(W.G.L.) With Kelly to Chitral. 1896.6002B 
BEZA (T.) the Counsellor of the French 

Reformation, 1519-1605. By H. M. 

Baird. 1899 10335 B 

Bezique. See Cards. 

Biaggi (A.) I Prosatori Italiani. 1859 1485 F 

A Selection of Extracts from Italian Prose Writers. 

Biagi (G.) Last Days of P. B. Shelley. 1898.. 2311 B 
Biart (L. ) My Rambles in the New World. 1891 .2010 C 


Texts and Versions. 

Birks (T. R.) Manuscript Evidence of the New 

Testament. 1878 566 A 

Burgon (J. W. ) Dean. The Revision Revised. 

1883 924A 

Clapperton (I. A.) First Steps in New Testa- 
ment Greek. 1901 117F 

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1897-8 1591 A 

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Commentary on the Old and Neyv Testa- 
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( Expositor's Bible). 1 89(5 271 6 A 




BIBLE, Acts. 

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BIBLE, Esther. 

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( Pulpit Commentary). 1 897 1 050 A 


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{Pulpit Commentary). 1897 >... 1051 A 






BIBLE, Isaiah. 

Arnold (M.) Isaiah XL— lxvi., with Notes. 

1875 2051 A 

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Bible). 1897 1686 A 

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1901 1982 A 

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1888 2857 A 

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Bible). 1892 2591 A 


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Bible). 1898 1688 A 

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Introduction. 1906 1925 A 

Spence (H. D. M.)and Exell (J. S.) Joel. 

{Pulpit Commentary). 1897 1051 A 

John, Epistles of 

Alexander (W.) Abp. Epistles of St. John. 

{Expositor's Bible). 1892 2608 A 

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1982 A 

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bridge Bible). 1885 296 A 

John, Gospel of 

Dods (M.) Gospel of St. John. {Expositor's 

Bible) 1892 2568 A 

Lockyer(T.F.) Gospel of St. form. L893...1585A 
McClymont (). A.) John. {Century Bible)... 1974 A 
Maurice (F. D.) Gospel of St. form. 1883.. .577 A 

Mozley (T.) The Word. L880 2553A 

Plummer (A). Gospel of Si. John. {Cam 

bridge Bible). 1 884 289 A 

Schrtirer (E.) Fourth Gospel: an Essay. 

1905 3454A 

Spence (11. D. M.) and Exell {). S.) Gospel 

of St. Jo) n. {Pulpit Commentary). 1898. 1056 A 

BIBLE, Jonah. 

Horton ( R. E. ) Jonah. ( Century Bible) 1 969 A 

Perowne (T. T. ) Book of Jonah. {Cambridge 

Bible). 1883 281 A 

Spence (H. D. M.) and Exell (J. S.) Jonah. 

{Pulpit Commentary). 1897 1049 A 


Blaikie (W. G.) Book of Joshua. {Expositor's 
Bible.) 1893 2586 A 

Butler (G. W. ) Lord's Host : or, Lessons 

from the Book of Joshua. 1879 1548 A 

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bridge Bible). 1883 284 A 

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( Pulpit Commentary). 1897*. 1 028 A 


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Bible). 1891 2607 A 

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bridge Bible). 1885 295 A 


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Bible). 1882 279 A 

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{I'ultit Commentary). 1897 1029A 

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tor's Bible). 1899 2587 A 


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Bible). 1893 2588 A 

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Bible). 1894 1573 A 

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( Pulpit Commentary). 1897 1032 A 


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Bible). 1895 2682 A 

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Bible). 1883 282 A 


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tor's Bible). 1891 2585 A 

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Leviticus. {Pulpit Commentary). 1897.. 1025 A 


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tor's Bible) 2567 A 

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bridge Bible). 1885 288 A 

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Spence (H. D. M.) and Exell (J. S.) St. 

Luke. {Pulpit Commentary). ' 1898 1055 A 


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bees. ( Cambridge Bible ). 1 897 1 693 A 


Perowne (T. T.) Book of Malachi. {Cam- 
bridge Bible). 1896 1689 A 

Spence (II. D. M.) and Exell (J. S.) Malachi. 
( Pulpit Commentary. ) 1 897 1 050 A 


Chadwick (G. A.) Bp. Gospel of Mark. 

{Expositor's Bible. ) 1 89 1 2566 A 

Maclear (G. F. ) Gospel of Mark. {Cambridge 

Bible.) 1885 '.287 A 

Salmond (S. D. E.) Mark. {Century Bible) .1972 A 
Spence (II. I). M.) and Exell (J. S.) Gospel 

o f M a rk . ( Pulpit Com mentary. ) 1 898 ... 1 054 A 





BIBLE, Matthew. 

Carr (A.) Gospel of Matthew. {Cambridge 

Bible.) 1885 286A 

Gibson (f. M.) Gospel of Matthew. {Exposi- 
tor s Bible). 1890 2565 A 

Slater (W. F. ) Matthew. ( Century Bible).. . 1971 A 
Spence (H. D. M.) and Exell (J. S.) Matthew 

( Pulpit Commentary. ) 1 898 1052 A 


Cheyne (T. K. ) Book of Micah. {Cambridge 

Bible.) 1882 280 A 

Horton (R. F.) Micah. {Century Bible) 1969 A 

Spence (H. D. M.) and Exell (J. S.) Micah. 

( Pulpit Commentat v.) 1 897 1049 A 


Davidson (A. B.) Book of Nahum. {Cam- 
bridge Bible.) 1899 .: 1690A 

Spence (H. D. M.) and Exell (J. S.) Nahum. 
{Pulpit Commentary. ) 1897 1050 A 


Adeney (W. F.) Book of Nehemiah. {Exposi- 
tor's Bible.) 1893 2590 A 

Ryle (II. E.) Bp. Book of Nehemiah. 
'( Cambridge Bible. ) 1897 1685 A 

Spence (H. D. M.) and Exell (1. S.) Nehe- 
miah. ( Pulpit Commentary. ) 1897 1036 A 

Stowell (H.) Lectures on the Character of 

Nehemiah. 1872 84 A 


Spence (H. D. M.)and Exell (J. S.) Numbers. 

{Pulpit Commentary). 1897 1026 A 

Watson ( R. A.) Book of Numbers. {Expositor's 

Bible). 1894 2657 A 


Horton (R. F.) Obadiah. {Century Bible)... 1969 A 
Perowne (T. T. ) Book of Obadiah. (Cavi- 

bridge Bible). 1883 281 A 

Pusey (E. B. ) Obadiah, with a Commentary 

and Introduction. 1906 1925A 

Spence (H. D. M.)and Exell {]. S.) Obadiah. 

{Pulpit Commentary). 1897 1049 A 


Bennett (W. H.) Peter. {Century Bible.) 

1901 1982 A 

Jowett (J. H.) Epistles of St. Peter. 1905. ..1896 A 

Lumby (J. R. ) Epistles of St. Peter. {Ex- 
positor's Bible). 1893 2635 A 

Plumptre (E. H.) Epistles of St. Peter. 

{Cambridge Bible). 1885 295 A 


Lightfoot (J. B.) Bp. Epistle to Philemon. 

1884 906A 

Maclaren (A.) Epistle to Philemon. {Ex- 
positor's Bible) 2572 A 

Martin (G. C.) Philemon. (Century Bi6/e).. 197$ A 
Moule (II. C. G.) Bp. Epistle to Philemon 

( Cambridge Bible). 1893 1572 A 

Parker (J.) Epistle to Philemon. 1904 3281 A 

Spence (H. D. M.) and Exell (J.S.) Philemon 

( Pulpit Commentary). 1 898 1063 A 


Lightfoot (J. B.) Bp. Commentary on 

Philippians. 1885 911 A 

Martin (G. C.) Philippians. {Century Bible). 197$ A 

Moule (H.C.G.)i?/. Epistle to the Philippians. 
{Cambridge Bible). 1899 1692 A 

Rainy (R.) Epistle to the Philippians. {Ex- 
positor's Bible). 1893 2604 A 


Horton (R. F.) Book of Proverbs. {Exposi- 
tor's Bible). 1891 2595A 

Spence (II. D. M.) and Exell (J. S.) Proverbs. 

(Pulpit Commentary). 1897 1041 A 

BIBLE, Psalms. 

Davies (T. W.) The Psalms LXXIII.-CL. 

(Century Bible.) 1906 1963 A 

Davison W. T.) Psalms i.-lxxii. (Century 

Bibte) 1962 A 

Kirkpatrick (A. F. ) Psalms. (Cambridge 

Bible). 1894 1577A 

Maclaren (A.) Psalms. (Expositor' s Bible). 

1893 2592 A 

Prothero (R. E.) The Psalms in Human 

Life. 1904 1313A 

Spence (H. D. M.) and Exell (J. S.) Psalms. 

(Pulpit Commentary). 1897 1038 A 


Milligan (W.) Revelation of St. John. (Ex- 
positor 's Bible). 1893 2609 A 

- Revelation of St. John. 1886 2331 A 

Scott (C. A.) Revelation. (Century Bible)... 19$3 A 
Simcox (W. H.) Revelation of St. John. 

( Cambridge Bible). 1891 1576 A 


Beet (J. A.) Commentary on Romans. 1900.2817 A 
Garvie (A. E.) Romans. (Century Bible)... 1956 A 
Gore (C. ) Bp. Epistle to the Romans: a 

Practical Exposition. 1899 2796 A 

Jowett (B ) Epistle to the Romans. 1894. ..3257 A 
Moule (H C. G.) Bp. Epistle to the Romans. 

(Cambridge Bible). 1891 291 A 

- Epistle to the Romans. (Expositor's Bible).2Q36 A 
Spence (H. D. M.)and Exell (J. S.) Romans. 

(Pulpit Commentary). 1898 1060 A 


Spence (H. D. M.) and Exell (J. S.) Ruth. 

( Pulpit Commentary). 1897 1029 A 

Thatcher (G. W. ) Ruth. ( Century Bible) . . . 1952 A 
Watson (R. A.) Ruth. (Expositor's Bible). 

1889 2587 A 


Blaikie (W. G.) Book of Samuel. (Exposi- 
tor's Bible). 1888 2582 A 

Kennedy (A. R. S.) Samuel. (Century Bible). 
1905 1954 A 

Kirkpatrick (A. F. ) Book of Samuel. (Cam- 
bridge Bible). 1881 285A 

Spence (II. D. M.) and Exell (J. S.) Samuel. 
( Pulpit Commentary). 1 897 1030 A 

Song of Solomon. 

Adeney (W. F. ) Song of Solomon. (Exposi- 
tor s Bible). 1895 2682 A 

Spence (H. D. M.) and Exell (J. S.) Song 

of Solomon. (Pulpit Commentary). 1897.. 1042 A 


Adeney (W. F. ) Thessalonians. (Century 

Bible) 1979 A 

Denney ([.) Epistle to the Thessalonians. 

( Expositor's Bible). 1 892 2605 A 

Findlay (G.G.) Epistle to the Thessalonians. 

( Cambridge Bible). 1»91 1550 A 

Jowett (B.) Epistle to ihe Thessalonians. 

1894 3257 A 

Parker (J.) Epistle to the Thessalonians. 

1904..*. 3281 A 

Spence (H. D. M.) and Exell (J. S.) Thessa- 
lonians. (Pulpit Commentary). 1898. ..1063 A 


Horton (R. F.) Timothy. (Century Bible). 

1901 1980 A 

Humphreys (A. E.) Epistles to Timothy. 

( Cambridge Bible). 1895 1691 A 

Plumrner(A.) Epistles to Timothy. (Exposi- 
tor's Bible). 1891 2610A 

Spence (H. D. M.) and Exell (J. S.) 

Timothy. (Pulpit Commentary). 1898. . . 1063 A 





BIBLE, Titus. 

Ilorton (R. F.) Titus. {Century Bible).190\. 1980 A 

Humphreys (A. E. ) Epistle to Titus. {Cam- 
bridge Bible). 1895 1691 A 

Plummer (A.) Epistle to Titus. {Expositor 's 

Bible.) 1891 2610A 

Spence(II. D. M.)andExell (J. S.) Titus. 

{Pulpit Commentary). 1 898 . .* 1 063 A 


Perowne (T. T. ) Book of Zeehariah. {Cam- 
bridge Bibh.) 1886 297 A 

Spence(H. D. M.)and Exell (J. S.) Zeehariah. 
{Pulpit Commentary). 1 898 1 050 A 


Davidson (A. B. ) Book of Zephaniah. {Cam- 
bridge Bible. ) 1 898 1 690 A 


Barrows (E. P.) Biblical Geography and Anti- 
quities 695 A 

Bonomi ( I.) Nineveh and its Palaces. 1853...1867C 

Conder (C. R.) Palestine. 1889 S386 C 

King (J.) Cleopatra's Needle. 1884 2251 A 

- Recent Discoveries on Temple Hill. 1885.2262 A 

Kinns (S.) Graven in the Rock. 1891 1137 A 

Kitchin (J. G.) Bible Siudent in the British 

Museum. 1892 1562A 

Macalister (R. A. S.) Bible Side Lights from 

the Mound of Gezer. 19i'6 3366 A 

Savce (A. H.) Fresh Lights from the Ancient 

Monuments. 1885 2257 A 


Cheyne (T. K.) Jeremiah : his Life and Times. 

1888 2419 A 

Collier (J. A.) Young Men of the Bible 254 A 

Conybeare (W. ].) and Howson (J. S. ) Life 

and Epistles of St. Paul. 1862.' 2373A 

Cox (F. A.) Female Scripture Biography. 

1852 '...559 A 

Daniel: Statesman and Prophet 2313 A 

Farrar(F. W.) Dean, Lives and Times of the 

Minor Prophets 2630 A 

Geikie(C) Old Testament Characters. 1884. 2613 A 

Goulburn (E. M.) Child Samuel 69 A 

Hammond (J.) Bo>s and Girls of the Bible. 

1898 ' 2983 A 

Ilorton (R. F. ) Women of the Old Testa- 
ment. 1899 2759A 

Matheson (G.) Representative Men of the 

Bible. 1902 3102 A 

- Representative Men of the New Tesi anient. 

1905 1878A 

Maurice (F. D.) Patriarchs and Lawgivers 

of the Old Testament. 1877 574 A 

- Prophets and Kings of the Old Testament. 
1871 57S A 

Stanley (A. P.) Dean. Scripture Portraits... 2899 A 

Whyte(A.) Bible Characters. 1901 2732 A 

Wilberforce (S.) Bp. Heroes of Hebrew 

History. 1870 315 A 

Young (1). T. ) Neglected People of the 

Bible. 1901 3085A 

Canon, Authority and Inspiration. 

Allnatt (F. f. B. ) Witness of St. Matthew. 

1884 .' 2128A 

Birks (T. R.) The Exodus of Israel. 1863... 692 A 
Blaikie (W. G.) The Vitality of the Bible. 

1884 2408 A 

Dods(M.) The Bible : its Origin and Nature. 

1905 3410 A 

Farrar (F. W.) Bible: i's Meaning and 

Supremacy. 1897 1226A 

Girdle: ton* (K. B.) Age and Trustworthim 

of the Old Testament Scriptures. 1889...2414A 

BIBLE, Canon, Authority and Inspiration. 

Gladden (W. ) Seven Puzzling Bible Books: 

a Supplement to "Who Wrote the Bible ?".1718 A 

- Who Wrote the Bible? 2510 A 

Gladstone (W. E.) Impregnable Rock of 

Holy Scripture. 1 890 2500 A 

Godet ( F. ) Authenticitv of the Four Principal 

Epistles of St. Paul/ 1889 2414 A 

- Authorship of the Fourth Gospel. 1884. ...240!) A 
Green (W. H.) Introduction to the Canon of 

the Old Testament. 1899 1078 A 

Hogarth (D. G.) Ed. Authority and Archae- 
ology : Sacred and Profane. 1899 2734 K 

Ilorton (R. F.) Inspiration of the Bible. 1891.2601 A 

- Revelation and the Bible. 1892 707 A 

Howson (J. S.) Dean. Evidential Conclu- 
sions from the Four Greater Epistles of St. 
Paul. 1884 2408 A 

Kent (C. F.) Origin and Permanent Value of 

the Old Testament. 1906 3398 A 

Lee (W. ) Inspiration of the Floly Scriptures : 

its Nature and Proof. 1854..." 677 A 

Margoliouth (D. S.) Lines of Defence of the 

Biblical Revelation. 1901 3013 A 

Paley (W.) Hone Paulinae : The Truth of 

the Scripture History of St. Paul Evinced. 2460 A 
Pember (G. H.) The Great Prophecies of 

the Centuries, Concerning Israel and the 

Gentiles. 1895 2319 A 

Roberts (A.) Bible of Christ and His 

Apostles. 1879 2082A 

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Smyth (J. P.) How We Got Our Bible. 1905.1922 A 
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Westcott (B. F.) Bp. Bible in the Church. 

1905 1919A 

- History of the Canon of the New Testament. 

1881 2057A 

Criticism, Interpretation, Introductory, 

Adeney (W. F. ) How to Read the Bible. 1905. 1822 A 
Anderson (Sir R. ) Daniel in the Critic's 

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- The Bible and Modern Criticism. 1902... 1268 A 
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Barnard (P. M.) Interpretation of the New Testa- 
ment in Modern Life and Thought : an Essay. 
1905 3453 A 

Bernard (T. D. ) Progress of Doctrine in the 

New Testament. 1873 568A 

Biblical Treasury of Expositions and Illustra- 
tions for Sunday School Teachers and 
Bible Students 2615 A 

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How to Read the Old Testament in the 
Light of the New. 1903 1756A 

Brooke (S. A.) Old Testament and Modern 
Life. 1896 2701 A 

Brown (II. D.) Critics or Christ? or, God's 

Witness to His Word. 1905 3377 A 

Brown (J. B. ) Misread Passages of the Scrip- 
tures. 1870 481 A 

('alder (F.) Bible Narratives: or, Scripture 

Stories 517 A 

Carpenter (J. E. ) First Three Gospels. 1904.. 1853 A 

Carpenter (W. B. ) Bp. Introduction to the 

Study of the Scriptures. 1902 1737 A 

- Wisdom of James the Just 1903 3122 A 





BIBLE, Criticism, Interpretation, Introduc- 
tory, Study. 
Cheyne (T. K.) Aids to the Devout Study 

of Criticism. 1892 2873A 

- Bible Problems and New .Materials for 

their Solution. 1904 3297 A 

- Founders of Old Testament Criticism. 

1893 3051 A 

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Clarke (W, N.) Use of the Scriptures in 

Theology. 1905 1882A 

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-Expositions. 1886 898 A 

- Expositor's Note Book. 1872 2349 A 

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ment : an Essay. 1905 3454 A 

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Preachers and Teachers. 1903 3361 A 

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1884 738 A 

- and Others. The Bible and the Child. 

1897 1618 A 

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Folks. 1902 3107 A 

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Bible. 1904 1788 C 

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Interpretation of the Holy Scriptures. 

1879 1541 A 

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trative Notes : Guide to Sunday School 

Lessons. 1895 1006 A 

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other Essays. 1906 3405 A 

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Helps to their Solution. 1905 3443 A 

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of the Bible. 1901 64A 

- Bruce (A. B.) and others. The Bible as 

Literature. 1899 2762 A 

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Faith. 1896 1583 A 

Nash (C R. ) Bible Talks with the Little Ones. 1743 A 
New Testament Criticism : St. Margaret's 

Lectures. 1902 3105A 

Contents:— Introductory Lecture. By W. Sanday ; Manu- 
scripts. By F. G. Kenyon ; Ancient Versions of the New 
Testament. By F. C. Burkitt ; History of the Canon of the 
New Testament. By F. H. Chase ; Dates of the New Testa- 
ment Books. By S. D. Headlam ; Historical Value of the 
Acts of the Apostles. By J. H. Bernard. 

Oort (H.) Bible for Young People. 1882 ...2321 A 
Ottley (R. L. ) Aspects of Old Testament. 1898.806 A 
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Plumptre (E. H.) Biblical Studies. 1885 ...2190 A 

Practical Reflections on Genesis. 1892 2161 A 

Practical Reflections on Isaiah. 1894 2163 A 

Practical Reflections on the Minor Prophets. 

1896 2164A 

Practical Reflections on the Psalms. 1891... 2162 A 

BIBLE, Criticism, Interpretation, Introduc- 
tory, Study. 

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New Testament. 1901 390A 

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Essay. 1905 3452 A 

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and Theology. 1906 1378 A 

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Preaching of the Old Testament. 1901 ... 1208 A 

Smith (H.) The New Testament concealed 
in the Old and the Old revealed in the 
New. 1878 492 A 

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Church. 1881 2041 A 

- Prophets of Israel and their Place in History. 
1882 2073 A 

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the Holy Scriptures. 1872 72A 

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Webster( A. W. ) and Dryburgh ( VV. ) Through 
Eye to Heart : Simple Methods of Visible 
Illustration applied to Bible Subjects. 
1903 1744 A 

Westcott (B. F.) Bp. Introduction to the 

Study of the Gospels. 1895 2896 A 

- Some Lessons in the Revised Version of the 

New Testament. 1898 3156 A 

Williams (T. R.) Shall We Understand the 

Bible. 1906 3409A 

Wright (A.) Composition of the Four Gospels. 

1890 2439 A 


Angus (J.) and Green (S. G.) Bible Hand- 
book. 1904 497A 

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Eastwood (J.) and Wright (VV. A.) Bible 

Word Book. 1866 1556 A 

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Illustrated Bible Dictionarv. 1894 1000 A 

Smith (Sir W.) Dictionary of the Bible. 1863. 777 A 
Walker (J. B. R.) Concordance to the Bible. 

1895 1001 A 

Geography and Topography. 

Cochran ( VV. ) Pen and Pencil in Asia Minor. 2695 C 
Geikie (C.) Holy Land and the Bible. 1887. 944 A 
Green (S. G.) Pictures from Bible Lands ...3041 C 

Kitto(J.) Scripture Lands. 1850 208 C 

Merrill (S.) Galilee in the Time of Christ. 

1885 2270A 

Newton ( R. ) In Bible Lands. 1880 1325 C 

Palmer (E. H.) Desert of the Exodus. 1871. 1788 C 
Sayce (A. H.) Assyria: its Princes, Priests, 

and People. 1885 2278A 

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1858 3605 B 

Thomson ( W. M. ) Land and the Book. 1880. 1301 C 
Whitney (G. H.) Handbook of Bible Geo- 
graphy. 1872 995 C 


Bennett (W. PI.) Primer of the Bible. 1897.2778 A 
Blaikie (W. G.) Witness of Palestine to the 

Bible. 1883 2406 A 

Buxton (S.) Side Lights upon Bible History. 

1892 2556 A 

Cornill (C. H.) Prophets of Israel 1904 ...466 A 
Dawson (Sir J. W. ) Egypt and Syria in 

Relation to Bible History. 1885 2274 A 





BIBLE, History. 

Farrar (F. VV.) Dean. The Herods. 1898. ..2771 A 

Foster (C.) Story of the Bible. 1905 3181 A 

Gardner (P.) Historic View of the New 

Testament. 1901 1263A 

Gibson (M. D. ) How the Codex was Found. 

1893 8246 C 

Hoare (H. W.) Evolution of the English 

Bible. 1901 1258 A 

Plosmer (J. K.) Story of the Jews. 1886 9243 B 

Josephus (F.) Works 2652B 

Lovett (R. ) Primer of the English Printed 

Bible. 1894 1746A 

Maclear (G. F. ) Historical Illustrations of 

the New Testament Scriptures. 1886 241 1 A 

- Old Testament History. 1890 1557 A 

Morrison (W. U. ) jews under Roman Rule. 

1890 1 9442 B 

Moulton (W. F.) History of the English 

Bible. 1878 560 A 

St. Clair (G.) Buried Cities and Bible 

Countries. 1891 9782 B 

Sayce (A. II.) Witness of Ancient Monu- 
ments to the Old Testament Scriptures. 

1885 2410 A 

Sharpe (S. ) History of the Hebrew Nation. 

1869 2036B 

Stanley (A. P.) Dean. History of the Jewish 

Church. 1863 4415 B 

Streane (A. W. ) The Age of the Maccabees. 

1898 2764 A 

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Watson (F. ) The Law and the Prophets: 

Lectures. 1882 930A 


Alexander ( W. M. ) Demonic Possession in the 

New Testament. 1902 1 236 A 

Anecdotes Illustrative of New Testament 

Texts. 1890 2809 A 

Anecdotes Illustrative of Old Testament 

Texts. 1886 2808 A 

Baron (D. ) Ancient Scriptures and the 

Modern Jew. 1900 997 A 

Beet (J. A.) Key to Unlock the Bible. 1901.. 325 A 
Birks (T. R.) Bible and Modern Thought. 

1861 171 A 

Black (A.) Ruth : a Hebrew Idyl. 1906 ...3360 A 

Borrow (G.) Bible in Spain. 1899 786 C 

Braden (W.) Beautiful Gleaner. 1875 554 A 

Cheyne (T. K. ) Reform in the Teaching of the 

Old Testament : an Essay. 1905 3454 A 

Conder (E. R. ) Moral Difficulties in the Old 

Testament. 1889 2414A 

Cox (S.) Balaam : an Exposition and a Study. 

1884 2175 A 

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ays. 1902 3126A 

Farrar (F. W.) Dean. New Testament Texts 

Explained. 1899 2835 A 

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Gibbs (M. and E.) Bible References of John 

Ruskin. 189S 2889 A 

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Gould (S. P..-) Characters and Legends of the 

Old Testament. 1871 480A 

Hasell (E.J.) Bible Partings. 1883 2306A 

I l>h-/. n (H. II.) future: of the Bible : an Essay. 

1905 3454 A 

Hill (C.) The Bible on the Sabbath Question. 

L887 543A 

llo.ion (R. 1'.) Cartoons of St. Mark. 1894.3045 A 

- The Bible : a Missionary Hook. 1901 1 785 A 

BIBLE, Miscellaneous. 

Inglis (J.) Bible Illustrations from the New 

Hebrides. 1890 960 A. 

Jacox (F.) Bible Music. 1872 507 A 

- Secular Annotations on Scripture Texts. 

1875 2854 A 

- Traits of Character in Bible Story. 1873. . .508 A 
Jukes (A..) Types of Genesis as Revealing 

the Development of Human Nature. 1885. 2203A 
Kenyon (F. G.) Gospels in the Early Church : 

an Essay. 1905 3452A 

Kirton(T. VV.) Water Drinkers of the Bible. 

1885 2177 A 

Lamb (A.S.) The Word in the School. 1890.2492 A 
Lowrie ( W.) Doctrine of St. John : an Essay 

in Biblical Theology. 1899 .'.2286A 

Machen (M. G.) Bible in Browning. 1903... 1220 F 
Macmillan (II.) Bible Teachings in Nature. 

1878 179 A 

Matheson (G.) Can the Old Faith Live with 

theNew. 1886 2332 A 

Mozley (J. B. ) Ruling Ideas and their Re- 
lation to the Old Testament. 1877 829 A 

Parker (J.) Studies in Texts. 1898 ...2719 A 

Ramage (C. T. ) Scripture Parallels in Ancient 

Classics. 1878 2785 A 

Roberts (R.) Christendom Astray. 1890 985 A 

Ruth (J. A.) What is the Bible? 1904 3319 A 

Selby (T. G.) God of the Patriarchs : Studies in 

the Early Scriptures of the Old Testament. 

1904 3277A 

Spring (G.) Obligations of the World to the 

Bible. 1862 433 A 

Spurgeon (C. H.) Commenting and Com- 
mentaries. 1885 926A 

Stalker (J.) The Two St. Johns. 1895 2691 A 

W r atkinson (W. L.) Ashes of Roses, and 

other Bible Studies. 1906 3357 A 

Wilson (A. M.) The Wines of the Bible. 

1877 491 A 


Brunton (Sir T. L.) Bible and Science. 1881.2048 A 
Dawson (Sir J. W.) Egypt and Svria. 1885.2274 A 

- Modern Science in Bible Lands. 1888. .. 9344 D 
Kinns (S.) Moses and Geology ; or, The 

Harmony of the Bible with Science. 1884.2672 D 
McCausland (D. ) Adam and the Adamite. 

1882 1078 D 

- Sermon in Stones ; or, Scripture Confirmed 

by Geology. 1860 477 D 

Pratt (J. H.) Scripture and Science not at 

Variance. 1878 2192 A 

Smyth (W. W.) Bible and the Doctrine of 

Evolution. 1873 671 A 

Tristram (II. B. ) Natural History of the 

Bible. 1883 9121 D 

Wood (J. G.) Bible Animals. 1869 2078 D 

BIBLE SOCIETY. Romance of the Bible. By 

C. T. Bateman. 1903 3188A 

- Story of the By VV. Canton. 1904 3221 A 

Bickerdyke (J.) Bcok of the All- Round Angler. 

1888 ....1054 K 

- Days in Thule, witli Rod, Gun, ami Camera. 

1894 395C 

A Simple Record of Life in a Hebridean Shooting-Lodge. 

How to Buy Fishing Tackle. 1903 1918 K 

Practical Letters to Sea- Fishers. 11)02 1282 K 

Chapters on Weather, Tides, Boats ; and Life Saving at 
Sea; Tackle and Tackle Making ; Baits; I'.est Methods of 
Sea Fishing ; Sportsman's Sea Ftsh ; Improvements in Rods, 

Reels, and Leads. 

Sea fishing. {Badminton Library). 1895 82 K 

- Wild Sports in Ireland. 1897 1513C 





Bickersteth (C.) The Gospel of Incarnate Love : 

Missions Sermons and Meditations. 1906.3449 A 
Bickersteth (E.) Comforting Thoughts for 

Weak and Weary. 1871. USA 

My Hereafter. 1884 1512 A 

BICKERSTETH (E. andF.) Memorials of. 

By their Sister. 1892 9887 B 

Bickersteth (E. H.)Bp. Yesterday, To-Day, and 

for Ever: Poem. 1886 1532A 

Bickersteth (M.) Japan as We Saw It. 1893.. 2954 C 
Bickersteth (M. C.) Letters to a Godson : How 

to Read the Old Testament in the Light 

of the New. 1903 \...1756A 

BICKERSTETH (R.) Bp. Life. By his Son. 

1887 3913 B 

Bickerton (A.W.) Romance of the Earth. 1900.1641 D 

Contents: — The Earths Motions ; Beginning of the Earth ; 
The Earth's Crust ; Earth Sculpturing ; Ice Ages ; Land and 
Sea ; Origin of Life ; Plants and Animals ; Life of the Body ; 
The Eye and Ear ; Evolution ; Order of Strata ; Dawn 
of the Present ; Embryology; Organic Ascent; Procession 
of Animal Life. 

Bicklev (A. C.) George Fox and the Early 

Quakers. 1 884 2470 B 

Bickmore (A. S.) Travels in the East Indian 

Archipelago. 1865-6 1648 C 

Bicknell (A. C. ) Travel and Adventure in 

Northern Queensland. 1 895 2481 C 


Albemarle (A. A. C ) Earl of. Cycling. 

{Badminton Library. ) 1887 70 K 

Bradley (T. ) Cyclists' Guide to Yorkshire. 

1900 8584 C 

Burr (S. D. V.) Bicycle Repairing. 1898... 2005 D 
Edwards (C.) In Jutland with a Cycle. 1897 ..843 C 
Fraser (J. F. ) Round the World on a Wheel. 

1899... 8604 C 

Garratt (H. A.) Handbook for Riders of the 

Modern Safety Bicycle. 1899 6152 D 

Griffin (H. H. ) Cycles and Cycling. 1 890... 122 K 
Hasluck (P. N.) Building and Repairing of 

the Cycle. 1904 81 D 

- Motor Bicycle Building. 1906 156 D 

Marshall (A. W.) Cycle Repair and Main- 
tenance. 1900 1580 D 

Mecredy (R. |.) and Wilson (A. J.) Art and 

Pastime of Cycling. 1897 441 K 

Pemberton (A. C.) Complete Cyclist. 1897... 278 K 
Pennell (E. R. ) Over the Alps on a Bicycle. 

1898 1846 C 

Spencer (C.) Cyclists' and Automobilists' 

Road Book. 1901 578 C 

Stevens (T. ) Around the World on a Bicycle. 

1887 2509 C 

Workman (F. B. an! W. H.) Algerian 

Memories: a Bicycle Tour. 1895 737 C 

- Sketches Awheel in fin de siecle Iberia. 1879.939 C 
Bidder (M. G.) and Baddeley (F.) Domt-stic 

Economy in Theory and Practice. 1901.609 D 
Biddle (A. J. D.) Description of the Madeira 

Islands. 1900 1760 C 

- Land of the Wine. 1901 1763C 

Account of the Madeira Islands at the Beginning of the 
Twentieth Century, and from a New Point of View. 

Biddulph (Sir R.) Lord Cardwell at the War 

Office, 1868-74. 1904 3376 B 

Bidwell (C. T.) The Balearic Islands. 1876. ..1108 C 

Bidwell (S.j Curiosities of Light and Sight. 

1899 10360 D 

Biese (A.) Development of the Feeling for 

Nature. 1905 1220 D 

Bigelow (J.) Life of Benjamin Franklin. 1890.9819 B 

- Mystery of Sleep. 1903 3148A 

Bigelow (M. A.) Teaching of Zoology and 

Human Physiology. 1904 1758D 

Bigelow (P.) Children of the Nations. 1901 ...2294 J 
Study of Colonization and its Problems. 

- Paddles and Politics down the Danube. 1892.8452 C 

Brief Description of a Cruise on the Danube and Discus- 
sions on Danubian Politics. 

- The German Emperor and his Eastern 

Neighbours. 1892 9867 B 

A Study of William II., and his Relations with Roumania 
and Russia. 

- White Man's Africa. 1900 1165C 

Contents:— Jameson's Raid ; Kruger ; Portuguese Progress 
in South Africa ; The Last of a Great Black Nation ; Dutch 
Feeling towards England ; Natal : a Colonial Paradise ; 
British and Boer Government. 

Bigg (C. ) Neoplatonism {Chief Ancient Philosophies). 

1895 1933 A 

Biggs (C. H. W. ) First Principles of Electrical 

Engineering. 1893 6347 D 

- First Principles of Electricity and Magnetism. 

1904 1553 D 

Bigham (C. ) Ride through Western Asia. 1897.2421 C 

- With the Turkish Army in Thessaly. 1897... 4049 B 

- Year in China, 1899-1900. 1901 2862 C 

Bigland (J.) Topographical and Historical 

Description of Yorkshire. 1819 3259 B 


Bennett (J.) Billiards. 1889 126 K 

Broadf iot ( W. ) Billiards. {Badminton Library). 

1896 92 K 

Buchanan (J. P.) Hints on Billiards. 1895. ..141 K 
Crawley ( R. ) Billiards: its Theory and Practice. 162K 
Locock (C. D. ) Side and Screw Shots in 

Billiards. 1901 700 K 

Roberts (J.) Modern Billiards. 1902 1256 K 

Stancliffe. Pseud. Fun on the Billiard Table 

1900 412K 

Billing (S.) Scientific Materialism and Ultimate 

Conceptions. 1879 593 A 

An Effort to Probe the Methods of Nature as Disclosed in 
her Mechanics, Chemistry, and Physics, and to find, as far as 
may be, the Ultimates on which the Kosmos is Reared, whereby 
the Reader may Arrive at a Conclusion, Without having 
Wholly to Rely upon Authorative Dogma. 

Billroth (T.) Care of the Sick at Home and 

in the Hospital. 1891 9501 D 


Darwin (L.) Bimetallism. 1897 641 J 

Farrer (T. H.) Lord. Studies in Currency. 

1898 2065J 

Giffen (Sir R. ) Case against Bimetallism. 

1896 689J 

Jordon (W. L.) Standard of Value. 1882.... 762 J 
Walker (F. A.) International Bimetallism. 

1896 979J 

See also Banks and Banking, Money, Trade 

and Finance. 
Binet(A.) Mind and the Brain. 1907 3447A 

- and Fere (C.) Animal Magnetism. 1898 ...9109 D 
Bingham (D. A.) Journal of the Siege of 

Paris. 1871 1865 B 

- Letters and Despatches of Napoleon I. 1884.. 3796 B 

- Marriages of the Bonapartes. 1881 2285 B 

- Marriages of the Bourbons. 1890 41 19 B 

An Account of the Royal Alliances with the Bourbons. 

- Story of the Bastille. 1888 3984B 

BINGLEY, Old, Chronicles and Stories of. 

By H. Speight. 1898 1642B 

Binney (T.) Church Life in Australia. I860.. 2132 A 

- From Seventeen to Thirty 272 A 

The Town Life of a Youth from the Country, its Trials, 
Temptations, and Advantages ; being Lessons from the 
History of Toseph. 





Binnie (A. J.) His Native Land. 1881 8262 C 

An Account of a Tour in Palestine. 

Binns (C. F. ) Ceramic Technology. 1897. . . .2006 U 

- Story of the Potter. 1898 67421) 

Binns (E.) Anatomy of Sleep. 1842 9169 D 

The Art of Procuring Sound and Refreshing Slumber at Will. 
Binns (W.) Orthographic Projection: a New 
Method of Teaching Mechanical and 

Engineering Drawing. 1889 3464 D 

Binstead (II. E. ) Guide to Furniture Styles. 

1904 2738 K 

Binvon (L. ) Death of Adam, and other Poems. 

'1904 875 II 

BIOGRAPHIES. - Collective. 

Actors and Actresses. 

Baker (H. B.) Our Old Actors. 1878 3276 B 

Coleman (J.) Players and Playwrights I Have 

Known. 1888 4008 B 

Cook (D.) Hours with the Players. 1881 ...679 H 

Marston (W.) Our Recent Actors. 1888 9465 B 

Russell (W. C. ) Anecdotes of Representative 

Actors 1163B 


Smith (G. B. ) Half Hours with Famous 

Ambassadors. 1885 9004 B 


Bolton (S. K.) Famous Artists. 1892 10028 B 

Clayton ( E. C. ) English Female Artists. 1876. 3070 B 
Cundall (F. ) Landscape Painters of Holland. 

1891 2222 B 

Cunningham (A.) Lives of the Most Eminent 

British Painters. 1879 197 B 

Eastlake (E.) Lady. Five Great Painters ...2225B 
Ellet (Mrs. E. F.) Women Artists in all Ages 

and Countries. 1859 1515 B 

Ewart (H. C.) Ed. Toilers in Art 9801 B 

Gower \hordR.) Figure Painters of Holland. 2007 B 
Jameson (Mrs. A. B.) Memoirs of Early 

Italian Painters. 1845 595 B 

Mollet (J. W.) Painters of Barbizon. 1890...2220B 
Redgrave (R. and S.) Century of Painters of 

the English School. 1890 4374 B 

Rowlands (W.) Among the Great Masters of 

Painting. 1906 781 K 

Scott (W. B.) Little Masters of Germany. 

1880 2010B 

Sharp (W.) Great English Painters. 1886 ...753 B 
Stearns (F. P.) Four Great Venetian Painters. 

1901 1197B 

Vasari (G.) Lives of Painters, Sculptors, and 

Architects. 1850 388 B 

Viardot(L) Painters of all School'- 1877. .. 2565 K 


Ball (Sir R. S.) Great Astronomers. 1895... 10164 B 


Muir (M. M. P.) Heroes of Science: 

Chemists. 1883 2306B 

Commercial and Industrial. 

Bourne (H. R. F.) English Merchants. 

1866 1660B 

Cochrane (R.) Risen by 1'crscverance ; or, 

Lives of Self Made Men. 1879 10025 B 

Doran(J.) Monarchs Retired from Business. 

1857 1537 B 

Hogg (J.) Fortunes made; in Business 2179B 

Hood(E. P.) Peerage of Poverty. 1861 2887B 

Japp(A. H.) and Holmes (F. M.) Successful 

l; iiness Men. 189-2 1903 R 

Jeans (W. T.) Creators of the Age of Steel. 

1881 2469 B 

Jones (E. R.) Heroes of Industry. 1886 9939 R 

BIOGRAPHIES, Commercial and Industrial. 

M'Gilchrist (J.) Men Who Have Made Them- 
selves 1206B 

Munro (J.) Heroes of the Telegraph. 1891... 9749 B 
Pratt (E. A.) Notable Masters of Men. 1901.2059 Id 

Smiles (S.) Industrial Biography. 1905 1017 B 

Winks (W. E.) Lives of Illustrious Shoe- 
makers. 1883 9891 B 


Russell ( W. ) Eccentric Personages. 1865 896 B 


Cochrane (R. ) Biographies of Eminent 

Teachers 10022 B 


Jeans (W. T.) Lives of the Electricians. 1887.9297 B 


Layson (J. F.) Great Engineers 4251 B 

Personal Recollections of English Engineers. 



Smiles (S.) Lives of the Engineers. 1878... 1618 B 


Creasey (Sir E.) Memoirs of Eminent 

Etonians. 1876 9492 B 


African Explorers. 1894 2964 C 

Bell (Mrs. II.) Heroes of American Dis- 
covery. 1884 2475 B 

- Heroes of Discovery in North Afrrica. 

1899 1805 C 


Adams (W. H. D.) Noble Lives. 1880 567 B 

- Warrior, Priest, and Statesman. 1875. ...2118 B 

- Wrecked Lives ; or, Men Who have 

Failed. 1880 2138 B 

Bagehot(W.) Biographical Studies. 1899. .. 1672 B 
Becker (B. H.) Adventurous Lives. 1878...1972B 
Bell (D. C. ) Notices of Persons buried in 

the Tower of London. 1877 3163B 

Boas (Mrs. F.) With Milton and the 

Cavaliers. 1904 9941 B 

Bourget(P.) Etudes et Portraits. 1889. ..298 MB 
Brooks (E. S.) Sketches of the Lives of 

Historic Americans. 1899 2492 B 

Bryce (J.) Studies in Contemporary Bio- 
graphy. 1903 3173B 

Bunnett (F. E.) Distinguished Persons in 

Russian Society. 1873 , 1956B 

Burgon (J. W.) Dean. Lives of Twelve 

Good Men. 1888 4050B 

Clever Boys of our Time 20 B 

Clinton (W.) Sword and Pen; or, English 

Worthies in the Reign of Elizabeth. 1869... 978 B 
Cochrane (R. ) Beneficent and Useful Lives. 

1890 718B 

Coleridge (H.) Worthies of Yorkshire and 

Lancashire. 1836 4103B 

Colet (L.) Enfances Celebres 303 MB 

Cooke (F. E. ) Guiding Lights : Lives of the 

Great and Good. 1892 10024B 

Copner (J.) Sketches of Celibate Worthies. 

1886 9487B 

Cunningham (G. G. ) Lives of Eminent 

Englishmen. 1834 2587 B 

Cust (Sir E.) Lives of the Warriors. 1867...1189B 
Dale (T. P.) A Life's Motto, illustrated by 

Biographical Examples . 388 A 

Dawson (G.) Biographical Lectures. 1886. .. 9189 B 

Doran (J.) Habits and Men. 1855 1098 F 

Dulcken (H. W.) Worthies of the World... 4727 B 
Dumas (A.) Italiens et Flamands. 1890... 212 MB 

Res Hommesde Fer 210 MB 

Dyer (T. F. T.) Great Men at Play. 1889...4072B 






Edgar (J. G.) Boyhood of Great Men 348 B 

Emerson (R. W.) Biographical Sketches... 1 398 F 
Eminent Persons, 1870-1894: Times Bio- 
graphies 4355B 

Escott (T. U.S.) Platform, Press, Politics 

and Play. 1895 1351 H 

Espinasse (F.) Lancashire Worthies. 1874. ..2168 P 
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See also Anatomy, Bacteriology, Botany, 

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Swaysland (W.) Familiar Wild Birds. 1883..8482D 
Watson (J.) Sketches of Bird Life in Britain. 

1889 6275 D 

Wilson (A.) Wild Animals and Birds. 1883.3579 D 
Wilson (Alex) and Bonaparte (C. L. ) Prince. 

American Ornithology. 1832 211 ID 

Wood ( J . G. ) Birds of the Bible. 1 887 9083 D 

-Natural History of Birds. 1872 3534 D 

Wood (S. ) Studies of Birds in Our Gardens. 

1877 1675 D 

See also Canary, Cuckoo, Finches. 

Bird wood (Sir G. C. M.) Industrial Arts of 

India. 18S0 1004 K 


Wreck. By A. C. Addison. 1902 2953 B 

Birks (T. R.) Bible and Modern Thought 171 A 

- Difficulties of Belief. 1876 567 A 

- Essay on Matter and Ether. 1862 1448 D 

- Exodus of Israel : its Difficulties Examined 

and its Truth Confirmed. 1863 692 A 

- First Principles of Moral Science : Lectures. 

1873 570A 

- Manuscript Evidence of the New Testament. 

1878 566A 

- Modern Physical Fatalism and the Doctrine 

of Evolution. 1876 5 A 

-Modern Utilitarianism. 1874 565 A 

The Systems of Pa'.ey, Bentham, and Mill Examined and 

- Scripture Doctrine of Creation. 1872 423 A 

- Supernatural Revelation ; or, First Principles 

of Moral Theology. 1879 824 A 


Birmingham Speculative Club Essays 2265 J 

Contents: — Hold Fast Your Colours. By W L. Sargant. 
Relation of Universities to Practical Life. By W. Mathews. 
Thoughts on Pauperism. By A. Hill. Natural History of 
Law. By G. J. Johnson. Future of Women. By C. E. 
Mathews. Euthanasia. By G. D. Williams. Method and 
Medicine. By B. W. Foster. 

Cadbury (E.) and others. Women's Work and 

Wages. 1906 1446 J 

Timmins(S.) Birmingham Industries. 1866... 2207 J 
Birrell(A. ) Biographical Sketch of Sir Frank 

Lockwood. 1898 1771 B 

- Biography of W. Hazlitt. 1902 551 B 

- In the Name of the Bodleian : Essays. 

1905 1632 F 

Contents: — In the Name of the Bodleian; Bookworrr ; 
Confirmed Readers ; First Editions ; Gossip in a Lihrary ; 
Librarians at Play; Lawyers at Play; Non-Jurors; Lord 
Chesterfield ; Johnsonian Legend ; Boswell as Biographer ; 
Old Pleasure Gardens ; Old Booksellers ; Few Words about 
Copyright in Books ; Hannah M^re once More ; Arthur 
Young; Thomas Paine; Charles Bradlau:h; Disraeli ex 
Relatione Sir William Fiaser ; A Connoisseur ; Our Great 
Middle Class; Tar and Whitewash ; Itineraries; Epitaphs; 
" Hansard " ; Contempt of Court ; Edward VII. 

- Life of Charlotte Bronte. 1887 9366 B 

- Men, Women and Books. 1895 7333 F 

Contents: — Essays on Dean Swift; Lord Bolingbroke ; 
Sterne ; Dr. Johnson : Richard Cumberland ; Alexander Knox 
andThomasDeQuincey ; Hannah More ; Marie BashkirtsefF ; 
Sir John Vanbrugh; John Gay; Roger North's Autobiography; 
Books Old and New ; Book Binding; Poets Laureate; Parlia 
mentary Candidates ; Bona-Fide Traveller ; Hours in a Lib- 
rary ; Americanisms and Briticisms; Authors and Critics. 

-Miscellanies. 1902 16 F 

Contents: — John Wesley ; What Happene 1 at the Reforma- 
tion?; Christian Evidences', Ideal of a University ; Walter 
Bagehot ; J. A. Froude ; Robert Browning; Is it Possible to 
Tell a Good Book from a Bad One? ; The House of Commons ; 
Sir Robert Peel. 

- Obiter Dicta. 1884 7144 F 

Contents: — First Series. — Essays on Carlyle; On the Alleged 
Obscurity of Mr. Browning's Poetry; Truth-Hunting; 
Actors ; A Rogue's Memoirs ; The Via Media ; Falstaff. 

Second Series. — Milton; Pope; Johnson; Burke; The 
Muse of History; Charles Lamb; Emerson; The Office of 
Literature ; Worn-out Types ; Cambridge anil the Poets ; 
Book-Buy ng. 

- Res judicata:. 1892 7319 F 

Contents: — Essays on Samuel Richardson ; Edward Gibbon ; 
William Cowper ; Geo ge Borrow; Cardinal Newman; 
Matthew Arnold ; William Hazlitt ; Letters of Charles Lamb ; 
Authors in Court ; Nationality ; The Reformation ; Sainte- 

Bischoff (J.) History of Woollen and Worsted 

Manufactures. 1842 2012J 





Bishop (C. D.) Optical Lantern for Projection 

and Enlarging. 1905 2773 K 

Bishop (Mrs. J. F., formerly Miss I. L. Bird) 
Golden Chersonese, and the Way Thither. 
1883 8028 C 

Travels in the Malay Peninsula. 

- Tourneys in Persia and Kurdistan. 1891 2763 C 

- Korea and her Neighbours. 1898 1758C 

- Six Months in the Sandwich Islands. 1875.. 2084 C 

- Unbeaten Tracks in Japan. 1880 1379 C 

Bishop (Mrs. M. C) Memoir of Mrs. A. Craven 

( Pauline De La Ferronnays). 1894 101 19 B 

- Prison Li^e of Marie Antoinette. 1893 9926 B 

Bishop (N. II.) Four Months in a Sneak-Box : 

Voyage Down the Ohio and Mississippi 
Rivers, etc. 1880 2405C 

- Voyage of the Paper Canoe. 1874-5 2321 C 

Journey from Quebec to the Gulf of Mexico. 

Bishop (W. II.) Old Mexico and her Lost 

Provinces. 1883 8078 C 

BISHOPS in the Tower. By H. M. Luckock. 

1887 2818 A 

Bisiker(W.) Across Iceland. 1902 2270C 

Bismarck (O. E. L. Von) Prince. Letters. 

Trans, by F. Maxse. 1878 1960B 

- Reflections and Reminiscences. 1 898 606 1 B 

- Table Talk. 1898 845B 

- Biography. By a Fellow-Student. Trans. 

by H. Hayward. 1890 9607 B 

- Busch (M.) Bismarck in the Franco-German 

War. 1879 2029 B 

- Bismarck : Some Secret Pages of his His- 

tory. 1898 6063B 

-- Our Chancellor. 1884 9118B 

- Gorlach (W. ) Biographical Sketch of Bis- 

marck. 1875 503 B 

- Headlam (J. W.) Bismarck and the Founda- 

tion of the German Empire. 1899 1387 B 

- Klaczko (M. T.) Two Chancellors : Gortcha- 

koff and Bismarck. 1876 3077 B 

- Seinguerlet (E.) Propos de Table du Comte 

de Bismarck pendant la Campagne de 

France. 1879 341MB 

Bisset (A.) Essays on Historical Truth. 1871... 3120 B 

- Short History of the English Parliament. 

1882 ...2274 B 

Bitmead (R. ) French Polishing and Enamelling. 

1900 112 D 

Bixby (J. T. ) Ethics of Evolution. 1900 1665 A 

Bjorling (P. R.) Handbook of the Pumping 

Engine and Steam Pump Construction. 

1889 9356D 

- Pipes and Tubes : their Construction and 

Jointing. 1902 344 D 

-Pumps: Historically, Theoretically, and 

Practically Considered. 1890 9416 D 

Bkah-Hgyur. Tibetan Talcs derived from Indian 

Sources. Trans, by F. A. Von Schicfncr. 

18S2 1365A 

Black (A.) Ruth : a Hebrew Idyll. 1906 3360 A 

Black (A. and C.) Guide Books: — 

Belfast (1905) 6070 C 

Buxton (1904) 6073C 

Channel Islands and We I 

Normandy (1905).. 6076 (J 

Cornwall (1904) 6026 C 

Derbyshire (1904). .. .6073 C 


^,in I, (1900) 6029 C 

Glasgow (1901) 326C 

Health and Holiday Resortsof 
• Britain (1899) 6055 C 

Ireland, North (1905)6070C 
Ireland, South (1904)6072C 
Isle of Man (PJ87).. ..368C 
1 sir of Wi^ht (1904) .356C 

Kenl (1904) 6032 C 

Killarney(1904) 6072 C 

Scarborough (1892).. ..168C 

Sussex (1905) 6034 C 

Wales, South (1901). 357 C 
Watering Places -.1 England 

(1399) 6055 C 

Whitby (1892) 168C 

BLACK (ADAM) Memoirs. By A. Nicolson. 

1885 9150 B 

Black (C. E. D. ) Biography of the Marquess 

of Dufferin and Ava. 1903 3977 B 

Black (Hugh) Culture and Restraint. 1901... 1231 A 

- Edinburgh Sermons. 1906 3406 A 

- Friendship. 1905 1901 A 

- Practice of Self Culture. 1904 3263 A 

-Work. 1903 1757 A 

Contents: — Idleness and Work; Habit of Work; Moral 
Need of Work ; Duty of Work ; Fruits of Work : Ideal of Work; 
Gospel of Work ; Rest and Work ; Consecration of Work. 

Black (H. C. ) From Deal to South Africa : Essays. 
1901 1434F 

Contents: — My Visit to Deal and the Deal Boatmen ; Auto- 
biography of a Horse ; A Shetland Industry ; Autobiography 
of a Dog; On Learning to Swim ; House Beautiful ; A Wilt- 
shire Industry; Two Women's Tramp in South Africa. 

- Notable Women Authors of the Day. 1893.9917 B 
Black (J.) Gas Pitting: a Practical Handbook. 

1895 6294D 

Black (K. M.) The Scots Churches in England. 

1906 3429 A 

Black (M. M.) Biographv of R. L. Stevenson. 

1898 1243 B 

Black (R. ) Jockey Club and its Founders. 1891.4333 B 
Black (W. ) Biography of Oliver Goldsmith. 

1879 1924B 

- With the Eyes of Youth. 1903 1205 F 

Contents:— A Wild Day in '48; A Highland Wedding ; 
Publicans and Sinners ; Round and about Hampstead ; The 
River of Dart ; The Field of Battle ; A Conversation with 
Carlyle ; The Ballads of Solitude. 

- Reid (Sir T.W.) Biography of W. Black. 1902.2400B 
Black ( W. G.) Heligoland and the Islands of the 

North Sea. 1888 8297 C 


Seguin (L. G.) Black Forest : its Peoples 

and Legends. 1885 1332C 

Wolff (H. W.) Rambles in the Black Forest. 

1890 8389 C 

Wood (C W0 "in the Black Forest.' 1882 ...801 4^C 
See also Germany. 

Black is White ; or, Continuity Continued 13 J 

Blackburn (C. F.) Rambles in Books. 1893... 1037 F 

Notes on Books in the Author's Collection. 

Blackburn (Helen) Record of the Woman's Suf- 
frage Movement in the British Isles. 1902.1346 I 
Blackburn (Henry) Art in the Mountains. 1890. 1506 H 
The Story of the Passion Play at Oberammergau. 

- Art of Illustration. 1894 2507 K 

- Artistic Travel. 1892 2768C 

Travels in Normandy, Brittany, The Pyrennees, Spain and 

- Artists and Arabs ; or, Sketching in Sunshine. 

1868 1510C 

- Harz Mountains : a Tour in the Toy Country. 

1873 2064C 

- Normandy Picturesque. 1869 1674 C 

- Randolph Caldecott : Memoir of his Early 

Art Career. 1886 4060 B 

- Travelling in Spain. 1869 1148C 

Blackburn (Hugh) Elements of Plane Trigono- 
metry. 1871 917 D 

Blackburne (E.) Life of Lord Chancellor 

Blackburne. 1874 3281 B 

Blackburne (E. ( ). ) Con O'Donnell, and other 

Poems for Recitation 7246 F 

Blacker (W.) Art of Fly Making. 1885 129 K 

Blackie(J. S.) Altavona 1482 F 

Fact and Fiction from My Life in the Highlands. 





Blackie (J. S.) Biography of Robert Burns. 1888.094 B 
Essays on Subjects of Moral and Social 

Interest. 1890 9058 F 

Contents*— Christianity and Social Organisation ; Physica 

and Moral Analogies ; Philosophy of Party; Scottish 
Nationality ; Philosophy of Education. 

-Greek and English Dialogues. 1875 18 F 

- Language and Literature of the Scottish 

Highlands. 1876 1238 F 

Lay Sermons. 1881 2061 A 

Contents: — Creation of the World; Jewish Sabbath and 
the Christian Lord's Day; Faith; Utilisation of Evil; 
Landlords and Land Laws ; Politics of Christianity ; Dignity 
of Labour ; Scottish Covenanters ; Symbolism ; Ceremonial- 
ism ; Formalism and the New Creature ; Metaphysics of 
Genesis I. 

- Natural History of Atheism 503 A 

- Scottish Song : its Wealth, Wisdom, and 

Social Significance. 1889 609 II 

- Self-Culture : Intellectual, Physical, and Moral. 

1899 539A 

- What Does History Teach ? 1886 662 B 

-Wisdom of Goethe. 1883 7128 F 

Wise Men of Greece.... 678 H 

- Stoddart(A. M.) Biography of Blackie. 1895.4570 A 

- Walker (A. S.) Day Book of Blackie. 1901 1213 B 
Blacklev (W. L.) Thrift and National Insurance. 

1906 234J 

Blaeksmithing", Practical. By M. T. Richard- 
son. 1889 9375D 

- See also Ironwork. 

Blackstone (W. E.) Jesus is Coming 2487 A 

Blackwell (E.) Biography of R. T. Booth. 1883.2373 B 

R. T. Booth, Temperance Evangelist and Founder of the 
Blue Ribbon Army. 

Blackwell (E.) Lectures on the Laws of Life. 

1871 • 548J 

With Special Reference to the Physical Education of Girls. 
Blackwood (Lady A.) Residence on the Bosphorus 

during the Crimean War. 1881 8009 C 

Blackwood's Magazine, 1817-1907 301 L 

Blade and the Ear : Book for Young Men 254 A 

Blades (W.) Biography and Typography of 

William Caxton. 1877 3150B 

-The Enemies of Books. 1888 375F 

Contents : — Fire, Water, Gas, and Heat ; Dust and Neglect ; 
Ignorance and Bigotry ; The Bookworm ; Other Vermin ; 
Bookbinders ; Collectors, Servants and Children. 

Blagrove (G. H.) Marble Decoration and the 
Terminology of British and Foreign 
Marbles. 1888 130 K 

- Shoring and its Application. 1887 8983 D 

Blaikie (J.) Among the Goths and Vandals. 

1870 1717C 

Description of Social Life in Sweden. 
Blaikie ( W. G. ) Adaptation of Bible Religion 

to the Needs and Nature of Man. 1885. . .2410 A 

- Better Days for Working People 536J 

- Book of Joshua. {Expositors Bible). 1893.2586 A 

- Books of Samuel. {Expositor's Bible). 1888.2582 A 

- Christianity and Secularism Compared. 1883.2406 A 

- Christianity and the Life That Now Is. 1883.2405 A 

- Leaders in Modern Philanthropy. 1885 9095 B 

- Life of Thomas Chalmers. 1896 1151 B 

- My Body. 1884 1514 A 

This Work is one of a Series of Books Prepared to Minister 
to all that is True and Strong, and Manly in Moral Character. 

- Personal Life of David Livingstone. 1897..2760B 

- The Family : its Scriptural Ideal and its 

Modern Assailants. 1889 2414 A 

-Vitality of the Bible. 1884 2408 A 

- Witness of Palestine to the Bible. 1883. ...2406 A 

Blaine (R. G.) Hydraulic Machinery: with 

an Introduction to Hydraulics. 1905 .....2466 D 

- Practical Mechanics and Machine Design. 

1893 9887D 

Blair (II.) Lectures on Rhetoric. 1823 2544 F 

Blair ( R. ) Beauties of. Ed. by A. Howard 94 F 

Blair (W.) House Taking and House Holding. 

1906 1790D 

Blaisdell (A. F.) Life and Health. 1902 361 D 

Text-Book on Physiology. 
Blake (A.H.) Photography for Beginners. 1898.515 K 
Blake (C. C) Zoology for Students. 1875. ..1012 D 
Blake (E. V.) Ed. Arctic Experiences. 1874. .. 1918 C 
Blake (J.) How Sailors Fight. 1901 1330 D 

An Account of the Organisation of the British Fleet in 
Peace and War, with Tactical Illustrations of Modern 
Fighting Ships in Action. 

Blake (J. F.) Astronomical Myths. 1877 2119D 

- Catechism of Zoology. 1873 6208 D 

Blake (R- ) Admiral. Biography. By D. Hannay. 

1886 9161 B 

-Life. By W. H. Dixon. 1885 3789 B 

Blake (W.) Poetical Works. 1902 794 H 

- Gilchrist (A.) Life of Blake. 1863 3429 B 

- Story (A. T.) Life of Blake. 1893 .....4496B 

-Swinburne (A. C.) W. Blake: a Critical 

Essay. 1906 1595 F 

Blakeborough (R.) Wit, Character, Folklore, 
and Customs of the North Riding of York- 
shire. 1898 1430C 

Blakeney(R. ) Memoirs of the Peninsular War. 

1899 3374 B 

Blakesley (J. W.) Life of Aristotle. 1839 3248 B 

Blakesley (T. H.) Alternating Current of 

Electricity. 1891 9724 D 

Blakey(R.) Angler's Song Book. 1855 48 II 

Blakiston (J. R.) The Teacher: Hints on 

School Management. 1895 539J 

Blakiston (P.) Modern Society in its Religious 

and Social Aspects. 1877 569 A 

Blaksley (J.) Travels, Trips, and Trots. 1903... 2130 C 
On and Off Duty from the Tropics to the Arctic Circle. 

Blanc (C.) Art in Ornament and Dress. 1877... 1008 K 
Blanc ( H. ) Narrative of Captivity in Abyssinia. 

1868 501C 

Blanc (L. ) France : Plistory of Ten Years. 

1830-1840 2609 B 

Blanchan (N.) How to Attract Birds. 1903.. .2213 D 

- Nature's Garden : an Aid to Knowledge of 

our Wild Flowers and their Insect Visitors. 

1901 4276 D 

Blanchard (E. L.) Lazinella, and other Plays. ..559 II 

- Scott (C. W.) and Howard (C.) Life and 

Reminiscences of E. L. Blanchard. 1891.4313 B 
BLANCHE DE NAVARRE. Queen of Valois. 

Life and Times. By C. Bearne. 1899 2249 B 

Bland (H. ) Letters to a' Daughter. 1906 1 140 F 

- With the Eyes of a Man : Essays. 1905... 1538 F 

Bland (W.) Elementary Botany. 1896 6223 D 

Blanford (W. T. ) Geology and Zoologv of 

Abyssinia. 1870 .' 2074 D 

- Zoology and Geology of Eastern Persia. 1876.2232 C 
Blanqui (J. A.) History of Political Economy 

in Europe. 1880 3002 1 

BLANTYRE, Annals of. By S.Wright. 1885.9013 B 
Blaserna (P.) Theory of Sound in its Relation 

to Music. 1883 9116D 

Blatchford (A. N.) Idylls of Old Greece : Poems. 

1899 465 H 

Blatchford (R.) Book about Books. 1903 81 F 

- God and My Neighbour. 1904 3349 A 

- Merrie England. 1894 550J 





Blaichford (R.) My Favourite Books. 1900 70 F 

- Not Guilty: a Defence of the Bottom Dog. 

1906../. 3460 A 

- Ballard ( F. ) Clarion Fallacies. 1 904 1316 A 

- - Guilty : a Tribute to the Bottom Man. 

1907 1936A 

-Lee (W. T.) My Neighbour and God: a 
Criticism of " God and My Neighbour/' 
1905 1895A 

- Nemo : Labour and Luxury : a Reply to 

" Merrie England." 1895 841 J 

Blauvelt (M. T.) The Development of Cabinet 

Government in England. 1902 1202 J 

Blavatsky (H. P. ) Voice of the Silence, and 

Other Chosen Fragments from the Book 

of the Golden Precepts. 1892 996 A 

- Sinnett (A. P.) Incidents in the Life of Madame 

Blavatsky. 1886 4564 B 

- Solovyoff(S. W.) A Modern Priestess of Isis. 

1895 10140 B 

Blaze de Bury (M. P. Rose) Baroness. Moliere 

and the French Classical Drama. 1846 19 II 

- Racine and the French Classical Drama. 1845. 19 II 
Blechvnden (K.) Calcutta Past and Present. 

1905 10467B 

Bleloch (W.) New South Africa: its Value 

and Development. 1902 1811 C 

Blencowe (G.) The Sabbath Divine an 1 Regal. 

1882 2071 A 

Blennerhassett (R.) and Sleeman (L.) Adven- 
tures in Mashonaland. 1893 8504C 

BLESSING TON (M. G.) Countess of. 
Literarv Life and Correspondence. Bv R. R. 
Madden. 1855 2691 B 

Blind (M.) Biography of Ge >rge Eliot. 1883.. 2284 B 

- Dramas in Miniature. 1891 462 H 

- Life of Madame Roland. 1886 9020 B 

- Prophecy ol Saint Oran : Poems. 18S1 461 II 

- Study of Marie Bashkirtseff. 1892 4290 B 

Blindness. See Eye. 

Bliss (E. M.) Turkey and the Armenian 

Atrocities. 1896 6074 B 

Bliss (F. ].) Excavations at Jerusalem, 1894- 

1897' 2904 B 

BLISS (P. P.) Singing Pilgrim. Memoir. 

By D. W. Whittle 511 B 

Bloch (I. S.) Is War now Impossible? 

Abridged from " The War of the Future." 

is99 : mi J 

Blomfield (R.) Short History of Renaissance 

Architecture in England, 1500-1800. 1900.1181 K 

BLOOMFIELD (B.) Lord, British Minister 
at Stockholm. Memoir. Ed. by Lady 
Bloomfield. 1884 3822 B 

Bloomfield (G.) Baroness. Reminiscences of 

Courl and Diplomatic Life. 1883 3637 B 

Blouel (P.). See O'Rell (M.). 

Blount (B.) Practical Electro-Chemistry. 1901.. 27531) 

Blounl (G.) Science ol Symbols. 1905 3328 A 

ig Forth the True Reason for Symbolismand Ritual, 
their Relation to 1 he I eai hing of ( !hrisi , and their Necessary 
Adoption by all Forms of Religious Expression. 

Blowitz (H. S. de) Journalist. My Memoirs. 

1903 3715b 

BLOWPIPE Analysis, Elements of. By 

F. II. Getman. 1899 717D 

- in Chemistry, Mineralogy, and Geology. Bv 

W. A. Ross. 1889 652 I) 

Bloxam (M. II.) Principles of Gothic Eccl ias 

tical Architecture. 1843 132 K 

BLUEBEARD. By E. A. Vizetelly. 1902.. . 3223 B 
Blume(W.) Operations oi the German Armies 

in France. 1872 2919B 

BLUMENBACH (J. F.) Life and Works. 

By T. Bendyshee. 1865 2780 B 

Bliimner (II.) Home Life of the Ancient 

Greeks. 1893 10213 B 

Blunt {Lady A.) Bedouin Tribes of the Euph- 
rates. 1879 2103 C 

- Pilgrimage to Nejd : a Visit to the Court 

of the Arab Emir, and "Our Persian 

Campaign." 1881 1382 C 

Blunt (Mrs. I. E. ) The People of Turkey. 1878.8I29C 
Blunt (J. FI.) Book of Church Law. 1899.. ..2790 A 

- Key to Ancient Church History. 1871 1510 A 

- Key to Modern Church History. 1872 1511 A. 

Blunt (I. J.) Essays contributed to the Quarterly 

Review. 1860 2639 F 

Contents: — Church in India; Milton; Reformation in 
Italy; Paley ; Dr. Parr; Bishop Butler ; Cranmer ; Robert 
Hall; Adam Clarke; Church Rates; Village Preaching; 
Village Schools. 

- Sketch of the Reformation in England. 1S48. 1506 A 
Blunt (W. S.) Future of Islam. 1882 21 16 A 

- Poetry. Selected and Arranged by W. E. 

Henley and G. Wyndham. 1898 46611 

Blyth (A. F. ) Laws and Practice of Short Whist. 

1866 133K 

Blyth (P. G.) Christianity and Tradition. 1906..3417A 

Blythe(W. H.) Geometrical Drawing. 1900 58 D 

Boardman (J. II.) Notes on Palgrave's Golden 

Treasury of Songs and Lyrics 716 F 

Boas (Mrs.F.) In Shakspere's England. 1903. 10205 B 

Sketches of Queen Elizabeth; Archbishop Parker; The 
Jesuits and Independents ; Francis Bacon ; Sir Philip Sidney ; 
Sir Walter Raleigh ; Elizabethan Seamen ; The Armada ; Lord 
Howard and Essex ; Lord Burghley, Robert Cecil, and Sir 
Francis Walsingham ; Spenser; Marlowe; Shakspere. 

- With Milton and the Cavaliers. 1904 9941 B 

Contents : —Charles I.; Oliver Cromwell; The Cavaliers; 
Pi ince Rupert, Montrose, and Goring ; The Puritans; Hamp- 
den and Hutchinson ; Strafford and Pym ; Laud and Juxon; 
Bunyan ; Jeremy Taylor, Baxter and Fox ; George Herbert 
and Lord Falkland ; Lord Clarendon and Sir T. Browne; 
The Poets: Waller. Carew, Herrick, Lovelace, and Suckling 
Vaughan, Treherne, Crashaw, and Cowley ; Milton. 

Boase (C. W.) Historic Oxford. 1887 9275 B 

Boase (H. S.) Essay on Human Nature. 1865. ..607 A 

Boating. See Rowing. 

Boats. S-'e Yachts. 

Bock (C.) Temples and Elephants : a Journey 
of Exploration through Upper Siam and 
Lao. 1884 2500C 

Boddy (A. A.) Days in Galilee and Scenes in 

Judaea. 1900 2247 C 

- From the Egyptian Ramleh. 1900 1706 C 

Sketches of Delta Life and Scenes in Lower Egypt. 

- To Kairwan the Holy: Scenes in Muham- 

medan Africa. 1885 8138C 

Bodington (A.) Studits in Evolution and 

Biology. 1890 9422 D 

Bodington (P. E.) Solvency or Salvation? a 

Book for Millionaires. 1901 1659 F 

Bodkin ( R. C. ) How to Reason. 1 906 1 920 A 

Bodley (J. E. C.) France. 1898 4686 B 

Contents: — Vol. 1. The Revolution and Modern France. 
The Constitution and the Chief of the State. 

Vol. 2. The Parliamentary System. Political Parties. 

Bodmer (G. R.) Inspection of Railway Materials. 

1902 618D 

- Treatise on Hydraulic Motors and Turbines. 

1902 1272D 

Boehm (Sir E. C.) Persian Gulf and South Sea 

Isles. 1904 1769C 

An Account of a Trip up the Persian Gulf in 1901. 

Boer War. See Africa, War with the Boer States. 
Boers. Sec Africa, South, (.'ape of Good Hope, 
Orange River Colony, Transvaal. 

6 4 




Bogg (E.) Account of the Lower Valley of the 

Yore and the Vale of Mowbray. 1906. .. 2415 C 

- From Eden Vale to the Plains of York. 1901.3057 C 

- Old Kingdom of Elmet : York and the Ainsty 

District. 1902 2907 B 

- Two Thousand Miles in Wharfedale. 1904...2352C 

- Two Thousand Miles of Wandering in the 

Border Country, Lakeland, and Ribble- 

dale. 189S 3051 C 

- Wensleydale and the Lower Vale of the Yore. 6002 C 
Bogle (G.) Narrative of Bogle's Mission to 

Tibet. By Sir C. R. Markham. 1876 ...1961 C 


Baker (J.) Pictures from Bohemia. 1894 3065 C 

Cole (G. A. J.) The Gvpsy Road. 1894 999 C 

1 lodgson (R. L.) On Plain and Peak. 1898. 2530 C 
Liitzow (F. ) Count. Historical Sketch of 

Bohemia. 1896 6019B 

Maurice (C. E.) Story of Bohemia. 1896. .. 10217 B 
See also Prague. 

Bohn (H. G.) Handbook of Proverbs. 1893 ...662 F 

- Pottery, Porcelain, and other Objects of 

Verm, 1892 134 K 

Boies(H. M.) Science of Penology. 1901 2313J 

Boileau (J.) CBuvres, avec Notes et Imitations 
des Auteurs Ancien, precedees d'une Notice 

par C. A. Sainte-Beuve. 1858 1951 Mil 

Boileau (N. ) Par G. Lanson. 1900 233 MB 


Armstrong (R.) Construction of Steam 

Boilers. 1871 320 D 

Bale (M. P.) Handbook for Steam Users. 

1900 843 D 

Day (C.) Engine and Boiler Testing. 1897... 1654 D 

Donkin (B.) Heat Efficiency of Steam 

Boilers. 1898 4050 D 

Ford (W. II.) Boiler Making. 1899 12 1) 

Grimshaw (H.) Kitchen Boiler and Water 

Pipes. 1887 3360 D 

Haddon (I. J. and H.) Treatise for Boiler- 
Makers. 1900 658 D 

HornerQ.) Plating and Boiler-Making. 1895. 1293 D 

Hutton (W. S.) Steam Boiler Construction 

1891 3043 D 

Kent (W.) Steam Boiler Economy. 1901... 2476 D 

Kitchen Boiler Connections. 1899 2019 D 

Leask (A. R.) Engines and Boilers Manage- 
ment. 1899 1260 D 

Le Van (W. B.) Practical Management of 
Boilers. 1897 10270 D 

Marine Boilers : their Priming and General 

Management. 1891 10276 D 

Munro (R. D.) Kitchen Boiler Explosions. 

1895 10138 D 

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See also Machinery. 

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Apparitions, Dreams, Somnambulism, etc. 

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Book to Young Men. 1895 180F 

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- See also Asia. 

Bolas (T.) Dyes, Stains, Inks, Lacquers, 
Varnishes, and Polishes : How to Make 
and Use Them. 1900 1579 D 

- Etching on Metal, Niello and Metal In- 

laying. 1900 1580 D 

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- and Others. Handbook of Photography in 

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the Tariff. 1902 1295 J 


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- Iron-Founder : a Treatise on Moulding. 

1893 9747 D 

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1876 2766 B 

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Bolton (G.) Book of Beasts and Birds. 1903.. 1530 D 
Bolton (S. K.) Famous Artists. 1892 10028B 

Contents : — Biographies of Michael Angelo ; Leonardo da 
Vinci ; Raphael ; Titian ; Murillo ; Rubens ; Rembrandt. 

Boml»augh (C. C.) Gleanings for the Curious, 
from the Harvest-Fields of Literature. 
1892 2630 F 


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Clutterbuck (G. W.) In India; or, Bombay 

the Beautiful. 1897 1213C 

Hunter (Sir W. W.) Bombay, 1885-1890: 

a Study in Indian Administration. 1892... 2096 J 
See also India. 
Bompas (G.C.) Life of Frank Buckland. 1885.9046 B 

- Problem of the Shakespeare Plays. 1902. .. 1846 F 

BONAPARTE (MADAM) Life and Letters. 

By E. E. Didier. 1879 1982B 

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Bond (]. J.) Handy-Book of Rules and Tables. 

1869 2438 B 

Giving an Account of the Chief Christian Eras and Sys- 
tems used by Various Nations for Determining the Corres- 
ponding Dates. 

Boner (C ) Transylvania : its Products and its 

People. 1865 . 1720 C 

- Kettle (R.M.) Memoirs and Letters of C. Boner. 

1871 1399B 

Bonneau (A. ) Life of Madame de Beauharnais 
de Miramion. 1629-1696. Ed. by Lady 

Herbert. 1870 1070 B 

Bonnechose (E. de) History of France to 1848.2612 B 
Bonnefon (J. de). Drame Imperial. 1888 297 MB 




Bonner (C.) Ed. The Sunday School Hymnary : 
a Twentieth Century Hymnal for Young 
People. 1905 2781 K 

Bonner (II. B.) Life and Work of C. Bradlaugh. 

1894 4536 B 

Bonner (T. D. ) Life and Adventures of J. P. 
Beckwourth, Mountaineer and Scout. 
1892 4373 B 

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Bonney (T. G.) Alpine Regions of Switzerland. 

1868 1718C 

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- Ice-Work, Presented Past. 1896 101 75 D 

-Story of Our Planet. 1893 3392 D 

- Volcanoes : their Structure and Significance. 

1899 4049 D 

Bonomi (|.) Egypt, Nubia, and Ethiopia, 

illustrated by Photographs. 1862 2958 C 

- Nineveh and its Palaces. 1853 1867 C 

Bonsai (S.) Morocco as It Is. 1893 8491 C 

Bonvalot (G. ) Across Thibet. 1891 2761 C 

- Through the Heart of Asia. 1889 3012 C 

Bon wick (T. ) British Colonies and their Re- 
sources. 1886 8212 C 

- Daily Life and Origin of the Tasmanians. 

1870 3196 B 

- Last of the Tasmanians. 1870 2726 B 

An Account of the Black Wax of Van Dieman's Land. 

- Romance of the Wool Trade. 1887 561 J 

Book of Birthdays ; or, Anniversary Poetry of 

Human Life 57 H 


Adam (P.) Practical Bookbinding. 1903. .. 1042 D 
Bouchot (H.) The Book ; its Printers and 

Binders. 1890 3188 F 

Cockerell (D. ) Bookbinding and the Care of 

Books. 1901 1104 D 

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1885 8676 D 

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1896 9492 D 

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All about Bookkeeping 1712 D 

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Students. 1903 1956 D 

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Entry. 1898 .' 54D 

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|oiin on {(',.) Book -keeping and Accounts. 

1905 2030 1) 

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Double Kntry. 1877 3550 1) 

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English. System of Book-keeping 673 1) 


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Scouller (J.) Practical Book-keeper. 1905... 1939 D 
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1879 8061 D 

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See also Accountancy. 


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1882.: 1390F 

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Blackburn (H.) Art of Book Illustration. 

1894 2507 K 

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- My Favourite Books. 1900 70 F 

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1903 2708 K 

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1901 1240K 

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Nevinson (II. W.) Books and Personalities. 

1905 1570F 






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1882 1503 F 

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John Murray. 1891 ...4235B 

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1900 2264 C 

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- Treatise on the Calculus of Finite Differences. 

1880 8218 D 

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Historical and Antiquarian Sketches of Shropshire. 

Boosey (T. ) Anecdotes of Fish and Fishing. 

1887 1010 K 

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to Church and State. 1890 2534A 

- Tucker ( F. de L.B.) Life of C. Booth. 1892.... 4357 B 
Booth (Charles) Life and Labour of the People 

in London. 1892 2015J 

- Pauperism : a Picture, and the Endowment of 

Old Age : an Argument. 1892 559 J 

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By A. B. Clarke 2363B 

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Travels in Bulgaria and Macedonia, 1903-4. 
BOOTH (R. T.) of the Blue Ribbon Movement. 

Life. By E. Black well. 1883 2373 B 

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In Darkest England and the Way Out. 

1890 2219J 

A Description of a Scheme for the Social Regeneration 
of England. 

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Prevention and Fuel Economy. 1904 1901 D 

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Memoirs, 1804 to 1809. 1900 2361 B 

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nometry for Schools. 1904 6019 D 

Borchgrevink (C. E.) First on the Antarctic 

Continent. 1901.. .2827 C 

Being an Account of the British Antarctic Expedition, 

Borgia (Lucretia). See Lucretia Borgia. 


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1880 1304C 

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1880 874 C 

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1891 ....8435 C 

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1899 6055 B 

MacgregorQ. ) Through the BufferState. 1896. 1356 C 
Marryatt (F. S.) Borneo and the Indian 

Archipelago. 1 848 3020 C 

See also Asia, Brooke (Sir J.) Rajah, Malaysia. 
BORODIN (A. P. ) Musician, and Liszt. By 

A. Habets. 1902 9753B 

BOROUGHBRIDGE. Guide to. By W. T. Swain. 

1893 1790 C 

Borrow (G. ) Bible in Spain. 1899 786 C 

- Wild Wales : its People, Language and Scenery. 

1888 823C 

- Zincali : or an Account of the Gypsies of Spain. 

1893 787C 

Bosanquet (C. ) Consoler and the Sufferer. 1870. 404 A 

Sermons on the Raising of Lazarus and the Passion Sayings 
of Christ. 

Bosanquet (H. ) Rich and Poor. 1896 566 T 

- Standard of Life : Essays. 1906 3045 J 

Contents: — Lines of Industrial Conflict; Psychology of 
Social Progress ; Origin and History of the English Poor Law ; 
Klassenkampf ; Industrial Residuum; Burden of Small Debts; 
Marriage in East London ; Children of Working London ; Old 
Pensioners ; Meaning and Methods of True Charity ; Education 
cf Women ; Industrial Training of Women ; Little Drudges 
and Troublesome Boys; Apology for "False Statements"; 
Hundred Years Ago ; Two Thousand Years Ago. 

- Strength of the People : a Study in Social 

Economics. 1903 2335 J 

Boseley (I.) Living Loom ; or, Light on Factory 

Life. 1890 565 J 


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1890 , 2980C 

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1904 2353 C 

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East. 1898 2452 C 

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1853 409B 

See also Balkans. 

6 7 




Bosphorus. See Constantinople, Turkey. 
BOSSUEKJ. B.) Divine. Par A. Rebelliau. 232 MB 

- and his Contemporaries. 1874 1685 B 

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People. By M. A. De W. Howe. 1903.. 10101 B 
Boswell (J.) Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides. 

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Local Flora. 

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See also Agriculture, Algae, Bacteria, Evolution, 

Ferns, Flowers, Forestry, Fungi, Gardening, 

Grasses, Mosses, Orchids, Vine. 

BOTTICELLI (S.) Painter. 

-Biography. By E. Steinmann. 1901 4790 B 

- Life and Works. By A. Streeter. 1903 9757 B 

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shop. 1902 987D 

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tical Notes for Church Teachers 2524 A 

Boucher (Lady) Memoir of Admiral Sir E. 

Codrington. 1875 2576 B 

Bouchot (II.) The Book: its Printers, Illus- 
trators, and Binders. 1890 3188 F 

BOUGH (SAM.) Pai7iter. Life and Works. 

By S. Gilpin. 1905 2596 B 

Boughton (G. H.) and Abbey (E. A.) Sketch- 
ing Rambles in Holland. 1885 2853 C 


of. Life. By H. Kirke. 1904 9596 B 

Boulding (J. W.) Agnus Dei: a Poem 464 H 

Boulger (D. C. ) Congo State: the Growth of 

of Civilisation in Central Africa. 1898.... 3098 B 

- India in the Nineteenth Century. 1901 2459 B 

-Life of Gen. C. Gordon. 1898 4664 B 

- Lord William Bentinck, Ruler of India. 1892.9869 B 

-Short History of China. 1893 3906 B 

Boulger (G. S.) Familiar Trees. 1906 8957 D 

Boulnois (H. P.) Housing of the Labouring 

Classes and Back-to-Back Houses. 1901 426 D 
Boultbee (E. F. ) Lip- Reading for the Use of 

the Deaf. 1902 957 D 

BOULTBEE (T. B.) Life. By G. Calthrop. 1884.276 A 
Boulton (F.) Reminiscences of the North- 
West Rebellions : with a Record of the 
Raising of H.M. 100th Regiment in 

Canada. 1886 2183 B 

BOULTON (M.) Engineer. Life. By S. Smiles. 

1874 1621 B 

Boulton (W. B.) Thomas Gainsborough: his 

Life and Work. 1905 2597 B 

BOUNTY, H.M.S. Mutiny of. 1885 491 B 

BOURBONS, First of the. By Lady C. C. 

Jackson. 1890 9614 B 

- Marriages of the. By D. A. Bingham. 1890.. 41 19 B 

Bourdeau (J.) La Rouchefoucauld 265MB 

Bourget (P.) Etudes et Portraits 298MB 

Bourinot (Sir J. G.) Canada under British Rule, 

1760-1900. 1900 1264 B 

-Story of Canada. 1897 9420 B 

Bourke (J. G.) On the Border with Crook. 1892.2760 C 
The Author gives a Sketch of the State of Affairs in 
Arizona and Adventures of Ainsley and his Comrades before 
the Arrival of General Crook in 1870. 

- The Snake Dance of the Moquis of Arizona. 

1884 2445 C 

A Narrative of a Journey from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to 
the Villages of the Moqui Indians of Arizona, with Des- 
cription of the Manners and Customs of the People. 

Bourne (C. E.) The Great Composers : Stories 

of the Lives of Eminent Musicians 2271 B 

Bourne (G.) The Bettesworth Book: Talks 

with a Surrey Peasant. 1901 1502 F 

Bcurne (G. C.) Comparative Anatomy of 

Animals. 1900 357 D 

Bourne (H. E.) Teaching of History and Civics 

in the School. 1902 1237 J 

Bourne (H. R. F.) Civilisation in Congoland : 

a Story of Wrong Doing. 1903 2337 J 

- English Merchants: Memoirs in Illustration 

of the Progress of English Commerce. 

1866 1660 B 

- English Seamen under the Tudors. 1868... 2585 B 

- Liie of John Locke. 1876 3065 B 

-Life of Sir P. Sidney. 1891 9835 B 

- Memoirs of Sir P. Sidney. 1862 2845 B 

- Romance of Trade 1036 J 

- Story of Our Colonies. 1869 957 C 

- The Other Side of the Emin Pasha Relief 

Expedition. 1891 8414 C 

Bourne (J.) Catechism of the Steam Engine. 1872.322 D 

- Improvements in the Steam Engine. 1880. ...324 D 





Bourrienne (L. A. F. de) Memoirs of Napoleon I. 

1885 8812 B 

Boutell (C. ) Arms and Armour in Antiquity 

and the Middle Ages. 1902 ..9467B 

- English Heraldry. 1879 465B 

Bouterwek (F. ) History of Spanish Literature. 

1847 709 F 

Boutmy (E.) English Constitution. 1891 544J 

- English People : a Study of their Political 

Psychology. 1904 2361 T 

Boutroux (E.) Pascal 261 MB 

Bovill (J. H. ) Natives under the Transvaal 

Flag. 1900 1186J 

Bouverie (E. O. P. ) Rackets. {Badminton Library). 

1890 90 K 

Bowack ( W. M.) Another View of Industrialism. 

1903 1315 J 

Bowden (H. S.) Religion of Shakespeare. 1899.3197 A 
BowdenQ.) Naturalist in Norway. 1869 736 C 

Notes on the Wild Animals, Birds, Fishes, and Plants, of 

Bowdich (T. E. ) Mission from Cape Coast 

Castle to Ashantee. 1873 1177C 

Bowdoin (W. G.) J. McNeill Whistler, the 

Man and his Work. 1902 3023 B 

Bowen (E. E.) Sentences for Translation into 

French. 1890 30F 

Bowen (F.) Life of Baron Steuben : American 

General. 1834 430 B 

- Life of Benjamin Lincoln. American General. 

1847 444B 

- Life of James Otis : American Statesman. 1847. 433 B 

- Life of Sir William Phips : Governor of 

Massachusetts. 1834 428 B 

Bowen (W. E.) Ritualism in the English 

Church. 1904 1351 A 

- Ed. The Faith of Centuries : Addresses and 

Essays on Subjects Connected with the 

Christian Religion. 1897 2786 A 

Bower (F. O.) Practical Instruction in Botany. 

1891 9645 D 

Bowes (G. S.) Conversation : Why Don't We 

do More Good by It? 1886 1662 F 

Bowick (T.) Crops of the Farm : a Handbook. 

1883 8388 D 

Bowie (A. G. ) Romance of the Savings Banks. 

1898 958 J 

Bowker (A.) Ed. Alfred the Great : Chapters 

on his Life and Times. 1899 1004 B 

Bowker (R. G.) Arts of Life. 1900 1614 A 

Contents: — Education, Business, Politics, Religion. 

Bowker (W. R. ) Dynamo, Motor, and Switch- 
board Circuitsfor Electrical Engineers. 1904. 1889D 
Bowles (F. G.) Flotsam and Jetsam. 1882. ...1152 C 

A Yachtsman's Experiences at Sea and Ashore. 

Bowles (W. L.) Poetical Works 1541 H 

BOWLS, Handbook of. By J. M. Walker. 1892.121 K 
Bowmaker (E. ) Housing of the Working Classes. 

1895 1211J 

Bowman (A.) Acting Charades and Proverbs. 

1891 136 K 

- New Cookery Book 9631 D 

Bowman (F. II.) Structure of the Wool Fibre. 

1885 25501) 

- Text Book of 1'hysical Science. 1882 6122D 

Bowman (I.) Story of Lewis Carroll : Told for 

Young People hy the Real Alice; in Won- 
derland, Miss Isa Bowman. 1899 1720 B 

Bowne (E. S.) A Girl's Life Eighty Years 

Ago. 1888 4043 B 

Bownes (J.) Story Without Names : I'ocnis 150 11 

Bowring (Sir J. ) Autobiographical Recollections, 

with a Brief Memoir byL.B. Bowring. J 877.315515 

Box (T.) Practical Hydraulics. 1892 9901 J) 

- Practical Treatise on Heat 1891 9909 D 

- Strength of Materials. 1893 9902 D 

Boxall (G. E.) Anglo-Saxon Study in Evolution. 

1902 1310 J 

- Evolution of the World and of Man. 1905. ..1760 D 

- Story of the Australian Bushrangers. 1899.. 1325 B 

Donelly (N.) Self-Defence ; or, the Art of 

Boxing. 1901 656 K 

Michell (E. B. ) Boxing. {Badminton Library). 
1904 91K 

Winn (R. G. A.) Boxing. [Isthmian 

Library). 1897 580 K 

- Boxing for Amateurs. 1899 16 K 

- Handbook of Boxing. 1890 120K 

- and Walker (C. E.) Guide to Boxing. 1903.766 K 

Boyce (S. S. ) Treatise on Hemp. 1900 860 D 

Boyd (A. K. H.) Autumn Holidays of a Country 

Parson. 1865 ." 878 F 

- Commonplace Philosopher in Town and Country. 

1864 1049F 

- Counsel and Comfort spoken from a City Pulpit. 

1866 ... 147A 

- Graver Thoughts of a Country Parson. 1865. .401 A 

- Landscapes, Churches, and Moralities : Essays. 

1874 1002F 

- Last Years of St. Andrews, 1890-1895. 1896.6027 B 

- Leisure Hours in Town. 1865 1128 F 

- Lessons of Middle Age, with some Account of 

Various Cities and Men. 1868 698 F 

- Occasional and Immemorial Days : Sermons. 

1895 2787 A 

- Our Homely Comedy and Tragedy. 1887. ..1717 F 

Contents : — Prose Idylls of the Seasons ; Outings of a Stay- 
at-Home Soul ; Looking Back ; Churchmen Who never got 
their Due ; Good Men who have Helped. 

- Present Day Thoughts: Sermons. 1871 ..337 A 

-Recreations of a Country Parson. 1878 879 F 

- Seaside Musings on Sundays and Weekdays. 

1872 61A 

- Towards the Sunset : Teachings after Thirty 

Years. 1883 243 A 

- Twenty-Five Years of St. Andrews, 1865-1890. 

1892 4297B 

An Account of the Author's Life as Minister of First Charge 
St. Andrews, Scotland. 

- What Set Him Right : Sermons. 1885 2188 A 

Boyd (M.) Reminiscences of Fifty Years. 1871. 1128 B 

- Social Gleanings. 1875 1160 F 

A Collection of Anecdotes and Reminiscencs. 

Boyd (M. S.) Versailles Christmas-Tide. 1901.2233 C 
Boyd (R. N.) Coal Mines Inspection. 1879... 2026 J 

- Coal Pits and Pitmen : a Short History of 

the Coal Trade and the Legislation 
affecting It. 1892 549 J 

- Petroleum : its Development and Uses. 1895.606 D 

Boyesen (H. H.) Story of Norway. 1900 9705 B 

Boyle (Sir C.) Lecture on Gibraltar. 1899.... 6059 B 
Boyle (E. V.) Seven Gardens and a Palace. 

1900 1263 D 

Reveries upon English and Scotch Gardens, Old Legends, 
The Ways of Squirrels, Chaffinches, and Wagtails. 

- Sylvana's Letters to an Unknown Friend. 

1900. 1776D 

A Series of Letters on Gardens. 
Boyle (F.j Legends of My Bungalow : Stories 
Connected with the Curios in the Author's 
Collection. 1882 8008C 

- Through Fanteeland to Coomassie. 1874 2948 B 

Diary of the Ashantee Expedition! 

- To the Cape for Diamonds. 1873 1065C 

Digging Experiences in South Africa. 





Boyle (G. IX) Dean. My Aids to. the Divine 

Life. 1884 15J2A 

- Recollections. 1895 4523 B 

Boyle (R.) On the High Veneration Man's 

Intellect Owes to God. 1833 133 A 

iBoyne (W.) Tokens Issued in the Seventeenth 

Century by Corporations, Merchants, and 

Tradesmen. 1858 2727 15 

Bovnton (H. W.) Journalism and Literature: 

Essavs. 1904 1163 F 

- Life and Work of Bret Harte. 1905 99 B 

Boys (C. V.) Soap Bubbles and the Forces 

which Mould Them. 1890 6342 D 


Beard (D. C. ) Arts and Handicrafts for 

Boys. 1900 1292 K 

Beard (W. S.) Employment for Boys on Leaving 
School 73 J 

Clever Boys of Our Time 20 B 

Leighton (R. L. ) Boy and his School: 
What it Can and What it Cannot Give 
Him. 1905 368 J 

Lyttelton (E.) Problems in the Home Train- 
ing of Boys. 1892 797J 

Miles (E.) Boy's Control and Self-Expres- 

sion. 1904 1396 D 

Pechell(M. L.) and Nolan (J. J.) Profes- 
sions for Boys and How to Enter Them. 
1899 1096 J 

Richmond (E.) Boyhood: a Plea for Con- 
tinuity in Education. 1898 894 J 

- Plea for Ideals for Boys. 1899 2828 A 

Smith (H. B. ) Boys and their Management 

in School. 1905 377J 

Urwick (E. J.) Studies of Boy Life in Our 

Cities. 1904 1399 J 

Brabrook (Sir E. W.) Provident Societies and 

Industrial Welfare. 1898 567 J 

Brace (C. L.) Manual of Ethnology. 1869... 1507 D 
Brackenbury (C. B.) Story of Frederick the 

Great. 1884 9049 B 

Brackenbury (Sir H.) The Ashanti War: a 

Narrative. 1874 3329 B 

- The River Column. 1885 8225C 

A Narrative of the Nile Expeditionary Force to Rescue 
General Gordon. 

Bradbury (F. ) Calculations in Yarns and Fabrics. 

1900 59D 

-Carpet Manufacture. 1904 1966 D 

Bradden (Sir E. ) Thirty Years of Shikar. 1895.2864 C 
Experiences of Sport in India. 

Braden (W.) Beautiful Gleaner. 1875 554 A 

Being Familiar Expositions of the Book of Ruth. 


by A. F. Leach. 1900 3009 B 

Bradford (A. H.) Inward Light : Essays. 1904.3312 A 

Contents: — Immanent God; Spirit and Life ; Sanctity of 
Duty ; The Creeds ; Bibles of the World ; Continuous 
Leadership of the Spirit. 

Bradford ( 1 ohn) Martyr. Writings 347 A 


Collinson (E.) History of the Worsted Trade 

and Historic Sketch of Bradford. 1854 176 J 

Cudworth (W. ) Historical Notes on the 

Bradford Corporation. 1881 3746 B 

- Histories of Manningham, Heaton, and Aller- 
ton. 1896 2814 B 

- Round about Bradford. 1876 8082 C 

- History of Bradford. 1841 2811 B 

Scruton (W. ) Pen and Pencil Sketches of Old 

Bradford. 1891 2701 B 

Speight (H.) Pleasant Walks Around Bradford. 

1890 8564 C 

See also Horton. 

BRADLAUGH (C) : his Life and Work. By 

II. B. Bonner. 1894 ......4536 B 

Bradley (A. C.) Commentary on Tennyson's 

In Memoriam. 1901 631 F 

- Shakespearean Tragedy : Lectures on Hamlet, 

Othello, King Lear, Macbeth. 1905 1877 F 

Bradley (A. G.) Biography of Captain Tohn 

Smith. 1905 10404 B 

- Canada in the Twentieth Century. 1903 2469 C 

- Fight with France for North America. 1902.2664 B 

- Highways and Byways in North Wales. 1898. 1370 C 

- Highways and Byways in the Lake District. 

1901 8614C 

- History of Marlborough College. 1893 9964 B 

- Owen Glyndwr and the Last Struggle for 

Welsh Independence. 1901 10358 B 

- Sketches from Old Virginia. 1897 2898 F 

Bradley (E. T.) Life of Arabella Stuart. 1889.9631 B 
Bradley (G. G. ) Dean. Lectures on the Book 

of Job. 1888 ; 2857 A 

Bradley (H.) Making of English. 1904 1202 F 

The Object of this Book is to give to Educated Readers 
who are Unversed in Philology some Notion of the Causes 
that have Produced the Excellence and Defects of the Modern 
English Language as a Means of Expression. 

- Story of the Goths. 1888 9439 B 

Bradley (J. W. ) and Goodwin (T. G.) Manual 

of Illumination ! 555 K 

Bradley(T.) Cyclist's Guide to Yorkshire. 1900.8584 C 

- Old Coaching Days in Yorkshire. 1889 1832C 

Bradley (W. ) Wreck of the Nisero, and Our 

Captivity in Sumatra. 1884 8175 C 

Bradshaw (B. ) Dictionary of Mineral Waters, 
Health Resorts, Sea Baths, and Hydro- 
pathic Establishments. 1888 6004 C 

BRADSHAW (H.) Librarian. Memoir. By G. 

W. Prothero. 1888 4619 B 

Brady (J. ) Varieties of Literature. 1826 1022 F 

Contents : — Collection of Proverbs ; Miscellanea ; Editor's 
Focket-Book: Curious Derivations ; Derivation of the Names 
of Places. 

Braekstad (II. L.) Constitution of Norway. 1905.227 J 
BRAHMANISM, Lecture on. By F. D. 

Maurice. 1871 86 A 

See also India. 

BRAHMS (J. ) Musician. Biography. By N. 

Antcliffe. 1905 41 B 

Braid (J.) Golf Guide, and How to Play Golf. 

1906 1944 K 

Braidwood (J.) Fire Prevention and Fire Ex- 
tinction. 1866 1474D 

Braikenridge (I. M.) Memorials of Renee of 

France. 1859 1377 B 

Brailsford (H. N.) Macedonia : its Races and 

their Future. 1906 2416 J 

The Author's object is to explain the nature of Turkish 
Rule as it effects the Peasantry of Macedonia. 

Brain (B. M.) The Transformation of Hawaii. 

1890 2886 A 

How Fifty Years of Mission Work gave a Christian Nation 
to the World. ■ 


Bastian (H. C. ) Brain as an Oigan of Mind. 

1885 9113 D 

Calderwood (H.) Relations of Brain and 

Mind. 1884 670A 

Donaldson (H.H.)Growthofthe Brain. 1895.8371 D 
Loeb (J.) Comparative Physiology of the 

Brain. 1901 1941 D 

Luys (J. B.) Brain and its Function. 1883. 9110 D 
Thomson (W. H.) Brain and Personality. 

1907...... ,< 3457 A 

See also Insanity, Phrenology, Psychology. 





BRAINERD (E.) American Missionary. 

Life. By W. B. O. Peabody. 1851 429 B 

Brakespeare (E. J.) Life of Mozart. 1902 755 B 

Bramley. See Leeds. 

Brampton (Sir H. Hawkins) Lord. Remini- 
scences. 1906 1941 B 

Bramston (M.) Judea and her Rulers 2307 B 

Bramwell (J. M.) Hypnotism: its History, 

Practice, and Theory. 1903 1352 A 

Bramwell (W. C.) Woolcarder's Vade Mecum. 

1881 84381) 

Branch (E. A.) Freehand for Teachers and 

Art Students. 1905 3166 K 

Brand (J.) Popular Antiquities of Great Brit- 
ain. 1888 9079B 

Brandes(G.) Impressions of Russia. 1889 8378 C 

- Main Currents in Nineteenth Century Litera- 

ture. 1901 1830 F 

Contents: — Vol. 1.— Emigrant Literature. 2. — Romantic 
School in Germany. 3. — Reaction in France. 4. — ■ 
Naturalism in England. 5. — Romantic School in France. 
6. — Young Germany. 

- William Shakespeare : a Critical Study. 1898.3204 F 
Brandram (S. ) Selections from Shakespeare: 

Recitations, with an Essay on Elocution. ..9212 F 
Brandt (F. ) Games, Gaming, and the Gamester's 

Law. 1873 491 K 

Brannt (W. T.) Metal Worker's Handy-Book. 

1890 9665 D 

- Raw Materials and the Distillation of Alcohol. 

1885 9752 D 

- and Wahl (W. W. ) Techno-Chemical Receipt 

Book. 1896 9677 D 

Branson (G. A. H.) Stock Exchange and its 

Machinery. 1903 2334 J 


Buchanan (J. F.) Brassfounders' Alloys. 1901.1407 D 
Gawthorpe (T. J.) Art of Brass Repousse 

for Amateurs. 1899 442 K 

Graham (W.) Brassfounders' Manual. 1892... 70 D 
Larkin (J.) Brass and Iron Founders' Guide. 

1903 6669D 

See also Art, Decorative, Metal -Work. 
BRASSES, Monumental. Manual of. By H. 

Haines. 1848 3614B 

Brasseur (G. Le) Hints on Cookery. 1891 9625 D 

Brassey (A.) Lady. In the Trades, the Tropics, 

and the Roaring Forties. 1886 2347 C 

- Sunshine and Storm in the East. 1880 1741 C 

Cruises to Cyprus and Constantinople. 

- Voyage in the Sunbeam. 1878 2052 C 

A Record of Scenes and Experiences during a Voyage 
Round the World. 

Brassey (T.) L^ord. British Navy : its Strength, 

Resources, and Administration. 1882 2233 J 

- Fifty Years of Progress ; and the New Fiscal 

Policy. 1904 2356 J 

Brassey (T.) Lectures on the Labour Question. 

1878 2027 1 

- Work and Wages. 1872 574 J 

- Helps (A.) Life and Labours of T. Brassey. 

1872 2846B 

Brassey (T. A.) Problems of Empire. 1904. ...2374 J 
Papers and Addresses on Imperial Federation, and Tariff 

Bray (Mrs. A. E.) Autobiography. Ed. by 

J A. Kempe. 1884 ..9090 B 

-Good St. Louis and his Times. 1870 1804B 

-Joan of Arc. 1874 1806B 

- Revolt of the Protestants of the Cevennes. 

1870 946B 

With an A< i ount of the Hu-uenots of the 17th Century. 

Bray (Mrs. C.) Elements of Morality. 1882.. 2067 A 
Bray (Charles) Manual of Anthropology. 1871. . 9175 D 

Bray (S. E.) School Organisation. 1905 231 J 


Atchison (C. C) Winter Cruise in Summer 

Seas. 1891 2686 C 

Brazil: its History and People. 1860 360 B 

Burton (Sir R. F.) Highlands of the Brazil. 

1869 152!) C 

Clowes (Sir W. L.) Attempted Revolution in 

Brazil in 1893-4. 1902 515 B 

Dent (H. C.) A Year in Brazil. 1886 2536 C 

Dumas (A.) Un Pays lnconnu 516 MC 

Dundonald (T. ) wth Earl of . Narrative of 

Services in Brazil. 1859 2889 B 

Edgcumbe (E. R. P.) Holiday in Brazil. 

1887 8293 C 

Ford (I. N.) Travels in Brazil. 1893 2803 C 

Mill (H. R. ) Resources and Advantages of 

Brazil. 1900 1353 C 

Mulhall (M. G.) Rio Grande Do Sul and its 

^ German Colonies. 1873 1167C 

Santa- Anna Nery ( F. de) Land of the Amazons. 

1901 1855 C 

Smith (II. H.) Brazil : the Amazons and the 

Coast. 1880 2182C 

Wells (J. W.) Three Thousand Miles through 

Brazil. 1886 2487 C 

See also Amazon, America, South. 


Richardson (Sir B. W. ) Healthy Manufacture 
of Bread. 1884 8682 D 

Unwin (Mrs. C.) The Hungry Forties: Life 

under the Bread Tax. 1904 343 J 

Wells (R.) Bread and Biscuit Baker's Assis- 
tant. 1896 666 D 

- Modern Practical Bread Baker 9701 D 

- See also Cookery. 

Breakell (M. L.) Water Colour Painting for 

Beginners. 1904 1939 K 

Breare (W. II.) Vocalism : its Structure and 

Culture. 1904 2733 K 

Brearley(H.) and Ibbotson (F. ) Analysis of 

Steel- Works Materials. 1902 1913 D 

Breathing. See Lungs. 

Breed (D. R. ) History and Use of Hymns and 

Hymn-Tunes. 1903 1298 K 

Breen (II. II.) Modern English Literature: its 

Blemishes and Defects. 1857 2051 F 

BREMER (F.) Swedish Novelist. Life, Letters, 

and Posthumous Works. Ed. by her Sister. 

1868 1440 B 

- Twelve Months with Fredrika Bremer in 

Sweden. By M. Howitt. 1865-6 855 C 

Bremner (C. S. ) A Month in a Dandi. 1 891... 2680 C 

Woman's Wanderings in Northern India. 

Bremner (D.) Industries of Scotland: Rise, 

Progress, and Present Condition. 1869. ..2029 J 

Bremner (R. L.) Modern Pilgrimage from 

Theology to Religion. 1904 1866 A 

Brenner (Madame) Gymnastics for Ladies 2576 K 

Brentano (Franz) Origin of the Knowledge of 

Right and Wrong": 1902 1237 A 

Brentano (F. F. ) Cagliostro and Company: 
Sequel to the Story of the Diamond Neck- 
lace. 1902 9412 B 

Diamond Necklace. 1901 2402 B 

Being the True Story of Marie-Antoinette and Cardinal de 

Princes and Poisoners. 1901 

Studies of the Court of Louis XIV. 






Brenton (E. P.) Naval History of Great Britain. 

1837 3523B 

Brereton (W. II.) Truth about Opium. 1882... 2030 1 

Bresslau (M. II.) Hebrew Grammar. 1895 597 F 

Breton (J.) Life of an Artist. 1891 9751 B 

Brett (A.) Five Years' Penal Servitude. 1878.. 21 17 B 

- Whitecross and the Bench. 1879 1965 B 

Life as it Used to be in the two Debtors' Prisons of London. 

Brett (R. B.) Root prints of Statesmen during 

the Eighteenth Century. 1892 9900 B 

-- The Yoke of Empire. 1897 10303 B 

Sketches of the Queen's Prime Ministers : Lord Melbourne, 
Sir Robert Peel, the Prince Consort, Lord Palmerston, Lord 
Beaconsfield, Mr. Gladstone. 

Brett (W. H.) Indian Tribes of Guiana : their 

Condition and Habits. 1868 1654C 

Breul (K. ) Teaching of Modern Foreign Lan- 
guages in Our Secondary Schools. 1898... 805 F 

Brewer (E. C.) Dictionary of Miracles. 1884. ..2904 A 

- Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. 1877 1181 F 

- History of France to 1863 370 B 

Brewer (J. S.) Hume's Student's History of 

England. 1883 9197 B 

Brewer ([. Sherren) Elementary Engineering. 

1889 6259 I) 


Brown (A. J.) Laboratory Studies for Brewing 
Students. 1904 2137 D 

Hooper (E. G.) Manual of Brewing. 1891.. 8900 D 

Moritz (E. R.)and Morris (G. H.) Text Book 
of Brewing. 1891 3345 D 

Scamell (G.) and Colyer (F. ) Arrangement 
and Construction of Breweries and Mak- 
ings. 1880 3346D 

See also Alcohol, Bacteriology, Fermentation, 
Brewster (Sir D. ) Kaleidoscope : its History, 

Theory, and Construction. 1858 1288 D 

- Letters on Natural Magic. 1 883 1 83 D 

- Life of Sir Isaac Newton. 1860 373 B 

-More Worlds than One. 1895 1280 D 

- Stereoscope : its History, Theory, and Con- 

struction. 1856 1287 D 

-Gordon (M. M.) Home Life of Sir D. 

Brewster. 1869 841 B 

Brewster (F. C.) Disraeli in Outline. 1890 ...4559 B 
Brewster (M. A.) Three Months' Travels in 

Egypt and Palestine. 1894 814 C 

Breymann(lL) French Exercise Book. 1880 42 F 

- French Grammar. 1880 43 F 


Bricklayer and Stonemason. 1891 9519 D 

Davidson (E. A.) Drawing for Bricklayers. 

1872 118D 

Dobson (E.) Manufacture of Bricks and 
Tiles. 1903 8834 D 

Hammond (A.) Practical Brickcutting and 
Setting. 1889 9352 D 

Hasluck (P. N.) Practical Brickwork. 1905. 1745 D 

Maginnis (O. B.) Treatise on Bricklaying. 
1901 2176 D 

Mitchell (C. F. and G.A.) Text Book of 

Brickwork and Masonry. 1904 8039 D 

Richards (H. W.) Bricklaying and Brick- 
cutting. 1901 2751 D 

See also Building, Clay. 
Brides. See Marriage. 
Bridge (Sir J. F.) Counterpoint 1243 K 

- Double Counterpoint and Canon 1012 K 

- Methodist Hymn-Book, with Tunes. 1904. .. 1363 K 

- Samuel Pepys, Lover of Musique. 1903 781 B | 

Bridge (|. H.) Inside History of the Carnegie 

Steel Companv. 1903 2422J 

Bridge (J. S. C.) Life of Henrietta of Orleans. 

1902 3253 B 

Bridge Whist. See Cards. 


and F. H. Hall. 1904 10151 B 

Bridges (F, D. ) Lady's Travels Round the 

World. 1883 2305C 

Bridges (J. A.) Idylls of a Lost Village. 1889.9070 F 
- Reminiscences of a Country Politician. 1906.3809 B 

Bridges (R.) Poetical Works. 1898 885 II 

Bridges (T.) Punctuation Simplified. 1905. .. 1614 F 

Contains also Instructions How to Correct Printers' 
Proofs, and the Different Sizes of Paper and Pages, and 
Suitable Type for each Page 


Anglin (S. ) Design of Structures. 1895 976 D 

Buck (G. W. ) Oblique Bridges. 1895 4064 D 

Campin (F. ) Construction of Iron and Steel 

Bridges. 1898 73 D 

Fidler (T. C.) Bridge Construction. 1893. .. 2099 D 
Fitemaurice (M.) Plate-Girder Railway 

Bridges. 1895 10348 D 

Hart (J.) Construction of Oblique Arches. 

1898 2533 K 

Newman (J.) Notes on Cvlinder Bridge Piers. 

1893 ' 3359 D 

Young (E. W. ) Calculating Strains on Girders, 

Arches and Trusses. 1873 2472 D 

Bridgett (T. E.) Life and Writings of Sir T. 

More. 1891 2221 B 

Bridgman (F. A.) Winters in Algeria. 1890... 2709 C 
Bridgman (II. II.) Street Re- Alignment and 

Re-Construction of Central London. 1886.. 2058 I 

BRIDLINGTON, Guide to. By Ward and 

Lock 473 C 

Brierley(B.) Ab-o'th'- Yate's Dictionary. 1881.. 1608 F 

Dictionary of the Dialect words used in the Author's Lan- 
cashire Stories. 

Brierley (J. ) Common Life. 1904 3260 A 

- Eternal Religion. 1905 1880A 

- Ourselves and the Universe. 1903 3150 A 

- Problems of Living. 1903 3166 A 

- Religion and Experience. 1906 3383 A 

Brietzcke (H. K. ) and Rooper (E. F.) Lessons 

in Plain Needlework and Knitting. 1885.. 8726 D 
Briggs (H. M.) By Tangled Paths : Stray Leaves 

from Nature's Bye ways. 1896 1101 D 

Briggs (R. A.) Bungalows and Country Resi- 
dences. 1895 2509 K 

Briggs (W.) General Elementary Science. 

1900 6696 D 

- Second Stage Mathematics. 1905 6026 D 

- Synopsis of Non-Metallic Chemistry. 1901.10280 D 
-and Bryan (G. 11.) Elementary Mechanics. 

1895 1291 D 

- Elementary Text-Book of Hydrostatics... 101 19 D 

- - Elements of Co-ordinate Geometry. 1891.10279 D 

- - Intermediate Algebra. 1896 10283 D 

- - Middle Algebra. 1898 576 D 

--Text-Book of Statics. 1894 10120 D 

- - Tutorial Algebra : Advanced Course. 1897.6700 D 

- - Tutorial Dynamics. 1898 6751 D 

- - Tutorial Trigonometry. 1897 10256 D 

- and Edmonson (T. W.) Mensuration of the 

Simpler Figures. 1893 10282 D 

-and Stewart (R. W. ) Analysis of a Simple 

Salt. 1890 10281 D 

- - Chemical Analysis. 1893 1064D 

Brigham (W. T. ) Guatemala : The Land of the 

Guetzal. 1887 2525C 





Bright (C.) Storv of the Atlantic Cable. 1903. 6740 D 
Bright (II. A.) English Flower Garden. 1881. . 8205 U 

- Year in a Lancashire Garden. 1879 8074 D 

Bright (J.) Public Addresses. Ed. by J. E. T. 

Rogers. 1879 203 1 J 

- Speeches 7 J 

- Speeches on Questions of Public Policy 8 J 

- Apjohn (L.) John Bright and the Peace 

Party 9208 B 

- Mills (J. T.) Biographical Sketch of J. 

Bright. 1893 9981 B 

- Robertson (W.) Life and Times of J. Bright. 

1883 2449 B 

- Smith (G. B.) Life and Speeches of J. Bright. 

1881 3555 B 

Bright (J. F.) History of England, a.d. 449- 

1897 504B 

Bright (W.) Lessons from the Lives of Three 
Great Fathers : St. Athanasius, St. Augus- 
tine, and St. Chrysostom. 1890 2843 A 

- Some Aspects of Primitive Church Life. 1898.2773 A 

BRIGHTON Coach Office, Round About a. 

By M. E. King. 1896 2049 B 

- Road : Old Times and New on a Classic 

Highway. ByC. G. Harper. 1892 2822 C 

Brightwell (C. L. ) Above Rubies ; or, Memorials 

of Christian Gentlewomen. 1881 2050 B 

Contents : — Anne Countess of Balcarres and her Daughter 
Lady Anne Lindsay. Madame Guizot and her Daughter-in- 
Law. Caroline Perthes. Mrs. Grant of Laggan. Madame 
Necker. Lady Fanshawe. Winifred Herbert Countess of 
Nithisdale. Louisa Queen of Prussia. Mrs. Susannah 
Wesley. Katharine von Bora, Luther's Wife. Mrs. Lucy 

- Life of Palissy, the Huguenot Potter. 1877 ...311 B 
Brightwen (Mrs. E. ) Rambles with Nature 

Students. 1899 1714 D 

Brimley (G.) Essays. 1888 885 F 

Contents: — Tennyson's Poems. Wordsworth's Poems. 
Poetry and Criticism. Angel in the House. Carlyle's Life 
of Sterling. "Esmond" "My Novel." "Bleak House." 
" Westward Ho." Wilson's " Noctes Ambrosianae." Comte's 
"Positive Philosophy." 

Brindle (E. ) With Russian, Japanese, and 

Chunchuse. 1905 10259 B 

Experiences of an Englishman during the Russo-Japanese War. 

BRINDLEYiJ.) Engineer. Life. By S. Smiles. 

1878 1620B 

Brinsmead (E.) History of the Pianoforte. 1889.138 K 

Brinton (D.G.) Basis of Social Relations. 1902.1266 A 

A Study in Ethnic Psychology. 

Brinton (S.) Bartolozzi and his Pupils in Eng- 
land. 1903 32 B 

- Renaissance in Italian Art. 1898 139 K 

Briscoe (J. P.) Curiosities of the Belfry. 1883...52B 

- Stories about the Midlands. 1883 216 B 

Brisse(/>V/^;/) 366 Menus and 1200 Receipts. 8942 I) 

BRISTOL, Guide to. By M. J. B. Baddeley. 

1902 409C 

-Historic. By W.Hunt. 1887 9273 B 

Britain. See England. 


the. By E. I'. Statham. 1904 2355 J 


Aubertin (J. J.) A Fight with Distances. 

1888 8296 C 

Gosnell (R. E.) War Book of British 
Columbia. 1897 3577 B 

Green (W. S.) Among the Selkirk Moun- 
tain,. 1890 741 C 

- Lecture on British Columbia. 1900 6057 B 


Herring (E. E. ) Among the People of 

British Columbia. 1903 1293 C 

- In the Pathless West. 1904 1485 C 

Karr (H. W. S.) Bear Hunting in the White 

Monntains. 1891 8430 C 

Lees (J. A.) and Clutterbuck (W. J.) Ramble 

in British Columbia. 1888 8447 C 

MacNab (F.) British Columbia for Settlers. 

1898 1675 C 

Murray (W. H. H.) Daylight Land. 1888.. .2557 C 
Price (J. M.) Journey Through British 

Columbia. 1898 1346 C 

St. John (M.) Sea of Mountains. 1877 1157C 

Seymour(S. M.) Lady. Impressions of a Ten- 
derfoot in the Far West. 1890 2690 C 

Somerset (H. S. ) The Land of the Muskeg. 

1895 2031 C 

Wolley (C. P.) Trottings of a Tenderfoot. 

1884 8146C 

See also Canada. 
British Empire Series, 'being a Series of Statistical, 

Commercial, Descriptive, and Historical 


India (1899) 6055 B I Australasia (1900) 6058 B 

British Africa (1899) 6055 B General (1902) 6059 B 

British America(1900)6057 B | 

British Guiana. See Guiana. 
British Honduras. See Honduras. 
BRITISH MUSEUM, Bible Student in the. 

By J. G. Kitchen. 1892.... 1562A 

- Memories of the. By R. Cowtan. 1872 1819 F 


Blackburn (H.) Artistic Travel in Brittany. 

1892 2768 C 

Britons in Brittany. By G. H. F. 1886... 8201 C 
De Quetteville (P. W.) Poetry and Romance 

in Brittany. 1870 647 C 

Hutchinson (T. J.) Summer Holidays in 

Brittany. 1876 1106 C 

Jerrold (W. B.) A Trip to Brittanv. 1867 ...652 C 
Macquoid (K. S.) Through Brittany. 1877.. 1182 C 
Musgrave(G.) Ramble into Brittany. 1870.. 654C 
Pallister (Mrs. B.) Brittany and its Byways. 

1869 593C 

Yachting Visit to Brittany. 1 885 8249 C 

See also France. 
Britten (F. J.) Springing and Adjusting of 

Watches. 1898 10313 D 

- Watch and Clockmaker's Handbook. 1889.. 9565 D 
Britten (J.) European Ferns 3587 D 

- and Gower (W. H.) Orchids for Amateurs... 8873 D 
Britton (J.) Dictionary of the Architecture and 

Archeology of the Middle Ages. 1838... 2502 K 

- and Brayley (E. W.) Memoirs of the Tower 

of London. 1830 10057 B 

Broadbent (A.) Building of the Body. 1903.... 885 D 

Development of Health and Strength by Wisely Selected Food. 

Broadbent (Sir W. II.) The Pulse. 1890 6286 D 

Broadfoot (W.) Billiards. {Badminton Library). 

1896 92 H 

Broadhurst (II.) Autobiography. 1901 2662 B 

The Story of his Life from a Stonemason's Bench to the 
Treasury Bench. 

- and Reid (R. T.) Leasehold Enfranchise- 

ment 558J 

Broadley (A.) Chats to 'Cello Students. 1899... 755 K 
Broadley (A. M.) Boyhood of a Great King, 
184 J -1858 : Early Years of the Life of 

Edward VII. 1906 3897 B 

I low We Defended Arabiand his Friends. 1884. 3694 B 

A History of the Trial of Ahmed Aiabi, the Leader of the 
Military Insurrection in Egypt in 1882. 

Tunis, Past and Present. 1882 2275 C 





Broads. See Norfolk. 

Brochner (J.) Danish Life in Town and Country. 

1903.. 6062C 

■rock (A. C.) Cathedral Church of York : a 

Description. 1899 788 B 

Brock (WO What Shall this Child Be? 

Addresses to Children. 1904 1832 A 

Brock (Wm.) Sketch of Sir H. Ilavelock. 1872... 289 B 

fcfcCree (G. W. ) Life of W. Brock. 1876 1852 B 

■ockbank (W. D.) Ashtorel, and other Poems 463 II 
BROCKEN, Trip to the. By H. Heine. 1881.1381 C 
Brocklehurst (T. U.) Mexico To-Day. 1883 ...2317 C 

With a Glance at the Prehistoric Remains and Antiquities 
of the Montezumas. 

Broderip (F. F.) Way-Side Fancies: Essays 

and Poems. 1857 181 F 

Brodie (Sir B. C. ) Ideal Chemistry: a 

Lecture. 1880 809 D 

Brodie (G.) Constitutional History of the 

British Empire. 1866 2524 B 

Brodribb (T. ) Manual of Health and Temper- 
ance. 1893 9756D 

Brodribb (W. J.) and Besant (Sir W.) Sketch 

of the History of Constantinople. 1879 . . .9320 B 

Brodrick (A.) Songs for the People 73 II 

Brodrick (G. C.) English Land and Land- 
lords. 1881 2033} 

I History of the University of Oxford. 1886. ..2932 A 

I Memories and Impressions, 1831-1900 4555 B 

- Political Studies. 1879 2069J 

- and others. Essays on Reform. 1887 2154 J 

Contents : — The Utilitarian Argument against Reform, as 
stated by Mr. Lowe ; By G. C. Brodrick. Political Character 
of the Working Classes ; By R. H. Hutton. Admission of 
the Working Classes as Part of our Social System ; and 
their Recognition for All Purposes as Part of the Nation ; 
By Lord Houghton. Balance of Classes : By A. V. Dicey. 
Choice of Representatives by Popular Constituencies ; By 
; Sir Leslie Stephen. Redistribution of Seats ; By J. B. 
Kinnear. Analysis of the House of Commons, or Indirect 
Representation ; By B. Cracroft. Working of Australian 
Institutions ; By C. H. Pearson. Expe ience of the 
American Commonwealth; By Gold win Smith. Historical 
Aspect of Democracy ; By \. Bryce. Opportunities and 
Shortcomings of Government in England ; By A. O. Rutson. 
House of Commons in 1833 ; By Sir G. Young. 

Brogger (W. C.) and Rolfsen (N.) Life of F. 

Nansen. 1896 4624 B 

Broglie (1. V.A.) Due de. Francois de Malherbe. 254MB 

- Frederick II. and xMaria Theresa. 1883 3818 B 

- King's Secret 3260 B 

The Secret Correspondence of Louis XV. with his 
Diplomatic Agents. 

-Souvenirs, 1785-1870 404MB 

Broke (G.) With Sack and Stock in Alaska. 

1891 8442 C 

Bromide Prirting. See Photography. 

Bromley (A. W.) How to Buy a Business. 1906. 1427 J 

Bron (A.) Diary of a Nurse in South Africa. 

1901 1854 B 

Being a Narrative of Experiences in the Boer and English 
Hospital Service. 

Brongniart (A.) Colouring and Decoration of 

Ceramic Ware. 1898 1061 K 


Bayne (P.) Essay on Charlotte Bronte. 1881. 1399 F 
Birrell (A. ) Life of Charlotte Bronte. 1887.9366 B 
Gaskell (Mrs. E. C.) Life of Charlotte 

Bronte". 1857 176 B 

Mackay (A. M.) The Brontes: Fact and 

i Fiction. 1897 1241 B 

Robinson (A. M. F.) Biography of Emily 

Bronte. 1883 2294 B 


Scruton (W.) The Brontes and their Con- 
nection with Thornton. 1898 9346 B 

Shorter (C K.) Charlotte Bronte and her 

Circle. 1896 4618 B 

- Charlotte Bronte and her Sisters. 1905... 3526 B 
Stuart (J. A. E.) Bronte Country : its Topo- 
graphy, Antiquities, and History. 1888... 9541 B 

Swinburne (A. C.)Note on Charlotte Bronte. 

1877 1728B 

Wright (W.) Brontes in Ireland. 1834 9974 B 

Yates (W. VV.) Life of Rev. P. Bronte. 1897.4659 B 


P'ortnum (C. D. E.) Handbook on Bronzes. 213 K 
Hioms (A. H.) Bronzing of Metals. 1 892... 6482 D 
Mitchell (F. S.) Practical Gilding, Bronzing, 

and Lacquering. 1905 1724D 

See also Metals. 
BROOCHES of Many Nations. By H. A. Heaton. 

1904 3163 K 

- See also Gold and Silver Work. 

Brook (S. ) French History for English Chil- 

den. 1881 2152B 

BROOKE (B.) Journal. Ed. by II. Langlev. 

1896 3036 B 

BROOKE (EDWARD) Squire Brook. Memorials 

of. By J. H. Lord. 1874 1485 B 

BROOKE (Sir J.) Rajah of Sarawak. 

Jacob (G. L.) Life of Sir J. Brooke. 1876 3164 B 

St. John (Sir S. B.) Life of Sir J. Brooke. 

1879 2085 B 

- Rajah Brooke : the Englishman as Ruler of 

an Eastern State. 1899... 10329B 

See also Borneo. 
Brooke (R. S.) Recollections of the Irish Church. 

1877 1862 B 

Brooke (Stopford A.) Classical Writers: Milton. 

1879 7010 F 

- English Literature. 1898 7382 F 

- Fight of Faith. 1879 2170A 

- Freedom in the Church of England. 1871... 486 A 

- Gospel of Joy. 1898 2767 A 

- Kingship of Love. 1903 3198 A 

- life Superlative: Sermons 1906 1898 A 

- Old Testament and Modern Life. 1896 2701 A 

- On Ten Plays of Shakespeare. 1905 2316 F 

Contents: — Midsummer Night's Dream; Romeo and 
Juliet : Richard II. ; Richard III. ; Merchant of Venice ; As 
You Like It; Macbeth; Coriolanus ; Winter's Tale ; The 

- Poems 373 II 

- Poetry of Robert Browning. 1903 2339 F 

- Primer of English Literature. 1878 491 F 

- Religion in Literature and Life. 1900 1724 A 

- Spirit of the Christian Life. 1883 2167 A 

- Tennyson : his Art and Relation to Modern 

Life. 1894 2336F 

-and Rolleston (T. W.) Treasury of Irish 

Poetry. 1900 915H 

Brookfleld (C. H. E.) Actor. Random Reminis- 
cences. 1902 3136B 

Brooks (C. E.) Satan and Sorrow : Suggested by 

Marie Corelli's book, "Sorrows of Satan ".3330 A 

Brooks (E. S.) Historic Americans. 1899 2492 B 

Brooks (G.) Industry and Property. 1893 572 [ 

Brooks (H. J.) Elements of Mind. 1902 1239 A 

Being an Examination into the Nature of the First Division 
of the Elementary Substances of Life. 

Brooks (J. G.) Social Unrest. 1903 1271 J 

Studies in Labor and Socialist Movements. 
Brooks (N.) Abraham Lincoln and the Down- 
fall of American Slavery. 1894 10137 B 

- Ed. The Story of Marco Polo. 1898 4468 B. 





Brooks (Phillips) Candle of the Lord. 1884. .2226 A 
-Influence of Jesus. 1882 2144 A 

- Law of Growth, and other Sermons. 1902.. 3111 A 
-More Abundant Life: Lenten Readings. 

1897 1582 A 

- Seeking Life, and other Sermons. 1904 3259 A 

- Sermons Preached in English Churches. 1883.. 2210 A 
Brooks (Shirley) Wit and Humour 7132F 

Being a Selection from Contributions to Punch. 

Brooks (W. K.) Foundations of Zoology. 1899..3976D 
Broome (E. W.) Rev. Rowland Hill : Preacher 

and Wit. 1881 589 B 

Broome (F.'N. )Ladv. Colonial Memories. 1904.4644B 
Broomhall (B.) Britain's Sin and Folly 308 J 

The Author of this Book Maintains that Britain's Sin and 
Folly is its Trade in Opium, which is Morally Indefensible, 
and Involves a Financial Loss to the People. 

Broomhead (J. W.) Lecture on the Production 

of Gold in Greater Britain. 1 899 6059 B 

Brotherston (R. P.) Book of Cut Flowers. 1906.949 I) 

Guide to the Preparing, Arranging, and Preserving o' 
Flowers for Decorative Purposes. 

Brough (B. II.) Treatise on Mine-Surveying. 

1899 1734 D 

Brough (W.) and Burnand (Sir F. C. ) Book 

of Burlesques. 1878 192 H 

Brougham (II.) Lord. British Constitution. 1861.842 B 

- Historical and Political Dissertations 563 J 

- Life and Times. By himself. 1871 2527 B 

- Lives of Philosophers. 1855 1114 B 

- Men of Letters of the Time of George III. 

1855 1069 B 

- Natural Theology. 1856 373 A 

- Rhetorical and Literary Dissertations aud 

Addresses. 1856 529 F 

-Speeches. 1857 530 F 

- Statesmen in the Time of George III. 1855.1166 B 

- McGilchrist (J.) Life and Career of Lord 

Brougham. 1868 49 B 

Brougham (R.) A Cruise on Friesland Broads. 

1891 2704 C 

An Account of a Cruise on the Broads of Holland. 

Broughton (E. C.) Records of the Third Bat- 
talion York and Lancaster Regiment from 
1875 to 1905 3841 B 

Brown (A.) Power Loom and the Art of Weaving. 

1896 8037 D 

Brown (Adrian J.) Laboratory Studies for 

Brewing Students. 1904 2137 D 

Brown (A. judson) New Era in the Philippines. 

1903 1358 J 

- New Forces in Old China. 1904 2388 J 

Brown (A. S.) Guide to the Madeira and the 

Canary Islands. 1890 8344 C 

Brown (C.) Letters of Christ. 1906 1903 A 

Brown (C. B. ) Canoe and Camp Life in British 

Guiana. 1876 1982 C 

- and Lidstone (W.) Fifteen Thousand Miles 

on the Amazon and its Tributaries. 1878.. .2009 C 
Brown (C. Rae) Ballads, Humorous and Other- 
wise 592II 

Brown (E.) Poultry Fattening. 1895 10170 D 

- Poultry Keeping. 1901 3076 D 

Brown (E. B.) Recent Excavations in the 

Roman Forum, 1898-1904 81 B 

BROWN (F. MADOX) Painter. Biography. 

By H. M. M. Rossetti. 1902 751 B 

Brown (G. E.) Developers and Development. 

190J 575 K 

Ferric and Heliographic Processes. 1902 706 K 

Handbook for Photographers, Draughtsmen, and Sun 

Brown (H.) The Venetian Republic. 1902 74 B 

Brown (II. A.) Winter in Albania. 1888 8311 C 

Brown (II. D.) Critics or Christ? or God's 

Witness to His Word. 1905 3377 A 

Brown (H. F. ) Biography of J. A. Symonds. 

1903 10384 B 

- Life on the Lagoons. 1884 8108 C 

-Venice: Historical Sketch of the Republic. 

1893 2782 B 

Brown (H. S.) Ancient Maxims for Modern 

Times. 1870 446 A 

Studies of Texts from the Book of Proverbs. 

- Autobiography. Ed. by W. S. Caine. 1887.9257 B 
Brown (J.) Tidal Streams. 1905 4295 D 

Twelve Charts for each Hour of the Tide at Dover, Showing 
How the Tide is Running at any Hour Around the Whole or the 
British Coasts, Ireland, and the North Sea. Compiled from 
the Admiralty Tide Charts. 

Brown (J.) Tourist Rambles. 1878 8581 C 

Contents : — Vol. 1. Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Durham, 
Northumberland and Derbyshire. Vol. 2. Northern and 
Midland Counties. 

Brown (James) Life of Rev. J. Eadie. 1878... 1916 B 

- Life of T. Davidson : Scottish Probationer. 

1877 1775B 

Brown (Rev. John) John Bunyan : ,'his Life, 

Times, and Work. 1885 3877 B 

- Pilgrim Fathers of New England and their 

Puritan Successors. 1895 4573 B 

- Puritan Preaching in England. 1900 2885 A 

Brown (John), M.D. Horse Subsecivae. 1882... 1478 F 

Contents: — First Series. Locke and Sydenham; Dr. Andrew 
Combe; Dr. Henry Marshall and Military Hygiene; Art and 
Science ; a Contrasted Parallel ; Free Competition in 
Medicine ; Henry Vaughan. 

Second Series. Her Last Half-Crown ; Cjueen Mary's Child- 
Garden ; Our Dogs ; Notes on Art ; Education Through 
the Senses ; Rab and his Friends ; Arthur H. Hallam. 

7 hird Series. John Leech; Jacobite Family; Mystifications; 
Thackeray's Death ; Sir E. Landseer's Picture? Sir Henry 

- Peddie (A.) Recollections of Dr. J. Brown. 

1893 9923 B 

Brown (J. B.) Higher Life : its Reality. 1883.2165 A 

- Home : in its Relation to Man and Society. 

1883 2135 A 

- Idolatries Old and New : their Cause and 

Cure. 1867 265 A 

- Misread Passages of Scripture. 1870 481 A 

Brown (J. C. ) Practical Chemistry: Qualita- 
tive Exercises and Analytical Tables. 1906.2481 D 

Brown (J. Cave) Lambeth Palace and its 

Associations. 1882 3672 B 

Brown (J. Crombie) Ethics of George Eliot's 

Works. 1881 263 A 

Brown (J. Croumbie) Forests and Forestry of 

Nonhern Russia. 1884 9251 D 

- Forests of England and the Management of 

them in Bye-gone Times. 1883 1528 D 

- Modern Forest Economy. 1884 8626 D 

- People of Finland in Archaic Times. 1892.. 2446 B 

- Schools of Forestry in Germany. 1887 8977 D 

Also deals with the proposed Establishment of a British 
National School of Forestry. 

Brown (J. D. ) Biographical Dictionary of 

Musicians. 1886 4437 B 

Brown (J. M.) Polo. [Badminton Library). 1891. . 80 K 

- Powder, Spur, and Spear : a Sporting 

Medley. 1889 2694 C 

Brown (J. W.) Italian Architecture: Prin- 
ciples and Progress. 1905 1937 K 

Brown (John W.) life of Leonardo da Vinci, 
with a Critical Account of his Works. 

1828 10056 B' 

Brown (M. W.) Development of Thrift. 1899.. .T2 J 
BROWN (0. M.) Biographical Sketch. 

By J. II. Ingram. 1883 3757 B 



town (P. II.) History of Scotland to 1689. 

1905 10401 B 

Scotland in the Time of Queen Mary. 1904.. 3484 B 
Irown (K.) A Iventures of John lewitt among 

the Indians of Nootka Sound. 1896 2109 B 

Countries of the World : Description of the 

Rivers, Seas, and Peoples. 1881 2983 C 

Manual of Botany. 1874 1560 D 

Our Earth and its Storv. 1887 3591 D 

Science for All 3545 D 

Story of Africa and its Explorers. 1893 2968 C 

Jrown (T.) Book of Butterflies and Moths. 1843. 127 D 
irown (Thomas) The Complete Modern Farrier. 

1898 191 ID 

irown (T. E. ) Old John and other Poems 575 H 

kown (VV.) History of the Christian Missions. 

1864 ...1172A 

frown (VV. H.) On the South African Frontier. 

1899 1944 C 

irown (W. L.) Manual of Assaying Gold, Sil- 
ver, Copper, and Lead Ores. 1892 9903 D 

3rown (W. N. ) Handbook on Japanning and 

Enamelling. 1901 1625 D 

House Decoratingand Painting. 1900 1197D 

Wood Engraving: a Practical and Easy Intro- 
duction to the Study of the Art. 1899. . . .522 K 

Workshop Wrinkles. 1901 1231 D 

frowne (A. J. J.) Building of the British Isles. 

1892 1428 D 

A Study in Geographical Evolution. 

- Geology : an Elementary Handbook. 1893... 901 D 
• Student's Handbook of Historical Geology. 

1886 1429 D 

- Text-Book of Palaeontology. 1894 759 D 

3R0WNE (C B.) American Novelist, Life. 

By II. Prescott. 1834 422 B 

Browne (E. C.) Coming of the Great Queen : a 

Narrative of the AcquisitionofBurma. 1888.4022B 
Browne (E. G.) A Year amongst the Persians. 

1893 2062 C 

3R0WNE (E. H.) B/>., Memoir. By Dean 

G. W. Kitchin. 1895 4533B 

Browne (G. F.) Bp. Christian Church in these 

Islands before the coming of Augustine. 

1895 1628 A 

Browne(IL) Handbook of HomericStudy. 1903.1590F 
Browne (Sir J. C.) andCarlvle(A.) Nemesis of 

Froude. 1903 3301 B 

Rejoin ler to J. A. Froude's My Relations with Carlyle. 
Browne (J. II. B.) South Africa : a Glance at 

Current Conditions and Politics. 1905 2382 J 

- Water Supply. 1880 8200 D 

Browne (J. P.) Phrenology: and its Application 

to Education, Insanity, and Prison Discip- 
line. 1869 271A 

Browne (L.) Voice Use and Stimulants. 1885. ..71 J 

-and Behnke (E.) Voice, Song, and Speech, 

1891 2583D 

Browne (Maggie) Pleasant Work for Busy 

Fingers; or Kindergarten at Home. 1891.9548 D 

Browne (Matthew) Chaucer's England. 1869. .. 559 F 

Contents : — Vol. 1. Poet of the Canterbury Tales ; Story and 
the Pilgrims; Chivalry; Gay Science; Female Types in 
Chaucer; Merry England ; The Heart of England ; Motley; 
Mediaeval Nuditarianism. 

Vol. 2. Food; House; Dress and Minor Morals ; Famili- 
arities of Faith ; Wonder ; Knowledge ; Belief and Criticism; 
Under Shadow of the Church ; Town and Country ; Trade 
and Travel ; This Place and That. 

Browne (Montague) Practical Taxidermy. 1884.8663 D 
Browne (M. P.) Dress-Cutting, Drafting, and 

French Pattern Modelling. 1902 1982 D 

- Practical Work of Dressmaking and Tailoring. 

1905 931D 



Browne (P.) Diet and Cookery for Common 

Ailments. 1894 6636 D 

- The World's Workers : Mrs. Somerville and 

Mary Carpenter. 1887 10170B 

- Year's Cookery 8221 D 

Browne (Sir T.) Religio Medici. 1869 1522 A 

- Works. 1852 7031 F 

Contents: — Vol.\. Pseudodoxia Epidemica ; or, Inquiries 
into Vulgar and Common Errors. 2. Last Three Books of 
Vulgar Error* ; Religio Medici ; The Garden of Cyrus. 3. Urn 
Burial ; Christian Morals ; Miscellanies ; Correspondence. 

- Gosse(E.) Biography of Sir T. Browne. 1905. 10 105B 

- Whyte(A. ) Sir T. Browne: An Appreciation. 

1898 398 A 

Browne (T. ) Poems on Several Occasions 139 II 

Browne (W.) Poems 81 II 

Browne (W. J.) Botany for Schools. 1881 6224 D 

Browne (W. R.) Student's Mechanics. 1883... 8385 D 

An Introduction to the Study of Force and Motion. 

Brownell (C. L. ) The Heart of Japan. 1902. ...1404 C 

Brownell (W.C. ) Victorian Prose Masters. 1902. 1794 F 

Contents : — Criticisms of the Works of Thackeray ; Carlyle ; 

George Eliot ; Matthew Arnold ; Ruskin ; George Meredith. 

Brownfield (C. D.) The Coming of the Colonist. 

1903 1361 J 

Contents : — The Colonists : Sidelights and Shadows ; 
England Through Colonial Spectacles ; Colonist as the 
" Chiel " ; The Colonist Comes . and Converses ; After- 
Thoughts from Afar ; Colonies and the Spare Son ; Colonial 
Questions and Imperial Reviewers. 

Browning (E. B.) Aurora Leigh 605 H 

- Letters addressed to R. H. Home. 1877 1695 B 

- Letters. Ed. by F. G. Kenyon. 1897 10261 B 

- Poetical Works 318 H 

- Bayne (P.) Essay on E. B. Browning. 1881.. 1399 F 

- Ingram (J. II.) Biography of E. B. Browning. 

1888 1990B 

- Lubbock (P.) E. B. Browning in her Letters. 

1906 10416 B 

- Whiting (L.) Study of E. B. Browning. 1899.382 B 
Browning (H. B.) Words in Season : a Manual 

of Instruction, Comfort, and Devotion. 1870.219A 
Browning (11. E.) Girl's Wanderings in Hungary. 

1896 953C 

Browning (J.) How to Use Our Eyes. 1896... 8936 D 
Browning (O.) Flight to Varennes and other 

Historical Essays. 1892 1908B 

- Guelphs and Ghibellines. 1893 10070B 

A Short History of Mediaeval Italy from 1250 1409. 

- History of Europe in Outline, 1814-1848. 

1901 508B 

- Introduction to the History of Educational 

Theories. 1881 555 j 

- Life of Peter the Great. 1898 10300 B 

- Wars of the Nineteenth Century and the 

Development of Military Science. 1903. .. 9930 B 
Browning (R.) Asolando 299 H 

- Essay on Shelley. 1903 1658 F 

- Men and Women. 1899 10 II 

- Poetical Works 302 II 

Contents: — 

Vol. 1. Pauline, Sordello. 

Vol. 2. Paracelsus, Strafford. 

Vol. 3. Pippa Passes, King 
Victor and King Charles, 
Return of the Druses, A 
Souls Tragedy. 

Vol. 4. A Blot on the Scut- 
cheon, Colombe's Birth- 
day, Men and Women. 

Vol. 5. Dramatic Romances, 
Christmas Eve and Easter 

Vol. 6. Dramatic Lyrics. 

Vol. 7. In a Balcony, Dra- 
matis Persona;. 

Vol. 8, 9, 10. Ring and the 

Vol. 11. Balaustion's Adven- 
ture, Prince Hohenstiel- 
Schwangan, Fifine at the 

Vol. 12. Red Cotton Night- 
cap Country, The Inn 

Vol. 13. Aristophane's Apol- 
ogy, Agamemnon of 

Vol. 14. Pacchiarotto, La 
Saisiaz, Two Poets of 

Vol. 15. Dramatic Idylls, 

Vol. 16. Ferishta's Fancies, 
Parleyings with Certain 
People of Importance in 
their Day. 





Browning (R.) Ring and the Book. 1872 151 H 

- Selections from his Poetical Works 300 H 

- Brooke (S. A.) Poetry of Browning. 1903. ..2339 F 

- Chesterton (G. K. ) Biography of Browning. 

1903 555 B 

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Matters of Faith. 1903 1766 A 

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Religious Teacher. 1899 545 A 

- Kenyon (F. G. ) Letters of Browning to 

Alfred Domett. 1906 10412B 

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Poems. 1897 60 F 

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Browning. 1868 11 F 

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ing. 1892 7288 F 

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1901 3008 A 

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1892 1560 A 

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- Symons (A.) Introduction to the Study of 

Browning. 1890 ....7287 F 

- Waugh (A.) Biography of Browning. 1902 71 B 

Browning (T. B ) Lecture on Inter-British Trade 

and its Development. 1899 6059 B 

- Lecture on Newfoundland. 1900 6057 B 

Bruce (A. B. ) Apologetics; or, Christianity 

Defensively Stated. 1905 1387 A 

- Chief End of Revelation. 1881 2040 A 

- F. C. Baur and his Theory of the Origin of 

Christianity and of the New Testament. 1886.241 1 A 

- Miraculous Element in the Gospels. 1899... 1254 A 

- Moral Order of the World in Ancient and 

Modern Thought. 1899 1082A 

- Parabolic Teaching of Christ. 1900 1253 A 

Bruce (G. W. II. K. ) Memories of Mashonaland. 

1895 1560 C 

BRUCE (J.) Explorer. Life. By Sir F. B. Head. 

1830 611B 

Bruce (J. M. ) Materia Medica and Therapeutics. 

1905 6178D 

BRUCE (ROBERT) King. Life. 1877 1836 B 

Bruce (Robert) Food Supply. 1898 1386 D 

A Practical Handbook for the Use of Colonists and all in- 
tending to become Farmers. 

Bruce (Rosslyn) Common Hope. 1904 3234 A 

Contents: — Introduction by C. G. Lang, Bishop of Stepney ; 
The Church and her Testimony, by A. R. Whateley ; Con- 
victions, by A. V. Magee ; New Irnperialism, by W. J. House; 
The Church and Temperance, by H. 1'.. Freeman; TneChurch 
and the Children, by V. A. Boyle ; Clerical Mannerisms, 
hy S. Blunt; Preaching, by W. J. Ferrar ; The Christian's 
Sunday, by G. C. Wilton ; Church Army Methods, by W. K. 
Daveyj Joy of Ministry, by R. Bum. 

Bruce (R. JO Forward Policy and its Results. 

IDitO 4623 B 

Thirty-five Years Work Amongst the Tribes of the North 
West* rn Frontier "f India. 

Bruce (W. N.) Life of Sir C. Napier. 1885 ...0251 B 
(W. S.) Formation <>f Christian 

Character. 190-2 8183A 

Social Aspects of Christian Morality. 190."). 1347 A 

BRUGES, Story of. By E. G. Smith. 1901. 780 B 
Bruhl (L. L.) Ethics and Moral Science. 1905. 1349 A 
BRUMMELL(G.)Life. By W.Jesse. 1893... 4347 Bi 
BRUNEL (I. K.) Engineer. Life. By his Son. 

1870 2750 B 

BRUNEL (SIR M. I.) Life. By R. Beamish. 

1862 2840 B 

Brunetiere (F.) Essays in French Literature. 

1898 1263 F 

- Etudes Critiques sur l'Historie de la Littera- 

ture Francaise 1 801 MF 

- Honore de Balzac. 1906 855 F 

- Manuel de PHistoire de la Litterature Fran- 

caise. 1905 1851 MF 

- Another Copy in English . 1 898 32 10 F 

BRUNSWICK (C W. F.) Duke of, His- 
torical Study of. 1901 3093B 

BRUNSWICK, A Mesalliance in the House 

of. By H. de Beaucaire. 1886 3915B 

Brunton (Sir T. L.) Bible and Science. 1881.2048 A 

- Influence of Narcotics. 1883 2488 D 

- Pharmacology and Therapeutics ; or, Medi- 

cine Past and Present. 1880 9480 D 

- Text Book of Pharmacology, Therapeutics, 

and Materia Medica. 1887 3152D 

BRUSSELS, Guide to. By G. Allen. 1897..6056C 
Bryan (G. H.) and Rosenberg (F. ) First Stage 

Mechanics of Fluids. 1898 723 D 

Bryant (W. C.) Letters from the East, 1852-3. 

1869 620C 

Impressions of an American in England, France, The 
Mediterranean, Egypt, Palestine, Arabia, Turkey, and Italy. 

- Poetical Works 467 H 

- and Gay (S.H.) History of the United States. 

1876 3735B 

-Symington (A. J.) Biographical Sketch of 

Bryant. 1880 542B 

Bryce (A.) Ideal Health and How to Attain 

It. 1901 767K 

Bryce (G. ) Manitoba: its Infancy, Growth, 

and Present Condition. 1882 1435 C 

- Short History of the Canadian People. 1887.9348 B 
Bryce (J.) American Commonwealth. 1888.. .4068 B 

Contents: — Vol 1. The National Government. Vol. 2. 
State Governments ; Party System Vol. 3. Public Opinion ; 
Illustrations and Reflections : Social Institutions. 

- Holy Roman Empire. 1876 1909B 

- Impressions of South Africa. 1897 4665 B 

- Relations of the Advanced and the Backward 

Races of Mankind. 1902 1973 D 

Studies in Contemporary Biography. 1903. .. 3173 B 

Contents : -Earl of Beaconsfield ; A. P. Stanley ; T. H. 
Green ; Abp. A. C. Tail ; A. Trollope ; J. R. Green ; Sir G. 
Jessel ; Earl Cairns ; Bp. J. Fraser ; Earl of Iddesleigh ; C. 
S. Parnell ; Cardinal Manning ; E. A. Freeman ; Viscount 
Sheibrooke ; W.R.Smith: H. SidWick ; E. E. Bowen : 
E. L. Godkin ; Lord Acton ; W. E. Gladstone. 

- Transcaucasia and Ararat. 1877 1128C 

Notes of a Tour : Volga and the Steppe of Southern 
Russia ; The Caucasus ; Transcaucasia ; Tillis ; Through 
Armenia to Ararat ; Armenian People ; Erivan to Black Sea ; 

Brydall (R.) Art in Scotland. 1889 1013K 

Bryden (II. A.) Animals of Africa. 1900 1169D 

Gun and Camera in Southern Africa. 1893.2334 C 

Nature and Sport in South Africa. 1897 8601 C 

Brydges (II.) Uncle Sam al Home. 1888 339 C 

Bryers (T.) Student's Assistant to Practical 

Cotton Spinning. 1 894 6604 D 

Bryson (Mrs. M. F. ) Life of J. K. Mackenzie, 

Medical Missionary to China. 1891 2567 B 





Allard ( L. ) Les Flibustiers : Embuscades et 

Combats 601 MC 

Esquemeling (J.) The Buccaneers of America. 

1898 6054B 

Pyle (H.) Buccaneers and Marooneers of 

America. 1801 2651 C 

Roche (J. J.) Story of the Filibusters. 1891 ...2670 C 
Stockton (F. R.) Buccaneers and Pirates of 

Our Coasts. 1898 10044 B 

Buchan (A.) Introductory Text-Book of Meteor- 
ology. 1871 ' 1I22D 

Buchan*(J.) African Colony. 1903 2343J 

An Endeavour to State Clearly the Outstanding Problems of 
South African Politics as They Appear to an Observer. 

Buchan {Rev. J.) First Things. 1902 3048 A 

Studies in the Embryology of Religion and Natural Theology. 

Buchan (W. P.) Plumbing : a Text-Book. 1902.661 D 

- Ventilation and Air Testing. 1891 9473 D 

BUCHANAN (G.) Biography. By R. Wallace. 

1899 792B 

Buchanan (J.) The Shire Highlands, East Central 

Africa, as Colony and Mission. 1885 8219 C 

Buchanan (L F.) Brassfounders' Alloys. 1901.1407 D 

- Foundry "Nomenclature. 1903 141 1 D 

Buchanan (J. P.) Hints on Billiards. 1895 141 K 

Buchanan (R.) Book of Orm : Poems 232 H 

- City of Dreams : Poems 406 H 

- Coming Terror, and other Essays and Letters. 

1891 2332 F 

Selection of Contents : — Are Men Born Free and Equal ? ; 
A Controversy ; On Descending into Hell ; A Protest Against 
Over-legislation in Matters Literary ; The Modern Young Man 
as a Critic ; Is Chivalry Stili Possible ? ; Imperial Cockneydom ; 
Is the Marriage Contract Eternal ? : Flotsam and Jetsam. 

- Idyls and Legends of Inverburn : Poems 403 H 

- Land of Lome, including the Cruise of the 

"Fern" to the Outer Hebrides. 1871 774 C 

- Life and Adventures of J. J. Audubon. 1869... 2983 B 

- Look Round Literature. 1887 1731 F 

Essays on — From ./Eschylus to Victor Hugo ; Character of 
Goethe ; Lucretius ; Free Thought in America ; Rossetti ; 
Thomas Love Peacock; Sidney Dobell ; Heine in a Court 
Suit ; Talk with George Eliot ; Literature of Spiritualism ; 
Modern Stage ; Flotsam and Jetsam ; From Pope to 

- Master Spirits. 1873 1111 F 

Contents : — Criticism as one of the Fine Arts, "Good Genie" 
of Fiction (Charles Dickens). Tennyson, Heine, and De 
Musset, Browning's Masterpiece, Hugo in 1872, Scandinavian 
Studies, Poets in Obscurity. 

- Napoleon Fallen : a Lyrical Drama. 1871 ...122 H 
-Outcast: a Poem. 1896 2009 H 

- Poet's Sketch Book : Selections. 1883 1574 F 

Contents: — Poet or Seer ; David Gray : a Memoir ; Literary 
Sketches ; Nature Sketches. 

- Poetical Works. 1901 792 H 

- The Ilebrid Isles : Wanderings in the Land 

of Lome and the Outer Hebrides. 1883... 1469 C 

- Wandering few : a Christmas Carol. 1893... 468 H 
-White Rose and Red: a Poem. 1873 469 H 

-Jay (H.) Memoirs of R. Buchanan. 1903 ...3684 B 

- Murray (H.) R. Buchanan: an Appreciation. 

1901 1828 F 

- Walker (A. S.) R. Buchanan : Poet of Modern 

Revolt. 1901 535F 

Bucher (C) Industrial Evolution. 1901 2330 J 

Buchheim(C. A.) Balladen and Romanzen. 1967 MH 
-Deutsche Lyrik 1968MH 

- Ed. German Classics. 1869 1965MH 

Contents : — Vol. 1. Egmont. By J. W. von Goethe. 
Vol. 2. Wilhelm Tell. By J. C. F. yon Schiller. 

BUCHOLZ FAMILY. By J. Stinde. 1887 ...9378B: 
Buck (G. W. ) Practical and Theoretical Essay 

on Oblique Bridges. 1895 4064 D 


and Times. By K. Thomson. 1860 1186B 

Buckingham and Chandos (A. A.) Duchess of. 

Glimpses of Four Continents. 1894 8566 C 

Tour in Australia, New Zealand and North America. 

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, Old, Memorials of. 

By P. H. Ditchfield. 1901 3010 B 

Buckland (A.) Story of English Literature. 1882. 811 F 
Buckland (A. R.) Champions of the Truth 9682 B 

Contents: — John Wyclif ; William Tindale : Hugh Latimer : 
John Hooper ; John Knox ; John Foxe ; Richard Hooker ; 
Richard Baxter ; John Bunyan ; John Wesley ; Charles 
Wesley; John Newton, of Olney ; Charles Simeon ; Daniel 
Wilson ; Thomas Chalmers ; Reginald Heber ; Richard 
Whateley ; C. H. Spurgeon. 

Buckland (A. W. ) Anthropological Studies. 

1891 9552 D 

Contents: — Birth of Anthropology ; Astronomical Theories ; 
Antiquity of Man ; Origin of Man ; Geographical Distribution ; 
Migrations ; Primitive Agriculture ; Serpent in Connection with 
Metallurgy ; Serpent and Precious Stones ; Divination : By 
the Rod and By the Arrow ; Birds in the Mythologies of 
Various Races ; Traces of Pre-Historic Intercourse between 
East and West ; Surgery and Superstition in Neolithic 
Times ; On Taiooing ; Tracing of Pre-Historic Commerce in 
Europe ; Primitive Instruments of Music. 

- Our Viands. 1893: 9776 D 

Our Viands, Whence they Come and How they are 
Cooked, with a Bundle of Old Recipes from Cookery Books of 
the Last Century. 

- World beyond the Esterelles. 1884 8132 C 

Travels in the South of France and Italy. 

Buckland (C. T. ) Sketches of Social Life in 

India. 1884 9131 B 

BUCKLAND (F.) Curiosities of Natural His- 
tory. 1886 1130 D 

- Fish Platching. 1863 1583D 

- Log-Book of a Fisherman and Zoologist. 

1875 9287 D 

- Natural History of British Fishes. 1891 1467 D 

- Notes and Jottings from Animal Life. 1882.8301 D 

- Bompas (G. C. ) Life of Frank Buckland. 

1885 9046 B 

Buckle (H. T. ) Introduction to the History of 

Civilization in England. Ed. by J. M. 

Robertson. 1904 868 B 

-Works. Ed. by H. Taylor 2558 F 

Contents : — Vol. 1. Biographical Notice, by Helen Taylor ; 
Influence of Women on the Progress of Knowledge ; Mill on 
Liberty ; Letter Respecting Pooley's Case ; Reign of Eliza- 
beth ; Fragments on Intellectual Laws ; History ; English 
and German Literature ; the Jesuits ; Administration of 
Justice ; Laws of Primogeniture ; Increase of Humanity and 
Virtue, etc. 

Vols. 2 and 3. Common Place Book ; or Abstracts and 
Notes from Reading ; with a Copious Index by the Author 

- Huth (A. H.) Lite and Writings of H. T. 

Buckle. 1880 3332 B 

Buckley (A. B., i.e. Mrs. Fisher), Eyes and 

No Eyes. 1902 56 D 

Simple Lessons in Natural History. 

- Fairyland of Science. 1883 1199D 

Contents : — Fairyland of Science ; How to Enter It ; How 
to Use It, and How to Enjoy It ; Sunbeams and the Work 
they do ; Aerial Ocean in which We Live ; A Drop of Water 
on its Travels ; Two Great Sculptors — Water and Ice ; Voices 
of Nature and How We Hear Them ; Life of a Primrose : 
History of a Piece of Coal ; Bees in the Hive ; Bees and 

- Life and her Children. 1881 1241 D 

Glimpses of Animal Life from the Amoeba to the Insects, 





Buckley (A. B., i.e. Mrs. Fisher) Short History 

of Natural Science. 1876 755 D 

- Winners in Life's Race ; or, the Great Back- 

boned Family, being a Natural History of 
Vertebrates. 1882 8329 D 

BUCKLEY (J.) Village Politician. Life. Bv 

J. C. Buckmaster. 1897 10242B 

Buckley (R. J.) Biography of Sir Edward 

Elgar. 1905 1161 B 

Buckmaster (J. C.) A Village Politician : the 

Life Story of John Buckley. 1897 10242 B 

Buckmaster (M. A.) Descriptive Handbook of 

Architecture. 1905 1377 K 

Bucknill (J. C.) Mad Folk of Shakespeare: 

Pyschological Essays. 1867 1228 F 

uckton (C. M.) Food and Home Cookery. 1879. 634 D 

- Our Dwellings, Healthy and Unhealthy. 

1885 9077 D 

- Town and Window Gardening. 1 890 779 D 


Barthelemy St. Hilaire (J.) Buddha and 

his Religion. 1895 2689 A 

Davids (T. W. R.) Sketch of Buddhism 245 A 

- Story of Buddhist India. 1903 10405 B 

Dods (M.) Lecture on Buddhism. 1905 3325 A 

Ilearn (L.) Gleanings in Buddha- Fields. 

1898 3J 

Lillie(A.) Life of Buddha. 1883 2225 A 

Maurice (F. D.) Lecture on Buddhism. 1861. 86 A 
Revnolds (H. R. ) Buddhism and Christianity 

Compared. 1887 2412 A 

Buddhism, Esoteric. See Theosophy. 

Budge (E. A. W.) Babylonian Life and History. 

1884 2266 A 

- Dwellers on the Nile ; or the Life, Literature, 

History and Customs of the Ancient Egypt- 
ians. 1885 2282 A 

Budge (J.) Glimpses of George Fox and his Friends. 

9897 B 

Budgen (L. M.) Episodes of Insect Life. 1849.2221 D 


Atchison (C. C.) A Winter Cruise in Summer 

Seas. 1891 2686 C 

Parish (W.) History of Buenos Ayres. 1852.3399 B 
See, also America, South. Argentine, La Plata. 
Buffon (G. L. L. ) Comte ds. Natural History. 

1792 1133 D 


Adams (H.) Building Construction. 1906. ..3471 D 
Addison (P. L. ) Construction for Builders. 

1888 9346 D 

Advanced Building Construction. 1892 9705 D 

Allen (J. P.) Practical Building Construction. 

IS07 4150D 

Amateur Builder and Carpenter. 1906 1792 D 

Anderson (Sir J.) Strength of Materials and 

Structures. 1897 487 D 

Anglin (S.) The Design of Structures. 1895.976 D 

Barlow (P.) Strength of Materials. 1867 3338 D 

Beaton (A. C. ) How to Calculate Quantities and 

Measurements. 1 897 295 D 

Booker (F. W.) Klementary Practical Building 

Const ruction. 1 905 1519 D 

Building and Machine Draughtsman : A 

Practical Guide 9688 D 

Burrell (K. J.) Elementary Building Con- 
struction and Drawing 9351 I) 

Cam pin (F.) Materials and Construction. 1891.881 D 
Clark (T. M.) Building Superintendence. 

1894 ', 3101 D 

Davidson (I.. A.) Building Construction and 

Architectural Drawing. 1906 78 I} 



Davis (W. E.) Quantities and Quantity Taking. 

1899 , 744D 

Dobson (E.) Art of Building 76 D 

- Foundations and Concrete Works. 1891 ...191 D 
Farnsworth (A. W.) Notes on Construc- 
tional Steelwork. 1905 2265 D 

Fletcher (B.) Text-Book of Dilapidations. 

1899 562 D 

Galton (D. ) Observations on the Construction 

of Healthy Dwellings. 1880 3266 D 

Gillniore (Q. A.) Notes on Compressive 

Resistance of Freestone, Mortars, and 

Concretes. 1888 3365 D 

Grimthorpe (E. B. D. ) ist Lord. Civil and 

Ecclesiastical Building. 1880 1618 D 

- Lectures on Church Building. 1856 604 K 

Hasluck (P. N. ) Ed. Sanitary Construction 

in Building. 1906 8412 D 

How to Build, Buy, and Fit Up Country 

Cottages. 1905 1788 D 

Keim (A. W.) Prevention of Dampness in 

Buildings. 1902 1068 D 

Leaning (J.) Building Work and the Duties 

of a Clerk of Works. 1898 71 D 

- Notes on Specifications. 1894 10038 D 

Maginnis (U.B. ) How to Frame a House. 

1901 4274 D 

Mitchell (C. F. and G. A.) Advanced 

Building Construction. 1903 6735 D 

- Building Construction and Drawing. 1894.9931 D 
Molesworth (II. B.) Obstruction to Light. 

1902 4288 D 

Morris (G. L. ) and Wood (E.) How to 

Build a Country Cottage. 1906 291 D 

Parker (B ) and Unwin (R. ) Art of Building 

a Plome. 1901 2689 K 

Rea (J. T.) How to Estimate. 1902 1768 D 

Rice (H. H.) and Torrance (W. M.) Manu- 
facture of Concrete Blocks and their Use 
in Building Construction. 1906 2673 D 

Riley (J. W. ) Building Construction for 

Beginners. 1901 208 D 

Rivington's Notes on Building Construction. 

1892-3 3452 D 

Stephenson (G. ) Estimating. 1900 1077 D 

- Repairs: How to Measure and Value Them. 
1905 1787 D 

Tarn (E. W. ) Construction of Roofs of 

Wood and Iron. 1893 74 D 

- Science of Building. 1896 6261 D 

Thatcher (A. G. II.) Treatise on Scaffold- 
ing. 1904 1781 D 

Twelvetrees (W. N.) Treatise on Concrete 

Steel. 1905 9321) 

Unwin (W. C.) Testing of Materials of 

Construction. 1899 41841) 

Viollet-le-Duc (E. M.) Rational Building. 

1895 2599 K 

Woodley (W.) Design of Buildings. 1894.. 1157 K 

Young (F. ) Every Man His Own Mechanic. 

1893 2350D 

See also Architecture, Bricks, Carpentry, 
Concrete, Engineering, Houses, Plaster- 
ing, Shoring, Stone, Strains and Stresses. 
Bulawayo. See Rhodesia. 
Bulbs. See Gardening. 

Bark ley (11. C. ) Bulgaria before the War. 

1877 1126C 

- Five Years in Bulgaria. 1877 1080 C 

Booth (I. L. C.) Trouble in (lie Balkans. 

1905. 2299C 





Curtis (W. E.) The Turk and his Lost 

Provinces. 1903 2353 C 

Miller (VV.) Travels and Politics in the Near 

East. 1898 2452 C 

See aho Balkans. 
Bull (H. J.) Crui>e of the Antarctic to the South 

Polar Regions. 1896 2448 C 

BULL (OLE B) Norwegian Violinist. Memoirs. 

By S. C. Bull. 1886 9345 B 

Bull (Paul B.) God and Our Soldiers. 1904 1334 B 

Record of Experiences amongst Soldiers in Peace and War. 

Bull (T. ) The Sense Denied and Lost. Ed. 

by B. G.Johns. 1859 414D 

An Account of Eight Years of Blindness which were 
Rendered Endurable and even Happy,and How Employments 
coula Possibly Cheer and Interest in such a State. 

Bullen (A. II. ) Lyrics from the Dramatists of 

the Elizabethan Age. 1891 368 II 

- Lyrics from the Song Books of the Elizabethan 

Age. 1891 382H 

Bullen (E.T.) A Sack ofShakings: Essays. 1901. 1701 E 

Shakings are the Odds and Ends of Uope and Canvas Ac- 
cumulated during the Voyage, which used to be tne Perquisite 
of the Chief Mate. 

- Back to Sunny Seas. 1905 1557 C 

My Experiences during a Trip to the West Indies and 
round tlit; Spanish Main. 

- Creatures of the Sea: Being the Life Stories of 

Some Sea Birds, Beasts and Fishes. 1904. 2414 D 

- Cruise of the Cachalot round the World after 

Sperm Whales. 1899 1463 C 

- Log of a Sea-Waif. 1899 2493 B 

Recollections of the First Four Years of Sea Life. 

- Men of the Merchant Service. 1900 571 J 

Being the Polity of the Mercantile Marine for 'Longshore 

- Our Heritage the Sea. 1906 8064 D 

- Palace of Poor Jack. 1900 64J 

An Account of the Passmore Edward's Sailors' Pa'ace, 

- Sea Spray. 1906 1665 F 

Collection of Short Stories and Essays on the Sea. 

-Sea-Wrack. 1903 1664C 

Life and Adventures at Sea. 

- With Christ at Sea. 1900 863 B 

A Religious Autobiography. 

- With Christ in Sailor Town : What the 

Seamen's Mission is Doing. 1901 200 J 

BULLER (SIR REDVERS H.) Story of his 

Lite and Campaigns. By W. Jerrold. 1900. 1375 B 
Bullion. See Money. 
Bulloch (J. M.) Art of Extra- Illustration. 1903. 2708 K 

Handbook on the Art of Grangerising Books by the addition 
of Extra Illustrations 

Buhner (G. B.) Architectural Studies in York- 
shire. 1887 3142 K 

Billow (Carl E. J.) General, and the Danish 

Question. 1878 3314B 

Bulow (M.) Baroness. Child and Child Nature. 

1880 1044J 

Bulwer (Sir II. L. E.) See Dalling (H. L. E.) Lord. 

Bumpus (T. F.) Cathedrals and Churches of 

the Rhine and North Germany. 1906... 10408 B 

-Cathedrals of England and Wales: Archi- 
tectural Descriptions. 1905-6 10440 B 

Bunce (I. T.) Sir losiah Mason : a Biography. 

1890 J 9695B 

Bungener (F. ) Trois Sermons sous Louis XV. 

1875 300 MB 

Bunn (A.) Old England and New England, in 

a Series of Views taken on the Spot. 1853.8037 C 
Bunnelt (F. E.) Distinguished Persons in 

Russian Society. 1873 1956B 

BUNSEN (C C J.) Baron. Memoirs. By 

his Widow. 1869 2047B 

BUNSEN (F.) Baroness. Life and Letters. 

By A. J. C. Hare. 1879 1979B 

Bunyan (J.) Holy War 80 A 

- Pilgrim's Progress 267 A 

- Brown (J.) Bunyan : Life and Times. 1885.3877 B 

- Cheever (G. B. ) Lecture on the Pilgrim's 

Progress and John Bunyan 432 A 

- Froude (J. A.) Biography of Bunyan. 1880. .. 1947 B 

- Nourse (R.) Lectures on the Pilgrim's Pro- 

gress. 1879 1795 A 

- Rutherford (M.) Life of Bunyan. 1905 9924 B 

-Tulloch(J.) Essay on Bunyan. 1861 933 B 

- Whyte (A.) Bunyan Characters. 1895 2737 A 


Clement (C. ) Biography of Michelangelo. 

1882 ' 2216 B 

- Notices of Michelangelo 1497 B 

Dumas (A.) Michel-Ange 230 MB 

Duppa (R.) Life of Michelangelo. 1891 326 B 

Holroyd ( <\x C. ) Life of Michelangelo. 1903.9527 B 
Symonds (J. A. ) Life of Michelangelo. 1893.4382 B 
Burbank (L. ) Account of his New Creations in 

Plant Life. By W. S. Harwood. 1906. .. 10151 D 
Burbidge (F. W. ) Cool Orchids and How to 

Grow Them. 1874 6167D 

- Cultivated Plants : their Propagation and Im- 

provement. 1877 8885D 

- Domestic Floriculture. 1874 8169 D 

- Gardens of the Sun. 1880 874 C 

A Naturalist's Journal in Borneo. 

Burbury (S. H.) Treatise on the Kinetic Theory 

of Ga«es. 1899 1848 D 

Burchett (A.) Figure Studies, Groups and Genre 

in Photography. 1905 2768 K 

Burchett (E. S.) Practical Plane Geometry. 

1886 3521 D 

Burchett (R. ) Linear Perspective : for the Use 

of Schools of Art. 1860 1011 K 

Burckhardt (J.) Civilisation of the Renaissance 

in Italy. 1898 6095 B 

Burden of Armaments : a Plea for Retrench- 
ments. By the Cobden Club. 1905 327 J 

Burdett (Sir H. C. ) Helps in Sickness and to 

Health. 1894 10062D 

- Nursing Profession : How and Where to Train. 

1901 1072D 

- Public Life and Work of the Prince and 

Princess of Wales. 1 863-1890 9784 B 

Burdett-Coutts (A. G.) Baroness. Woman's 

Mission. 1893 3018J 

Papers on Philanthropic Work of Women. 

Burdo (A.) Niger and the Benueh. 1880 2245 C 

Travels in Central Africa. 

Burgess (J. W. ) Practical Treatise on Coach- 
Building. 1881 ..9328 D 

Burggraeve (A.) Handbook of Dosimetric 
Therapeutics ; or the Treatment of Diseases 
by Simple Remedies. 1882 8671 D 

- New Practical Guide to Dosimetric Medicine. 

1885 6131 D 

BURGHLEY (W. C.) Lord. The Great Lord 

Burghley. By M. A. S. Hume. 1898 ...6078 B 





Burgon (J. W. ) Dean. Letters from Rome 

to Friends in England. 1862 10125 B 

- Lives of Twelve Good Men. 1888 4050 B 

Contents ;— Vol. 1. M. J. Routh ; H. J. Rose ;C. Marriott ; 
E. Hawkins. Vol. 2. S. Wilberforce ; R. L. Cotton. R. 
Greswell ; H. O. Coxe ; H. L. Mansel ; W. Jacobson ; 
C. P. Eden ; C. L. Higgins. 

-The Revision Revised. 1883 924 A 

Three Articles on (I) The New Greek Text (II) The New 
English Version (III) Wescott and Hort's New Textual 

- Goulburn. (E.M.) Life of Dean Burgon. 1892.9849 B 
BURGOYNE (JOHN) Political and Military 

Episodes. By E. B. de Fonblanque. 1876.3256 B 
Burgoyne(Sir J. F.) Military Opinions. Ed. by 

G. Wrottesley. 1859 2095J 

Burgoyne (Sir J. M.) Short History of the 

Operations'in Egypt, 1798-1802. 1885. .. 9115 B 
BURIALS. Funeral Rites of Nations. By W. 

Tegg. 1876 177J 

- Shrines and Sepulchres. By R. R. Madden. 

1851 4469 B 

Burke (E.) Correspondence. 1744-1797. Ed. 
by C. W. Earl Fitzwilliam and Sir R. 
Bourke. 1844 2530 B 

- Letters, Speeches, and Tracts on Irish 

Affairs. Collected and Arranged by M. 
Arnold. 1881 543 J 

- On Irish Affairs : Selection from the Works. 

1886 12 J 

- Reflections on the Revolution in France. Ed. 

by F. G. Selby. 1891 740 B 

- Selections from the Speeches and Writings... 9207 F 
-Works 1576F 

Contents: — Vol. 1. A Vindication of Natural Society ; 
Essay on the Sublime and Beautiful ; Political Miscellanies. 

Vol. 2. Political Miscellanies ; Reflections on the Revolu- 
tion of France. 

Vol. 3. Political Miscellanies. 

Vol.4. Reports on Administration of Justice in India; 
Charge against Warren Hastings. 

Vol. 5. Charge against Warren Hastings concluded ; 
Political Letters. 

Vol. 6. Miscellaneous Speeches, Letters, and Fragments ; 
Abridgment of English History. 

Vols. 7-8. Speeches on the Impeachment of Warren 

- Croly (G.) Political Life of Burke. 1840 1318 B 

- Howatd (A.) Ed. Beauties of Burke's 

Speeches 129 F 

- Morley ( J. ) Biogra phy of Burke. 1 897 1 966 B 

- Pillans (T. D. } Edmund Burke, Apostle of 

Justice and Liberty. 1905 10165 B 

Burke (Sir J. B.) Anecdotes of the Aristocracy. 

1849 2147 B 

- Family Romance : Episodes in the Domestic 

Annals of the Aristocracy 301 B 

The Rise of Great Families, and other Essays 

and Stories. 1873 1528 B 

- Vicissitudes of Families, and other Essays. 

I860 . 1183B 

Burke ( P. ) Romance of the Forum : Narratives 

from Courts of Justice. 1861 1135 B 

Burke (S. II.) Historical Portraits of the Tudor 

Dynasty and the Reformation Period. 

1879 3326B 

BURKE a.) Father. Life. By W. J. Kitzpatrick. 

1X85 4123 B 

Burleigh (B.) Desert Warfare: the Pastern 

Soudan Campaign. 1 884 241 9 C 

- Khartoum Campaign. 1899 6089 B 

Natal Campaign. 1900 2456 B rind Khalifa ; or, the Rc-Conqucst of 

the Soudan. L898 4350 I'. 

Burlesques. Sec Theatricals, Atnaletir. 


Browne (E. C. ) The Acquisition of Burma. 

1888 4022 B 

Cuming (E. D. ) Sketch of Burmese Village 

Life. 1897 2502 C 

Curtis (W. F.) Travel in Burma. 1905 251 2 C 

Fielding (H.) Thibaw's Queen Supayalat. 

1899 1023 B 

Fytche(A.) Burma: Past and Present. 1878.2047 C 
Gascoigne (G. T.) Among Pagodas and P'air 

Ladies. 1896 2899 C 

Gill (W. ) Journev through China to Bur- 

mah. 1880 2176 C 

Gordon (C. A.) Our Trip to Burma. 1874-5.2033 C 

Harmer(E. G.) Story of Burma. 1902 800 B 

Hart (Mrs. E.) Lecture on Burma, Past 

and Present. 1899 6055 B 

Laurie (W. F B. ) Ashe Pyee, the Superior 

Country. 1882 8145 C 

Mac.VIahon (A. R.) Far Cathay and Farther 

India. 1893 2934 C 

- Karens of the Golden Chersonese. 1876... 3160 B 
Miln (L. J.) When We Were Strolling 

Players in the East. 1894 2230 C 

Paske (C. F.) Life and Travel in Lower 

Burmah. 1892 718 C 

Pollok (F. T.) and Thorn (W. S.) Wild 

Sports of Burma. 1900 2248 C 

Scott (J. G.) Burma as It Was, as It Is, and 

as It Will Be. 1886 9203B 

Shway Yoe. The Burman. 1881 2254 B 

Vincent (F. ) Land of the White Elephant. 

1873 2402 C 

Burn (G. F. ) First Stage Plane and Solid 

Geometry. 1904 799 I) 

Burn (J. D.) pseud. 7 lie Beggar Boy. An Auto- 
biography. 1882 2337 B 

Burn (R. S.) Architectural and Mechanical 

Drawing Book 611 K 

- Ornamental Draughtsman and Designer. 1892. 142 K 

- Ornamental Drawing and Architectural Design. 

1894 1170 K 

- Outlines of Modern Farming. 1874 124 D 

- Systematic Small Farming. 1886 8839 D 

B.irnaby (E.) Ride from Land's End to John 

o' Groats. 1893 527C 

Burnaby (Fred) On Horseback through Asia 

Minor. 1877 2174C 

- Ride to Khiva. 1895 1994C 

Travels in Central Asia. 

Burnaby (Mrs. E. A. F., afterwards Mrs. A. 
Le Blond). High Alps in Winter; or, 
Mountaineering in Search of Health. 1 883.. 929 C 

- My Home in the Alps. 1892 8541 C 

- True Tales of Mountain Adventure for Non- 

Climbers, Young and Old. 1903 2303 C 

Burnand (Sir F. C ) late Editor of Punch. 

Records and Reminiscences : Personal and 

General. 1905 9966 B 

Burnap (G. W. ) Life of Leonard Calvert: 1st 

Governor of Maryland. 1846 440 B 

Burne (J. B. ) Parson and Peasant : Chapters of 

their Natural History. 1891 1028 J 

Burne (Sir O. T.) Clyde and Strathnairn : Rulers 

of India. 1891 9765 B 

BURNE JONES (Sir E.) A Record and 

Review. By M. Bell. 1898 2058 B 

- Miniature Life. By M. Bell. 1901 126 B 

Burnet (G.) Bp. History of his Own Times. 

1875 3733B 

- History of the Reformation of the Church of 

England. 1865 882 A 

Burnet (J.) Early Greek Philosophy. 1892. ...1363 A 





Burney (F., afterwards Madame D'Arblay) 

Diary and Letters. Ed. by C. Barrett 3203 B 

- Dobson (A.) Memoir of Fanny Burney. 1903.. 699 B 

- Seeley (L. B.) Fanny Burney and her Friends. 

1892 3863 B 

Burnie(R. W.) Ed. Memoir and Letters of 

S. G. Ihomas. 1891 9962 B 

The Inventor of Dephosphorisation of Pig-iron in the 
Bessemer and Siemens-Martin Processes. 

Burnley (J.) Romance of Invention. 1886 1146B 

- Story of British Trade and Industry. 1904. ...223 J 

- Yorkshire Stories Retold 181 B 

Burns (D. ) Christendom and the Drink Curse.. 2034 J 

- Tern perance History 2035 J 

BURNS (SIR G. ) One of the Founders of the 

Cunard Company. Life. By E. Hodder. 

1890 4179 B 

Burns ( R. ) and Mrs. Dunlop, Correspondence. 

Elucidations, by W. Wallace. 1898 9540B 

- Letters. With an Introduction by J. L. 

Robertson. 1887 692 B 

- Poems, Songs, and Letters. Ed. by A. 

Smith 148 H 

- Aiken ( P. F. ) Memorials of Burns. 1876. ... 1996 B 

- Blackie (J. S.) Life of Burns. 1888 694 B 

- Dougall (C. S.) The Burns Country. 1904... 1626 C 

- Holmes (D. T. ) Lectures on Scottish Litera- 

ture. 1904 953 F 

- Shairp (J. C.) Biography of Burns. 1902... 1943 B 
Burns (W.) Manufacture of Gas from Tar, Oil, 

and other Hydrocarbons, and Extracting Oil 

from Sewage Sludge. 1887 1217 V 

Burr(S. D. V. ) Bicycle Repairing Manual. 1898.2005 D 
Burred ( A.) Clear Speaking and Good Reading. 

1898 1316 F 

- Recitation : Handbook f >r Teachers 9094 F 

Burred (E. J.) Elementary Building Construc- 
tion and Drawing. 1889 9351 D 

Burrill(K. ) Corner Stones : that our Daughters 
may be as Corner Stones, polished after 
the Similitude of a Palace. 1904 1158 F 

- Shell Gatherers : Essays. 1905 1 183 F 

Selection o/Con'ents: — The Fifes of June ; On Being Kind 
in Our Own Way ; The Arid Table-Land of Middle Life ; 
Book-shops and Book buyers ; Mrs. Nickleby and Betsy Trot- 
wood ; Gift Hoises ; Benefits of Disappointment ; Podsnappery 
and Hennv- penny. 

- and Booth (A. H.) Amateur Cook. 1906... 1725 D 
Burritt (E.) Sparks from the Anvil : Essays. 1118 F 

- The Mission of Great Sufferings. 1867 327 A 

- Thoughts and Notes at Home and Abroad. 

1868 171 F 

- Voice from the Forge. 1848 309 F 

A Collection of Essays written by Elihu Burritt before he 
Discontinued Work at the Forge. 

Burroughs (J.) Birds and Poets, and other 

Papers. 1895 1777 D 

Contents: — Touches of Nature; Bird Medley; April; 
Spring Poems ; Our Rural Divinity ; Before Genius ; Before 
Beauty ; Emerson : Flight of the Eagle. 

- Far and Near. 1904 1774 D 

Collection of Nature Studies in North America. 

- Fresh Fields. 1895 1778D 

Contents: — Nature in England ; English Woods ; In Car- 
lyle's Country; A Hunt for the Nightingale ; English and Amer- 
ican Song- Birds; Impressions of Some English Birds; In 
Wordsworth's Country; Glance at Britis.i Wild Flowers; 
British Fertility ; Sunday in Cheyne Row ; At Sea. 

-Locusts and Wild Honey. 1895 1779 D 

Contents: — Pastoral Bees ; Sharp Eyes ; Strawberries ; Is it 
going to Rain ? ; Speckled Trout ; Birds and Birds ; Bed of 
Boughs ; Birds'-Nesting ; Halcyon in Canada. 

Burroughs (J.) Pepacton. 1895 1780 D 

Contents: — Summer Voyage; Springs; An Idyll of the 
Honey- Bee ; Nature and the Poets ; Notes by the Way ; Foot- 
paths ; A Bunch of Herbs ; Winter Pictures. 

- Ways of Nature. 1905 1785D 

Essays on Animal Life and Instinct. 

- Winter Sunshine. 1883 7129F 

A Series of Sketches on England. 

Burrows (Guy) The Land of the Pigmies. 1898. 1835 C 
Burrows (VI.) Commentaries on the History of 

England to 1865. 1893 9556B 

- Imperial England. 1880 3490 B 

- Life of Edward, Lord Ilawke : Admiral of the 

Fleet. 1883 3685 B 

- Wiclifs Place in History. 1882 2317 B 

- Worthies of All Souls : Four Centuries of 

English History. 1874 3414 B 

History of All Soul's College, Oxford, 1362-1874. 

Burry (B.P.) Ethiopia in Exiie. 1905 1489 C 

Jamaica Re-visited. 

- Jamaica as It Is. 1903 1413 C 

Burton (A.R.E.) Cape Colony for the Settler. 

1903 2133C 

Burton (E.F.) Reminiscences of Sport in India. 

1885 2482C 

Burton (F.G.) Commercial Management of En- 
gineering Works. 1899 2207 D 

- Engineering Estimates and Cost Accounts. 

1896 i22i D 

Burton (H.) Gospel of St. Luke {Expositor's 

Bible) 2567 A 

Burton (I.) Lady. Arabia, Egypt, India: Travel. 

1879 2110C 

- Inner Lite of Syria, Palestine and the Holy 

Land. 1875 1947 c 

-Life of Sir R. F. Burton. 1893 4361 B 

- Passion-Play at Ober-Ammergau. 1900 578 II 

- Wilkins (W. II.) Romance of Lady Burton. 

1897 3864B 

Burton (Rev. ].) of Leeds. Sermons on Chris- 
tian Life and Truth. 1883 877 A 

Burton (J. H. ) Book-I Iunter. 1900 1545 F 

Contents:— Reminiscences of a Book-Hunter, with Chapters 
on the Creation of Libraries ; Preservation of Literature ; 
Book-Clubs ; The Roxburghe Club ; Book-Club Literature. 

- History of Scotland. 1876 1644 B 

Burton (Mrs. J. H.) My Home Farm. 1883...1238 D 
Burton (R.) Anatomy of Melancholy: What 

It Is. 1898 683 A 

Burton (Sir Richard F.) Abeokuta and the 
Cameroons Mountains : an Exploration. 
1863 1063^ 

- City of the Saints. 1861 1852C 

A Visit to Salt Lake City, with an Account of the 
Mormon Rcligbn. 

- Etruscan Bologna : a Study. 1876 2766 B 

- First Footsteps in East Africa ; or, an 

Exploration of Harar. 1 894 2820 C 

- Gold Mines of Midian and the Ruined 

Midianite Cities. 1878 2053C 

- Highlands of the Brazil ; with a Full Account 

of the Gold and Diamond Mines. 1869... 1529 C 
-Lake Regions of Central Africa: a Picture 

of Exploration. 1860 1742 C 

- Mission to Gelele, King of Dahome, with 

Notices of the So-Called Amazons. 1893.2796 C 

- Pilgrimages to El Madinah and Meccah. 1893.2806 C 

- Ultima Thule ; or, a Summer in Iceland. 

1875 1913c 





Burton (Sir Richard F.) Wanderings in Three 

Continents. 1901 1816 C 

Essays on Travels in Asia, Africa, and America. 

- Wanderings in West Africa. 1863 1047 C 

- Wit and Wisdom from West Africa. 1865 ..4366 F 

- Zanzibar : City, Island, and Coast. 1872... 1800 C 

- and Cameron (V. L. ) To the Gold Coast for 

Gold. 1883 1470 C 

- and Drake (C.F.T.) Unexplored Syria. 1872.1813C 

- Burton (I.) Lady. Life of Sir R. F. Burton. 

1893 4361 B 

- Hitchman(F.)LifeofSirR. F. Burton. 1887.3996 B 

- Stisted (G. M.) True Life of Sir R. F. Burton. 

1896 10228B 

Burton (R. G.) Tropics and Snow. 1898 2409 C 

Travels and Adventures in Jamaica, Barbados, the Punjab, 
Kashmir, Berar, Russia, Norway, India. 

Burton (T. E.) Financial Crisis and Periods of 
Industrial and Commercial Depression. 
1902 1232 J 

Burton (W. K.) Photographic and Photo- 
Mechanical Printing. 1892 143 K 

Burty (P.) Chefs- D'GEuvre of the Industrial 

Arts. 1869 1006 K 

Contents : — Ceramic 
Tapestry and Carpets. 

Arts ; Glass ; Enamels ; Metals 

Bury (J. B. ) History of Greece to the Death of 

Alexander. 1900 9284 B 

- History of the Roman Empire, B.C. 27 to 

a.d. 180. 1896 10343B 

Bury (T. T.) Rudimentary Architecture : 

Styles of Various Countries. 1874 144 K 

Busch (M.) Bismarck in the Franco-German 

War, 1870-71. 1879 ...2029B 

- Bismarck : Some Secret Pages of his His- 

tory. 1898 6063 B 

- Our Chancellor. 1884 9118B 

A Study of Prince Bismarck. 

Bush (F.) Memoirs of the Queens of France. 

1843 1097E 

Bush (R. W.) St. Augustine: his Life and 

Times 9104 B 

Bushnell (II.) Moral Uses of Dark Things. 

1869 186A 

A Collection of Essays on a Variety of Subjects, such as 
Night and Sleep, and Physical Pain, which may be Read in 
Various Moods of Mind. 

- Nature and the Supernatural. 1863 185 A 

- Sermons on Living Subjects. 1872 249 A 

-The New Life: Sermons. 1861 183A 

BUSHRANGERS, Australian, Stories of the. 

ByG. E. Boxall. 1899 1325B 

- Last of the. By F. A. Hare. 1895 1310 B 

Business. See Trade. 

Bussey (II. I.) Sixty Years of Journalism : 

Anecdotes and Reminiscences. 1906 10411 B 

- and kcid (SirT. VV. ) The Newpaper Reader : 

Selections from the Journals of the 19th 

( entury on Important National Events ...7229 F 

Busteed (II. E.) Echoes from Old Calcutta: 
the Days of Warren Hastings, Francis, 
[mpey. 1897 10323B 

Butcher (S. II.) Harvard Lectures on Greek 

Subjects. 1904 918 F 

- Some Aspects of the Greek Genius. 1904 922 I'' 

BUTCHERING, Practical. By W. II. Major. 

1903 .....1167 I) 

Bute (J.) jrd Marquis of. Essays on Foreign 

Subjects. 1901 1838 F 

Contents: — Last Resting- Place of St. Andrew; Ancient 
Language of the Natives of Tenerife ; Some Christian Monu- 
ments of Athens ; Giordano Bruno before the Venetian In- 
quisition ; Ultimate Fate of G. Bruno; Patmos ; M. Renan's 
Souvenirs; Bayreuth Festival ; Prophecies of St. MalachL 

Butler (A. G.) Beautiful Foreign Finches, and 

their Treatment in Captivity. 1904 4292 I) 

Butler (A. J.) Court Life in Egypt. 18S7 9473 B 

- Dante : his Times and his Work. 1897 1094 B 

Butler (D. ) John Wesley and George White- 
field in Scotland. 1898 305A 

Butler (E.) For Further Consideration. 1887. 7123 F 
Contents : — Studies of Christian Life and Character in the 
"Idylls of the King"; Advantages and Disadvantages of 
Laziness : General Epistle to Public Speakers ; On the Life 
of Faith; Vested Interests; Public Opinion; Children's 
Sundays ; A Conveyancer's Meditation on the Lease of Life ; 
Chips from Life's Workshop. 

- For Good Con>ideration : Essays. 1885. ...7074 F 

Contents : — New Exercise for Legal Maxims ; Concerning 
Wills; Advice to Young Orators ; Concerning the Christian in 
Contention; Table-Talk on Books and Reading; On Versatility; 
Concerning the Polite Christian ; Philanthropic Beggars ; 
Address to a Gentleman on Entering a Bazaar. 

Butler (G.) Principles of Imitative Art. 1852. 525 K 
Butler (G.W.) Lord's Host, or Lessons from 

the Book of Joshua. 1879 1548A 

Butler (H.E.) Life of Margaret of Scotland. 

1902 3253 B 

Butler (J.) Bp. Analogy of Religion. 1889.. ..693 A 

- J not her Copy. Ed. by H. Mosley. 1894. 2637 A 
-Works. Ed. by W. E. Gladstone. 1897. ...2992 A 

- Collins (W. L. ) Butler for English Readers. 

1881 1673A 

- Goullmrn (E.M.) Lecture on Butler. 1877... 2064 A 

- Gladstone (W. E.) Studies Subsidiary to the 

Works of Butler. 1896 2991 A 

- Norris (J. P.) Lectures on Butler's Analogy. 

1887 1794A 

- Whyte (A.) Bishop Butler: an Appreciation. 

1903 3249 A 

Butler (Mrs. Josephine E.) Catherine of Siena : a 

Biography. 1878 2072 B 

- Woman's Work and Woman's Culture. 1869.2037 J 

Contents : — Final Cause of Woman. By F. P. Cobbe ; How 
to Provide for Superfluous Women. By J. Boucherett : Edu- 
cation Considered as a Profession for Women. ByG. Butler ; 
Medicine as a Profession for Women. By S. J. Blake ; Teach- 
ing of Science. By J. Stuart ; On Some Hi-torical Aspects of 
family Life. By C. H. Pearson ; Property 1 Usabilities of a Mar- 
ried Woman and other Legal Effects of Marriage. By H. N. 
Nozley; Female Suffrage. By J. Wedg > ood ; Education of 
Girls. By E. C. Wolsienholme ; Social Position of Women in 
the Present 4ge. By J. B. Kinnear. 

Butler (S.) Erewhon ; or Over the Range. 1884.776 F 
An Attempt to Satirise the Beliefs and Opinions Current 
Amongst his Countrymen in Relating his Supposed Adventures 
in a Land where Everything even to the very Names is the Re- 
verse of that with Which We are Familiar. 

- Erewhon Revisited. 1901 777 F 

- Evolution New and Old. 1890 10027 D 

Fair Haven: A Work in Defence of the 

Miraculous Element in Our Lord's Ministry 

upon Earth. 1890 1004A 

Fife and Habit. 1878 270A 

- Luck, or Cunning, as the Main Means of Or- 

ganic Modification? 1887 9061 1) 

- Selections from his Works. 1890 10028 I) 

Will) Remarks on Romanes' Mental Evolution in Animals. 

Unconscious Memory : a Comparison between 
the Theory of Dr. E. Hering and Von Hart- 
man. 1X80 317 A 

Butler (Samuel) the Poet. Hudibras : a Poem. 

1881 328II 

Poetical Works. 1893 325 II 





Butler (W. A.) Lectures on the History of Ancient 

Philosophy. 1874 832 A 

Butler (Sir W. F.) Biography of C. G. Gordon. 

1889 9505 B 

Far Out: Rovings Re-told. 1880 1418C 

Records of Travel in North America, Afghanistan, South 
Africa, and Cyprus. 

- Great Lone Land : Travel in the North-West 

of America. 1883 1806 C 

- Invasion of England : Told Twenty Years 

After. 1882 24 J 

-LifeofSirG.PomeroyCollev. 1835-1881. 1899.6092B 

- Sir Charles Napier. 1890. 9688 B 

- Wild North Land : Winter Journey, with 

Dogs. Across Northern North America. 

1874 1871 C 

Butlin (H. T.) Diseases of the Tongue. 1885.6149 D 

Butson (A. A. S.) Art of Washing. 1880 842 D 

Butter. See Agriculture. 

Butterfield (W. J. A.) Chemistry of Gas Manu- 
facture. 1898 8058D 

Butterflies. See Lepidoptera. 

Butterworth (A.) Manual of Household Work 

and Management. 1906 8113 D 

Buxton (C.) How to Stop Drunkenness. 1901. 1191 J 

- Notes of Thought : Biographical Sketch by 

J. LI. Davies. 1873 2844 A 

The Idea of the Author of this Book was to look Steadily and 
Thoroughly into the World Around, and to Write down what 
he Observed in it in the Briefest Words. 

Buxton (E. M. W.) Makers of Europe. 1902... 9080 B 
Buxton (E. N.) A. B.C. of Free Trade. 1882... 607 J 
Buxton (H. J. W. ) English Painters, with a 

Chapter on American Painters by S. R. 

Koehler. 1883 639 K 

- Short Sermons for Children. 1906 3362 A 

- and others. Harvest and Flower Festival 

Sermons. 1897 2766 A 

Buxton (Sydney) Finance and Politics, 1783- 

1885. 1888 2040J 

- Handbook to Political Questions of the Day. 

1888 2038J 

- Mr. Gladstone as Chancellor of the Ex- 

chequer. 1901 1797 B 

Buxton (Mrs. S.) Side Lights on Bible History. 

1892 2556 A 

BUXTON (SIR T. F. ) Life. Ed. by C. Buxton. 

1849 847 B 

BUXTON, Guide to. By A. and C. Black. 

1904 6073 C 

Byles (J. ) Boy and the Angel : Being Sunday 

Morning Talks to the Children. 1893 2829 A 

-Legend of St. Mark: Being Sunday Morning 

Talks to the Children. 1899 2826 A 

Byles (Sir J. B.) Sophisms of Free-Trade and 
Popular Political Economy Examined. 
1904 379J 

Byng(A. 11.) and Stephens (S. M.) Eds. Auto- 
biography of an English Gamekeeper ...10157 B 

Byng(G.) Protection. 1901 2309 J 

The Views of a Manufacturer on Protection. 

Byrne (D.) Australian Writers. 1896 895 F 

Contents :— A Series of Essays on Marcus Clarke, Henry 
Kingsley, Ada Cambridge, Adam Lindsay Gordon, Rolf 
Boldrewood, Mrs. Campbell Praed. Tasma. 

Byrne (W. P.) Curiosities of the Search Room : 
a Collection of Serious and Whimsical Wills. 
1880 2057J 

- De Omnibus Rebus : Discursive Ramblings. 

1888 1762F 

- Feudal Castles of France (Western Provinces). 

1869 2522 B 

Byrom (T. II.) Physics and Chemistry of 

Mining. 1905 1065 D 

Byron (G. N. G.) Lord. Childe Harold's 

Pilgrimage: a Poem 44 H 

- Poetical Works 1516 H 

- Poetry. Ed. by M. Arnold 32 H 

- Vindicated 430 H 

- Castelar (E.) Life of Byron. 1875 3044 B 

- Guiccioli (T. ) Countess. My Recollections 

ofByron. 1869 848 B 

- Teafferson (J. C.) The Real Lord Byron. 

1883 3692 B 

- Mackay (C.) Vindication of Byron. 1869 ...2269 B 

- Moore (T.) Life and Letters of Byron. 1866.2534 B 
BYRON (A. I. Hk.)Lady. Vindicated. By Mrs. 

II. B. Stowe. 1870 54 B 

- Vindication of. 1871 2885 B 

By water (A. ) Sheffield Dialect. 1839 7175 F 

Some Explanation is given of the Characters, Customs, 
Words, and Sentences used in the Dialect. 


Gibbon (E.) Decline and Fall of the Roman 

Empire. Ed. by A. H. J. Greenidge. 1899.. . 814 B 
- Another Copy. With Notes by Dean H. H. 

Milman. 1899 9842 B 

Hutton(W.PL) Story of Constantinople. 1900. 280B 
Mijatovich (C.) Conquest of Constantinople 

by the Turks. 1892 9859 B 

Oman (C. W. C.) Story of the Byzantine 

Empire. 1892 9808 B 

Pears (E.) Fall of Constantinople. 1885 ...3899 B 
See also Constantine, Constantinople, Crusades, 


(^ ABALLERO (F. ) Spanish Novelist. 

Life Study of. By M. B. Edwards. 1880. . .2089 B 
Cabinet Making. See Carpentry. 
Cables, Submarine. See Telegraphy. 
CABOT (J. and S.) and the Discovery of 

North America. By C. R. Beazley. 1898. 10274 B 
- Discovery of North America. By G. E. 

Weare. 1897 1622 C 

Cabot (J. E. ) Memoirsof R. W. Emerson. 1887.9404 B 
CABOT (S.) Life of. By C. Hayward. 1834.430 B 
CABS, Origin and History of. Bv H. C 

Moore. 1902.. '. 2299 T 

Cabul. See Afghanistan. 

CACHALOT, Cruise of the. By F. T. Bullen. 

1899 1463C 

Cactus Culture. See Gardening, 

Cadbury ( E. ) and others. Woman's Work and 
Wages : a Phase of Life in an Industrial 

City. 1906 1446 J 

Cadbury (G.) Cocoa: All About It. 1892 6427D 

Caddick (H.) White Woman in Central Africa. 

1900 1411C 

Caddy (Mrs.) Household Organization. 1877. ..601 J 
Caddy (Mrs. F. ) To Siam and Malaya, in the 
Duke of Sutherland's Yacht Sans Peur. 

1889 2531 C 

Caddy (W. H.) Working Drawings for Wood 

Carving. 1892 3035K 

Cadet (H.) Boy's Book of Battles. 1903 9668 B 

Cadness (H.) Decorative Brush- Work and Ele- 
mentary Design. 1902 722 K 





CAESAR (AUGUSTUS) Biography. By J. B. 

Firth. 1903 10355B 

Caesar (C. Julius) Commentaries on the Gallic 

War. With Notes by H. Young. 1880 122 B 

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1888 9282 D 

Caillard (Sir V. II. P.) Imperial Fiscal Reform. 

1903 1333 I 

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Days in the Isle of Man. 1894 8518 C 

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Story of the Manx Kings, Bishops, and People. 

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1887 9257 B 

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Caird (E.) Critical Account of the Philosophy of 

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Caird (Sir J.) India: the Land and the 

People. 1883 2329 C 

- Landed Interest and the Supply of Food. 

1880 600 J 

Caird ( fohn) Essays for Sunday Reading. 1906. 3379 A 

- Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion. 

1880 843 A 

- University Addresses. 1898 9185 F 

Contents : — Unity of the Sciences ; Progressiveness of the 
Sciences ; Erasmus ; Gaiileo ; Scientific Character of Bacon ; 
David Hume; Bp. Butler and his Theology; Study of 
History; Science of History ; Study of Art; Progressiveness 
of Art ; Art of Public Speaking ; Personal Element in 
Teaching ; General and Professional Education. 

Cairnes (J. E. ) Essays in Political Economy. 

1873 . 2043J 

- Leading Principles of Political Economy. 

1874 2044J 

- Logical Method of Political Economy. 1875.2042 [ 

- Political Essays. 1873 2045 J 

Contents: — Colonization and Colonial Government; The 
Revolution in America ; International Law ; Fragments 
on Ireland ; Our Defences ; A National or a Standing Army ; 
Thoughts on University Reform. 

airnes (W. E.) Earl Roberts as a Soldier in 

Peaceand War. 1901 2583B 

- The Army from Within. 1901 5"2b f 

- The Coming Waterloo. 1901 1130 J 

An Atternpl to Forecast a Wai between France and Russia 
and Great Britain, Germany, and Austria. 

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1006 3407 A 

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ByC. M. Marsh. 1897 187B 

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See also Egypt. 


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Differences. 1880 8218 D 

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1903 591 D 

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Lamb ( II. ) Elementary Course of Infinitesimal 

Calculus. 1902 1513 D 

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See also Mathematics. 


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1905 10467 B 

Busteed (II. E. ) Echoes from Old Calcutta. 

1897 10323 B 

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See also India. 

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Tabernacle. 1904 9798 B 

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An Investigation of the Laws which determine Happiness. 

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Stories 517 A 

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- for English Readers. By F. J. Ilasel. 1879.232 F 
Calderwood (II.) Evolution, and Man's Place 

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Philosophy of the Infinite. 1872 808 A 

- Relations of Mind and Brain. 1884 670 A 

Teaching: its Ends and Means. 1881 19J 

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Journals from England, Holland, and the 
Low Countries in 1756. Ed. by A. Fer- 
gusson. 1884 3776 B 

Caldwell (W.) Schopenhauer's System in its 

Philosophical Significance. 1896 1077 A 

Calico. See Cotton. 






Bishop (W. H.) Old Mexico and her Lost 

Provinces. 1883 8078 C 

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fornia in 1870. 1872 1799C 

Clerk (Mrs. A. M.) Antipodes and Round the 

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fornia. 1904 J354C 

dimming (C F. G.) Granite Crags. 1884... 2424 C 

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Fisher (W. M.) Study of the Californians. 

1876 1115C 

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and Residence. 1878 2153C 

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Yachell (H. A.) Life and Sport on the 

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Calisthenics. See Gymnastics. 

Calkins (E. E.)and Holden (R.) The Art of 

Modern Advertising. 1905 1417 J 

Call (A. P. ) Freedom of Life. 1905 3353 A 

Contents: — How to Sleep Restfully ; Hurry, Worry, and 
Irritability ; Nervous Fears ; Circumstances of Life ; Human 
Sympathy ; Peisonal Independance ; Self Control ; The 
Religion of it. About Christmas; To Mothers. 

- Power through Repose. 1891 53 A 

A Plea for Rest as a Factor in Physical Culture. 

Call of God. 1901 160A 

National Simultaneous Mission Sermons, 1901, by J. Clifford, 
M Gibson, R. F. Horton, Hugh P. Hughes, J. Parker, and 

Callan (H.) From the Clyde to the Jordan : 

Narrative of a Bicycle Journey. 1 895 . . . 8539 C 
Callimachus. W r orks. Trans, by J. Banks. 1897.828 H 
Callingham (J.) Ed. Painters' and Grainers' 

Handbook. 1904 1095 D 

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Callwell (C. E.) Effect of Maritime Command 

on Land Campaigns since Waterloo. 1897 1 169 B 

- Tactics of To-day. 1900 410D 

Military Results of the War in South Africa. 

Caiman (A. L.) Life and Labours of John 

Ashworth, Author of "Strange Tales" 709 B 

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the Crimea ; or, the Realities of the War 
in the Crimea. 1856 880 B 

Calthrop (D. C.) English Costume. 1906 2786 K 

Contents:— Vol. 1. Early English. Vol.2. Middle Ages. 
Vol. 3. Tudor and Stuart. Vol. 4. Georgian. 

Calverby (C. S. ) Poetical Works. 1901 556 H 

- Verses and Translations. 1865 163 H 

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C. S. Calverley. 1885 9263B 

Calverley (W. S. ) Notes on the Early Sculp- 
tured Crosses, Shrines, and Monuments 
in the Present Diocese of Carlisle. 1899... 3222 B 

CALVERT (L.) First Governor of Maryland. 

Life. By G. W. Burnap. 1846 440B 

CALVIN (J.) and Saint Louis. By F. P. G. 

Guizot. 1868 1155 B 

CAMBODIA : Land of the White Elephant. 

By F. Vincent. 1873 2402C 

- Through the Buffer State. By J. MacGregor. 

1896 1356 C 

Cambridge (A. ) Thirty Years in Australia. 1903.2134 C 
CAMBRIDGE. In Cambridge Courts. By 

R. C. Lehmann. 1891 9136F 

- Old Friends at. By J. W. Clark. 1900 1880 B 

Cambridge Modern History. Ed. by A. W. 

Ward. 1902 4506 B 

Camera. See Photography. 

Cameron (D. A.) Egypt in the Nineteenth 

Century. 1898....'. 1211 B 

Cameron (J. S.) Is My House Healthy? 

How to Find Out. 1892 . 6395D 

Cameron (M.) Bead Threading and Laying: 

an Occupation for Young Children. 1900. 1194 K 
Cameron (V. L.) Across Africa. 1877 1923 C 

- Log of a Jack Tar ; or, the Life of James 

Choyce, Master Mariner : contains also 
Captain O'Brien'sCaptivity in France. 1891. 2660 C 

- Our Future Highway to India. 1880 1391 C 

Camoens (L. de) The Lusiad ; or, the Dis- 
covery of India. Trans, by W. J. Mickle. 

1892 587 H 

Campan (Afdme.J. H. L. ) Memoirs of the Court 

of Marie Antoinette. 1895 4611 B 

- Private Life of Marie Antoinette. 1883 3828 B 

Campanella (G. M.) Life in the Cloister, in the 

Papal Court, and in Exile. 1877 3180 B 

- My Life and What I Learnt in It : an Auto- 

biography. 1874 3236 B 

Campbell (A. A.) Sermons preached at Balmoral. 

1882 2122 A 

Campbell (C. ) Lecture on Andrew Melville, 

Scottish Divine. 1883 1005B 

Campbell (Colin) See Clyde (C.) Lord. 

Campbell {Lady Colin) Woman's Walks. 1903. 1306 C 

A Woman's Walk through Italy, Switzerland, France, 
London, and the Country. 

Campbell (C. F. ) Letters from Sebastopol, 1854-5. 

1894 10314B 

Campbell (D.) Hymns and Hymn Makers. 1898. 1026 B 
Campbell (D.H.) Lectures on the Evolution of 

Plants. 1899 1066 D 

- Memoirs of My Indian Career. 1893 4392 B 

Campbell (Sir G. ) Handy Book on the Eastern 

Question. 1876 935J 

This Work Deals with Greater Britain 
the Question of Imperial Administration. 

Connection with 

- The British Empire. 1887 589 J 

- White and Black : The Outcome of a Visit to 

the United States. 1879 2108C 

Campbell (Gerald) Life of Edward and Pamela 

Fitzgerald. 1904 3479 B 

Campbell (L^ordG. G.) Log Letters from the 

Challenger. 1876 2042 C 

Campbell (H.) Brewer (R. F. ) and Neville (H.) 

Voice, Speech, and Gesture. 1895 9296 F 

Campbell (J.) Lord. Lives of the Lord Chan- 
cellors. 1856 1230B 

- Hardcastle(M. S.) Ed. Life of J. Lord Camp- 

bell. 1881 3551B 

Campbell (J. ) Thirty Years' Experience of a 

Medical Officer in the English Convict 

Service. 1884 403B 

Campbell (James) Adventures, and Field Sports 

in Ceylon. 1843 2570 C 

Campbell (J. D.) S. T. Coleridge : Events of 

his Life. 1896 3533 B 

Campbell (J. F.) Frost and Fire; Natural 

Engines ; Tool Marks and Chips ; with 

Sketches taken at Home and Abroad. 

1865 1945 D 

- Popular Tales of the West Highlands. 1860-2. 993 J 
Campbell (J. G.) Witchcraft and Second Sight 

in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. 

1902 3240 A 





Campbell (J. McLeod) Christ the Bread of 
Life : An Attempt to give a Profitable 
Direction to the Present Occupation of 
Thought with Romanism. 1869 2043 A 

- Nature of the Atonement. 1878 2052 A 

- Responsibility for the Gift of Eternal Life : 

Sermons. 1873 2047 A 

- Thoughts on Revelation. 1874 2046 A 

Campbell (L.) Guide to Greek Tragedy. 1891.7420 F 

- Nationalisation of the Old English Univer- 

sities. 1901 1147 T 

- Religion in Greek Literature. 1898 1072 A 

- Some Aspects of Christian Ideal : Sermons. 

1877 2054A 

-Sophocles {Classical Writers) 1879 7006 F 

- Tragic Drama in /Eschvlus, Sophocles, and 

Shakespeare. 1904..' 2001 F 

Campbell (SirN.) Napoleon I. at Fontainebleau 

and Elba. 1869 2675 B 

Campbell (R. ) The Father of St. Kilda : Twenty 

Years in Isolation in the Sub- Arctic Territory 

of the Hudson's Bay Company. 1901 1076 C 

Campbell (R. J.) A Faith for To-Day. 1900.. .2875 A 

Suggestions towards a System of Christian Belief. 

- City Temple Sermons. 1903 31 87 A 

- Sermons Addressed to Individuals. 1904. ..1857 A 

- Sermons to Young Men. 1904 1854 A 

-Song of Ages: Sermons. 1905 1885 A 

- The Restored Innocence. 1898 12A 

Campbell (T.) Poems 620 H 

- Hadden (J. C.) Biography of Campbell. 1899 791 B 

- Literary Celebrities : Campbell. 1887 9678 B 

Campbell (T. M. A. E.) Notes on the Island 

ofCorsica. 1868 205 C 

Campbell (W.) Old Forest Ranger ; or, Wild 

Sports in India. 1842 1836C 

CAMPELLO (E. di) Count, and Catholic 

Reform in Italy. By A. Robertson. 1891.9812 B 

- Autobiography. 1881 2172B 

Giving his Reasons for Leaving the Papal Church. 

Campin (F.) Constructional Iron and Steel Work. 

1896 113D 

- Iron and Steel Bridges and Viaducts : a 

Practical Treatise upon their Construc- 
tion. 1898 73 D 

- Materials and Construction. 1891 881 D 

- Practice of Hand-Turning in Wood, Ivory, 

and Shell. 1883 .'. 9250 D 

CAMPING Out with the British Canoe Asso- 
ciation. By J. D. Hayward. 1891 426C 

-Sketches. By G. R. Lowndes. 1892 2750C 

Campion (T.) Poetical Works. 1889 70111 


Argyll (J. D. S.) gth Duke of. Canadian 

Life and Scenery. 1898 345 C 

- Canadian Pictures. 1884 3038 C 

- Memories of Canada and Scotland. 1884 .2443 B 
Aubertin (J. J.) Fight with Distances. 1888. 8296 C 

leker(C) Handbook for Canada. 1900.6063 C 
Boulton (A.) Reminiscences of Rebellions 

of North West Canada. 1886 2183 B 

Bouiinot (Sir J. G. ) Canada under British Rule, 

1760 1900. 1900 L264B 

Story of Canada. 1897 9120 B 

Bradley (A. G.) Canada in the Twentieth 

I ntury. 1903 2409C 

The Fighl with France for North America. 

1902... 2664 B 

Bryce(G.) Short History of the Canadian 

People. 1887 9348 1'. 


Butler (Sir W. F.) The Great Lone Land. 

1883 1806 C 

- The Wild North Land. 1874 1871 C 

Cumberland (S.) The Queen's Highway from 

Ocean to Ocean. 1887 2711C 

Dufferin (H. G. ) Maichioness. My Canadian 

Journal. 1872-78. 1891 8427 C 

Fleming (S.) England and Canada. 1884... 8133 C 

Fraser (J. F.) Canada as it Is. 1905 338 J 

Gillmore(P.) Lone Life. 1875 1085C 

Grange (H.) English Farmer in Canada. 1904. 302 J 
Greswell (W. P.) History of the Dominion of 

Canada. 1890 9669 B 

Guest [Lady T. ) Round Trip in North America. 

1895 2918 C 

Haldane (J. W. C.) 3800 Miles across Canada. 

1900 770C 

Hardwicke (H. J.) Rambles Abroad. 1890.6001 C 

Hobson (J. A.) Canada To-Day. 1906 1435 J 

Hopkins (J. C. ) Progress of Canada in the 

Nineteenth Century. 1902 1241 J 

Howard (W.) Lady. Tour in Canada, 1897.1098C 
Hiibner (J. A.) Baron. Through the British 

Empire. 1886 2466 C 

Iredale (A.) Autumn Tour in Canada. 1901. 1535 C 
Jeans (J. S.) Canada's Resources and 

Possibilities. 1904 3038 J 

Kirke (H.) First English Conquest of Canada. 

1871 2952 B 

Lord (W. F. ) Lost Empires of the Modern 

World. 1897 10301B 

Lumsden (J.) Through Canada in Harvest 

Time. 1903 1803C 

McEvoy (B.) From the Great Lakes to the 

Wide West. 1902 1262 C 

Mill (H. R.) Resources and Advantages of 

Canada. 1900 1353 C 

Monck (F. O.) My Canadian Leaves. 1891.2712 C 
Morgan (H.) and Burpee (L. J.) Canadian 

Life in Town and Country. 1905 6068 C 

Murray (H.) Historical Account of British 

America. 1839 UK 

Osborn (E. B. ) Greater Canada. 1900 729 B 

Papers on British America. 1900 6057 B 

Parkin (G. R.) The Great Dominion. 1895. 1263 C 
Parkman (F. ) La Salle and the Discovery of 

the North West. 1869 1551 C 

- Montcalm and Wolfe, 1750-1763. 1884. 9261 B 

- Pioneers of France in the New World. 

1885 9309 B 

Pattilo (T. R. ) Moose-Hunting and Salmon- 
Fishing in Canada. 1902 727 K 

Pike (W.) The Barren Ground of Northern 

Canada. 1892 2792 C 

Pocock (R.) A Frontiersman: Life in 

Canada. 1906 1637 C 

Porteus (A.) A Scamper through Cities of 

America. 1890 433 C 

Rae (W. F. ) Guide through Newfoundland 

to Manitoba 1881 8542C 

Raine (W.) Bird Nesting in North West 

Canada. 1892 31491) 

Reynolds (F. ) Across Three Oceans and 

Through Many Lands. 1898 101 1C 

Russell (W. II.) Hesperothen. 1881 8039 C 

Saxl.y(J. M. E. ) West-Nor- West. 1890...8355C 

Sladen (D.) On the Cars and Off. 1895 2848 C 

Somerset (II. S.) The Land of the Muskeg. 

IS95 2031C 

Stutfield (H. E. M.) and Collie (J. N.) 

Climbs and Exploration in the Canadian 

Rockies. 1903 2122C 






Tyrrell (]. W.) Across the Sub-Arctics of 

'Canada. 1897 1971 C 

Vincent (II.) Lady. Erom Newfoundland to 

Cochin China. 1892 8463C 

Walkin (Sir E. W.) Can;ida and the States. 

1851-1886. 1887 8234 C 

Whates (H. R.) Canada, the New Nation. 

1906 1568 C 

White (S. E.) Travels in the Forest or North 

West Canada. 1904 1768C 

Whitney (C.) On Snow-Shoes to the Barren 

Grounds. 1896 2941 C 

Young (Sir F. ) Pioneer of Imperial Federa- 
tion in Canada. 1902 2398 B 

See also Alaska, Ameiica, British Columbia, 

Klondyke, Manitoba. 

Forbes (U. A.) and Ashford (W. H. R.) 

History of Inland Navigation. 1906 2460 D 

Johnson (E. R.) Ocean and Inland Water 

Transportation. 1906 1416 J 

Pratt (E. A.) British Canals: is their 

Resuscitation Practicable? 1906 1440 J 

Smith (G. ) of Coalville, Canal Adventures by 

Moonlight 931 J 

See also Transport. 
CANARA, Wild Life in. By G. S. Forbes. 

1885 8196 C 

See also India. 

Russ(C) Canary Birds. 1890 6348 D 

Smith (F.) Canary: its Varieties, Manage- 
ment, and Breeding. 1876 1420D 

Wallace (R. L.) Canary Book 888 D 

See also Birds. 


Brown (A. S. ) Guide to the Canary Islands. 

1890 8344 C 

HolmanfJ.) Travels in Teneriffe. 1840 2457 C 

Smvth (C. P.) Teneriffe: an Astronomer's 

Experiment. 1858 520 C 

Stone (O. M.) Teneriffe and its Six Satelites. 

1889 2534 C 

Whitford (J.) Canary Islands as a Winter 

Resort. 1890 8522C 

Candler (E.) Unveiling of Lhasa. 1905 2109 C 

The Record of a Tibetan Expedition. 

- Vagabond in Asia. 1900 1174C 


Carpenter (W. L.) and Leask (H.) Manu- 
facture of Soap and Candles. 1895 1222 D 

Faraday ( M. ) Chemical History of a Candle. 

1894 1418 D 

Watt (A.) Art of Soap-Making: Appendix 

on Candle Making. 1901 9146 D 

Candolle (A. de) Origin of Cultivated Plants. 

1884 8517 D 

Cane (C. ) Summer and Fall in Western Alaska. 

1903 1823C 

Cannan (E.) Elementary Political Economy. 1888.18} 

- History of Local Rates in England. 1896 581 J 

Canney (E. H.) Land of the Dawning. 1894.. 8567 C 

A Description of Australian Life. 

Canning (A. S. G.) British Rule and Modern 

Politics. 1899 1530 B 

- Divided Irish : an Historical Sketch. 1894. 10150 B 

- History in Fact and Fiction. 1897 7374F 

- Literary Influence in British History. 1889. .. 9025 F 

- Philosophy of the Waverlev Novels. 1879... 1358 F 

- Shakespeare Studied in Eight Plays. 1903.. 1852 F 

CANNING (C J.) Earl. Ruhr of India. 

Biography. BySir II. S. Cunningham. 1891.9829B 
Canning (George) Parodies and other Burlesque 

Pieces. 1890 1547 H 

- Dalling(II. L. Bulwer) Lord. Historical Char- 

acters. 1868 2627 B 

- Hill (F. II.) Biography of Canning. 1887... 9164 B 

- Howard (A.) Ed. Beauties of G. Canning 100 F 

Canning (Stratford). See Stratford de Redcliffe. 
Canoeing. See Rowing. 

Canoes. See Yachts. 

CANT. World of Cant. 1880 697 A 


Illustrated Guide to Canterbury 3067 C 

Pennell ([. and E. R.) Canterbury Pil- 
grimage. 1885 1715C 

Routledge (C. F.) History of St. Martin's 

Church, Canterbury. 1898 1014 B 

Stanley (A. P.) Dean. Historical Memories 

ot Canterbury. 1895 1518 B 

Cantlie (J.) Lecture on Hong Kong. 1899. ...6055 B 

- Physical Efficiency. 1906 375J 

Deleterious Effects of Town Life upon the Population of 
Britain, with Suggestions for their Arrest. 

Canton (W.) Children's Sayings. 1900 156F 

- In Memory of W. V. 1901 59 F 

Recollections of the Author's Daughter, Winifred Vida 
Canton, who Died at the age of 11 years. With a Collection 
of Stories and Poems Composed by Her. 

- Invisible Playmate, and other Sketches and 

Poems. 1897 , 1797 F 

- Story of the Bible Society. 1904 3221 A 

-W. V. Her Book. 1897 1797 F 

CANTON, Fourteen Months in, 1877-8. By 

E. C. Gray. 1880 1265C 

- See also China. 

CAPE COD, Description of Life in. By 

H. D. Thoreau 719 F 

CAPE HORN, Round, Before the Mast. By 

A. B. Lubbock. 1903 1667C 


Boyle (F.) To the Cape for Diamonds. 1873. 1065 C 
Burton (A. R. E. ) Cape Colony for the Settler. 

1903 2133C 

Everyday Life in Cape Colony. 1902 602 C 

Lawrence (P. M.) On Ciicuit in Kafirland. 

1903 1342 F 

Macnab (F.) On Veldt and Farm. 1897 8069 C 

Martin (Mrs. A.) Home Life on an Ostrich 

Farm. 1890 8409 C 

Russell (W. C) Voyage to the Cape. 1886... 8232 C 
See also Africa, South. 
Capello (H.) and Ivens (R. ) From Benguella to 

Yacca. 1882 2272 C 

Description of a Journey into Central and West Africa. 

Capes (W. W.) Livy. {Classical Writers). 1879. 7008 F 

- Roman Empire of Second Century. 1887 680 B 

- Roman History : The Early Empire. 1887. .. 679 B 

- Stoicism: {Chief Ancient Philosophies). 1880... 21 8 A 
Capey (E. F. H.) Life of Erasmus. 1902 31 B 


Atkinson (E.) The Distribution of Products. 

1885 526J 

Banks (D. C.) Ethics of Work and Wealth. 

1904 13801 

Beard (C.) The Industrial Revolution. 1902. 1209 J 
Bemrose (Sir H. H. ) and others. Christianity 

and Wealth : an Essay. 1905 3454 A 

Benson (M.) Capital, Labour, and Trade, 

and the Outlook. 1891 14J 

8 9 





Berkeley (II.) Wealth and Welfare. 1887 556J 

Blaikie (W. G.) Better Days for Working 

People. 1881 536 T 

Blatchford (R.) Merrie England. 1894 550 j 

Booth (C.) Life and Labour of the People. 

1892 2015J 

Bosanquet (H.) The Strength of the People. 

1903 2335J 

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1878 2027] 

Brooks (G.) Industry and Property. 1893 572 J 

Brooks (J. G.) Social Unrest: Studies in 

Labour Movements. 1903 1271 ] 

Carnegie (A.) Gospel of Wealth. 1901 2288 J 

Carver (T. N.) Distribution of Wealth. 1904.. 316 J 
Child Labour in the Potteries in the 'Forties. 

By an Old Potter. 1903 1281 J 

Clark (V. S.) The Labour Movement in 

Australasia. 1907 1444 J 

Constable (J. G.) Anatomy of Wealth. 1880... 621 J 
Danson (1. T.) Wealth of Households. 1886.. 638 I 
Drage (G.) Labour Problem. 1896 2063 J 

- The Unemployed. 1894 627 J 

Ely (R. T. ) Labour Movement in America. 

1890 644 J 

Engels (F. ) Condition of the Working Class 

in England. 1892 9717 D 

Fawcett (H.) Economic Position of the 

British Labourer. 1865 103 J 

Garnelt (E. ) Our Navvies: a Dozen Years 

Ago, and To-day. 1885 680 J 

George (H.) Progress and Poverty. 1882 692 I 

Giffen (Sir R.) Growth of Capital. 1889 2074 J 

Greg(W. R. ) Mistaken Aims and Attainable 

Ideals of Artizans. 1876 668 J 

Flake (A. E.) and Wesslau (O. E.) Free 

Tradein Capital 2082J 

Health, Wealth, and Wisdom. 1903 664 F 

Heath (F. G.) English Peasantry. 1874 2228 J 

Higgs(M.) How to Deal with the Unem- 
ployed. 1904 332J 

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Hobson (J. A.) Co-operative Labour upon 

the Land. 1898 731 J 

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Howell (G. ) Conflicts of Capital and Labour. 

1890 733 J 

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1882 756J 

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1900 2323 J 

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Welfare. 1893 817 J 

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CAPITAL AND LABOUR, Wages and Profit- 

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See also Alien Immigration, Charities, Co- 
operation, Factories, Housing, Industries, 
Insurance, Money, Pauperism, Political 
Economy, Socialism, Social Science, Trade. 
]!aplin (R. A.) Women in the Reign of Queen 

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;apron (F. H.) Conflict of Truth. 1902 1272A 

An Attempt to Vindicate the Claims of Religion against the 
Aspersions of the Votaries of Science. 

)ARAFAS OF MADDALONI : Naples under 
Spanish Dominion. By A. Von Reumont. 
1854 1024B 

Carbon. See Chemistry. 

JARDAN (J.) Physician of Milan. 
Life. By H. Morley. 1854 1427 B 

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1868 2928 B 


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Carey (R N. ) Twelve Notable Good Women 

of thexixth Century. 1899 1096B 

Contents: — Queen Victoria ; Florence Nightingale; Eliza 
beth Fry ; Baroness Burdett-Coutts ; Princess of Wales ", 
Duchess of Teck ; Sister Dora ; Agnes Weston ; Grace Dar- 
ling ; Princess Alice ; Lady Henry Somerset ; Frances Ridley 

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Indictment of Christianity and the Ex- 
position of a New Faith. 1906 3382 A 

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1902 1802 C 

Including the Diary of Mis* A. R. Taylor's Journey through 
the Heart of the Forbidden Land. 

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Caribbees. See West Indies. 


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1901 3358 B 

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or, Recreations in Shooting. 1867 160K 

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Human Mind. 1859 100 A 

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1901 1164 J 

Carlisle (A. D.) Round the World in 1870 : an 
Account of a Brief Tour made through 
India, China, Japan, California, and 
South America. 1872 1799C 

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Crosses, Shrines, and Monuments. By 
W. S. Calverley. 1899 3222 B 





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Life and Writings of Werner ; Goethe. 

Vol.2. Burns; Life of Heyne; German Playwrights; 
Voltaire; N oval is; Signs of the Times ; On History. 

Vol. 3. Luther's Psalm ; Schiller ; German Literature of 
the XIV. and XV. Centuries. 

Vol. 4. Biography ; Corn Law Rhymes. 

Vol. 5. Diderot ; Count Cagliostro ; Death of Edward 
Irving ; The Diamond Necklace ; Mirabeau. 

Voi. 6. Sir W. Scott ; Chartism. 

Vol. 7. Shooting Niagara and After ; Latter Stage of the 
French-German War, 1870-71. 

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Being Selected Passages from his Works. 

- Passages from his Writings. Ed. by T. Ballan- 

tyne. 1870 1165 F 

- Past and Present. 1893 7072 F 

Contents : — Condition of England ; Notions of the Foolish 
concerning Justice and Judgment ; Manchester Insurrection, 
or, Peterloo ; No Morrison's Bill for Curing the Maladies of 
Society ; Aristocracy of Talent ; How Centuries stand 
Lineally related to each other ; St. Edmundshury ; Landlord 
Edmund; Abbot Hugo; Monk Life ami Monk Religion; 
Canvassing and Election Government; Formulas the very 
skin and muscular tissues of a man's life; The Modern 
Worker ; Gospel of Mammonism ; Unworking Aristocracy ; 
Labour; Reward; Democracy: Bribery Committee ; Organ- 
isation of Labour the Problem of the Whole Future. 

- Reminiscences. Ed. by J. A. Froude. 1881... 2104 B 

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1881 9223 F 

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1900 189J 

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1881 2101 B 

Carman (Bliss) Friendship of Art. 1905 1256 F 

Contents: —Burden of Joy ; Tides of the Mind ; Of Content- 1 
ment ; Of Vigour ; Training of Instinct; Moving-Day; Sea- 
Turn ; Horticulture; Speech-Culture and Literature ; On Be 
ing Coherent ; Secret of Art ; Canon of Criticism ; Sanity and 
Art ; Creative Spirit ; Artist's Joy ; Business and Beauty. 

- Kinship of Nature. 1904 3294 A 

Contents: — Art of Life; On Being Strenuous; Crime of 
Ugliness ; Seed of Success ; Cost of Beauty ; Rhythm ; Wan- , 
dering Word ; Friendship of Nature ; Subsconcious Art ; Lux- ; 
ury of Being Poor ; Debauchery of Mood ; Of Moderation ; 

- Low Tide on Grand Pre : a Book of Lyrics. 

1894 930H 

Carman (M. C.) Function of Words: Guide to 

Analysis and Parsing. 1906 1239 F 

CARMEN SYLVA, Queen of Roumania. 

- Life. By N.Von Stackelberg. 1890 4273 B 

-Study of. By B. Roosevelt. 1891 4243B 

Carmichael (A.W.) Things as They Are. 1902. 1817 C 

Mission Work in Southern India. 

Carmichael (J. W.) Marine Painting. 1859 145 K 

Carmichael (M.) In Tuscany. 1902 1702 C 

Contents: — Tuscan Towns, Tuscan Types, and the Tuscan 

- Life of John W. Walshe. 1902 2963 B 

Carnation. See Flowers. 

Carne(E. T.) The Realms of Truth. 1873 379 A I 

The Aim of this Book is to Bring Together Truths, Which 
Separately, Have Been Long Known and Acknowledged, for 
the Purpose of Showing That All Truth is One. 

Carnegie (A.) An American Four-in-Hand in 

Britain. 1881 2291 C 

A Coaching Tour through Great Britain. 
-Gospel of Wealth. 1901 2288 J 

Contents: — Advantages of Poverty ; Popular Illusions about 
Trusts; Employer's View of the Labor Question; Results* 
of the Labor Struggle; Distant Possessions; Americanism 
versus Imperialism ; Democracy in England ; Home Rule in 
America ; Does America Hate England? Imperial Federa 

- Life of James Watt. 1905 658 B 

- Triumphant Democracy. 1886 2046 J 

An Account of Fifty Year's Progress of the United States. 

- Alderson (B.) Life of A. Carnegie. 1902 .. 9666 B 

History of. By J. II. Bridge. 1903 2422 ] 

CARNIVORA, Natural History Sketches of. 

By A. Nichols. 1885 8708 Dj 

- See also Animals, Mammals, Zoology. 





Camot (N. L. S.) Reflections on the Motive 

Power of Heat. 1890 9463 1) 

Caro(E. M.) George Sand. 1888 3953 B 

- Another Cohv in French 269 M B 

CAROLINA MATILDA, Queen of Denmark. 

Memoir. By Mrs. G. Smyth. 1861 1589B 

CAROLINE ISLANDS, Travels in the. By 

F. VV. Christian. 1899 2427 C 

Carolo (I.S.) and Daniel (P.) Common-Sense of 

Voice-Development. 1906 9252 D 


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Poem.. 1906 365 H 

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Carols 905H 

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Carpathians. See Karpathians. 

Carpenter (E.) Angels' Wings : Series of Essays 

on Art and its Relation to Life. 1898 447 K 

- Art of Creation : Essays on the Self and its 

Powers. 1904 3273 A 

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Days with Walt Whitman. 1906 576 B 

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Subjects. 1906 578 J 

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Sketches in Ceylon and India. 

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Selections from the Works of E. Carpenter, Ed. hy H. Roberts. 

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Industrial, and Political. 1900 3031 J 

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and Life. 1899 985 D 

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of British HLtory. 1892 9961 B 

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1904 1853A 

Origin and Relations of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, 
and Luke. 

- Life and Work of Mary Carpenter. 1879 2001 B 

- Place of Christianity among the Religions of 

the World. 1904 1776A 

Carpenter {]. Edwards) Popular Readings in 

Prose and Verse ...1332F 

CARPENTER (MARY) Life. By P. Browne. 

1887 10170B 

- Life and Work. By J. E. Carpenter. 1879.2001 B 
Carpenter (P. P.) Memoirs of his Life and 

Work. 1880 9731B 

Carpenter (W. B.) Microscope and its Revela- 
tions. Revised by W. H. Dallinger. 1901.2172 D 
-Nature and Man. 1888 9332 D 

- Principles of Human rhysiology. 1869 2385 D 

- Principles of Mental Physiology. 1888 9335 D 

Carpenter (VV. B.) Bp. Burning Bush: Ser- 
mons. 1893 2633 A 

- Footprints of the Saviour. 1897 424 A 

- History of the Church of England. 1 900. . . .2888 A 

- Introduction to the Study of the Scriptures. 

1902 1737 A 

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Plea for Patience in the Study of the Bible. 

- Permanent Elements of Religion. 1894 2705 A 

- Propheis of Christendom : Sketches of 

Eminent Preachers. 1876 2115B 

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- Thoughts on Prayer. 1904 129 A 

-Wisdom of James the Just. 1903.. 3122 A 

- and Others ; On Sermon- Preparation, Recol- 

lections, and Suggestions. 1896 1626 A 

Carpenter (W. L.) Energy in Nature. 1 883... 8394 D 
-and Leask (H.) Manufacture of Soap and 

( uulles, Lubricants, and Glycerine. 1894. 1222 D 


Amateur Builder and Carpenter. 1906 1792 D 

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teurs 2422 D 

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Cabinet Maker. 1892 9750 D 

A Practical Guide to the Principles of Design, and the 
Economical and Sound Construction of Household Furniture, 
Furnishings, and Fittings. 

Cabinet Maker's Pattern Book. 1886 2785 D 

Collings (G. ) Circular Work in Joinery. 1890. 6300 D 

- Handrailing and Staircasing. 1890 8277 D 

- Roof Carpentry. 1893 6531 D 

Creswell (F. O.) Handrailing and Staircasing. 

1882 6125D 

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Fletcher (B. F. and H. P.) Carpentry and 

joinery. 1899 8045 D 

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1890 9476D 

- Staircase Joinery. 1899 692 D 

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1880' 2342 D 

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Carpentry Workshop Practice. 1896 958 D 

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pentry. 1905 1746 D 

Practical Cabinet Maker 1623 D 

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1905 1730 D 

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1895 1342D 

Webber (F. C. ) Manual of Carpentry and 

Joinery. 1898 6729 D 

Wilson (I.) Carpentry and Joinery. 1902. ..4201 D 
Young (F.C. ) Every Man His Own Mechanic. 

1893 2350 D 

- Home Carpentry for Handy Men. 1895... 4053 D 
See Also Building. 

CARPETS, Manufacture of. By F. Bradbury. 

1904 1966 D 

Carr ( A. ) Church and the Roman Empire. 1887.2930 A 

- St. Matthew ( Cambridge Bible). 1885 286 A 

Carr (C. ) Pseud. See Benson (A. C. ) 

Carr (Mrs. C.) North Italian Folk. 1878 1132 C 

Sketches of Italian Town and Country Life. 

Carr (E.) Investor's Bookkeeping. 1892 6595 D 

Carr (E. A.) How to Enter the Civil Service. 

1902 1187 J 

Carrell (A.) History of the Counter- Revolution 
in England : for the Re- Establishment of 
Popery under Charles II. and James II. 
1846 319B 

Carrick (J. D.) and Others. The Laird of 
Logan : or, Anecdotes and Tales of the 
Wit and Humour of Scotland. 1889 9046 F 

Carrington(E.) Workers Without Wage. 1893. 9803 D 

A Collection of Short Lessons on Natural History. 

Carrington (G.) Behind the Scenes in Russia. 

1874 8016C 

Carrington (H.) Anthology of French Poetry. 

1900 752 H 

Carrodus (J.T.) How to Studv the Violin. 1895. 146 K 

Carroll (J. S.) Exiles of Eternity. 1903 2309 F 

Exposition of Dante's Inferno. 





Carroll (Lewis, i.e., C. L. Dodgson). Doublets : 

a Word Puzzle. 1880 147 K 

- Three Sunsets and other Poems. 1898 911 II 

- Bowman (1.) Story of Lewis Carroll. 1899. .. 1720 B 

- Collingwood, (S. D. ) Life and Letters of 

L. Carroll. 1899 1020 B 

Carson (T. G. ) Man's Responsibility: or How, 
and Why, the Almighty Introduced Evil 

upon the Earth. 1905 1864 A 

Carstairs (R.) British Work in India. 1891 583 J 

- Human Nature in Rural India. 1895... 1242 C 

CARSTARES (W.) Life. By R. H. Story. 

1S74 3257B 

Carstensen (A. R. ) Two Summers in Greenland: 
an Artist's Adventures among Ice and Is- 
lands, in Fjords and Mountains. 1890 261 1C 

Carter (A. F. & C.) Care of Horses. 1904 575 D 

CARTER (E. ) Life Studv of. By M. B. Edwards. 

1880 2089 B 

- Woman of Wit and Wisdom : By A. C. C. 

Gaussen. 1906 10478 B 

Carter (E. T. ) Motive Power for Electrical 

Machinery. 1896 2088 D 

Carter (R. B.) Doctors and their Work. 1903. 1419 D 

-Eyesight: Good and Bad. 1880 9035 D 

Carter (T.) Shakespeare : Puritan and Recusant. 

1897 10265 B 

Carter (Thomas) Medals of the British Army and 

How They Were Won. 1861 3040 B 

Carter (T. T.) Harriett Monsell : a Memoir. 

1884 9098 B 

An Account of the Work of Harriett Monsell in the Forma- 
tion and Growth of a Religious Community. 


Church (A. J.) Story of Carthage. 1899 9244 B 

Moore (M.) Carthage of the Phoenicians. 

1905 10258B 

Smith (R. B.) Rome and Carthage. 1886 687 B 

See also Africa, North, Tunis. 
Cartwright (J., i.e., Mrs. H. Ady) Biographies 

of Mantegna and Francia. 1881 2208 B 

- Life and Letters of J. F. Millet. 1896 4728 B 

Cartwright (W.) Facts and Fancies of Salmon 

Fishing. 1874 578 K 

Rambles and Recollections of a Fly Fisher. 

1854 58 K 

Cartwright (W. C.)On Papal Conclaves. 1868.2381 B 

An Account of the Circumstances and Incidents during a 
Papal Interregnum. 

Cams (P. J Fundamental Problems : the Method 
of Philosophy as a Systematic Arrange- 
ment of Knowledge. 1903 3227 A 

Carver (T. N.) Distribution of Wealth. 1904. ..316J 

Carving. Wood. See Woodwork. 

CASANOVA (J. J- ) Escape from Prison. By 

P. Villars. 1892 2448B 

Casati (G.) Ten Years in Equatoria, and the 

Return with Emin Pasha. 1891 2661 C 

or (H. M.) Ed. Humour of Germany ...9180 F 

Cashmi re. See Kashmir. 

CASPIAN SEA, Journey to the. By C. 

Marvin. 1 ss:{ 2508 C 

Sre also Asia, Caucasus. 

Casque! <>i Gems: Poems 253 II 

II. J. S.) Chucks and Chucking for 

Metal and Wood. 1906 595D 

and Cements. 1906 594 I) 

and Fillings for Workshop Use. 
Workshop Makeshifts. 1898 6711 D 

H iggi tions for the Use of Amateur 

Wood and Metal 

' ! In Dooi Amusements, Card 

Game , and Fireside Fun 1015K 

CasselPs Book of Sports and Pastimes. 1896...1208K 

- Book of the Household. 1889 2971 I) 

- Cyclopaedia of Mechanics. Ed. by P. N. 

' Hasluck. 1901 3616D 

- Dictionary of Cookery. 1898 2291 D 

- Domestic Dictionary 229 i D 

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- Figure Drawing 3033 K 

- Floral Drawing 3028 K 

- History of the War between France and 

Germanv. 1895 4735B 

- Household' Guide 3529 D 

- Illustrated History of England 4741 B 

-Illustrated Readings 3186 F 

- Landscape Drawing 3031 K 

- Lessons in German ] 36 F 

- Library of English Literature. Ed. by H. Morlev. 

4648 F 

- Model Drawing 3030 K 

- Natural History 358] D 

- New Popular Educator. 1888-92 3131 D 

- New Universal Cookery- Book. 1894 10002 D 

- Popular Gardening. 1884 2076 D 

Cassels (W. R.) Supernatural Religion : an Inquiry 

into the Reality of Divine Revelation. 1874.769 A 

- Light foot (J. B.) Bp. Essays on Cassels' 

Supernatural Religion. 1889 961 A 

Casserly (G.) The Land of the Boxers. 1903... 2323 C 

Description of China under the American and British N'aval 
and Military Forces. 

Cassillis (I. L.) Duologues: Plays 160H 

Contents: — Hearts or Diamonds; Psychical Research; 
Rational Dress ; Sensational Case ; Lesson in Courtship :' 
Charlie ; Love's Old Sweet Song ; Interviewed. 

Castelar (E.) Life of Lord Byron. 1875 3044 B 

- Old Rome and New Italy. 1873 271"> B 

Pictures of Italy and its History. 

- Hannay(D.) Biography of E. Castelar. 1896. 10188 B 
Castellane (L. C. P. de) Count. Souvenirs of 

Military Life in Algeria. 1886 4193 B 

- Another Copy in French 301 MB 

Casting. See Iron and Steel. 

Castle (E.) Schools and Masters of Fence. 1885.2510 K 
Castle (F.) Manual of Practical Mathematics. 

„ 1903 6051D 

Castle (R. L. ) Book of Market Gardening. 19u6.8034 D 
CASTLEFORD and District in the Olden Time 

By L. Padgett. 1904 625 B 

CASTLEREAGH (R. S) Viscount, 2nd Mar- 
quess op Londonderry. Memoirs and Cor- 
respondence. By his Brother. 1848 2536 B 


Byrne (Mrs. W. P.) Feudal Castles of France. 

1 869 2522 B 

Grainge ( W. ) Abbeys and Castles of Yorkshire. 

1 855 3328 B 

Howitt (W. and M.) Ruined Abbeys and 

Castles of Great Britain. 1861 4340 B 

See also Abbevs and Castles. 

Beeton (S. O.) How to Manage and Keep 

Cats 702 D 

Champfleury (M.) The Cat : Past and Present. 

1 885 8778 D 

Lane jC. II.) Sketches and Anecdotes of Cats. 

1 903 2407 D 

Lyddeker (R.) Handbook on Cats. 1895 10243 D 

Mivart (St. G.) The Cat. 1881 3329 D 

Simpson (F.) Cats for Pleasure and Profit 

1905 748D 

Stables (W. G. ) Cats : their Points and Charac- 
teristics 10164D 





Cataracts. See Waterfalls. 

Catchpool (E.) Text-Book of Sound. 1894... 10121 D 


Gardner (A.) Letters to a Godchild on the 

Catechism and Confirmation. 1906 1930 A 

Ken (T. ) Bp., Exposition of the Church 

Catechism. 1840 9 A 

Newbolt(W.C. E.)Church Catechism. 1903.3178 A 

Smith (J. N. N. ) Catechists Handbook. 1903. 1762 A 


Du Boys (A.) Catharine of Aragon and the 

Sources of the English Reformation. 1881.2177 B 

Froude (J. A. ) Divorce of Catharine of Aragon. 
1891 4242 B 

Strickland (A.) Life of Catherine of Aragon. 

1901 10174B 


Letters. By V. D. Scudder. 1905 10417 B 

- Life of. By Mrs. J. E. Butler. 1878 2072 B 

Cathay. See China. 


Bond (F. ) English Cathedrals, Illustrated. 

1899 10308 B 

Bumpus (T. F ) Cathedrals and Churches of 

the Rhine and North Germany. 1906 .. . 10408 B 
-Cathedrals of England and Wales. 1905-6.10440 B 
Ilowson (J. S.) Dean. Ed. Essays on 

Cathedrals. 1872 684 A 

Loftie (W. J.) Cathedral Churches of England 

and Wales. 1892 749B 

Prior (E. S.) Cathedral Builders in England. 

1905 4757 B 

Walcott (M. E. C.) Traditions and Customs 

of Cathedrals. 1872 2388 B 

See also Architecture. 

CATHERINE II., Empress of 'Russia, Romance of. 
By K. Waliszewski. 1893 4450 B 

- Another Copy in French 417 MB 

Catholics. See Church. 

Catlin (G. ) Lifted and Subsided Rocks of 

America. 1870 1074D 

- Shut Your Mouth and Save Your Life. 1891. 1203 D 

Advocates the North American Indian Practice of Sleeping 
with the Mouth Closed as of the Highest Importance to the 
Knjoyment and Prolongation of Life. 

Catlow (A.) Field Botany of the British Isles. 

1852 55 D 

- Popular Garden Botany. 1855 406 D 

- Popular Greenhouse Botany. 1857 57 D 

Catlow (M. E.) Popular British Entomology. 

1848 690 D 

- Popular Scripture Zoology. 1852 223 D 

Cator (D. ) Everyday Life among Head- Hunters, 

and other Experiences from East to West. 
1905 1492 C 

Travels in Borneo and Africa. 

Cattermole (R.) Great Civil War of the Times 

of Charles I. and Cromwell. 1857 4740 B 


Roland (A.) Management of Cows. 1892... 8048 D 

Shepherd (W. ) Prairie Experiences in Hand- 
ling Cattle. 1884 2484C 

Sinclair (J.) Cattle: their Breeds, Manage- 
ment, and Diseases. 1896 1115D 

Storer (T.) The Wild White Cattle of Great 

Britain. 1884 2227 D 

Wrightson (J.) Breeding and Management 

of Cattle. 1892 9608 D 

See also Agriculture, Butchering. 
Catullus (C. V.) Poems. Trans, by J. Cranstoun.262 H 


Bryce (J.) Transcaucasia and Ararat. 1876..1128C 

Mummery (A. F.) My Climbs in the Cau- 
casus. 1895 3005 C 

Telfer (J. B.) Journeys in Transcaucasia. 

1876 2080 C 

Thielmann (M. von. ) Journey in the Caucasus. 
1875 1093 C 

Wolley(C. P.) Savage Svanetia. 1883 8131 C 

- Sport in the Caucasus. 1882 2242 C 

See also Georgia. 
Cauliflower. See Gardening. 

CAUSSIDIERE (MARC) Memoirs. 1848 ...1633 B 

An Account of the Secret History of the French Revolution 
of 1848. 

Cautley (G. S.) Century of Emblems : Poems 140S II 
Cavalier and his Lady : Selections from the 
Works of the First Duke and Duchess of 

Newcastle. Ed. by E. Jenkins. 1872 328 F 

Cavan (F. E. G. L.) Earl of . With the Yacht 

and Camera in Eastern Waters. 1897 6013 C 

Diary of a Voyage to the Mediterranean, The Dardanelles, 
and the Greek Archipelago. 

Cave(W.) Primitive Christianity. 1834 128 A 

Caven(R. M.)and Lander (G. D.) Systematic 

Inorganic Chemistry. 1906 8116 D 

Cavendish (T ) English Seaman. Adventures 

and Discoveries 9635 B 

-Life. By R. Southey. 1895 10159 B 

Cavendish {i.e. H. Jones) Backgammon: its 

History and Practice. 1844 38 K 

- Card Essays, Clay's Decisions, and Card 

Table Talk 148 K 

- Laws and Principles of Whist 41 K 


Adams (W. H. D.) Famous Caverns and 

Grottoes. 1886 8886 D 

Badin (A.) Grottes et Cavernes. 1867 802 MD 

Cook (S.) Jenolan Caves. 1889 2982 C 

Dawkins (W. B.) Cave Hunting. 1874 2431 D 

Hart wig (G.) Subterranean World. 1892... 3060 D 
CAVIES, Rabbits and Cats. By C. H. Lane. 

1903 2407 D 

CAVOUR (C. de) Count. 

Cesaresco (E. M.) Countess. Life of Cavour. 

1898 1054B 

Marriott (J. A. R. ) Makers of Modern Italy. 

1889 9676 B 

Mazade (C. de) Le Comte de Cavour. 1877.406 MB 
CAWNPORE, Siege of. By Sir G. O. Trevelyan. 

1886 2390 B 

- See also India. 

CAWOOD, History of. By W. Wheater. 1882.3748 B 
CAXTON (W. ) Biography and Typography of. 

By W. Blades. 1877 3150 B 

- See also Printing. 

Cayley (E. S.) European Revolutions of 1848. 

1856 1129 B 

A Narrative of the French and Italian Revolutions of 1848. 

Cazenove (J. G. ) Lives of St. Hilary of Poitiers 

and St. Martin of Tours. 1883.' 74 A 

- Some Aspects of the Reformation. 1869 1184 A 

Cecil (A.) Life of Mary of Orange. 1902 3253 B 

Cecil ( F. ) My Tourney Round the World. 1889.2955 C 

- On the Eve of the War. 1900 8512C 

Impressions during a Journey in Cape Colony, The Free 
State, Transvaal, Natal and Rhodesia in 1899-1900. 

-■ Primogeniture : a Short History of its Develop- 
ment and Effects. 1895 2049J 

Cecil (Mrs. E.) Children's Gardens. 1902 1331 D 





CELLINI (B. ) Florentine Painter, his Times and 
his Contemporaries. By T. Longueville. 

1899 2223 B 

- Memoirs. Trans, by T. Roscoe. 1900 404 B 

CELLULOSE. Researches on. By C. F. Cross 

and E. J.Bevan. 1901 1629D 


Grierson (J. F. ) Celtic Temperament : Essays. 

1901 25F 

Hitchcock (F. R. M.) Types of Celtic Life 

and Art. 1906 .' 10482 B 

Joyce (P. W.)01d Celtic Romances. 1898... 1917 A 
Maclean (M.) The Literature of the Celts. 

1902 1858 F 

Rhys (J.) Celtic Britain. 1904 797 B 

Yeais (W. B.) Celtic Twilight. 1893 1717 A 


Cassal (H. G. S.) Cements and Glues. 1906. 594 D 
Dihdin (W. J.) Characteristics and Analysis 

of Lime, Si ortar, and Cement 572 D 

Faija (H.) and Butler (D. B. ) Portland 

Cement for Users. 1904 9096 D 

Heath (A. H.) Manual of Lime and Cement. 

1893 6548D 

See also Building, Chalk, Concrete, Engineering. 
Cennini (C) The Book of the Art of Cennino 

Cennini. Trans, hy C. J- Herringham. 

1899 •. '. 461K 

A Contemporary Practical Treatise on Quattrocento 
Painting, with Notes on Mediaeval Art Methods. 

Census. See Statistics. 

Century Magazine, 1881-1906 1886 L 


Audsley (G. A.) and Bowes (J. L.) Ceramic 

Art of Japan. 1881 2501 K 

Binns (C. F.) Ceramic Technology. 1897... 2006 D 

-Story of the Potter. 1898 6742 D 

Bohr) (II. G.) Pottery, Porcelain, and other 

Objects of Vertu. 1892 134 K 

Rrongniart (A.) Coloring and Decoration of 

( eramic Ware. 1898. 1061 K 

Chaffers (W.) Handbook of Marks and Mono- 
grams on Pottery and Porcelain. 1898 149 K 

Church (A. II.) Handbook of English Earth- 
enware. 1S84 495K 

Downman (E. A.) English Pottery and 

Porcelain. IS!)!) 737 K 

Elward (K.) On Collecting Pottery. 1905. 1931 K 
English China and China Marks: Being a 

Guide to the Principal Marks 8972 I) 

Fairie (J.) Notes on Pottery (lavs. 1901. ..1038 I) 
Guide to English Pottery and Porcelain. 1880.352 K 
Guide to the English Potteiy and Porcelain 

in ihe British Museum. 1904 2724 K 

Hall 'II. B.) Bri( a Brai Hunter. 1875 243 K 

Hayden (A.) ( hats on English China. I904.1303K 
inn (F.) Painting on Glass and I 

lain. 1897 1203k 

Mrs. W.i How to Identify old 

China. 1904 2713 k 

nil (J.) An -.I Repairing 1 .1.' . I hina 
a.^; : ■ 1898 2098 D 

|:,i i ,. .ii ( leraruii • foi Students. 

1880 282 K 

[ewitl rail An "I Greal Britain. 

2537 k 
■ . ' w i' Dui Pottery and Porci lain. 
. i J7:',5 k 

i < Decoratii 

I - 1901 i -si D 

China Painti a I 384 3020 l< 

Handbook ol Pottery. 1903 ...2703 k 


Miller (F.) Pottery Painting. 1885 675 K 

Moore (N. H.) Old China Book. 1904 2778 K 

Owen(H.) Staffordshire Potter. 1901 1 248 J 

Palliser (Mrs. P.) China Collector's Com- 
panion. 1891 521 K 

Wheatley (H. B.) and Delamotte (P. H.) 

Art Work in Earthenware. 1882 1193 K 

- - Art Work in Porcelain. 1 883 1 153 K 

See also Clay. 

Cervantes (M. de) Sancho Panza's Proverbs. 

Trans, by U. R. Burke. 1872 197 F 

- Wit and Wisdom of Don Quixote. 1882 7078 F 

- Oliphant (Mrs. M. O. W. ) Cervantes, for 

English Readers. 1880 1366 F 

- Roscoe (T.) Fife and Writings of Cervantes. 

1834 "...... 56B 

Cesaresco (E. M.) Countess. Biography of 

Cavour. 1898 1054 B 

- Essays in the Study of Folk-Songs 9008 F 

- Liberation of Italy, 1815 1870. 1895 1409 B 

An Account of the Principal Factors that Worked for 
Italian Unity. 

Cetewayo. See Zululand. 

CEVENNES. Travels with a Donkey in the. 

By R. L.Stevenson. 1879 1273C 


Baker (Sir S. W. ) Eight Years in Ceylon. 

1898 951C 

- Rifle and Hound in Ceylon. 1892 642 C 

Barneby (W. H.) New Far West and the Old 

Far East. 1889 2644C 

Campbell (J.) Adventures and Field Sports 

in Ceylon. 1843 2570C 

Carpenter (E.) Sketches in Ceylon. 1 892... 281 7 C 
Clarence (L. B.) Lecture on Ceylon. 1899.. 6055 B 
Clutterbuck (W. }.) About Ceylon and 

Borneo. 1891...'. 8435 C 

dimming (C. F. G.) Two Happy Years in 

Ceylon. 1892 2717 C 

Frederickson (A. D.)Ad Orientem : Journev 

to the Far Fast. 1890 .2624 C 

Geroldt (F.) Tour in Ceylon. 1881 8121 C 

Historical Description of Ceylon. 1876 3090 B 

Hiibner ([. A.) Baron. Through the British 

Empire. 1886 2466 C 

Jacolliot (L. ) Second Voyage au Pays des 

Elephants. 1877 529 MC 

Reynolds (F.) Across Three Oceans and 

through Many Lands. 1898 1011 C 

Steuart (M. E.) Everyday Life on a Ceylon 

Cocoa Estate 1323C 

Tennent (Sir |. E.) Natural History of 

Ceylon. 1868 1177 D 

Physical and Historical Account of Ceylon. 

I860 1996C 

Walters (A.) Palms and Pearls; or, Scenes 

in Ceylon. 1892 2767C 

Chadwick (Sir E. ) Review of the Works of 
Sir Edwin Chadwick in connection with 
National Health. By Sir B. W. Richard- 
son. 1890 892| 

Chadwick (O. A.) Bp. Book of Exodus. [Ex- 
positors Bible), 1 892 2562 A 

Gospel of St. Mark. [Expositor's Bible). 1891 2566 A 

My Emotional Li e. 1884 1504 A 

Pilate's Oili an. I othei Sermons. 1899 1625 A 

Poems: Chiefly Sacred 661)11 

( hadwick (J.) Slide-Rule Instructor. 1894 ...975!) I) 
( had wick (Samuel) Humanity and Cod: 

Sermons. 1904 1876 A 

' hadwick (Sheldon) Working and Singing : 

I'm-. us. 1875 '....901 II 





Chaffers (W.) Handbook of Marks and Mono- 
grams on Pottery and Porcelain. 1898 149 K 

CHALDEA, History of. By G. Rawlinson. 

1802 3617 B 

- Story of. By Z. A. Ragozin. 1887 9330 B 

- See also Assyria. 

CHALK, History of a Lump of. By A. Watt. 

1883 8445 D 

- See also Cement. 


Campbell {Lord G.) Log Letters from the 

Challenger. 1876 2042 C 

Moseley (II. N.) Notes by a Naturalist on 

the Challenger. 1872-6 2144 C 

Spry (W. J. J.) Cruise of H. M.S. Challenger. 

1872-76. 1897 1985 C 

Thomson (Sir C. W. ) Voyage of the Challenger 

in the Atlantic. 1877 2840 C 

Challice (A. E.) French Authors at Home. 1864.638 B 

- Memories of French Palaces. 1871 1314 B 

Challice (J.) Secret History of the Court of 

France under Louis XV. 1861 1505 B 

Chalmers (J.) Pioneering in New Guinea. 1887.2511 C 

- and Gill (W. W. ) Work and Adventure in 

New Guinea. 1885 8106C 

- Lovett(R.) [.Chalmers: his Autobiography and 

Letters. ' 1902.. 2981 B 

- Tamate : the Life and Adventures of a 

Christian Hero. 1904 3306 B 

Chalmers (|. B. ) Graphical Determination of 

Forces in Engineering Structures. 1881... 2124 D 
Chalmers (M. D.) Local Government. 1883 623J 

CHALMERS (T.) Scottish Divine. Lecture on. 

By D. Macleod. 1883 1005 B 

-Life. By W. G. Blaikie. 1896 1151 B 

Chamberlain (A. B.) Miniature Life of Hans 

Holbein. 1902 132 B 

Chamberlain (A. E. ) The Child : a Study in the 

Evolution of Man. 1900 1431 D 

Chamberlain (B. H.) Things Japanese. 1890.. . 1141 C 
Chamberlain (Jacob) The Cobra's Den. 1900...1111 C 

Stories of Missionary Work among the Telugas of India. 

Chamberlain (Joseph) Foreign and Colonial 

Speeches. 1897 592 J 

leyes (S. H.) Biography of J. Chamberlain. 

1896 10185B 

- Mr. Chamberlain : his Life and Public 

Career. 1903 3878 B 

- Marris(N. M.) J. Chamberlain : the Man and 

the Statesman. 1900 2759 B 

- Redder (H. C. ) J. Chamberlain : Study of his 

Character as a Statesman. 1902 10222 B 

- Quick (J.) J. Chamberlain : Facetious Description 

of his Attitude during the Boer War, and of his 

Visit to South Africa. 1903 1245 J 

Chamberlain (Rev. T. ) Selected Letters. 1876. ..85 F 

Contents: — On Education and Entering on Life ; On Diffi- 
culties in Religion ; On Character and Conduct in Private 
Life : On Puhlic Duties ; chiefly Historical. 

Chamberlain (Mrs. T.) Town and Home Gar- 
dening. 1 893 9757 D 

Chambers (A.) Man and the Spiritual World as 

Disclosed by the Bible. 1900 2187 A 

- Our Life After Death. 1903 1779A 

Chambers (C. H.) Phases of Party. 1869 2147J 

Chambers (G. F. ) Handbook of Prescriptive 

Astronomy. 1877 : 2981 D 

- Pictorial Astronomy. 1891 6425 D 

- Story of the Solar System. 1895 6743 D 

- Story of the Stars. 1898 4D 

-Story of the Weather. 1897 6744 D 

Chambers (R.) Domestic Annals of Scotland. 

1885 9177B 

- Popular Rhymes of Scotland 470 II 

- Scottish Biographical Dictionary. 1836 2786 B 

- Select Writings. 1847 913F 

Contents: — Vols. 1-2. Essays, Familiar and Humorous. 
3. Essays, Moral and Economic. 4. Essays, Philosophical and 
Sentimental ; Historical Sketches. 

- Traditions of Edinburgh. 1868 419 B 

- Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation. 

1884 9173D 

- Chambers (W.) Memoir of R. Chambers. 1872.850 B 
Chambers (Sir W. F.) Decorative Part of Civil 

Architecture. 1862 2511 K 

Chambers (William) About Railways. 1865. .. 6312 D 

- France : its History and Revolutions. 1876... 361 B 

- Memoir of Robert Chambers. 1 872 850 B 

Chambers (W. and R.) Cyclopaedia of English 

Literature. 1876 3241 F 

- Effective Reciter. Ed. by R. C. H. Morison. 

1905 1540 F 

- Handbook of American Literature. 1866 562 F 

- Information for the People. 1875 4199 D 

- New Reciter. Ed. by R.C. H. Morison. 1899. 7372 F 

Chambers's Journal, 1844-1906 2451 L 

Champeaux (A. De) Tapestry 1237 K 

Champfleury (M., i.e., J. Fleury) The Cat: 

Past and Present. 1885 8778 D 

Champlin (J. D. ) Chronicle of the Coach: 

Charing Cross to Ilfracombe. 1886 8264 C 

Chance (Sir W.) Our Treatment of the Poor. 

1899 564 J 

CHANDOS (J. BRYDGES) ist Duke of. 

Life. By J. R. Robinson. 1893 4534 B 


Amy (P. E. ) Lecture on the Channel 

Islands. 1 899 6059 B 

Ansted (D. T.) and Latham (R. G.) Des- 
cription of the Channel Islands. 1862 ...1906 C 

Black (C. B. ) Channel Islands and West 

Normandy. 1905 6076C 

Island Scenery. 1893 2778 C 

Ward and Lock's Guide to the Channel 

Islands 364 C 

Yachting Visit to the Channel Islands. 1885. 8249 C 
Channing (E.) Short History of the United 

States. 1900 1265 B 

- United States of America, a.d. 1765-1865. 

1896 1414B 

Channing (E. T. ) Life of Wm. Ellery : 

American Senator. 1834 427 B 

Channing (W. E.) Perfect Life : Sermons 524 A 

- Works. 1898 557 F 

CHANNING (W. H.) Memoir. By O. B. 

Frothingham. 1887 9292 B 

Chanter (C. ) Ferny Combes. 1856 424 D 

A Ramble after Ferns in the Glens and Valleys of Devon- 

Chap-Book Essays. 1897 680 F 

Chap- Books. See Books. 

Chapin (A. A.) Makers of Song. 1905 9802B 

- Masters of Music. 1901 2005 B 

Chaplin (J. G.) Three Principles of Book- 
keeping. 1887 ..:: 10029 D 

Chapman (A.) Wild Norway: with Chapters 

on Spitsbergen and Denmark. 1897 2646 C 

Chapman (B.) History of Gustavus Adolphus, 

and of the Thirty Years' War. 1856 2625 B 

Chapman (F. ) Foraminifera : Introduction to 

the Study of the Protozoa. 1902 4259 D 

Chapman (G.) Plays. Ed. bv R. II. Shep- 
herd. 1874 871 H 





Chapman (J. W.) Life and Work of D. L. 

Moody. 1901 4442 B 

Chapman (M.) Guide to Success in Sanitary 

Inspectors' Examinations. 1901 983 D 

Chapman (R.) Treatise on Rope- Making. 1868.993 D 
Chapman (S. TO Cotton Industry and Trade. 

1905 1 395T ; 

- Foreign Competition. 1904 2384 T 

- Reply to the Report of the Tariff Commission 

on the Cotton Industry. 1905 2396 J 


Bain (A.) Study of Character. 1861 665 A 

Bland (H.) Letters to a Daughter. 1906. .. 1140 F 
Bruce (W. S.) Formation of Christian 

Character. 1902 3183 A 

Church (R. W.) Dean. Discipline of the 

Christian Character. 1886 2305 A 

- Influences of Christianity upon National 
Character. 1893 585A 

Creighton (M.) Bp. Claims of the Common 

Life. 1905 3414 A 

Croly (G. ) and others. Culture of Character. 

1855 2066 A 

Downes (R. P.) The Art of Noble Living. 
1902 3125 A 

Foster (J. ) Decision of Character 65 A 

Friend (II.) Studies in Christian Experience 

and Thought. 1906 3401 A 

Friswell (J. H.) The Gentle Life 7146 F 

Frith (II.) How to Read Character in Hand- 
writing 87 A 

Hamerton (P. G. ) French and English : a 

Comparison. 1899 9531 B 

- Human Intercourse. 1884 485 A 

- Intellectual Life. 1873 473 A 

Hillis (N. D. ) Investment of Influence. 1900.1726 A 

- Right Living as a Fine Art. 1900 1862A 

- Studies in Character. 1900 1725 A 

Hocking (S. K.) Culture of Manhood. 1898.. 130 A 
Holland (H. S.) Character and Creed : Ser- 
mons. 1 897 2980 A 

[llingworthfj. R.) Christian Character. 1905.1873 A 

Jacox ( F. ) Traits of Character. 1873 508 A 

Lecky (W. F. II.) Map of Life: Conduct 

and Character. 1900 1089A 

MacCunn (J.) Making of Character. 1901. ..3039 A 
M ison (CM.) Formation of Character. 1906.3395 A 
Maturin (B. W.) Self Knowledge and Self 

Discipline. 1905 '. 3347 A 

Peabody (F. G.) |esus Christ and Christian 

( haracter. 1905 3326 A 

Smiles is.) Character. 1905 834 1' 

Thayer (W. M.) Tact, Push, and Principle. 

1898 2265A 

Watkin K>n (W. I.. ) Education of the 1 1 art. 

L904 3283 a 

Influence ol Sceptii ism on Character. 1886.927 A 
Studies in Christian Character, Work and 

I erieno L001 1695A 

1 hristianity, Ethics, Morals, Psychology. 
Charades. &i Theatricals, Amateur. 
( baring ( ross. v< e I .ondon. 


Blail ie (W. G. I Leaders in Modern Philan- 
thropy. 1**1 9095 B 

Howson (T. S.) Offii ial Help ol Women in 

( h iritabh [n titution . 1862 91 A 

Lo< I ' ini ation. 1890 358 I 

T.)Th< tat< and I harity. 1898. .805J 
(M. W. i Method in Aim giving. 
i 2083 A 

ian < harity in the Ancient 
( 1883 2859 A 

CHARLEMAGNE, History of. By II. W. C. 

Davis. 1900 9171 B 

History of the Time of. By E. L. Cults. 

1882 1198B 

See also Holy Roman Empire. 

Boas (Mrs. F.) With Milton and the Cavaliers. 

1904 9941 B 

Forster (J.) Arrest of the Five Members, 

1641-2. 1860 1561 B 

Gardiner (S. R. ) Personal Government of 

Charles I, 1628-1637. 1877 3249 B 

Hillier (G.) Narrative of Attempted Escapes 

of Charles I. 1852 1100B 

Trials of Charles I., and of some of the 

Regicides. 1832 57 B 

Wallington (N.) Events in the Reign of 

Charles I. 1869 851 B 

See also England, History. 


Adams (W. H. D. ) England under Charles II. 

188 5 3939 B 

Airy (O.*) Life of Charles II. 1904. '......... .9530 B 

Hughes (J.) Boscobel Tracts Relating to Charles 

II. 1857 3209B 

Jusserand (J.J.) French Ambassador at the 

Court of Charles II. 1892 4334 B 

Molloy (J. F. ) London under Charles II. 1885.9230B 
See also England, History. 
CHARLES V. of Spain. Cloister Life of. By 

SirW. S. Maxwell. 1891 4427 B 

-History of. Bv W. Robertson. 1887 9497 B 

CHARLES IX.' of France. History of the 

Religious Wars in the Reign of. By H. White. 

1868 2717B 

- Last of the Valois. By Lady C. C. Jackson. 

1888 9454 B 

CHARLES X. of Frame. Duchess of Berry 

and the Court of. Bv A. L. Imbert de Saint- 

Amand 9395 B 

CHARLES XII. of Sweden, and the Collapse 

oftheSwedish'Empire. Bv R.N. Bain. 1895. 1471 B 
Histoirede. Par F. M. A. de Voltaire. 1866.339 MB 
CHARLES, Duke of Burgundy. By A. 

Dumas. 1897 202 MB 

- Ilistoire. Par M. T. Renouard de Bussiere. 

1847 408MB 

Charles (Mrs. E.) Three Martyrs of the 19th 

Century. 1885 9153 B 

Studies from the Lives of Livingstone, Gordon, and Patteson. 

Voice of Christian Life in Song. 1865 467 A 

Hymns and Hymn Writers. 
Charles (Mrs. R.) Our Seven Homes: Auto- 
biographical Reminiscences. 1897 9746 B 

Charlesworth (M.L.) Africa's Mountain Valley ; 
or, the Church in Regent's Town, West 

A frica. 1 863 257 A 

Where Dwellest Thou? or the Inner Home. 

1871 457 A 

Charlesworth (V.J.) Life of Rowland Hill. 1876.604 B 
Charley (Sir VV. T.) Crusade against the Con- 
st hut ion. L895 310 J 

An Historical Vindication of the House of Lords. 

EiolvCity, Athens, and Egypt. 1902 1973 C 

CHARLOTTE, Queen. , Court and Private 
Life in the Tunc of. By Mrs. C. L. II. 

Papendick. L887 4035 B 

CHARLOTTE, Prince? oj Wales. 

Memoir. ByLadyR. Weigall. L874 9074 B 

Duchess ^Orleans. Life and Letters. 
L052-1722. 1889 4128 B 





Charlotte Elizabeth (/.<?., C. E. Tonna) Chapters 

on Flowers. 1886 16T2 D 

- Glimpses of the Past. 1842 195 B 

- Judaea Capta. 1848 635 B 

Sketch of the Siege and Destruction of Jerusalem by the 
Charmes (G.) Five Months at Cairo and in 

Lower Egypt. 1883 8015 C 

CHARTRES, Storvof. ByC. Headlam. 1902. 536 B 
CHATEAUBRIAND (F. R.) Vicomte de, 
Author and Statesman. 

- Autobiography. 1854 59 B 

- Biography of. By M. F. A. de Lescure. 1901.235 MB 
Chateauvieux (-) Casque et Sabre : Scenes de 

la Vie Militaire. 1894 302 MB 

Chatterton (Lady G. ) Home Sketches and 

Foreign Recollections. 1841 1046 C 

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1898 3235 B 

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Chatto ( W. A. ) Origin and History of Playing 

Cards. 1848 1022 K 

Chattock (R. S.) Practical Notes on Etching. 

1886 1018 K 

Chaucer (G.) Canterbury Tales 625 II 

- Legend of Good Women. Ed. by W. W. Skeat.206 H 

- Poetical Works 756 H 

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trated in Chaucer's Works. 1869 559 F 

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1896 505H 

- Haweis (II. R.) Chaucer for Schools 1530 H 

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its Study and Appreciation. 1906 1 190 F 

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of Chaucer. 1901 251 F 

- Tuckwell (W. ) Miniature Life of Chaucer. 

1904 SOB 

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Cheadle (W. B.) Artificial Feeding of Infants. 

1892 9957 D 

Cheal (J. ) Practical Fruit Culture. 1892 6550 U 

Checkley (E.) Natural Method of Physical 

Training. 1897 150 K 

Cheerfulness : a Poem 471 H 

Cheese. See Agriculture. 

Cheetham (F. H.) Guide to Haddon Hall. 

1904 10107 B 

Cheetham (S.) The Mysteries Pagan and 

Christian: Lectures. 1897 3412 A 

Cheever (G. B. ) Lectures on Pilgrim's Progress 

and John Bunyan. 1862 432 A 

Chelsea. See London. 

General and Inorganic. 

Aveling (E. B. ) Chemistry of Non-Metallics. 

1886 8845 D 

Bailey (G. H.) and Briggs (W.) Advanced 

Inorganic Chemistry. 1898 6734 D 

- - Inorganic Chemistry: First Stage. 1896. 1366 D 

- - Tutorial Chemistry. 1897 6694 D 

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Inorganic Chemistry. 1906 81 16 D 

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their Source, Preparation, Application, 

and Tests for Sensitiveness. 1899 8086 D 

CHEMISTRY, General and Inorganic. 

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Solubilities Inorganic. 1896 2486 D 

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and Chemistry. 1899 1092D 

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cal Philosophv. 1900 2070D 

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- Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry. 

1893 1047 D 

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Chemistry. 1893 9988 D 

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1892 758D 

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Advanced Students. 1899 605 D 

- and Lunt (J. ) Inorganic Chemistry for 
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Chemistry. 1903 1223 D 

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Thomson (J. J.) Applications of Dynamics to 

Physics and Chemistry. 1889 10073 D 

Thorpe (T. E. ) Manual of Inorganic Chemistry. 
1874 9022 D 

- and Tate (W.) Chemical Problems with Key. 
1897 20D 

Threlfall (R. ) Laboratory Arts. 1898 656 D 

Valentine ( W. G. ) Lessons in Inorganic Chemistry. 

1879 9018D 

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1895 1171 D 


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1901 1335D 

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1885 2763 D 

Behrens (H.) Manual of Microchemical 

Analysis. 1894 1043 D 

Bell (J.) Analysis and Adulteration of Foods. 

1881 8296 D 





CHEMISTRY, Analysis. 

Benedict (E. G. ) Chemical Lecture Experiments. 

1901 1604 D 

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Chemical Analysis 1064 D 

Broun (]. C.) Practical Chemistry. 1906... 2481 D 
Clowes (F.) and Coleman (J. B.) Elementary 

Practical Chemistry. 1903 1362D 

- Elementary Quantitative Chemical Analysis. 
1896 1365 D 

Cooke (J. P.) Laboratory Practice. 1892... 9736 D 
Donington (G. C. ) Practical Exercises in 

Chemistry. 1906 6025 D 

Fresinius (C. R.) Quantitative Chemical 

Analysis. 1876 415c U 

Gore (G.) Art of Scientific Discovery. 1878.8146 D 
Hartley lYY. N.) Quantitative Chemical 

Analysis for Students. 1887 9217 D 

lleaton (C. W.) Experimental Chemistry, 

founded on the work of J. A. Stockhardt. 

l^sT ; 1318D 

I lillyer (II. W. ) Laboratory Manual. 1899.2588 D 
[ones (C. ) Qualitative Chemical Analysis. 

1898 470D 

Mills (J.) and North (B. ) Quantitative Chemical 

Analysis. 1889 6764 D 

Muir (M. M. P.) Practical Chemistry. 1899. 1082 D 
Neumann (B.) Electrolytic Methods of 

Chemical Analysis. 1898 974 D 

Newth (G. S. ) Chemical Lecture Experi- 
ments. 1899 '. 1016 D 

- Elementary Practical Chemistry. 1896. .. 1417 D 

- Manual of Chemical Analysis. 1898 428 D 

Norman (G. M. ) Practical OrganicChemistry: 

a Text-Book. 1907 6117D 

Ramsay (Sir W.) Experimental Proofs of 

Chemical Theory. 1900 10D 

Reynold-, (J. E. ) Experimental Chemistry 

for Junior Students. 1897 46 D 

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Sexton (A. II.) Outlines of Qualitative 

Analysis. 1892 1636 D 

Outlines of Quantitative Analysis. 1893. .. 1637 D 
Thorpe (T. E. ) Quantitative Chemical 

Analysis 1900 6198 D 

Applied Chemistry. 

Acland (Sir D. T.) Agricultural Chemistry. 

1891 * 9582D 

Arnold I I. O.) Steel Works Analysis. 1895.10182 D 
(E. II. S.) Text- Book of Sanitary and 

Applied Chemistry. 1906 9305 D 

dikl (R.) and Knechl (E.) Chemistry of 

Ll-Tar Colours. 1889 ' 8865D 

Brannl (W. T.) and Wahl (W. II.) Teehno- 

nical Rcceipl Book. 1890 9677 D 

I . II.) Physics and Chemistry of Min- 
ing 1905 1065D 

' ■■ FT.) Chemistry of Paints and 

1890 : 9445D 

istry in Daily Life. 1896. ..10202 I) 
ond (T. S.i Agricultural Chemistry. 

1898 : T0317D 

■ von) ( hemical Technology ol 

L902 ....3615D 

Hall (< II i I hemi u\ ol Paints and Painl 

Vehi< li 1906 9306 I) 

: I I 1 I Chemisti 1 Fire 

rr< mention. 1900 si [Q D 

mi 1.;. ol Organii D; e mils. 

3384 I) 
1 Chemisti 1894. 1289 D 

i< m -• and the Vfanufa< tun 1 


CHEMISTRY, Applied Chemistry. 

Sexton (A. II.) Chemistry of Materials of 

Engineering. 1 900 934 I ) 

Shilton (A.J.) Household Chemistry for the 

Non-Chemical. 1882 8267 D 

Stansbie (J. II.) Introduction to Metallurgical 
Chemistry. 1 903 8003 D 

Storer (F. II.) Agriculture in Relation to 

Chemistry. 1887 2456 D 

Thorp (F. H.) Outlines of Industrial Chemistry. 
1898 3011 D 

Thorpe (T. E.) Dictionary of Applied 

Chemistry. 1891 3460 D 

Wanklyn (J. A.) Gas Engineer's Chemical 

Manual. 1886 8933 D 

Warington(R. ) Agricultural Chemistry. 1882.8386 D 

Weyl (T. ) Sanitary Relations of the Coal- 
Tar Colours. 1892 9751 D 

Williams (W. M.) Chemistry of Iron and 

Steel Making. 1890 9426 D 


Blount(B.) Practical Eleetro-Chemistry. 1901. 2753D 
Le Blanc (M.) Elements of Electro-Chemistry. 

1896 601D 

Lehfeldt (R. A.) Eleetro-Chemistry. 1904.. 1377 D 
Liipke (R. ) Elementary Eleetro-Chemistry. 

1897 1942 D 


Mever(E. von) History of Chemistry. 1891.1907 D 
Muir (M M. P.) Story of Alchemy. 1902.. 6747 D 
Rod well (G. F.) Birth of Chemistry. 1874. .. 411 D 
Roscoe (Sir PI. E. ) Dalton and the Rise of 

Modern Chemistry. 1895 1419 B 

Thorpe (T. E.) Essays in Historical 

Chemistry. 1894 3956 D 

Tilden (W. A.) Short History of Scientific 

Chemistry. 1899 846 D 

Wurtz (A.) History of Chemical Theory. 

1869 808D 


Bernthsen (A.) Text- Book of Organic Chemistry. 
1874 950 

Cohen (J. B. ) Practical Organic Chemistry. 

1891 276D 

- Theoretical Organic Chemistry. 1902 581 D 

Cohn (L. ) Laboratory Manual of Organic 

Chemistry. 1896 1044 D 

Garrett (F. C. ) and Harden (A.) Elementary 

Practical Organic Chemistry. 1897 813 D 

Gattermann (L.) OrganicChemistry. 1900. 1046 D 

George (G.) Practical Organic Chemistry. 

1898 403D 

Hewitt ({. T. ) Organic Chemical Manipula- 
tion. 1897 493 D 

Lachman (A.) Spirit of Organic Chemistry. 

1899 1259 D 

Radcliffe(L. G. ) and Sinnatt ( F. S.) System- 
atic Course of Practical Organic Chemistry. 
1905 2177 D 

Remsen (I.) Introduction to OrganicChemistry. 

1897 .559D 

Richter (V. von) Text-Book of Organic 

Chemistry. 1S92 9987 D 

Schorlemmer (C.) Rise and Development of 

Organic ( )hemistry. 1894 9990 D 

Turpin (G. S.) Lessons in Organic Chemistry. 

1894 9997D 

Wade (J.) Introduction to Organic Chemistry. 

1898. 1350D 

Whiteley (R. L.) Organic Chemistry: 

Eattv ( 'ompouiuk 


1185 D 





CHEMISTRY. Physical and Medical. 

Find lay (A ) Phase Rule and its Applica- 
tions. 1904 1257 D 

Landolt (II.) Chemical Composition and 

Optical Activity. 1899 812 I) 

Lehfeldt (R. A.) Text-Book of Physical 

Chemistry. 1899 942 D 

Lupton (S.) Elementary Chemical Arithmetic. 
1882 9791) 

Mann (G.) Chemistry of the Proteids. 1906. 24201) 

Mellor(J. W. ) Chemical Statics and Dynamics. 
1904 7001) 

Ostwald (W.) Physico-Chemical Measure- 
ments. 1894 2038D 

Ralfe (C. H.) Clinical Chemistry. 1883 6138 D 

Revchler (A.) Outlines of Physical Chemistry. 
1899 954 D 

Walker (J.) Introduction to Physical 

Chemistry. 1899 2063 D 

Whiteley(R.L.) Chemical Calculations. 1900.814 D 

Worthington (A. M.) Physical Laboratory 

Practice. 1903 6134D 

See also Acids, Alcohol, Atomic Theory, 

Blowpipe, Dyeing, Fermentation, Gas, 

Metals, Mineralogy, Photography, Physics, 

Salt, Spectrum. 

Chenev (E. D. ) Life, Letters, and Journals of 

L. M. Alcott. 1890 9584B 

CHENIER (ANDRE) ParE. Faguet. 1902... 236 MB 

Chennells (E.) Recollections of an Egyptian 

Princess (Zeyneb). 1893 4351 B 

Cherubini (L. ) Treatise on Counterpoint and 

Fugue 3161 K 

- Bellasis (E.) Cherubini : Memorials Illustra- 

tive of his Life. 1874 1763 B 

- Crowest (F. J. ) Biography of Cherubini. 1890.9736 B 

Cheshire (F ) Practical Bee-Keeping 8871 D 

Cheshire (H. F. ) Hastings Chess Tournament. 

1895 681K 


Axon (W. E. A.) Cheshire Gleanings. 1884... 791 F 
Credland (W. R. ) Days Off in Cheshire. 1898. 1989 C 
Grindon (L. H.) Country Rambles in Cheshire. 

1882 1443C 

Murray (J.) Handbook for Cheshire. 1897 408 C 

Chesneau (E.) Education of the Artist. 1886... 532 K 

- The English School of Painting. 1885 151 K 


Bird (H. E.) Chess Practice. 1892 1189K 

Cheshire (H. F. ) Hastings Chess. Tournament. 

1895 681K 

Cluley(W.) Philosophy of Chess 155 K 

Freeborough (E.) Chess End- Games from Actual 

Play. 1895 642 K 

-and Ranken (C. E.) Chess Openings 1210 K 

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Problems. 1897 2530 K 

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1875 1038 K 

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Kennedy (II. A.) Essays on Chess. 1862 319 F 

Lee (F. J.) and Gossip (G. II. D. ) Complete 

Chess-Guide. 1903 735 K 

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Meyer (H. F. L. ) Guide to Chess. 1882 1096 K 

Miller (J. W. ) Ed. American Inventions in 

Chess Openings. 1885 2543 K 

Staunton (H.) Chess Player's Companion. 

1849 630K 

- Chess Player's Handbook. 1897 631 K 

- Games Played at the Chess Tournament of 

1851 632K 


Staunton (II.) Laws and Practice of Chess. 

1890 400K 

Steinitz ( VV. ) Modern Chess Instructor. 1899.2562 K 
Swinton (R. B.) Chess for Beginners. 1891.654 K 
Verney (G. II.) Chess Eccentricities. 1885. 1315 K 
Williams(E.) Chess Games Played bv Leading 

Masters. 1852 '. 638 K 

CHESTERFIELD (P. D.) Earl of. Letters, 

Sentences, and Maxims. 1892 18 A 

Wiih a Critical Essay by C. A. Sainte-Beuve. 

- Wit and Wisdom. Ed. by W. E. Browning. 

1875 H43F 

- Worldly Wisdom. Ed. by G. B. Hill. 1891.9091 F 
Chesterton (C.) Gladstonian Ghosts : Essay in 

Political Criticism 1407 J 

Contents: — Liberalism and the Zeitgeist; What Portion 
Have We in David ? National Penrhynism ; Militarism and 
Aggression ; Fetish of Free Traue-;- Towards Anarchism ; 
Our British Moslems ; Retrenchment and Reform; Social 
Reconstruction ; Some Materials and a Possibility. 

Chesterton (G. K.) Biography of Robert 

Browning. 1903 555 B 

- Charles Dickens. 1906 1716 F 

-Heretics: Essays. 1905 1643 F 

- Life and Work of G. F. Watts. 1904 136 B 

Chevalier (Albert) Before I Forget. 1901 3673 B 

Being the Autobiography of Albert Chevalier, the Music 
Hall Artist. 

- Record by Himself. Biographical and other 

Chapters, by Brian Daly. 1895 4575 B 

Chevalier de St. George. See Stuart (I. F. ) Prince. 
Chevrillon (A. ) Romantic India. 1897 2932 C 

Impressions of a Tour in India. 
Chew(R.) Biography of James Everett. 1875.2763 B 

The Rev. James Everett was one of the Leaders of the 
Wesleyan Reform Movement. 

- Memorials of W. Griffith, Methodist 

Minister. 1885 9201 B 

Cheyne (T. K. ) A'ds to the Devout Study of 

Criticism. 1892 2873 A 

Contents:— Part I. The David Narratives. Part II. The 
Book of Psalms. 

- Bible Problems and the New Material for 

their Solution. 1904 3297 A 

- Christian Use of the Psalms. 1899 2525 A 

- Founders of Old Testament Criticism. 1893.3051 A 

- 1 losea. ( Cambridge Bible). 1 884 298 A 

- Jeremiah : his Life and Times. 1888 2419 A 

- Jewish Religious Life after the Exile. 1898... 1070 A 

- Alicah. ( Cambi idge Bible). 1882 280 A 

- Origin and Religious Contents of the Psalter. 

1891 1356 A 

- Reform in the Teaching of the Old Testa- 

ment : an Essay. 1905 3454 A 

Cheyney (E. P. ) Industrial and Social History 

ofEngland. 1901 1169 J 

CHICAGO and its Environs, Guide to. Bv 

L. Schick. 1892 445C 

Childe (E. L.) Life of General R. E. Lee. 

1875 1677B 

General Lee was Commander-in-Chief of the Southern 
Armies in the American Civil War, 1861-5. 

Childers(E.) In the Ranks of the C.I.V. 1900. 1830 B 

Narrative of Personal Experiences with the City Imperial 
Volunteers Battery in the Boer War. 

CHILDERS (H. C. E.) Politician. Life and 

Correspondence. By his Son. 1901 3005 B 






Archibald (G. H.) Power of Play in Child 

Culture. 1905 374 J 

Ashby (H.) Health in the Nursery. 1898 786 D 

Behnke (E. ) and Browne (L. ) Treatment of 

the Child's Voice. 1885 6163 D 

Brock (W. ) Child : What Shall It Be ? 1904. 1832 A 
Biilow (B. von M.) Baroness. Child and Child- 
Nature. 1880 1044 J 

Buxton (H. J. W. ) Sermons for Children. 

1906 3362 A 

Canton (W.) Children's Sayings. 1900 156 F 

Chamberlain (A. E. ) Child : a Study in the 

Evolution ot Man. 1900 1431 D 

Chavasse (P. H.) Training of a Child. 1872. 325 F 
Cheadle (W. B.) Artificial Feeding of Infants. 

1892 9957 D 

Cooper (E. H.) Study of Children. 1905 380 J 

Dodd (C. I.) The Child and the Curriculum. 

1906 1431 J 

Duff(M.) Pleasant Occupations for Children. 1395 K 

Eaton (T. T.) Talks to Children. 1887 1736 A 

Evans (M.) Theology for Children. 1872 99 A 

Field ( E. M. ) Child and his Book 9140 F 

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Gorst (Sir J. E.) The Children of the Nation ; 

their Health and Vigour. 1906 2430J 

Gray (G. Z. ) Children's Crusade: an Episode of 

the 13th Century. 1871 853 B 

Harrison (W. ) Children : their Thoughts. Words, 

and Ways. 1903 657 F 

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1905 3309 A 

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Teachers. 1906 3428 A 

Hill ( F. D. ) Training of Pauper Children. 

1868 173J 

Hogan (L. E.) Study of a Child. 1898 487 A 

Keating (J. M.) and Semple (A.) Mother's Guide 

to the Management and Feeding of Infants. 

1892 9531) 

Kirkpatrick (E. A.) Fundamentals of Child 

Study. 1903 3192 A 

Learmount (J. ) Fiftv-two Sundays with the 

Children. 1903 1765 A 

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Them. 1879 8073 D 

McCleary (G. F.) Infantile Mortality and Infants 

Milk Depots. 1905 890 D 

Malic-son (F.) Early Training of the Young. 

1884 , 809 J 

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Martineau (G.) Guiding and Training 

Children. 1889 2197 A 

Our Children : I low to Rear and Train Them. 1496 D 

Richmond (E.) Mind of a Child. 1901 3035A 

Rowe (S. 11.) Physical Nature of the Child 

and How to Study It. 1899 1061 D 

Scotl (C. IS.) Child and Nature Study. 1901.1413D 
Sherard(R. H.)Child-Slavesof Britain. 1905.2387 J 
Singleton (J. E.) Appropriate and Varied 

1 ' - upations lor Infants. 1883 929 J 

upationsand Games for Children. 1885.227 K 
Stephens (T.) E'i. Child and Religion: 

I • 1905 1870A 

Turk well (G. M.) Children and the State. 

1894 1212J 

n <K. D.) Rights <<f Children. 1892.. .1001 J 

'i (Mrs. II.) Religious Training of 

Children. 1876 i:*6A 

Vouman | E. A. ) Observing Powers of ( Children. 

1338 D 

' ion. 


Clowes (Sir W. L. ) Four Modern Naval 

Campaigns 1 902 515 1) 

Crommelin (M.) Over the Andes from the 

Argentine to Chili. 1896 * 21 84 C 

Dundonald (T. ) ioth Earl oj. Narrative of 

Services in Chili. 1859 2889 B 

Ford (I. N.) Tropical America. 1893 2803 C 

Hall (B. ) Extracts from a Journal Written 

on the Coast of Chili in 1820 22. 1 840... 1827 C 
Hervey (M. H.) Dark Days in Chile. 1892.4270 B 
Markham (Sir C. R. ) War between Chili 

and Peru, 1879-1882. 1882 2354B 

Mill (H. R. ) Resources and Prospective 

Advantages of Chili. 1900 1353 C 

Smith (W. A.) Temperate Chile. 1899 2241 C 

Chimneys. See Smoke Abatement. 

Allan (J.) My Experiences in the Chino- 

Japanese War. 1898 1022B 

Allen (R. ) Siege of the Pekin Legations in 

1900. 1901 1917 B 

Anderson (J.) Mandalay to Momien. 1876.2025 C 
Bamford (A. J.) Turbans and Tails; or, 

Scenes in the Unromantic East. 1888 8298 C 

Barneby (W. H.) New Far West and the 

Old Far East. 1889 2644C 

Barnes (A. A. S.) On Active Service with the 

Chinese Regiment in 1900. 1902 9717 B 

Beresford {Lord C. ) Break-Up of China. 

1899 2957 C 

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1901 2862 C 

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Collingwood (C.) Observations in Natural 

History during a Voyage to China, &c. 

1866-7. 1868 1649 C 

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1898 3072 B 

- Journey through South China. 1883 2301 C 

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1901 1275 C 

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1898-1902. 1903 4304 B 

dimming (C. F. G. ) Wanderings in China. 

1886 8226 C 

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1 'roblems of the Far East. 1894 2243 I 

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1894 1212C 

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Society in China. 1894 2522 C 

Slory of China. 1899 10324 B 

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Eastlake (F. W.) and Yamada (Yoshi-Aki). 

History of the War between China and 

Japan. 1897 6097 B 






Eden (C. H.) China: Historical and Descrip- 
tive. 1877 1995B 

Edwards (E. II.) Eire and Sword in Shansi. 

1903 9902 B 

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in 1816. 1840 1827C 

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1905 1652 A 

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1880....". 2176C 

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in China. 1904 9795B 

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Mossman. 1885 9173 B 

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1905 9937 B 

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-China: Present and Past. 1895 2856 C 

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Hart (Sir R. ) Essays on the Eastern Question. 

1901 2322J 

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1904 2368 J 

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History of China. 1854 1347 B 

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1875 1945 C 

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JLeroy-Beaulieu (P.) Awakening of the East, 

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1899 8599 C 

Little (Mrs. A. ].) Land of the Blue Gown. 

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Roman Catholic. 

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Arthui (W i The Pope, the Kings and the 

1^77 3190 B 

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CHURCH, Roman Catholic 

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Records of Recent Converts to the Catholic 

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I 12 




CHURCH. Roman Catholic 

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- Which Sovereign, Queen Victoria, or the 

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United States : Episcopal Church. 

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Church in the United States. 1884 2521 A 

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tant Episcopal Church in America. 1844.. 1503 A 

Sec also Architecture, Ecclesiastical, Baptists, 
Christ, Christianity, Congregationalism, 
Eathers, Jews, Methodism, Missions, 
Nonconformity, Puritans, Reformation, 
Religion, Theology. 


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See ahj Architecture, Cathedrals. 

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Gongora was a Spanish Euphuistic Poet. 

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Cinematograph. See Photography. 


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See also Government, Political Economy. 
Civets. See Cats. 
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1903 1322T 

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Civil War. See England, History. 
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See also Anthropology, History. 
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ription of Life in South Africa in its Early Days, Giving 
an Account of Ostrich Farming and the Agriculture of the 

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by A. Howard ggjr 

the Rebellion and Civil Wars 

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Contents: — Lyric and Dramatic Elements in Literature 
and Art, Dualism in National Life, Did Shakespeare write 
Bacon's Works, Evolution of Great Poem ; Gray's Elegy, 
Affinities of Buddhism and Christianity, Why I am not a 
Free-Religionist, Have Animals Souls, Apropos of Tyndall, 
Law and Design in Nature, Two Carlyles, Buckle and his 
Theory of Averages, Voltaire, R. W. Emerson, H. Martineau. 
Rise and Fall of Slave Power in America. 

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laverhouse (J.) See Dundee (J. G. ) Viscount. 

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CLAYWORKER'S Hand-Book : a Manual for 

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- See also Ceramics, Bricks. 

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Clelia. See Downing (C. ) 
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Cleopatra's Needle. Set Egypt. 


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- See also Danby, Yorkshire. 

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Climate. See Meteorology. 

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of Greece. 1851 '3660 B 

Clinton (H. R. ) From Crecy to Assye : Five Cen- 
turies of the Military History of England. 10158 B 

Clinton (W.) Sword and Pen; or, English 

Worthies in the Reign of Elizabeth. 1867. 978 B 

Clinton (W. C.) Electric Wiring. 1902 151 D 

CLIVE(R.) Lord. Life. By G. R. Gleig. 1869..876 B 

- Life. By G. B. Malleson. 1882 3636 B 

Clocks. See Watches and Clocks. 

Clodd (E.) Biography of T. H. Huxley. 1901. 2305 B 

- Childhood of Religions. 1883 1534 A 

-Grant Allen: a Memoir. 1900 1842B 

- Jesus of Nazareth. 1880 1533 A 

-Myths and Dreams. 1885 112 A 

- Pioneers of Evolution, from Thales to Huxlev. 

1897 10236 B 

- Story of Creation. 1904 9466 D 

- Story of the Alphabet. 1900 89 F 

Cloete (II.) History of the Great Boer Trek and 

the Origin of the South African Republics, 

1899 928B 

CLOTH, Woollen and Worsted, Manufacture. 

Bj R. Beaumont. 1890 1268 D 

- See also Textile Fabrics. 

Clough (Arthur H.) Poems 521 II 

- Poems and Prose Remains. 1888 1443 F 

Contents; — Vol.1. Memoir and Lettersof the Author ; The 
Iri-h Famine; Lecture on the Poetry of Wordsworth ; Classical 
I ish; English Literature ; Oxford Studies; Social Theories. 
I ot. 2. Poems; Essays in Classical Metres. 

- Waddington (S.) A. H. Clough : a Monograph. 

1883 2346B 

CLOUGH (ANNIE J.) of Newnham College. 

Memoir. By her Niece. 1897 6018B 

Clouston (T. S.) Hygiene of Mind. 1906 1366A 

Clouston (W. A.) Popular Tales and Fictions: 

their Migrations and Transformations. 

18*7 2915A 

Win.- and Walnuts. 1876 1261 F 

Contents'. ( uriosities of Character, Criticism, Language 

.-trul Literature, Legend and Superstition, Public Amusement, 

Mi i itional Curiosit es, Laconic and Sentiment- 

Note: on Nature and Art, Literary Gems, Witty 

ranks, Curious Epitaphs and Epigrams, Phrases 

' Garland of ( lurious Si lections. 

(F.) Detection and Measuremenl of Inflam- 
mable Gas and Vapour in the Air. 1896... 12261) 
and Coleman (J. I;.) Elementary Practical 

misl rv. 1903 ] 362 D 

I i' mentary ( (uantitative ( Ihemical Analysis. 
I 396 L365D 

CLOWES (J.) Life and Correspondence. By 

J . Compton. 1882 2323 H 

Clowes (Sir W. L. ) Black America : a Study of 

the Fx-Slave and his late Master. 1891 598 J 

- Four Modern Naval Campaigns. 1902 515 B 

Contents: — Campaign of Lissa, 1866; War hetwecn Chili 
and Peru, 1879-81 ; Chilian Revolutionary War. 1891 ; 
Attempted Revolution in Brazil, 1893-94. 


Club Cameos : Portraits of the Day. 1879... 3159 F 
Hatton (J.) Clubland-London and Provincial. 

1890 3033J 

Hay (I.) The Club and the Drawing- Room. 

1870 1 SO J 

Solly (H.) Working Men's Social Clubs and 

Educational Institutes. 1904 335 [ 

Stanley (M.) Clubs for Working Girls. 1890... 940 j 
Timbs (J.) Clubs and Club Lite in London. 

1872 66J 

Cluley (W.) Philosophy of Chess 155 K 

Clulow (W. B. ) Essays of a Recluse ; or, Traces of 

Thought, Literature, and Fancy 973 F 

Clutterbuck (G. W. ) In India ; or, Bombay the 

Beautiful. 1897 1213C 

Clutterbuck (W. J.) About Ceylon and Borneo. 

1891 8435C 

- The Skipper in Arctic Seas. 1 890 8369 C 

CLYDE (C C) Lord. Life. By L. Shadwell. 

1881 3506B 

- Sketch of his Life. By Sir O. T. Burne. 1891.9765 B 


Arlot (M.) Guide for Coach Painters. 1899.1502 I) 
Burgess (J. W. ) Practical Treatise on Coach- 
Building. 1881 9328 D 

Philipson (J.) Art and Craft of Coach-Building. 
1897 6685 D 


Apperley (C. J.) The Chace, the Turf, and 

the Road. 1870 560 K 

Baines (F. E. ) On the Track of the Mail 

Coach. 1895 10302 B 

Beaufort (H. C. F.) 8th Duke of . Driving. 

{Badminton Library. ) 1 889 . .". 73 K 

Bradley (T.) Old Coaching Days in York- 
shire. 1889 1832 C 

Carnegie (A.) American Four-in-FIand in Britain. 
1882 2291 C 

Champlin (J. D. ) Chronicle of the Coach. 

1886 8264 C 

Corbett (E.) An Old Coachman's Chatter. 

1890 2274 J 

Dale (T. F.) Riding and Driving. 1899 567 K 

Earle (A. M.) Stage-Coach and Tavern 

Days. 1900 1138] 

Harper (C. G.) Bath Road. 1899 2060 C 

- Brighton Road. 1892 2822C 

- Dover Road. 1895 2871 C 

- From Paddington to Penzance. 1893 2823 C 

- Great North Road. 1901 2653C 

- Holyhead Road. 1902 2655C 

llissey (J. J.) Across England in a Dog- 
Cart. 1891 2721C 

- Holiday on the Road. 1887 2517 C 

- Old-Fashioned Journey through England 

and Wales. 1884 2364C 

On Southern English Roads. 1896 1724' 

On the Box Seat from London to Land's 

End. 1886 2501 C 

Over Fen and Wold. 1898 2224 C 

Through Ten English Counties. 1894 2854 

Tour Through the Eastern Counties. 1889.2619 ' 

Eloneyman (A. Van I).) Coaching Trips in 

England. 1903 1307 C 

King(M. E.) Round About a Brighton Coach 
Office. 1896 2049 






Knight (C. M.) Hints on Driving. 1894 576 K 

Maudslay ( A. ) I Iistorv of Coaching in England. 

isss 1097 K 

Reynardson (C. T. S. B.) Down the Road. 

1875 1962 C 

Thrupp (G. A.) History of Coaches. 1877... 2190 J 
Tristram (W. O. ) Coaching Days and Coaching 

Ways. 1901 1270 C 

Whitehurst(F. F. ) Sketches of Coaching. 1878 1258 C I 

Atkinson (VV. N. and J. B. ) Explosions in 

Coal Mines. 1880..! 2757 D 

Barr (W. M.) Catechism on the Combustion 

of Coal. 1901 1438 D 

Boyd (R. N.) Coal Mines Inspection : its History 

and Results. 1879 20261 

-Coal Pits and Pitmen. 1892 549 J 

Coal : its History and Uses. Lectures by 

Profs. Miall, Green, and others. 1878... 2151 D 
Cockin (T. H.) Practical Coal Mining. 1904.902 D 
D'Anvers (F. C. ) Coal Screening and Transport. 

1872 2289 D 

Fairley (W.) Ventilating Coal Mines. 1892.6606 D 
Hodgson (R. R. ) Chemistry of the Mine. 

1881 8749D 

Hughes (H. W.) Text-book of Coal Mining. 

1893 3349 D 

Hull (E.) Coal Resources at the Close of 

the Nineteenth Century. 1897 2016 D 

Meldola (R.) Coal and What We Get from 

It. 1891 6533 D 

Pamely (C. ) Colliery Manager's Handbook. 

1896 2022 D 

Smvth (Sir W. VV.) Coal and Coal Mining. 

1890 6281 D 

Thomas (J. VV. ) Treatise on Coal-Mine 

Gases and Ventilation. 1878 1756 D 

Walton (T. II.) Coal Mining Described. 

1885 2461 D 

Coal-Tar Colours. See Chemistry, Dyeing. 
COATES (R.) Actor and Celebrated Amateur 

of Fashion. Life. By J. R. and H. H. 

Robinson. 1891 9806 B 

Coates(R. O.) Mystery; or, a Peep Behind 

the Veil. 1904 1798 A 

Coates(T. F. G.) Hector Macdonald ; or, the 

Private Who became a General. 1900. . . 10348 B 
-and Bell (R. S. W.) Marie Corelli : the 

Writer and the Woman. 1903 9357 B 

Cobb (J. F. ) Heroes of Charity. 1892 10024 B 

Lives of John Howard, B. De las Casas ; J. Falk ; A. H. 
Francke ; H. Pestalozzi ; Baron A. de Montyon ; V. Haiiy. 
Cobb (S. H.) Rise of Religious Liberty in 

America. 1902 1247 A 

Cobbe (F. P.) Darwinism in Morals, and 

other Essays. 1872 690A 

- Duties of Women. 1881 75J 

- Faithless World. 1885 894A 

- Friend of Man ; and his friends, the Poets. 

1889 551F 

The Thoughts of Poets concerning Dogs. 

- Hopes of the Human Race, Hereafter and 

Here. 1874 3014 A 

- Life. By herself. 1894 10138 B 

- Peak in Darien : With some other Inquiries 

touching Concerns of the Soul and Body. 
1882...: 2074A 

- Re-Echoes. 1876 1236 F 

Articles on Old Friends and New ; Fat People ; Martyrs 
and Martyrdom ; Kisses and Caresses ; Girls and Drawing 
Rooms ; Noise of London ; Church and Chapel ; London's 
Hetacombs ; Modern Pilgrimages ; Empty Homes ; Con- 
fessional in the Church of England ; Pleasures of Old-Age ; 
Tarry-at-Home Husbands. 

Cobbe (F. P.) Studies of Ethical and Social 

Subjects. 1865 256 A 

Contents: — Christian Ethics and the Ethics of Christ ; Self- 
Development and Self-Abnegation ; Sacred Books of the Zoroas- 
trians ; The Philosophy of the Poor-Laws ; The Rights of Man 
and the Claims of Brutes ; The Morals of Literature ; The 
Hierarchy of Art ; Decemnovenarianism ; Hades. 

Cobbett (G. T. B.) and Jenkin (A. F.) Indian 

Clubs. 1905.., 603 K 

Cobbett (M. and J. R.) Swimming. 1890 119 K 

Cobbett (W.) Advice to Young Men 1658 A 

- History of the Protestant Reformation. 1829. 1270 A 

- Rural Rides in England. 1885 81 10C 

Carlyle(E. I.) Cobbett : his Life and Char- 
acter. 1904 3352B 

- Rogers (J. E. T.) Historical Sketch of Cobbett. 

1869 1675B 

- Smith (E.) Cobbett : a Biography. 1878 ...1983 B 
Cobbold (R.) Ed. Life of John H. Steggall. 

1857 2114 B 

J. H. Steggall was a Gipsy, a Sailor, a Soldier, a Surgeon, 
a Fellow-Commoner of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, 
and a Clergyman of the Church of England. 

Cobbold (R.P.) Innermost Asia. 1900 2262C 

Travel and Sport in the Pamirs. 

Cobden(R.) and the Jubilee of Free Trade. 1896. 632J 

- Political Writings 575 J 

Contents: — England, Ireland, and America; Russia, 1836 
1793 and 1853 ; Letter to Henry Ashworth ; How Wars are 
got up in India ; Three Panics. 

- Speeches on Questions of Public Policy. 1878.537 J 

Contents: — Free Trade ; Finance; War; Foreign Policy ; 
India; Peace; Policy of the Whig Government ; Parliament- 
ary Reform ; Education. 

- Apjohn (L.) Cobden and the Free Traders... 2123 B 

- Ashworth (H.) Cobden and the Anti-Corn Law 

League. 1876 1722 B 

- Cooke (F. E.) Story of Cobden. 1889 9558 B 

-Morley(J.) Lifeof Cobden. 1881 ..3722 B 

- Rogers (J. E. T.) Cobden and Modern Political 

Opinion. 1873 2159 J 

- Schwabe (S. ) Cobden : Notes sur ses Voyages, 

Correspondances et Souvenirs. 1879 411 MB 

Cobden Club Essays : Systems of Land Tenure. 2186 J 
Cobley (F. ) On Foot through Wharfedale. 1882.2261 C 
COCHIN (A.) By F. A. P. de Falloux. 1877.3220 B 

- Another Copy in French. 1875 347 MB 

COCHIN CHINA : Land of the White Elephant. 

By F. Vincent. 1873 2402C 

- See also China, Siam, Tonking. 

Cochran ( W. ) Pen and Pencil in Asia Minor, or 

Notes from the Levant. 1887 2695 C 

Cochrane (A. B. ) Francis I. and other Historic 

Studies. 1870 954 B 

- Historic Chateaux : Blois, Fontainebleau, 

Vincennes. 1877 3159 B 

Descriptive Account of the Tragic Deaths of Henry, Duke of 
Guise at Blois ; Marquis Monaldeschi at Fontainebleau, and 
the Due D'Enghien at Vincennes. 

- History of the Theatre Francais in the Reign 

of Louis XV. 1879 3356 B 

Cochrane (C. II.) Modern Industrial Progress. 

1904 2394 J 

- Wonders of Modern Mechanism. 1900 1762 D 

Cochrane (R.) Beneficent and Useful Lives. 1890. 718B 

- British Letter-Writers 4644 F 

Collection of the Best English Letters from the 15th Century. 

- Eminent Philanthropists, Patriots, and Re- 

formers 10022 B 





Cochrane (R.) Great Achievements of Military 

Men, Statesmen , and Others 1 1 1020 B 

- Great Orators, Statesmen, and Divines 10021 B 

- Heroes of Invention and Discovery 10025 B 

- Lives and Discoveries of Famous Travellers. 10026 B 

- Risen by Perseverance ; or, Lives of Self- 

Made Men 1002J5B 

- Romance of Industry and Invention 576 J 

- Teachers and Preachers of Recent Times... 10022 B 

- Treasury of British Eloquence. 1885 2705 F 

- Treasur'v of English Literature. 1881 3164 F 

Cochrane (T.) Lord. See Dundonald (T.) 

ioth Earl of. 
Cockburn (II.) Lord. Scotch fudge. Circuit 

Journeys. 1889 9431 B 

Cockerell (D. ) Bookbinding and the Care of 

Books. 1901 1104 D 

Cockin (T. H.) Practical Coal Mining. 1904.. .902 D 
Cocks (J.) Sea-Weed Collector's Guide. 1853... 800 D 
COCOA : All About It. Bv G. Cadbury. 1892.6427 D 

- Popular Account of. ByB. Head. 1903 8010D 

Codex. See Bible. 

CODRINGTON (SiP E.) Admiral. Memoir. 

By Lady Boucher. 1875 2576 B 

todrington (T.) Roman Roads in Great Britain. 

1905 204 B 

CODY (W. F., i.e., Buffalo Bill). Last of the 

Great Scouts. By H. C. Wetmore. 1901... 3057 B 
Coe (G. A-.) Religion of a Mature Mind. 1902.3129 A 
COFFEE Planting in Southern India. By E. 

L. Arnold. 1893 8497 C 

Coghlan (T. A.) and Ewing (T. T. ) Progress 

of Australasia in the Nineteenth Century. 

1903 1252J 

Cogordan (G.) Joseph de Maistre. 1894 253 MB 

Cohen (J. B.) Air of Towns: Lectures. 1896...1952D 

- Practical Organic Chemistry. 1892 276 D 

- Theoretical Organic Chemistry. 1902 581 D 

Cohn (A. I.) Indicators and Test-Papers : their 

Source, Preparation, Application, and 

Tests for Sensitiveness. 1899 8086 D 

Cohn (L.) Chemistry in Daily Life. 1896 10202 D 

- Introduction to Scientific Chemistry. 1901... 1254 D 

- Laboratory Manual of Organic Chemistry. 

1896...' 1044 D 

COIGNARD (J.) Les Opinions de. Par A. France. 

290 MB 

Coignet (C. ) A Gentlemen of the Olden Time : 
Francois, Sire de Vielleville 1509-1571, 
Portraits and Stories of the 16th Century 
during the Reign of Henri II. 1887 9463 B 

Coins. See Money, Numismatics. 

Coit (S.) Ed. Ethical Democracy : Essays in Social 
Dynamics. 1900 1131 J 

Coke (H. J.) Tracks of a Rolling Stone. 1905.3527 B 

Reminiscences of Society in the Early Nineteenth Century. 

Colbeck (C.) On the Teaching of Modern 

Languages. 1887 134 F 

Colborne (J.) With Hicks Pasha in the Soudan : 
Being an Account of the Senaar Campaign 
in 1883. L884 9070 B 

Colbum's New Monthly ; a Magazine. 1872- 

1882 : ' 1668L 

Colby (C. VV.) Selections from the Sources of 

English 1 1 istory. 1 899 982 B 

Colchester (C. A.) Lord. Speaker of the House of 

Commons 1802-1817. Diary and Corres- 

pondence. 1861 3133 P. 

COLCHESTER, History of. By E. L. Cutis. 

1888 9276B 

Cold i See Medicine. 

Cold tream Guards. See Army. 

1 1 

Cole(G. A. J.) Aids in Practical Geology. 1891.9528 D 

- Open-Air Studies. 1895 I 526 J > 

Introduction to Geology Out-of- Doors. 

- The Gypsy Road. 1894 999C 

An Account of a Cycle Ride through Poland, Hungary, 
Moravia, Bohemia, and the German Empire. 

Cole (G. R. F.) Peruvians at Home. 1884 8222 C 

Cole (Sir H.) Secretary of the Science and Art 
Department. 1858-73. Fifty Years of 
Public Work. 1884 ' 4231 B 

Cole (J. W. ) Life and Times of Charles Kean : 
Including a Summary of the Fnglish Stage 
for the last Fifty Years. 1859 1029 B 

Cole (R. S.) Treatise on Photographic Optics. 

1899 1316K 

Cole (W. H.) Light Railways, at Home and 

Abroad. 1899 2092 D 

- Permanent Way Material and Plate-laying. 

1900 6076D 

Colegrove(F. W.) Memory: an Inductive Study. 

1901 469A 

Coleman (J.) Players and Playwrights I Have 

Known. 1888 4008 B 

Coleman (W. S.) British Butterflies. 1896 889 D 

Colenso (F. E.) Ruin of Zululand. 1884 4461 B 

An Account of British Doings in Zululand since the 
Invasion of 1879. 

Colenso (J. W.)Bp. Elements of Algebra. 1888. 1004D 

- Cox (SirG. W.) Life of Bp. Colenso. 1888. .. 4013 B 
Coleridge (H.) Worthies of Yorkshire and 

Lancashire. 1836 4103 B 

Contents : — Lives of Andrew Marvell ; Dr. R. Bentley ; 
Lord Fairfax ; James Earl of Derby; Anne Clifford ; Roger 
Ascham; John Fisher; Wm. Mason; Sir R. Arkwright ; 
Wm. Roscoe ; Capt. J. Cook; Wm. Congreve ; Dr. J. 

Coleridge (Sir J. T. ) Life of John Keble. 1869.1032 B 
Coleridge (S. T.) Aids to Reflection. 1883.... 277 A 

- Ancient Mariner 732 H 

- Biographia Literaria ; or, Biographical 

Sketches of My Life and Opinions. 1898.. 1060 F 

- Lectures and Notes on Shakspere. 1884 1330 F 

- Miscellanies : /Esthetic and Literary 1062 F 

Contents : — Essays on the Fine Arts ; Prometheus of 
/Eschylus ; Notes of Lectures ; Notes on Books and Authors ; 
Theory of Life. 

- Notes and Lectures. 1881 405 F 

Contents : — Definition of Poetry ; The Drama ; Shake- 
speare ; Ben Jonson ; Beaumont and Fletcher. 

- Notes, Theological, Political, and Miscel- 

laneous. 1853 509F 

- Poetical Works 474 II 

- Table Talk and Omniana. 1 896 1 061 F 

- The Friend : a Series of Essays 648 F 

Principles, Morals, and Religion of Political Knowledge ; 
Grounds of Morals and Religion. 

- Caine (T. Hall) Biography of S. T. Coleridge. 

1S87 82B 

-Campbell (J. D.) S. T. Coleridge: Events 

of his Life. 1896 3533B 

- Garnett (R.) Life of Coleridge. 1904 98 B 

- Traill (II. I). ) Biography of Coleridge. 1884.2474 B 
COLERIDGE (SARA) the Daughter of the Poet, 

S. V. Coleridge. Memoir and Letters. 1873. 1670 B 
COLERIDGES. Memoirs of the. By E. Yarnall. 

1899 3800B 

COLET {).) Dean of St. PauSs. Lecture on. 

By W. H.Shaw. 1900 1527 A 

- Oxford Reformer. P.y F. Seebohm. 1887... 4581 B 

Colet ( L. ) Enfances Celebres. 1 858 303 M B 

Coley(S.) Life of. Rev. Thomas Collins 9008 B 





COLIGNY (G. DE) Marquis de Chatillon, 

Admiral. Life. By Sir W. Besant. 1894. 10047 B 
Collar (G.) and Crook (C W.) School Manage- 
ment and Methods of Instruction. 1900. ..187 J 

Coller (E.) Homespun Yarns : Poems 883 H 

Collet (C. D. ) History of the Taxes on Know- 
ledge : their Origin and Repeal. 1899 1359 J 

Collet (C. E. ) Educated Working Women. 1902. 195 J 

Essays on the Economic Position of Women Workers in the 
Middle Classes. 

Collet (S. D.) English Visit of Keshub Chunder 

Sen. 1871 2016 A 

Addresses and Sermons Delivered to Help to Bring England 
and India into Closer Union. 

Collett (A.) Handbook of British Inland Birds. 

1906 8114 D 

Collette (C. H.) Cardinal Wiseman's Popish 

Literary Blunders Exposed. 1860 2905 A 

- Life, Times and Writings of Abp. T. Cranmer. 

1887 3961 B 


SirW. F. Butler. 1899 6092 B 

Collier (J. ) Art of Portrait Painting. 1905 . . .3382 K 

- Manual of Oil Painting. 1897 156 K 

Collier (J. A.) Young Men of the Bible. 1892. 254 A 
Collier (J. P.) English Dramatic Poetry and 

Annals of the Stage. 1831 247 H 

Collier (M.) Our Home by the Adriatic. 1886. .. 2551 C 
Collier (W. F. ) History of English Literature. 

1898 764 F 

- History of the British Empire. 1880 602 B 

Collignon (M.) Manual of Mythology in Re- 
lation to Greek Art. 1899 203 A 

Collings (G.) Circular Work in Carpentry and 

Joinery. 1890 6300 D 

- Practical Treatise on Handrailing and Stair- 

casing. 1890 8277 U 

- Roof Carpentry : Practical Lessons in the 

Framing of Wood Roofs. 1893 6531 D 

Collingwood (C. ) Rambles of a Naturalist on the 

Shores and Waters of the China Sea. 1866-7. 

1868 1649 C 

COLLINGWOOD (C) Lord. Biography. By 

W. C. Russell. 1891 4206B 

-Life. By W. Davies. 1875 1700B 

Collingwood (S. D.) Life and Letters of Lewis 

Carroll. 1899 1020 B 

Collingwood (W. G. ) Life and Works of John 

Ruskin. 1893 4348 B 

- Life of John Ruskin. 1900 1228 B 

Collins (C. A.) A Cruise upon Wheels. 1893.. 8510 C 

Chronicle of Wanderings among the Deserted Post-Roads 
of France. 

- The Eye-Witness, and his Evidence about 

Many Wonderful Things. 1860 1047 F 

Collins (C. W. ) Saint Simon for English 

Readers. 1905 231 F 

- Sophocles for English Readers. 1877 7021 F 

Collins (E. T. ) In the Kingdom of the Shah. 

1896 1881 C 

Travels in Persia in 1894. 

Collins (J. C. ) Biographical and Critical Study 

olDean]. Swift. 1893 10019B 

- Ephemera Critica : Plain Truths about Cur- 

rent Literature. 1901 1025 F 

- Essays and Studies. 1895 1878F 

Contents: — John Dryden ; The Predecessors of Shak- 
speare ; Lord Chesterfield's Letters ; The Porson of Shak- 
spearian Criticism ; Menander. 

- Historical Study of Bolingbroke, and Voltaire 

in England. 1886 9239 B 

- Illustrations of Tennyson. 1891 9267 F 

Collins (J. C. ) Studies in Poetry and Criticism. 

1905 2303 F 

- Studies in Shakespeare. 1904 1459 F 

- Study of English Literature. 1891 539 F 

Collins (J. H.) First Book of Mineralogy. 1873.6206 D 
Collins (Mabel) The Story of Helena Modjeska, 

Actress. 1883 2380 B 

Collins (Mortimer) Letters and Friendships. 

Ed. by F. Collins. 1877 1788B 

- Pen Sketches. 18?9 1369F 

Contents: — Vol. 1. Walks through Berks, Wilts, Oxon, 
Bucks, Hants, Somerset and Surrey ; Towns on the Thames ; 
Towns on the Avon ; Two Poets of Rome ; Aristology ; Essay 
on Epigrams. 

Vol. 2. Literary Character of Mr. Disraeli ; Darwinism ; 
Philosophy and Poetry of Marriage ; What is Betting? ; Dogs ; 
Birds ; Bohemia ; Coleridge's Country ; Landor's Country ; 
Praed's Country ; John Collins ; William Blake ; Charity Or- 
ganisation ; Yachting ; Corn and Wine ; Aristophanes. 

- Thoughts in My Garden. Ed. by Edmund 

Yates. 1880 1444 F 

COLLINS (Rev. T.) Life. By S. Coley ......9008 B 

Collins (Tom) School and Sport : Recollections 

of a Busy Life. 1905 10407B 

Collins (Wilkie) My Miscellanies. 1875 1509 F 

Contents : — Sketches of Character ; Social Grievances ; 
Nooks and Corners of History; Fragments oi Personal Ex- 
perience ; Curiosities of Literature ; Cases worth Looking at ; 
Literature and Art ; A Last Essay. 

- Rambles Beyond Railways ; or, Notes of a 

Ramble through Cornwall in 1850. 1851... 666 C 
Collins (W. E.) Beginnings of English Christianity. 
1898 2747 A 

- Study of Ecclesiastical History. 1903 1759 A 

- Ed. Typical English Churchmen. 1902 2703 B 

Contends:— U. Parker. By H. Gee ; R. Hooker. By A. J. 
Mason ; W. Chillingworth. By H. Rashdall ; J. Usher. By 
E. W. Watson ; J. Bramhall. By W. E. Collins ; J. Taylor. 
By H. H. Henson ; G. Burnet. By H. W. C. Davis ; J. But- 
ler. By H. Wace ; W. Warburton. By J. N. Figgis ;C. Simeon. 
By C. H. Simkinson ; H. Phillpotts. By E. C. S. Gibson ; F. 
D. Maurice. By W. E. Collins. 

Collins (W. L. ) Aristophanes, for English Readers. 
1881 312F 

- Butler, for English Readers. 1881 1673 A 

-Cicero, for English Readers. 1881 268 F 

- Homer, for English Readers : The Iliad. 1881.269 F 

- Homer, for English Readers : The Odyssey. 

1881 270F 

- La Fontaine, for English Readers. 1881 1495 F 

- Livy, for English Readers. 1897 235 F 

- Lucian, for English Readers. 1881 127 F 

- PlautusandTerence, for English Readers. 1881.371 F 

- Thucydides, for English Readers. 1881 440 F 

- Virgil, for English Readers. 1881 178 F 

Collinson (E. ) History of the Worsted Trade and 

Historic Sketch of Bradford. 1854 176 J 

Collinson (R. ) Journal of H. M.S. Enterprise, in 

Search of Sir John Franklin, 1850-55. 1889.2608 C 
Collotype. See Engraving. 
Collyer (R.) Life that Now Is: Sermons. 1872... 76 A 

- Man in Earnest. 1885 9462 B 

Being the Life of A. H. Conant, Unitarian Minister oi 
North America, in the Early Part of the 19th Century. 

- Nature and Life : Sermons. 1867 2391 A 

- Simple Truth : a Home Book. 1884 1544 A 

- Talks to Young Men. 1884 96 A 

- Things New and Old : Sermons. 1893 2612 A 

Colman (C. S.) Types of British Plants. 1902.. 1473 D 
Colman (G. ) and Thornton (B. ) The Connoisseur. 

1863 4302 F 

A Series of Short Criticisms on Conscience, Suicide, Dram- 
Drinking, &c. 

Colomb (G. H. ) Cardinal Archbishop : a Poem. . 722 H 
Colomb (J. C. R. ) Defence of Great and 

Greater Britain. 1880 3435 B 

Sketches of the Naval, Military, and Political Aspects. 





Colomb (P. II.) Slave Catching in the Indian 

Ocean. 1873 1598 C 

COLOMBIA, Travels and Adventures of an 

Orchid Hunter in. By A. Millican. 1891. . 2819 C 
See also America, Central and South. 


Bigelow (P.) Children of the Nations: a 

Study of Colonization. 1901 ...2294 J 

Bonwick (J.) British Colonies and their 

Resources. 1888 8212C 

Bourne (H. R. F. ) Story of Our Colonies. 1869.957 C 
Broome (F. N.) Lady. Colonial Memories. 

1904 4644 B 

Brownrield (C. D. ) Coming of the Colonist. 

1903 1361 J 

Campbell (Sir G.) The British Empire 589 J 

Clifford (J.) God's Greater Britain. 1899. ..1098 J 
Colomb "(J. C. R. ) Defence of Great and 

Greater Britain. 1880 3435 B 

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1903 1336 J 

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1884 178J 

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of Greater Britain. 1905 221 J 

of ( olonies and Names of 

( lountries having Colonies. 

C0L0NNA(VITT0RIA,o/?^^;^//,/7v ; a, . 
Marchesa di Pescara) Life and Poems. 

By Mrs. II. Roscoe. 1868 923 B 

-Study of. By A. Lawley. 1»88 9499B 

COLORADO, Ranch Notes in. By R. Aldridge. 

1884 8142C 

- See also United States. 

Colossians. See Bible, Commentaries. 


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Masters. 1907 1946K 

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1904 1868 D 

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1858 1161K 

See also Paints and Painting. 
Colour Photography : See Photography, Colour. 
Colquhoun (A. R. ) Across Chryse : a Journey 

through South China Border Lands. 1883.2301 C 

- Amongst the Shans. 1885 2387 C 

This Work is Preceded by an Introduction on the Cradle 
of the Shan Race, by Terrien De Lacouperie, and also Contains 
an Historical Sketch of the Shans, by H. S. Hallett. 

- China in Transformation. 1 898 3072 B 

- Renascence of South Africa. 1900 1225 J 

- Russia against India : the Struggle for Asia. 

1900 1I32J 

- The Mastery of the Pacific. 1902 3052 C 

- The Overland to China. 1900 2703 C 

Colquhoun (E.) Two on their Travels. 1902.. 1853 C 

Travels through Suez, to Ceylon, Singapore, Java, Manilla, 
Japan, Korea, and Siberia. 

Colquhoun (J.) Sporting Days. 1866 157 K 

Experiences of Shooting a 
of Scotland. 

Fishing Life In the Highlands 





Colson(F. H.) First Greek Reader. 1891 135F 

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Words. 1851 995 E 


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Voyages of the Companions of Columbus. 

1850. 439C 

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Ocean Sea. 1892 8534C 

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Columbus. 1892 9878 B 

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Spirit of Discovery. 1890 4353 B 

See also America. 
Col vile (Sir II. E.) Accursed Land ; or, the 

Water- Way of Edom. 1884 8143C 

- Ride in Petticoats and Slippers. 1880 1331 C 

Travels in Morocco. 

- The Land of the Nile Springs. 1895 2026 C 

Being Chiefly an Account of the War in Uganda. 

Colvile (Z. ) Round the Black Man's Garden. 

1893 1796C 

Description of a Trip round the African Coast. 

Colvin (J. H.) Nautical Astronomy. 1901. ...1088 D 
Colvin (S.) Biography of John Keats. 1887... 9293 B 

- Biography of W. S. Landor. 1881 2124 B 

Colyer (F. ) Gas Works: their Arrangement 

and Construction, Plant, and Machinery. 

1884 3348 D 

- Hydraulic, Steam and Hand Power Lifting, 

and Pressing Machinery. 1893 3603 D 

- Treatise on Modern Sanitary Appliances. 

1892 9919 D 

Combe (A.) Principles of Physiology. 1835 ..10176 D 
Combe (G.) Constitution of Man. 1893 837 D 

- Moral Philosophy. 1841 420A 

- System of Phrenology. 1836 1142 A 

- Gibbon (E.) Life of G. Combe. 1878 3510 B 

Combe (W. ) Doctor Syntax's Three Tours : a 

Poem. 1895 1557 H 

Comedy. See Drama. 

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Works. By S. S. Laurie. 1881 1057 J 

Comey (A. M.) Dictionary of Chemical Solu- 
bilities : Inorganic. 1896 2486 D 

Coming Reaction : Brief Survey and Criticism 

of the Vices of our Economic System. 1903.2319 J 
C0MINGES (G. J. B.) Comte de. French 

Ambassador at the Court of Charles II. 

By J. J. Jusserand. 1892 4334 B 


1898 617A 

- Ten Commandments. By G. Jackson. 1898.. 612 A 
Commerce. See Trade. 

Commercial Education. See Education, Com- 


Allen (A. P. ) Ambassadors of Commerce. 1885.531 J 
Grieve (E. B. ) How to Become a Com- 
mercial Traveller. 1903 203 D 

Warren (A.) Commercial Travelling. 1904... 1392 J 
COMMINES (P. de) Lord of Argenton. 

Memoirs. By A. R. Scoble. 1855 1503 B 

Common Hope. Ed. by R. Bruce. 1904 3234 A 


G. J. Shaw-Lefevre, Lord Eversley. 1894.2119 J 
Commons, House of. See Parliament. 
Commonwealth. See England, History. 

Communion, Holy. See Eucharist. 
Communism. See Individualism, Socialism. 
COMO and Italian Lakeland. ByT. W. M. Lund. 

1887 8331 C 

- See also Italy. 


E. A. Vizetelly. 1902 3223 B 

Compaing (C. ) and Devere (L. ) Complete 

Manual of Trousers Cutting. 1881 2322 D 

- Manual of Waistcoat Cutting. 1882 9257 D 


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Secretary's Manual of Joint Stock Com- 
panies. 1899 1100} 

Nixon (A.) and Richardson (G. II.) Secre- 
tarial Work and Practice. 1906 14 14 J 

Price (T.) Company Law. 1906 1414 J 

COMPASS, MARINERS'. See Navigation. 
Compayre (G. ) Elements of Psychology. 1895.2784 A 

- Elistory of Pedagogv ; with Introduction by 

W. H. Payne. 1895 857J 

Complete Triumph Over Evil. 1870 443 A 


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Scientific Papers. 1904 ...685 F 

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1887 132F 

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Composition and Punctuation. 1901 656 F 

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position. 1903 1280F 

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1899 7801 

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Prose Composition. 1892 5461 

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Morich (R. J.) German Prose Composition. 

1898 14281 

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position. 1903 ....473 I 

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Prose Composition. 1898 510 I 

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W 7 eekley(E.) French Prose Composition. 1898.203 I 
Williams (W.) Composition and Rhetoric. 

1897 13091 

See also Letter Writing, Rhetoric. 





COMPROMISE. Essay on. By J. Morley. 1874.827 A 
COMPTON (HENRY) Actor. Memoir. Ed. 

by C. and E. Compton. 1879 3343 B 

Compton (Herbert) Account of the European 

Military Adventurers of Hindustan 9281 B 

- Facts and Phantasies of a Folio Grub. 1903.1849 F 

Contents:— Bargain in Books. On Starting a Bobbery 
Pack. Deal Table Hunt. On Starting a Better Pack. On 
Stocking a Stable. Jottings of a Jungle-Wallah. School 

- Indian Life in Town and Country. 1904 6065 C 

- Twentieth Century Non-Sporting Dog. 1904.. 2180 D 

- Twentieth Century Sporting Dog. 1904 2168 D 

Compton (T. ) Life and Correspondence of Rev. 

1. Clowes, Swedenborgian. 1882 2323 B 

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Comte (A.) Catechisme Positiviste, ou, Sommaire 

Expositiondela Religion Universelle. 1852.53 MA 

- Positive Philosophy. Trans, by H. Martineau. 

1853 .' 395 A 

- Lewes (G. H.) Exposition of Comte's Philo- 

sophy of the Sciences. 1897 2501 A 

- Mackintosh (R.) From Comte to Benjamin 

Kidd. 1899 1090 A 

- Thomson (J. R. ) Auguste Comte, and the 

Religion of Humanity. 1887 2412 A 

CONANT (A. H.) Life. By R. Collyer. 1875.9462 B 
Conchology. See Mollusca. 
Concordance. See Bible. 


Dobson (E.) Foundations and Concrete Works. 

1891 191 D 

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in Concrete. 1894 10192D 

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facture of Concrete Blocks. 1906 2673 D 

Sutcliffe (G. L.) Concrete: its Nature and 

Uses. 1893 6591 D 

Twelvetrees (W. N.) Treatise on Concrete- 
Steel. 1905 932D 

See also Building, Cements, Engineering. 
Conde ([. A.) History of the Arabs in Spain. 

1900 9085 B 

CONDE (L.) Prince of. Life. By P. II., 5th 

Karl of Stanhope. 1846 877 B 

CONDE, Princes of. History of. By H. E. P. L., 

Duke d'Aumale. 1872 2833 B 

Condor (C. R.) Heth and Moan. 1883 2407C 

Explorations in Syria in 1881-2 in Connection with the 
Palestine Exploration Fund. 

- Palestine. 1889 8386 C 

The Story of the Work done through the Agency of the 
tine Exploration Fund. 

- Tenl Work in Palestine. 1878 2075 C 

ird of Discovery and Adventure during the Survey of 
tin-, 1872-5. 

Condor (E. R.) Basis of Faith : a Critical Sur- 
vey of the Grounds of Christian Theism. 

1877 792A 

Moral Difficulties in the Old Testament. 

1889 2414 A 

The Origin of the Hebrew Religion. 1884. ..2409 A 
Conder (F. R.) Child's History of ferusalem. 

1874 407B 

CondottierL Set Italy. 


, i\. \Y.) and others. The Man of Bus: 

' on idered in Six Aspects. 1864 1120 1' 

Bell (Mi ,H.)Artof Everyday Conduct. 1903.3142 A 

I. ' .'. E. II.) Map ol Life : I >< ;• lin^ with 

nd Character. 1900 I OS!) A 


Smith (II. W.) Modern Thoughts on Life and 

Conduct. 1897 1871 A 

Studies in Conduct : Essays from the Saturday 

Review 998 F 

Taylor (A. E.) Problem of Conduct. 1901... 1279 A 
See also Character, Christianity, Morals. 
Conducting. See Music. 
Confectionery. See Cookery. 
CONFESSION, History of. By C. M. Roberts. 

1901 2305 A 


Gardner (A.) Letters to a Godchild on the 

Catechism and Confirmation. 1906 1 930 A 

Hall (A. C. i\.)Bp. Confirmation. 1900 2891 A 

Mortimer (A. G. ) Catholic Faith and Practice. 
1898 1071A 

- Manual of Confirmation. 1900 1847 A 

Salts (A.) Godparents at Confirmation. 1879. .220 A 

Confucius : Analects. Trans, by W. Tennings. 

1895 2130 A 

- Odes. Trans, by L. C. Byng. 1904 121 H 

-Sayings. Selected by A. Upward. 1904 1800A 

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- Douglas (Sir R. K. ) Confucianism and Taouism. 

1879 1641 A 

- Legge (J.) Christianity and Confucianism 

Compared. 1883 2407 A 

- Taylor (Mrs. H. ) One of China's Scholars: 

Pastor Hsi. 1904 3279 A 

- See also China and Religion. 

Bailey (H.) Travels and Adventures in the 

Congo. 1894 2951 C 

Bentley (W. H.) Life on the Congo. 1887.. 8279 C 

- Pioneering on the Congo. 1900 1752 C 

Boulger (D. C. ) Congo State: Growth of 

Civilization in Central Africa. 1898 3098 B 

Bourne (H. R. F. ) Civilisation in Congo 

Land. 1903 2337 T 

Burrows (G.) The Land of the Pigmies. 1898.1835C 
Dennett (R. E.) Seven Years among the 

Fjort. 1887 698 C 

Glave (E. J.) Six Years of Adventure in 

Congo- Land. 1893 2770 C 

Guinness (Mrs. H. G.) History of Christian 

Mission on the Congo. 1890 8352 C 

IIinde(S. L.) Fall of the Congo Arabs. 1897.3015B 
Johnston (Sir II. II.) River Congo. 1884...2444C 
Kingsley (M. H.) Travels in West Africa: 

Congo Francais, etc. 1897 2879 C 

Morel (E. D.) Red Rubber: Story of the 

Rubber Slave Trade on the Congo. 1906... 245 J 
Stanley (Sir H. M.) Congo and the Found- 
ing of its Free State. 1885 2362 C 

Werner (J. R.) Visit to Stanley's Rear- 
Guard : River-Life on the Congo. 1889... 2620 C 
See also Africa, West. 

Dale (R. W. ) History of English Congrega- 
tionalism. 1907 1388 A 

- Manual of Congregational Principles. 1884.3247 A 
Jones (|. D. ) Reasons Why for Congrega- 

tionalists. 1904 1797 A 

Macfadyen (D. ) Constructive Congregational 

Ideals. 1902 3169A 

Mackennal (A.) Evolution of English Con- 
gregationalism. 1901 3059 A 

Miall (J. G.) Congregationalism in Yorkshire. 
L868 1170A 

Shakespeare (J. II.) Congregational Pioneers. 
1006 1904A 

West (C.) Demas ; or, the Windings of a 

Pastor's Life. 1890 9591 B 





Congreve (R.) Ed. International Policy : Essays 

"on the Foreign Relations of England. 1884.871 J 


Besant (W. II.) Conic Sections Treated 

Geometrically. 1869 491 D 

Mukhopadhyay (A.) Elementary Treatise on 

the Geometry of Conies. 1893 10070D 

Wilson ([. M.) Solid Geometry and Conic 

Sections. 1872 453 D 

See also Mathematics. 
Coniferae. See Forestry. 
Conigrave (J. F.) Handbook of South Australia. 

1886..! 2471 C 


Cremer (W. II.) Ed. Hanky Panky : a Book 

of Conjuring Tricks 166 K 

- Magician's Own Book. 1890 167 K 

Devant (D.) xVIagic Made Easy. 1903 761 K 

Ennemoser (J.) History of Magic. 1854 211 A 

Hoffmann (L. ) Drawing-Room Conjuring. 

1887 1229 K 

- Later Magic. 1904 1302K 

- Modern Magic. 1889 466 K 

- More Magic. 1893 1230 K 

- Tricks with Cards. 1889 267 K 

Houdin (R. ) Secrets of Conjuring and Magic. 

1878 271K 

- Secrets of Stage Conjuring. 1877 274 K 

Kunard ( R. ) Book of Modern Conjuring. 1 890. 285 K 
Maskelyne(J. N.) Oriental Magic : Spiritualism 

and Theosophy. 1891 2921 A 

Neil (G. L. ) Modern Conjuror and Drawing- 

Room Entertainer. 1903 2784 K 

Sachs (E.) Sleight of Hand 443 K 

Conn (H. W.) Method of Evolution. 1900... 1322 D 

- Story of Germ Life. 1898 6741 D 

Conn (W.) Cow Boys and Colonels : a Journey 

across the Prairie and over the Black Hills 

of Dakota 8304 C 

-Japanese Life : Love and Legend. 1886 8221 C 

Connell (R.) St. Kilda and the St. Kildians. 

1887 8408 C 

C0NNEMARA, and the Western Highlands 

of Ireland. By Ward and Lock 472 C 

- Cycle and Camp in, By T. H. Holding. 1897.268 C 

- See also Ireland. 

Connery (J.) The New Speaker, with an 

Essay on Elocution. 1861 1477 F 

Connon (J. W. ) Guide to Kirksiall Abbey. 1886.2520 B 

- Legal Registration of Architects. 1888 1268 J 

Conquests of the Cross. Ed. by E. Hodder.l890.1248A 
Conran (M.) National Music of Ireland. 1850.. 158 K 
Conscience. See Ethics, Philosophy. 

Besant (A.) Study in Consciousness. 1904... 1860 A 

Gant (F. J.) Lord of Humanity. 1904 3293 A 

Hall(L.) Evolution of Consciousness. 1901. .1225 A 
See also Personality, Psychology. 
Conscription. See Military Science. 
Constable (A.) Publisher, and his Literary 

Correspondents. By T. Constable. 1873.. 3016 B 
Constable (F. C. ) Poverty and Hereditary 
Genius : Criticism of Francis Galton's 

Theory of Hereditary Genius. 1905 370 J 

Constable (H.) Duration and Nature of Future 

Punishment. 1886 3329 A 

- Hades ; or, the Intermediate State of Man. 

1893 3339 A 

CONSTABLE (J.) Painter. 

Arnold (G. M. B.) Life of Constable. 1881.2025 B 
Holmes (C. J.) Biography of Constable. 

1901 3000 B 

Windsor (R. J.) Lord, now Ear t of Liver- 
pool. Life of Constable. 1903 1042 B 


Constable (J. G.) The Anatomy of Wealth ; 

or, the A B C of Every Day Life. 1880. . .621 J 

C0NSTANTINE, Emperor. Conquest of Con- 
stantinople by the Turks. By C. Mijatovich. 
1892 9859 B 

- Life and Times. By J. B. Firth. 1905 10353 B 

Constantine (E.G.) Marine Engineers and Flow 

to Become One. 1897 1120D 

Constantine (J.) Diet and Healthy Life. 1906... 6159 D 

- Practical Ventilation and Warming. 1881... 2279 D 
Constantinides (M.) Neohellenica 9238 F 

An Introduction to Modern Greek in the Form of Dialogues. 


Amicis (E. de) Travels in Constantinople. 

1878 2135 C 

Blackwood {Lady A.) Personal Experiences 
on the Bosphorus throughout the Crimean 
War. 1881 .' 8009 C 

Brassey (A. ) Lady. Sunshine and Storm in 

the East. 1880 1741 C 

Brodribb (W. J.) and Besant (W.) Historical 

Sketch of Constantinople. 1879 9320 B 

Crawford (F. M.) Description of Constanti- 
nople. 1895 2865 C 

Dwight (H. O. ) Constantinople and its 

Problems. 1901 1603 C 

Frankland (C. C. ) Travels to and from 

Constantinople in 1827-8 1594C 

Grey (W.) Visit to Constantinople. 1870 631 C 

Hutton(W. H.) Story of Constantinople. 1900.280 B 

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of Constantinople by the Turks. 1892 9859 B 

Muller(Mrs. G. M.) Letters from Constanti- 
nople. 1897 976C 

Pears (E.) Fall of Constantinople. 1885 3899 B 

Spry ( W. J. J. ) Life on the Bosphorus. 1895.2943 C 

See also Turkey. 
Consterdine (A.) and Barnes (A.) Rudiments of 

Practical Mathematics. 1905 422 D 

Constitution, English. See England, History. 

- United States. See United States, History. 
CONSULS, Duties of. By Sir S. Walpole. 1882.984 T 

Gibson (J. A.) Nordrach Treatment for 

Consumption in this Country. 1901 840 D 

Reinhardt (C. ) Life in an Open Air 

Sanatorium. 1900 1862 D 

Squire (J. E. ) Essays on Consumption. 1900.2333 D 
Contanseau ( L. ) Prosateurset Poetes Francais. 1825 M F 
Contemporary Review : a Magazine, 1866- 1906. 2971 I. 
Continent of Europe. See Europe. 
Controversy. See Philosophy. 

Art of Conversing ; or, Dialogues of the 

Day. 1897 1164 F 

Bowes (G. S.) Conversation : Why Don't We 

Do More Good by It? 1886 1662F 

Knollys(B.) Gentle Art of Good Talking. 

1899 327 F 

Lehmann (R. C.) Conversational Hints for 

Young Shooters. 1894 462F 

Mahaffy (J. P.) Principles of the Art of 

Conversation. 1888 1753 F 

Society Small Talk. 1879 941J 

Convicts. See Crime, Prisons, Sakhalin, Siberia. 
Conway (J.) Forays among Salmon and Deer. 

1861 838C 

Fishing and Shooting Excursions in Scotland. 
Conway (M. D. ) Centenary History of the South 

Place Society. 1894 2651 A 

The South Place Society, London, was Founded by an Amer- 
ican for the Purpose of Teaching the Principles of the Larger 





Conway (M. D.) Demonologv and Devil Lore. 

1879 '. 651A 

- Emerson at Home and Abroad. 1883 3632 B 

- George Washington's Rules of Civility. 1890... 19 A 

- Life of Nathaniel Hawthorne. 1890.. 4171 B 

- Republican Superstitions as Illustrated in the 

Political History of America. 1872 596 J 

- Travels in South Kensington. 1882 2513K 

With Notes on Decorative Art and Architecture in England. 

Conway (Sir W. M.) Alps from End to End. 

1895 2850 C 

- Artistic Development of Reynolds and 

Gainsborough. 1886 .' 1176K 

- Climbing and Exploration in the Bolivian 

An d es. 1 901 2279 C 

- Climbing and Exploration in the Karakoram- 

Himalayas. 1894 2826 C 

Dawn of Art in the Ancient World. 1891 641 K 

- Domain of Art. 1901 2623 K 

- Early Tuscan Art. 1902 2723 K 

- Eirst Crossing of Spitsbergen. 1897 2884 C 

Conybeare (F. C. ) Roman Catholicism as a Factor 

in European Politics. 1901 1168] 

- The Dreyfus Case. 1898 10311 B 

Conybeare (W. J.) and Howson (J. S. ) Dean. 

Life and Epistles of St. Paul. 1862 2373 A 

Cook (A. R. ) Doctor and his Dog in Uganda. 

1903 6024 C 

Cook (C. II.) and Reid (Sir T. W.) Briefs and 

Papers : Sketches of the Bar and the 

Press. 1872 1028 F 

Cook (Eliza) Poems 707 H 

Cook (E. Dutton) Art in England. 1869 27 K 

- Hours with the Players. 1881 679 II 

Biographical Sketches of Actors and Actresses. 

- Nights at the Play : a View of the English 

Stage. 1883 681 II 

Cook (Edward T. ) Popular Handbook to the 

Tate National Gallery of British Art. 1898. 159 K 

- Rights and Wrongs of the Transvaal War. 

1901 2293 J 

- Studies in Ruskin : Some Aspects of the 

Work and Teaching of John Ruskin. 1890.550 F 
Cook ( Ernest T.) Gardening for Beginners. 1901. 3503 D 
Cook (Mrs. E. T.) From a Woman's Note- 
Book : Studies in Modern Girlhood and 

other Sketches. 1903 1343 F 

Highways and Byways in London. 1902 8616C 

Cook (J.) Capt. Three Voyages Round the 

World 8449C 

Besanl (Sir W.) Life of Captain Cook. 1890.9582 B 
Hooker (Sir }.D.)Ed. Journal of Sir J. Banks 
during Capt. Cook's Eirst Voyage Round 

the World. 1896 4635 B 

Cook ( foseph) Biology, with Preludes on Current 

Events. 1878 2320 A 

Boston Monday Lectures: Advanced Thought. 

1883 S72A 

1 ' • ident, with Preludeson Current Events 2176 A 
Orient, with Preludeson Currenl Events... 2334 A 
( ook (S.) Jenolan Caves : An Excursion in 

Australian Wonderland. 1889 2982 C 

Cook (T. and Sons;. Guide to Paris. L906 435 C 

Origin and Progress of the Businessof T. (.'ook 

andSons. By W. F. Rae. 1891 2668C 

Cool: (T. A.) Story of Rouen. 180!) 783 B 

Ed. Anthology of Humorous Verse. 1902 6011 

and Others. Ice-Sports. 1901 581 K 

Cook (W.) Poultry Breeder and Feeder. 1898.8331 D 
Cooki (C. |. B.) British Locomotives: their 
Mi tory, Construction, and Modern 
D< velopment. 1900 9936 D 

Cooke (C. K. ) Australian Defences and New 

Guinea. 1887 2670C 

Cooke (C. W. R.) Thoughts on Men and 

Things. 1869 173 F 

Cooke (E. E.) An English Hero: the Story 
of Richard Cohden. Written for Young 
People. 1889 9558B 

-Guiding Lights: Lives of the Great and 

Good. 1892 10024 B 

-Savonarola: Story of his Life. 1900 712 B 

Cooke (G. W. ) George Eliot : a Critical Study. 

1 883 . . . 2483 B 

- R. W. Emerson : Life, Writings, and Philo- 

sophy. 1882 2205 B 

Cooke (J. P.) Laboratory Practice: a Series 

of Experiments on the Fundamental 

Principles of Chemistry. 1 892 9736 D 

Cooke (M. C.) Freaks and Marvels of Plant 

Life. 1881 8346D 

Fungi: their Nature and Uses. 1875 1634D 

- Introduction to Fresh- Water Alga;. 1890. ...9409 D 

- Microscopic Fungi. 1872 549 D 

- Natural History of Ponds and Ditches. 1897... 791 D 

- Natural History Rambles : The Woodlands. 

1879 776D 

- Our Reptiles and Batrachians. 1893 569 D 

- Rambles Among Wild Flowers. 1898 939 D 

-Structural Botany. 1861 6221 D 


Allen (M. L.) Savoury Dishes. 1886 6170 D 

American Dishes, and How to Cook Them. 

1883 8417 D 

Atkinson (A.) and Ilolroyd (G.) Practical 

Cookery. 1900 975 D 

Barnett (E. A.) Cookery Instructor. 1889. .. 8157 D 

Beeton (S. O. ) Every- Day Cookery 17 1 1 D 

Bengtson(T.) The Gastronomist. 1893.... 9965 D 

Bowman (A.) New Cookery Book 9631 D 

Brasseur (G. Le.) Hints on Cookery. 1891.9625 D 
Browne (P.) Diet and Cookery for Common 

Ailments. 1894 6636 D 

- Year's Cookery 822 1 D 

Buckland (A. W. ) Old Recipes from Cookery 

Books. 1893 9776 D 

Buckton (C. M.) Food and Home Cookery. 

1879 634 D 

Burrill (K.) and Booth (A. H.) Practical 

Cook. 1906 1725 D 

Cassell's Dictionary of Cookery. 1898 2291 D 

Clarke (L.) Ideal Cookery Book. 1904 80 D 

De Salis (Mrs. H.) Oysters a la Mode. 1888. 6315 D 

- Soups and Dressed Fish a la Mode. 1888.6313 D 

- Vegetables Dressed a la Mode. 1888 631 4 D 

Dingle (F.) Art of Icing and Piping. 1904 50 D 

Duret (E. ) Practical Household Cookery. 

1891 9462 D 

Edden (II.) Gas Cookery: with Practical 

Recipes. 1903 341 D 

Fillipini (A.) One Hundred Ways of Cooking 

Eggs. 1893 6529 D 

- One Hundred Ways of Cooking Fish. 1893. 6528 D 
Forward (C. W. ) Practical Vegetarian Recipes. 

1899 61D 

Francatelli (C. E.) Cook's Guide. 1888 136D 

- Royal Confectioner. 1891 9508 D 

Frederick (Mrs.) Hints to Housewives. 1880. 8080 D 
French Cookery for English Homes. 1900.. .402 D 
Harrison (M.) Guide to Modern Cookery. 

1891 9652 D 

The Skilful Cook. 1894 9985 D 

Elausner (A.) Manufacture of Preserved Foods 

and Sweetmeats. 1902 662 D 

tlayward (A.) An of Dining. 1899 1319D 






Herbert (A. R. K. ) Common-Sense Cookery. 

1905 ."..1731 D 

- Vegetarian and Simple Diet. 1904 1071 D 

Heritage (L.) New Universal Cookery Book. 

1894 10002D 

Hill (J. M.) Practical Cooking. 1903 9502 D 

Humphry (Mrs.) Book of Cookery. 1901 ...1495 D 
Jeanes(W.) Gunter's Modern Confectioner. 1514 D 
Johnson (G.) Anglo-Indian and Oriental 

Cookery. 1893 9849 D 

Joncourt (M. de.) Wholesome Cookery. 1882.8284 D 
Kirwan (A. V. ) A Book about Dinners. 1864. 1395 D 

Manders (B.) Art of Sweetmaking. 1901 822 D 

Marshall (Mrs. A. B.) Cookery Book. 1888. 1538 D 

- Larger Cookery Book of Extra Recipes. 

1891 3551 D 

Owen(C) New Cookery Book 8864 D 

Payne (A. G. ) Manual of Vegetarian Cookery. 

1891 6430D 

Pownall(S. B.) Book of Sauces. 1896 1253 D 

Rattray (M. E.) Sweetmeat- Making at 

Home. 1902 1109 D 

Roundell(C) Practical Cookery Book. 1898.2116 D 

Ryan (C.) Convalescent Cookery. 1881 8567 D 

Sala (G. A.) Thorough Good Cook. 1895. 10361 D 
Sims (M.) Cookery: Book of Recipes. 1883. 8418D 

Skuse (E.) Confectioner's Handbook 2269 D 

Sorby { E. ) Handbook of Wholesome Cookerv. 

1903 '..864 D 

Strauss (G. L. M.) Philosophy in the Kitchen. 

1885 8818D 

Sugg(M. J.) Art of Cooking by Gas. 1890. 9428 D 
Tasty Dishes and Howto Make Them. 1883.8107 D 
Tinned Foods and How to Use them. 1893.9773 D 
Valerie (Mdme). Cookerv for Amateurs. 

1894 ." 8561 D 

Waters(W.G-) The Cook's Decameron. 1901. 1099 D 
Wells(R.) Modern Flour Confectioner. 1891.9482 D 

- Ornamental Confectionery. 1890 9378 D 

- PastryCook and Confectioner's Guide. 1906. 9700 D 
Whvbrow (A. N.) Day-by-Day Cookery Book. 

1900 '. 2029 D 

Young (Mrs. H. M.) Housewife's Manual 

of Domestic Cookery. 1901 1054 D 

See also Bread, Food, Household Management. 
Cookson (J. C. F. ) With the Armies of the 

Balkans in 1877-8. 1879 2189C 

Coomassie. See Ashanti. 

Coope (W. J.) A Prisoner of War in Russia: 

Experiences Amongst the Refugees with 

the Red Crescent. 1878 1819 B 

Cooper (A. C. ) Business Man's Vade-Mecum. 

1888 580J 

Cooper (A. N.) Quaint Talks About Long 

Walks. 1904 1480 C 

- Round the Home of a Yorkshire Parson. 1903.645 F 

Stories of Yorkshire Life. 

- Tramps of the Walking Parson. 1902 1271 C 

-With Knapsack and Note-Book. 1906 1327C 

Records of Walking Tours in Denmark, Holland, Belgium 
and Scotland. 

Cooper (B. II.) The Free Church of Ancient 
Christendom, and its Subjection under 
Constantine. 1884 1507 A 

Cooper (E. ) Life of T. Wentworth, Earl of 

Strafford. 1874 3419 B 

Cooper (E. H.) The Twentieth Century Child. 

1905 380} 

Considers the Child at Lessons, at Play, in Sickness and 
Health from the Child's Own Point of View. 

Cooper (H. S.) Coral Lands. 1880 2211C 

Life on the Islands of the Pacific. 


COOPER (J. FENIM0RE) Novelist. Life. 

By T. R. Lounsbury. 1883 :286 B 

Cooper (J. H.) Treatise on the Use of 

Belting. 1883 2718 D 

Cooper (S.. W.) Rambles in Sweden. 1884 8243 C 

Cooper (T.) the Chartist. Bridge of History 

over the Gulf of Time. 1880 71 A 

Popular View of the Historical Evidence for the Truth of 

- God, the Soul, and a Future State : a Two- 

fold Popular Treatise. 1892 29A 

-Life. By himself. 1876 1293 B 

- Poetical Works 630 H 

- Thoughts at Fourscore 2423 B 

Cooper (T. P.) York: Storv of its Walls, 

Bars, and Castles. 1904...' 3477 B 

Cooper (T. S.) Painter. My Life. 1890 4187 B 

Cooper (T. T. ) Mishmee Hills: an Attempt 

to Penetrate Thibet from Assam. 1873 926 C 

- Travels of a Pioneer of Commerce from 

China to India. 1871 1780C 

Cooper (W. H.) In Methodist Byways. 1904 3276 A 
Cooper (W. R.) Primary Batteries : Construc- 
tion and Use. 1901 1958D 

Cooper (W. Ricketts) Short History of the 

Egyptian Obelisks. 1877 1734 B 


Acland (A. H. D.) and Jones (B.) Working 

Men Co-operators. 1854 6 J 

Garden Suburbs : All about Co-Partnership 

Houses. 1906 . 3043J 

Hobson (J. A.) Co-operative Labour upon 

the Land. 1895 731 J 

Holvoake (G. J.) Co-operative Movement 

To-Day. 1896 1214 J 

- History of Co-operation. 1875 741 J 

- History of the Rochdale Pioneers. 1893 714 J 

- Self-Help a Hundred Years Ago. 1891 1207 J 

Markem (J.C. van) Industrial Social Organisa- 
tion. 1900 3032J 

Schloss(D.F.) Industrial Remuneration. 1898. 917 J 
Webb (Mrs. S.) Co-operative Movement in 

Great Britain. 1899 1215J 

See also Capital and Labour, Socialism. 
Coote(W.) Wanderings, South and East. 1882. 2403 C 

An Account of Travels in the Australasian Colonies, the 
Pacific Islands, the Far East, and Spanish America. 

- Western Pacific : Being a Description of the 

Islands. 1883 8250 C 

COPE (C W.) Painter. Reminiscences. By 

his Son. 1891 4269 B 

Cope (W. II.) History of the Rifle Brigade: 

Prince Consort's Own. 1877 3787 B 

Copland (J.) Walter Stanhope: the Man of 

Varied Sympathies. 1888 9491 B 

Coplestone(R. T.) ^Eschylus, for Pmglish Readers. 

1881 1 F 

Copner (J. ) Sketchesof Celibate Worthies. 1886. 9487B 
Coppee(F.) Mon Franc Parler. 1894 1832MF 

COPPER ORES, Manual of Assaying. By 

W. L. Brown. 1892 9903 D 

COPPERSMITHING, Art of. By J. Fuller. 

1894 3559D 

Coppinger (R. W.) Cruise of the Alert : Four 
Years in Patagonian, Polvnesian, and 
Mascarene Waters. 1883....' 3045 C 

Coppock (J. B.) Science of Common Life: a 
Theoretical and Practical Text Book for 
Students in Secondary, Domestic Eco- 
nomy, and Rural Schools. 1906 8112D 






Cooper'(H. S.) Coral Lands. 1880 ...2211 C 

Dana (J. D.) Corals and Coral Islands. 1874. 8132 D 
Darwin (C.) Structure and Distribution of 

Coral Reefs. 1874 9000 D 

David (Mrs. T. W. E.) Funafuti: Three 

Months on a Coral Island. 1899 2105 C 

See also Zoology. 
Corballis (J. H. ) Forty-Five Years of Sport. 

1891.1 1180K 

Corbet (R. G. ) Lecture on Mohammedanism 

and the British Empire. 1899 6059 B 

Corbett (E.) An Old Coachman's Chatter, 

with Remarks on Driving. 1890 2274 J 

Corbett (J.) On the Re- Housing of the Poorer 

Classes of Central London. 1886 2058 T 

Corbett (J. S.) Biography of Sir F. Drake. 1890. 9696 B 

- Drake and the Tudor Navy. 1899 1256 B 

- Life of General G. Monk. 1889 9533 B 

Corbin (H. E.) and Stewart (A. M.) Hand- 
book of Physics and Chemistry. 1899 1092 D 


A. Dobson. 1891 728 B 

- Life. By R. K. van Alstine. 1890 9644 B 

- See also France. 

Cordingley (W. G.) Commercial Terms, Phrases 

and Abbreviations. 1894 89 T 

- First Years of Office Work. 1903 224 J 

Corea. See Korea. 

Corelli (M.) Free Opinions on Certain Phases 

of Modern Social Life and Conduct. 1905. 1557 F 

- Passing of the Great Queen. 1901 3440 B 

A Tribute to the Noble Life of Victoria Regina. 

- Coates (T. F. G.) and Bell (R S. W.) Marie 

Corelli : the Writer and the Woman. 1903.9357 B 
Corfield (W. H.) Dwelling Houses: their 

Sanitary Construction and Arrangements. 

1894 9838 D 

Corinthians. See Bible, Commentaries. 

CORK, Guide to. By Ward and Lock 469 C 

Corkran (A.) Romance of Woman's Influence. 

1905 1340A 

Cornaby (W. A.) China under the Searchlight. 

1901 1275 C 

A Series of Essays on the Leading Features of Chinese Life. 

- In Touch With Reality 3436 A 

Selection of Contents .-—Unacknowledged Atheism : What 

Are We Required to Believe?; Foreign Devilry; Recreative 

Reading; Concentration of Purpose; Self- Realization ; 

in Manners; Prayer; Upbuilding Force of the 


Comeille(P.) Plays. Ed. by G. Masson 1959 MH 

I. if/.) Corneille 237MB 

Trollope(H. M.) Corneille for English Readers. 

1881 1494F 

Cornford (L. C.) Canker al the Heart: Being 

Studies from the Life of the Poor. 1905 ...391 | 

Writing forSchools. L903 1527 F 

Manual of English Composition. 1900 r>7l F 

Cornhill Magazine, 1860-1906 501 L 

Cornill (C. H.) History ol the People of Israel. 

>M* 958B 

Prophets of Israel: Sketches from Old 

I ' Lmi m: I lr lory. 1904 460 A 

(C. J.) Animal Aiti ans, and other 

Bird and Bea I . 1907 2186 I) 

Work and Play. 1896 1662 I) 

Animal ol I o Day : their Rile and Cod 

ition.. ISO* 10-290 I) 

■ Nfott i and 'I raditions of the 
Pari Garden .. 1895 2107 I) 


Cornish (C.J.) Naturalist on the Thames. 1902.2902 D 

Observations on the Natural History and Character of the 
Thames Valley. 

- Nights with an Old Gunner, and other Studies 
of Wild Life. 1897 1681 I) 

-The New Forest. 1894 2514 K 

- Wild England of To- Day and the Wild Life 
in It. 1895 2516D 

Cornish (F. W.) Chivalry. 1901 2339 B 

- Public School Speaker. 1900 1818 F 

Cornwall (Barry). See Procter (B. W.). 


Black (A. and C.) Guide to Cornwall. 1904.6026 C 

Collins (W. W. ) Rambles beyond Railways. 

1861 666 C 

Cumming (C. F. G.) Memories of Corn- 
wall. 1885 8289 C 

Cummings (A. H.) Churches and Antiquities 

of Cury and Gunwalloe. 1875 3560 B 

Dickinson (W. H.) King Arthur in Corn- 
wall. 1900 2744 B 

Gould (S. B.) Book of the West : Cornwall. 

1899 8608 C 

Hammond (T.) A Cornish Parish : an Account 
of St. Austell. 1897 3056 B 

Roberts (H. ) Chronicle of a Cornish Garden. 

1901 415D 

Symonds (W. S.) Records of the Rocks: 

Notes on the Geology of Cornwall. 1872. 1592 D 

Ward (C. S. ) Guide to North Cornwall. 1904.. 402 C 

Whitcombe (H. P.) Bygone Days in Corn- 
wall. 1874 997 J 

Cornwallis (C. F. ) Christian Doctrine in the 

Second Century. 1844 3 A 

- Christian Doctrine in the Twelfth Century 4A 

- Greek Philosophy to the Age of Pericles. 1844.38 A 

- State of Man Subsequent to Christianity 28 A 

Cornwallis (K.) Conquest of Mexico and Peru: 

a Poem 477 H 

Cornwallis (M. C.) The Philosophy of Ragged 

Schools. 1851 62 A 


Gossip (G.) Coronation Anecdotes. 1823 148 B 

Jones (W. ) Coronations and Crowns. 1883.9595 B 
Johnston ( M. F. ) Coronation of a King. 1902. 2405 B 
Metallinos (A. E.) Imperial and Royal Corona- 
tion. 1902 727 B 

Taylor (W.C.)Chapters on Coronations. 1838.118B 
COROT(C) Painter. Biography. By J. W. 

Mollett. 1890 9888 B 

Corporations. See Companies, Guilds, and 

Names ol Towns. 
CORPULENCY : Foods for the Fat. By N. 

E. V. Davies. 1889 6289 D 

- Treatment of. By T. Dutton. 1895 6731 D 

CORREGGIO (A. A.) Painter. Biography. By 

M. C. Heaton. 1895 2009 B 


Barry (J. W. ) Studies in Corsica. 1893 2800 C 

Campbell (T. M. A. E. ) Notes on Corsica. 

1868 205C 

D'Este (M.) Through Corsica with a Camera. 

1905 1369 C 

forester (T.) Rambles in Corsica. 1858 2981 C 

Gregorovius (F.) Travels in Corsica. 1855...1210C 
1 .ear ( E. ) Landscape Painterin Corsica. 1870.2973 C 
Sala (G. A.) Journey Due South. 1S8S . ...8314 C 
Corso'ri (II.) Introduction to the Works of 

Milton. 1899 3196F 

CORTES (H.) Life. By Sir A. Helps. 1871. 1389B 
Corvin (O.) German Refugee. Life of Adven- 
ture: an Autobiography. 1871 801 B 





Cory (A.) Shadows of Coming Events, or the 

Eastern Menace. 1876 1713 B 

The Object of this Writer is to Call Attention to the Peril 
of War and its Effect on England. 

Cory ( F. W. ) How to Foretell the Weather with 

a Pocket Spectroscope. 1884 9163 D 

Cosby (D. S. A.) Irish Land Problem and How 

to Solve It. 1901 199 J 

Cosmetics. See Toilet. 

Cosmogony. See Creation. 

Cossa (L.) Introduction to the Study of Political 

Economy. 1893 639 J 

Costa de Beauregard (H. J.) Margins. Recol- 
lections. Ed. by C. M. Yonge. 1877 1767 B 

Aspin (J.) Cosmorama ; Costumes of All 

Nations of the World. 1834 190J 

Calthrop(D. C.) English Costume. 1906... 2786 K 
Fairholt (F. W.) Costume in England. 1896. 1139 J 
Planche (J. R.) History of British Costume. 

1893 878J 

Rhead (G. W.) Chats on Costume. 1906... 2423 J 
See also Dress. 
Cotes (Mrs. E., i.e., S. J. Duncan) An American 

Girl in London. 1891 1538 C 

- Social Departure : How Orthodoxia and I 

went Round the World by Ourselves. 

1893 1342 C 

Cotes (R. A.) Dante's Garden, with Legends 

of the Flowers. 1898 469 F 

Cotsell (G.) Treatise on Ships' Anchors. 1856. 311 D 

Cotswold Hills. See Gloucestershire. 

Cottage Building. See Building. 

Cotterell (C.) Summer Holidays in North-East 

England 2297 C 

Cotterill (C. C.) and Little (E. D.) Ancient 

and Modern Ships and Sailors. 1868 1520 B 

Cotterill (H.) Does Science Aid Faith in regard 

to Creatk 

1873 2101A 

- My Work for God. 1883 1509 A 

Cotterill (T. H.) Steam-Engine considered as a 

Heat' Engine. 1896 2109 D 

- and Slade (J. H. ) Lessons in Applied Mechanics. 

1891 6570 D 

Cotton (Sir A.) Madras Famine : with Appendix 

containing a Letter from Miss F. Nightingale, 

and other Papers 2300J 

Cotton (H. J. S.) New India; or India in 

Transition. 1885 584 J 

Cotton (J. S. ) Mountstuart Elphinstone : Ruler 

of India. 1892 9868 B 

- and Payne (E. J. ) Colonies and Dependencies. 

1883 594 J 

Cotton (P. H. G. P. ) In Unknown Africa. 1904.2358 C 
COTTON (R. L.) The Humble Christian. Life. 

By Dean], W. Burgon. 1888 4051 B 

Cotton (W.) Guide to Money Matters. 1898. ..1099 J 


Bryers (T. ) Student's Assistant to Practical 

Cotton Spinning. 1894 6604D 

Chapman (S. J.) Cotton Industry and 

Trade. 1905 395 J 

- Reply to the Report on the Tariff Com- 
mission on the Cotton Industry. 1905 2396 J 

CroOkes (Sir W.) Dveing and Calico Printing. 

1874 1852 D 

Dobson (Sir B. A.) Humidity in Cotton 

Spinning. 1901 4167 D 

- Some Difficulties in Cotton Spinning. 

1901 3501 D 

Holme (J. E.) Handbook to Cotton Spin- 
ning. 1887 6238 D 

Holmes (J.) Cotton Cloth Designing. 1904. 1978 D 


Lister (J. ) Cotton Manufacture. 1894 3363 D 

Marsden (R.) Cotton Spinning Handbook. 

1884 6089 D 

Monie (H.) Cotton Fibre and the Mixing of 

Cotton. 1904 694D 

Morris (J.) and Wilkinson (F. ) Elements of 

Cotton Spinning. 1897 847 D 

Mortimer (J. ) Cotton Spinning. 1895 1783 D 

Nasmith (J.) Modern Cotton Spinning 

Machinery. 1890 3311 D 

Prestwich (A.) Young Man's Assistant to 

Cotton Spinning 8244 D 

Sansone(A. ) Printing of Cotton Fabrics. 1887 3304 D 

- Progress in Dyeing and Calico Printing. 

1895 3967 D 

Scott (R. ) Practical Cotton Spinner and 

Manufacturer. 1851 1895 D 

Taggart (W. S.) Cotton Spinning. 1896 480 D 

Thornley (T.) Treatise on Cotton Spinning. 

1901 1468D 

Wilkinson (F.) Story of the Cotton Plant. 

1898 62 D 

Coubertin (P. de) Evolution of France under 

the Third Republic. 1898 4699 B 

- France Since 1814. 1900 1091 B 

Couch (A. T. Q.) Green Bays: Poems 749 H 

- Historical Tales from Shakespeare. 1900 2704 F 

- Story of the Sea. 1896 4712 B 

Coues(E.) Field and General Ornithology. 1890.2283 D 
Coultas (H.) Home Naturalist : With Practical 

Instructions for Collecting, Arranging, and 

Preserving Natural Objects. 1877 9364 D 

Coulter (J. M.) Text-Book of Botany. 1906...10364D 
Coulthurst (S. L. ) and Brown (G. E. ) How to 

Make Lantern Slides. 1901 695 K 

Coulton (G. G.) Public Schools and the Public 

Needs. 1901 1189 J 

Coumbe (E. H.) Commercial Correspondence, 

and Explanations of Business Terms. 1899. 619 J 

- What Shall I Be? 1900 599 J 

A Guide to Occupations for Men and Women in which 
Incomes can be made, Ranging from ,£100 to ,£1,000 a Year. 

Counterpoint. See Music. 


Batson (H. M.) Book of the Country and 

the Garden. 1903 2202 D 

Beeton (S. O.) All About Country Life 1717 D 

Crosland (T. W. H.) Country Life. 1906... 1433 J 
Dowie (M. M.) Things About Our Neigh- 
bourhood. 1903 1693 D 

Gould (S. B.-) Old Country Life. 1890 674 J 

Jefferies (R.) Gamekeeper at Home. 1881... 9212 D 

- Round About a Great Estate. 1894 751 J 

Kebbel (T. E. ) Old and the New English 

Country Life. 1891 1079 J 

Knight (F. A.) Sketches of Simple Country 

Life. 1904 1692 D 

Mogridge (G. ) Half-Hours with Old Hum- 
phrey 191 F 

Mowbray (J. P.) Making of a Country Home. 

1902 1668 D 

Owen (J. A.) and Boulger (G. S.) The 

Country Month by Month. 1902 1830 D 

Panton (J. E.) Country Sketches in Black 

and White. 1882 1453C 

Rees (A. W. ) Sketches of Country Life. 1904. 1764 D 
Rhymes and Roundelayes in Praise of Country 

Life. 1875 1528 H 

Robinson (E.K.) Country Day by Day. 1905.1558 D 
Robinson (P.) Some Country Sights and 

Sounds. 1893 1570 D 

Watkins (M. G. ) In the Country: Essays. 

1883 '....1478C 






Whetham (C D. and W. C. D. ) Studies in 

Country Life. 1903 8008 D 

Willmott (R. A.) Summer Time in the 

Country 2893 E 

Wilson (A. M.) Sketches of Country Life in 

East Anglia. 1903 804E 

See also Nature, Natural History. 
Coupland (W. C, Ed.) Thoughts and Aspira- 
tions of the Ages. 1895 964A 

COURS NG. By H. Cox. {Badminton 

Library.) 1892 66 K 

- Hare Coursing. By H. A. Macpherson. 1896.217 K 

Armvtage (Mrs. F. F.) Old Court Cus- 
toms and Modern Court Rule. 1883 588 J 

Bloomfield (G.) Baroness. Reminiscences of 

Court and Diplomatic Life. 1880 3637 B 

Disbrowe (C. A. A.) Sketches of European 

Court Life. 1903 9419 B 

Tones (C C.) Recollections of Royalty. 1828.3396 B 
Mollov (J. F.) Court Life Below Stairs, 

1714-60. 1882 2330B 

. Schimmelmann (A.) Countess. Glimpses of 

Life at the German Court. 1896 1502 B 

Courtenay (R.) Bp. Great Awakening. 1900. 1760 A 
Courthope (W. J.) Biography of Addison. 1884.2383 B 

- The Liberal Movement in English Litera- 

ture. 1885 1652 F 

Courtney (L. H.) Working Constitution of 

the'United Kingdom and its Outgrowths. 

1901 2272J 

Courtney (W. L. ) Feminine Notein Fiction. 1904. 1259 F 

- Idea <>f Tragedy in Ancient and Modern 

Drama. 1900 9511 

- Metaphysics of J. S. Mill. 1879 202 A 

- Studies at Leisure : Essays. 1892 9170F 

- Studies, New and Old. 1888 ....1754F 

Courtnev (W. P.) English Whist and English 

Whist Players. 1894 4457 B 

Courtship. See Marriage. 

Courvoiser (C. ) Technics of Violin Playing. 

1899 751 K 

COUSIN (VICTOR) Par J. Simon 238 MB 

Cousins (W. E.) Madagascar of To-Day. 1 895.. 324 C 

Coutts (A. G. Burdett) Baroness. See Burdett- 
Coutts (A. G.) Baroness. 

Coutts (P. B. Money-) Poet's Charter; or the 

Book of Job. 1903 3225A 

Coventry (A.) and Watson (A. E. T. ) Steeple- 
Chasing. {Badminton Library). 1886 79 K 

Coventry ( W. B.) Technics of the Hand Camera. 

190] 1009 K 

COVENTRY: Life in an Old English Town. 

By P. M. Harris. L898 1016 B 

n (G. D.) andjohnston (R. L. N.) Moorish 
Lotos Leaves; Glimpse of Southern Mor- 
occo. L883 2298C 

Cowan (W.) Humorous Side of the Pulpit. I OOP 691 F 

COWBOY, Story ofthe. By E. Hough. L897..517C 
Cowell (J. R.) Le< tureon the [sleofMan. L899.6059 B 
Cowell i W. P. ) Pure Air, ' )zone and Water : ;i 
!',:,< tir al 'I reatise on their Utilisation and 
Value. 1900 574D 

COWEN (F. H.i Musician. Biography. 

By P. Willeby. \H'X>, 9965 B 

COWEN 'J.; Politician. Life and Speeches. 

V, P. I:. Jon-,. 1885 .".sis B 

oi the Empin a 

i Employment. L905 2380 J 

i ear in New Zealand. 
1887 8320C 

Cowley (A.) Essays 7272 P 

Contents : — Liberty. Solitude. Obscurity. Agriculture. 
Garden. Greatness, Avarice, Dangers of an Honest Man in 
Much Company. Shortnessof Life, and Uncertainityof Riches. 
Danger of Procrastination. The Government of Oliver Crom- 
well. Proposition for the Advancement of Experimental 

- Poems. Ed. by A. R. Waller. 1905 1561 II 

Cowling (S. ) History of the Temperance Move- 
ment in Great Britain and Ireland. 1862. 1795 B 

Cowper (F. ) Jack-All-Alone: his Cruises. 

1897 8597C 

- Sailing Tours : Yachtsman's Guide to the 

English Coast. 1892-96 8592C 

Cowper (H. S.) Through Turkish Arabia. 1894. 1731 C 
Cowper (W.) Beauties of. Ed. by A. Howard. .. 90 F 

- Letters. Ed. by W. Benham. 1884 79 B 

- Poetical Works 517 II 

- Selections from his Poems. Ed. by Mrs. M. 

O. V. Oliphant 33 II 

- Works. 1854 572 F 

Contents:— Vol. 1. Life of Cowper. By R. Southey. 
Vol. 2. Correspondence. Vol. 3. Correspondence. Papers in 
the Connoisseur. Commentary on Milton's Paradise Lost. 
Vols. 4-5. Poems. Table Talk. Progress of Error. Vol. 6. 
The Task. Tirocinium; or, a Review of Schools. John Gilpin, 
and other Poems. Translation of G. B. Andreina's Adam : 
a Sacred Drama. Vol.7. Translation of Homer's Iliad. Vol. 8. 
Translation of Homer's Odyssey. 

-Gearey(C) Love Story of Cowper and Mary 

Unwin. 1901 1418 B 

- Harland (M.) Home Life of Cowper. 1899. .. 816 B 

- Hesketh (H. ) Lady. Letters Concerning 

Cowper. 1901 4387 B 

- Smith (Goldwin) Biography of Cowper. 1888.9679 B 

- Wright (T.) Life of Cowper. 1892 2486 B 

Cowtan (R.) Memories ofthe British Museum. 

1872 1819F 

Cox (C. ) How to Choose Your Insurance 

Company. 1901 1312 J 

COX (D.) Painter. Biography. Bv W. Hall. 

1881 3413 B 

-Biography. By G. R. Redgrave. 1895... 10068 B 
Cox (Mrs. E. W. ) Our Common Insects : First 

Steps to Entomology. 1864 130 D 

Cox (E. V.) Art of Garnishing Churches at 

Christmas, and other Festivals. 1871 1020 K 

Cox (F. A.) Female Scripture Biography. 1852.559 A 

Cox (G. V.) Recollections of Oxford. 1868 605 B 

Cox (Sir G. W.) Athenian Empire. B.C. 479- 

405. 1887 681B 

- Concise History of England and the English 

People. 1887 9432 B 

- Crusades. 1875 481 B 

- General History of Greece. 1877 1801 B 

-Great Persian War, from the Histories of 

Herodotus. 1861 616B 

- Greeks and the Persians. 1886 682 B 

- Life oiBp. J. W. Colenso. 1888 4013 B 

- Little Cyclopaedia of Common Things. 1882.. 1255 I) 

- Lives of Greek Statesmen. 1885 668 B 

Cox (H.) The United Kingdom and its Trade. 

1902 ' 1235J 

Cox(l larding) Coursing. ( Ladmiiiton Library. ) 

1S92 66K 

Cox (Ilomersham) Integral Calculus. 1852 165D 

Cox (J. P..) Musical Recollections of the Past 

Half-Century. 1872 2686 B 

Cox (Mrs. |. P.) Home Thoughts: Essays. 

1902 154 P 

Deals with the Many Problems <>f Home Life under 
Various Headings as the Lady of the House; Homeless- 
ness "I Certain Married Women; Mistresses and Maids; 
Disagreeable Children; The Unconquerable "Ego"; Eti- 
quette nl Family Life; Comradeship of Husbands and 





Cox (M. R.) Introduction to Folk-Lore. 1897.3116 A 
Cox (S. ) Balaam : an Exposition and a Study. 

1884 2175 A 

Hook of Ecclesiastes. ( Expositor's Bible). 1 890. 2596 A 

- Dav with Christ. 1878 157 A 

Expositions. 1886 898 A 

Expositor's Note Book. 1872 2349 A 

■ Miracles: an Argument and Challenge. 1884.275 A 
Cox (S. II.) Prospecting for Minerals. 1898... 1534 D 
Cox (T. ) Magna Britannia ; or, Topographical, 

Historical, Ecclesiastical, and Natural 

History of Yorkshire. 1720 4426 B 

COXE (HO) the Large Hearted Librarian. 

Life. By Dean]. W. Burgon. 1888 4051 B 

Coxe (W.) History of the House of Austria. 

1854 1368 B 

- Memoirs of Sir R. VValpole. 1816 2729 B 

- Memoirs of the Duke ot Marlborough. 1847.1058 B 
Coxwell (H.) My Life and Balloon Experi- 
ences. 1887 9548B 

Coyle (J. P.) The Spirit in Literature and Life. 

1898 2877A 

Cozzens (S. \V. ) Marvellous Country: Three 
Years in Arizona and New Mexico, the 
Apaches' Home. 1874 2341 C 

Crab. See Crustacea. 

Crabbe (G.) Poetical Works 11 H 

- Ainger (A. ) Biography of Crabbe. 1903 695 B 

Crackenthorpe (11.) Last Studies. 1897 1277 F 

Contents: — Poem. By S. A. Brooke. An Appreciation 
of the Author. By H. James. Anthony Garstin's Court- 
ship ; Trevor Perkins ; The Turn of the Wheel. 

Cradock (M.) Sport in New Zealand. 1904... 1313 C 

Cragin (B. S.) Our Insect Friends and Foes. 

1899 1767D 

Craig (A. E. S.) Motor Driving for a Living. 

1905 1370K 

Craig (E. T. ) Irish Land and Labour Question 
Illustrated in the History of Ralahine and 
Co-operative Farming. 1882 604J 

Craig (G.) Half- Length Portraits: Essays. 1876.268 A 

Craig (J. D.) Real Pictures of Clerical Life in 

Ireland. 1875 2163 B 

Craig (W.) My Adventures on the Australian 

Goldfields. 1903 .........1558 C 

Craig (W. H.) Dr. Johnson and the Fair Sex. 

1895 1306 B 

Craig (W. Y.) An Essay on Man and Christian 

Civilization. 1906 3438 A 

Craik (Mrs. D. M., i.e., D. M. Mulock) Con- 
cerning Men and other Papers. 1888 9041 F 

- Unknown Country. 1887 2989 C 

Travels in the North of Ireland. 

Craik (G. L. ) Bacon : his Writings and Philo- 
sophy. 1860 393 F 

- History of British Commerce. 1844 158 } 

- Literature and Learning in England. 1844... 7082 F 

- Manual of English Literature. 1867 947 F 

- Paris and its Historical Scenes. 1831 627 B 

- Pursuit of Knowledge under Difficulties. 1831. .214 B 

- Romance of the Peerage. 1848 1108 B 

- Spenser and his Poetry. 1845 69 H 

Craik (Sir H.) English Prose Selections. 1893. 9195 F 

The State in its Relation to Education. 1884. 579 J 
Cramp (W.) Armature Windings of the Closed- 
Circuit Type 6030 D 

Crandall (F. M.) How to Keep Well. 1904. 9505 D 
Crane (E. ) Nisida ; or. Two Winters in 

Madeira. 1879 8235 C 

Crane (J. M.) Records of the Life of W. H. 

Havergal. 1882 2335 B 

Crane (L.) Art and the Formation of Taste. 1882. 289K 

Crane (N.) Baseball. 1892 121 K 

Crane (S. ) Great Battles of the World. 1901.. 1668 B 
Crane (VY) Bases of Design. 1898 1199K 

- Claims of Decorative Art. 1892 1195 K 

- Decorative Illustration of Books. 1901 1240 K 

- Line and Form. 1900 2626K 

Crane (W. J. E.) Bookbinding for Amateurs. 

1885 8676 D 

Home Bookbinding. 1902 1582D 

- Sheet- Metal Worker's Guide. 1893 8432 D 

Cranes. See Machinery. 

Cranmer(T.) Abp. Works. 1846 .735 A 

- Writings 355 A 

- Collette (C. H.) Life, Times, and Writings 

of Cranmer. 1887 3961 B 

- Innes (A. D. ) Cranmer and the Reformation 

in England. 1900 2890A 

- Le Bas (C. W.) Life of Cranmer. 1833 414 B 

- Strype (J. ) Memorials of Cranmer. 1853 1360 B 

Crashaw(R.) English Poems. 1901 58 H 

- Poems. Ed. by A. R. Waller. 1904 1559 H 

Craufurd (A. H. G.) General Craufurd and his 

Light Division : with Anecdotes and 
Letters 421 IB 

- Recollections of James Martineau. 1903 9396 B 

■- The Unknown God and other Sermons. 1885.2338 A 
CRAUFURD (R.) General. 1764-1812. Memoir. 

By A. H. Craufurd 4211 B 

Craven (Mrs. A.) Lajeunesse de Fannv Kemble. 

1880 304 MB 

- La Sceur Natalie Narischkin, Fille de la 

Charite de Saint-Vincent-de-Paul. 1877.305 MB 

- Le Comte de Montalembert. 1873 306 MB 

- Life of Lady G. Fullerton. 1888 9430 B 

- Bishop (M. C.) Memoir of Mrs. A. Craven. 

1894 10119B 

Craven (II.) Lady. Notes of a Music-Lover. 1897.989 B 
Craven (J. E.) Historical Sketch of Freemasonry 

at Bottoms, near Todmorden. 1886 4568 B 

Craven. See Yorkshire. 

Crawford (A. W. C.) 25th Earl of. Sketches 

of the History of Christian Art. 1885 2716 K 

Crawford (E. ) Victoria Queen and Ruler: 

Anecdotes and Reminiscences. 1903 9324 B 

Crawford (F. M.) Constantinople. 1895 2865 C 

- Rulers of the South : Sicily, Calabria, Malta. 

1900 3001 B 

Crawford (J. C.) Travels in New Zealand and 

Australia. 1880 2322 C 

Crawford (J. R.) Lest We Forget. 1897 807 B 

A Record of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. 
Crawford (R.) Across the Pampas and Andes. 

1884 8091 C 

- Reminiscences of Foreign Travel. 1888 8294 C 

Contents: — United States ; Canada; Austria; Germany; 
Black Forest ; Sardinia ; Egypt ; Turkey ; River Plate ; 

- South American Sketches. 1898 901 C 

Crawford (R. F. ) Dean's Popular Natural 

History. 1902 1860 D 

Crawford (V. M.) Studies in Foreign Literature. 

1899 1122 F 

Contents: — The Present Decadence in France. Cyrano de 
Bergerac. Alphonse Daudet. J. K. Huysmans. Emile Ver- 
haeren. Maurice Maeterlinck. A Singer of Bruges. Gabriele 
D'Annunzio. Antonio Fogazzaro. Henryk Sienkiewiez. War 
and Peace. 

Crawford (W. R.) Common Words Commonly 

Mispronounced. 1894 357 F 

Crawturd (O.J. F. ) Don Garcia in England. 1879.2204C 
A Spanish Gentleman's Impressions of Social Life in England. 
-Portugal: Old and New. 1882 2171 B 

- Round the Calendar in Portugal. 1890 2720 C 

- Travels in Portugal. 1884 «1791 C 





Crawley (R.. i.e., G. F. Pardon). Billiards: 

its Theory and Practice 162 K 

- Handbook of Bezique, Euchre, Ecarte, All- 

Fours, Napoleon 39 K 

- Handbook of Whist, Loo, and Cribbage 42 K 

Cra\vlev(E.) Mvstic Rose : Study of Primitive 

Marriage. 1902 1274 A 

CRAYFISH : An Introduution to the Study of 

Zoology. ByT. H. Huxley. 1880 ...9010D 

Crayon Portraiture. See Drawing. 


Birks (T. R. ) Scripture Doctrine of Crea- 
tion. 1872 423 A 

Chambers (R. W. ) Vestiges of Creation. 

1884 9173 D 

Clodd (E.) The Story of Creation. 1904 9466 D 

Cotterill (H.) Does Science Aid Faith in 

Regard to Creation ? 1873 2101 A 

Dawson (Sir J. W.) Origin of the World. 

1877 9004D 

Fiske (A. K.) Myths of Israel. 1897 3023A 

Gaussen (L.) The World's Birthday. 1898. ..159 A 
Green (Mrs. F. ) Story of the Beginning. 

1904 1927 A 

Lewis (W. S.) Christ and Creation. 1887...2413A 
Rav (J.) Wisdom of God Manifested in the 

Creation. 1844 3564 D 

See also Earth, Evolution. 
Creagh (J.) Armenians, Koords, and Turks. 

1880 2083 B 

- Over the Borders of Christendom and 

Eslamiah. 1875 2151 C 

A Journey through Hungary, Slavonia, Servia, Bosnia, 
Hersegovina, Dalmatia, and Montenegro to the North of 
Albania, in the Summer of 1875. 

Creasy (Sir E. S. ) Fifteen Decisive Battles of 

the World. 1894 825B 

Memoirs of Eminent Etonians. 1876 9492 B 

- Rise and Progress of the English Constitu- 

tion. 1868 931 B 

Credland(W. R.) Days Off: Pen and Pencil 
Sketches in Lancashire, Cheshire, Derby- 
shire, Yorkshire. 1898 1989C 

(red... 1869 89 A 

Contents: — A Supernatural Book; Supernatural Beings; 
Supernatural Life; Supernatural Destiny. 

Credulities. See Folk-Lore. 


Adams (W. M.) Clue to the Creed of Early 

Egypt. L895 3137 A 

Be hing (H. C.) The Apostles Creed. 1905.3324 A 
(allow (C.) History of the Creeds. 1899... 2850 A 
I >enney (J.) andothers. Lectures on the Creed. 3265 A 
Goodwin (II. ) />'/>. Foundations of the Creed. 

1889 977A 

. (W. R.) Creed of Christendom. 1877... 785 A 
Holland (U.S. ) Creed and Character. 1897.2980 A 
C.) Examination of the Creed of 

Pope Pius IV. 1882 3158A 

Parochial Parleys on the Athanasian Creed. 

L886 2417. \ 

Peai on (J.) Bp. Exposition of the- Creed. 

1893 2527A 

Zahn (T.) Sketch of the History oi the 

\|,o rtle ' Creed. 1899 2810A 

I ) Sell ' tion from the ( Correspondence 
and Diaries. Ed. bySir H.Maxwell. 1904.3701 B 
on (M.) Bp. Age of Elizabeth. 1896. ..477 B 

phy of ( Cardinal Wolsey. 1888 9389 B 

iphj of Queen Elizabeth. 1800 10328 B 

' ■ Common Life: Sermons. L905.3414A 

l : Engli I. Hi itory. 1880 213 B 

( the Spirit : Sermons. 1896 2707 A 

Creighton (M.) Bp. Historical Essays and 

Reviews 1902 '. 9295B 

- History of the Papacy : from the Great Schism 

to the Sack of Rome. 1899 3201 A 

- Lessons from the Cross : Sermons. 1898... 2726 A 

- Primer History of Rome. 1878 523B 

- Story of Some English Shires. 1901 2850 B 

- The Church and the Nation. 1901 3044 A 

- University, and other Sermons. 1903 3153 A 

- Creighton (Mrs. L.) Life and Letters of Bp. 

Creighton. 1904 3663 B 


Haweis (H. R.) Ashes to Ashes : a Cremation 

Prelude. 1875 725J 

Holder (W. ) Cremation versus Burial. 1891.6366 D 
Robinson (W.) Cremation and Urn Burial. 

1889 6263 D 

Thompson (Sir H.) Modern Cremation : its 

History and Practice. 1889 9261 D 

See also Burial. 
Cremer (W. H.) Ed. Hanky Panky : a Book 

of Conjuring Tricks 160 K 

- Magician's Own Book. 1890 167 K 

Crequy (R. C. Victoire de) Marquise de. French 

Noblesse of the 1 8th Century. 1 904 3792 B 

Cresswell (B. F. ) Quantock Hills: their Combes 

and Villages. 1904 6084C 

Cresswell (F.) Memoir of Elizabeth Fry. 1868.337 B 
Creswell(F. O.) Handrailingand Staircasing. 

1882 6125 D 

Creswell (F. S.) Hockey. 1890 118 K 

Creswicke (L. ) South Africa and the Transvaal 

War. 1900 4793 E 

A Review of the Circumstances which led up to the Trans- 
vaal War of 1899-1902, and a Graphic History of the War. 

CRETE, Sketches of. By R. A. H. B. Smith. 

1898 2113 C 

- Travels and Politics in. Bv W. Miller. 1898. 2452 C 
Crew(H.) Elements of Physics. 1899 8151 D 

- and Tatnall (R. R.) Laboratory Manual of 

Physics. 1902 1090 D 

Crewe (R. O. A.) ist Earl. Stray Verses, 

1889-1890 498 H 

Crichton (A.) History of Arabia. 1834 16 B 

-and Wheaton (H.) Ancient and Modern 

Scandinavia. 1838 242 B 


Christian (E. B. V.) Light Side of Cricket. 

1898 710F 

Daft (R.) Kings of Cricket : Reminiscences 

and Anecdotes. 1893. 


Ford (W.J.) A Cricketer on Cricket. 1900. 712 K 

Gale(F.) Game of Cricket. 1888 228 K 

Giffen (G.) With Bat and Ball. 1898 440 K 

Grace (W.G.) Cricket Reminiscences. 1891. 1 149 K 

- History of Cricket. 1891 1045R 

Holmes (R. S. ) 1 listory of Yorkshire County 

Cricket, 1833-1903. 1904 2718 K 

Lucas (E. V.) Willow and Leather : In 

Praise of Cricket. 1898 4K 

Lyttelton (E.) Handbook of Cricket. 1890. ..118K 
Lyttelton (R. H.) Outdoor Games : Cricket 

'and Golf. 1901 720K 

Murdoch (W. L.) Treatise on Cricket. 1893.333 K 

Nyren(J.) Chronicles of Cricket. 1888 340 K 

Pentelow (J. N.) England and Australia: 

Test Matches, 1877-1904. 1904 768 K 

Pullin (A. W.) Talks with Old English 

Cricketers. 1900 728 K 

Talks with Old Yorkshire Cricketers. 1898.493 K 
Pycroft (J.) Cricket Field. 1884 50 K 






Ranjitsinhji (K. S.) Prime. Jubilee Book 
of Cricket. 1897 358 K 

Read(W. W.) Annals of Cricket. 1896 361 K 

Steel (A. G.)and Lyttelton (R. II.) Cricket. 

1889 67K 

Warner (P. F.) Cricket in .Many Climes. 

1900 1265 K 


Boies (II. M). Science of Penology : Defence 

of Society against Crime. 1901 2313 J 

Burke(P.) Romanceof the Forum : Anecdotes 

from Courts of Justice. 1861 1135B 

Campbell (I.) Fxperience in the English 

Convict Service. 1884 403 B 

Criminal Administration of Great Britain and 

Ireland 2032 J 

Du Cane (Sir E. F. ) Punishment and Pre- 
vention of Crime. 1885 624J 

Griffith (G.) Side Lights on Convict Life. 

1903 1329 J 

Griffiths (A. ) Criminals I Have Known. 1895. 1356B 

- Mysteries of Police and Crime. 1898 2248 J 

Hap'good (H. ) Autobiography of a Thief. 1904. 1354 J 
Haro-reaves (J. G. ) Blunders of Vice and 

Folly. 1870 403A 

Hervey (C.) Some Records of Crime. 1892. 4370 B 
Hill (M. D.) Suggestions for the Repression 

of Crime. 1857 2089J 

Hoyle (W.) Crime in England and Wales in 

the 19th Century. 1876 2094J 

Tardine (D. ) Criminial Trials. 1847 68 B 

Nevill (Lord VS. B.) Penal Servitude. 1903... 1244 J 
Powell (T-C.) Fourteen Years' Experience in 

the Convict Camp of North Florida. 1891. 9831 B 

Proal (L.) Political Crime. 1898 1240 J 

Russell (C. E. B.) and Rigby (L. M.) Making 

of the Criminal. 1906 1453 J 

Sapte (W. ) Centurv's Sensations in Crime. 

1893 ' 10097B 

White (H. A.) Tales of Crime and Criminals 

in Australia. 1894 1152 J 

Whiteway (A. R.) Recent Object Lessons in 

Penal Science. 1902 1216J 


Alexandre III., Emperetir de Russie. Sou- 
venirs de Sebastopol. 1894 403 MB 

Blackwood (Lady A.) Residence on the 

Bosphorous during the Crimean War. 1881.8009 C 
Calthorpe (F. ) Letters from Head Quarters. 

1856 880B 

Campbell (C. F. ) Letters from Sebastopol. 

1854-5. 1894... 10314 B 

Gowing (T.) Narrative of the Crimean Cam 


1896 10243B 

Grey(W T .) Visit to the Crimea. 1870 631 C 

Hamley (Sir E. B. ) War in the Crimea. 1891.9742 B 
Johnson (W. T. ) Twelve Years of a Soldier's 

Life. 1897 10279 B 

Kinglake (A. W.) Invasion of the Crimea. 

1885 9444 B 

Lysons (Sir D. ) Crimean W T ar from First to 

Last. 1895 10149 B 

Martello Tower. At School and at Sea : in 

the Trenches before Sebastopol. 1899 3089 B 

Maxwell (E. H.) With the Connaught 

Rangers. 1883 2287 C 

Ross-of-Bladensburg (}. F. G.) Coldstream 

Guards in the Crimea 1897 1627 B 

Russell (Sir W. H.) British Expedition to 

the Crimea. 1877 3043 B 

- Great War with Russia. 1895 10100 B 

Skene (J. H.) With Lord Stratford in the 

Crimean War. 1883 3768 B 


Story of Active Service in Foreign Lands : 
Extracts from Letters from the Crimea, 

1854-56. 1886 8223C 

Telfer (J. B. ) Journeys in the Crimea. 1876.2080 C 
Walker (Sir C. P. B.) Days of a Soldier's 

Life. 1894 4681 B 

Wolley (C. P.) Sport in the Crimea and 

the Caucasus. 1882 2242C 

Wood (Sir H. E.) Crimea in 1854 and 1894.4682 B 
See also England, France, Russia, Turkey. 
Crimp (W. S.) Sewage Disposal Works. 1894.2194 D 
Cripps (E.) Macaulav's Essay on Sir W. Temple. 

Annotated. 1891 9106 F 

Cripps ( W. J. ) Old English Plate : its Makers 

and Marks. 1878 1023 K 

CRISPI (F.) Italian Statesman. Life. By W. 

J. Stillman. 1899 2743 B 

Criticism. See Drama, Literature. 

Crochet. See Knitting. 

Crocker (F. B. ) Manual of Electric Lighting. 

1896 3612 D 

CROCKETT (D.) American Soldier and Back- 
woodsman. Life. Ed. bv J. J. Roche. 1891.2670 C 

Crockett (S. R. ) Adventurer in Spain. 1903. . . 1627 C 

- Raiderland : All About Grey Galloway ; its 

Stories, Traditions, Characters, Humours. 

1904 1668 C 

Crockett (W. S.) Scott Country : Story of Scot- 
land, its Wealth of Literary Association, and 
the Charm of its Scenery. 1902 3255 B 

Croffut (W. A.) Vanderbilts and the Story of 

their Fortune 9485B 

Crofter. See Scotland. 

Crofts (E.) History of English Literature, a.d. 

1509-1625. 1884 1397 F 

Croger (T. R. ) Notes on Conductors and Con- 
ducting 743 K 

Croker (J. W. ) Secretary o' the Admiralty, 
1809-1830. Correspondence and Diaries. 
Ed. by L. J. Jennings. 1884 3706 B 

Croker (T.' C.) Popular Songs of Ireland. 1886. 478 H 

Croll (J.) Philosophical Basis of Evolution. 

1890 3287 A 

Croly (G. ) Poetical Works 705 H 

- Political Life of Edmund Burke. 1840 1318 B 

Cromarty (D.) Picturesque Lancashire : Guide 1636 C 
Crommelin (May dela C. ) Over the Andes from 

the Argentine to Chili and Peru. 1896 2184 C 

CROMPTON (S.) Inventor. Life and Times. 

By G. J. French. 1860 1455 B 

Cromwell (O.) Speeches. Ed. by C. L. Stainer. 

1901 1148 J 

- Aubigne (J. H. M. d') The Protector : a 

Vindication of Oliver Cromwell. 1874 629 B 

- Baldock (T. S. ) Cromwell as a Soldier. 1899. 6096 B 

- Boas (Mrs. F.) With Milton and the Cavaliers. 

1904 9941 B 

- Carlyle (T. ) Cromwell's Letters and Speeches. 

1849 884B 

- Douglas (W. S.) Cromwell's Scotch Cam- 

paigns, 1650-1. 1898 2762B 

- Firth (C. H.) History of Cromwell's Army. 

1902 9015 B 

- Oliver Cromwell, and the Rule of the 

Puritans in England. 1900 973 B 

- Forster (J. ) Biographical Essay on Cromwell. 

1860 993B 

- Gardiner (S. R.) History of Oliver Crom- 

well. 1901... 1845B 

-Harrison (F.) Life of Cromwell. 1888 9427 B 





Cromwell (O.) Hood (E. P.) Life of Cromwell. 

1892 1193 B 

- Horton (R. F.) Cromwell: a Study in 

Personal Religion. 1897 808 B 

- Macaulay (].) Cromwell Anecdotes. 1891. .. 738 B 

- Morley (J.) Biography of Cromwell. 1900.. .2798 B 

- Palgrave (R. F. D.) An Appreciation of 

Cromwell. 1890 9593 B 

- Paterson (A.) Cromwell: his Life and 

Character. 1899 3011 B 

- Payn (F. W.) Cromwell on Foreign Affairs. 

1901 2303 J 

- Picton (J. A. ) Cromwell : the Man and his 

Mission. 1883 3674 B 

- Pike (G. H. ) Cromwell and his Times. 1899. 1392 B 
-Roosevelt (T.) President U.S.A. Oliver 

Cromwell. 1900 2568 B 

Smith (G.) Three English Statesmen : Pym, 

Cromwell, and Pitt. 1882 1170B 

- Tangye (Sir R. ) Two Protectors: Oliver 

and Richard Cromwell. 1899 4004 B 

- Tulloch (J.) Essay on Cromwell. 1861 933B 

- Waylen (J.) House of Cromwell. 1897 6032 B 

CROMWELL (T.) Life and Letters. By 

R. B. Merriman. 1902 3007 B 

CROOK (G.) General. On the Border with 

Crook. By J. G. Bourke. 1892 2760 C 

Crooke (W. ) North -Western Provinces of 
India : their History, Ethnology, and 
Administration. 1897 4082 B 

Crookes (Sir W. ) Dyeing and Tissue-Printing. 

1882 961D 

- Handbook of Dyeing and Calico Printing. 

1874 1852D 

Crops, Farm. See Agriculture. 

Crosby (O. T.) and Bell (L.) The Electric 

Railway in Theory and Practice. 1893. . .3212 D 

Crosfield (G.) Two Sunny Winters in Cali- 
fornia. 1904 1354C 

Crosland(N.)Pith : Essays and Sketches. 1881. 1437 F 

Contents: — Apparitions; "Supernatural Religion" Con- 
sidered ; Prayer ; Mortification of the Flesh ; Astronomy of 
the Future ; London. 

Crosland (Mrs N., i.e. Camilla Toulmin). 

Landmarks of a Literary Life, 1820-1892. 

1893 9945B 

Crosland (T. W. II.) Country Life. 1906 1433] 

- Five Notions: Poems. 1903 862 H 

Lovely Woman. 1903 1334 J 

Sui urbans. 1905 363 j 

A Satire on the Residents of Suburbia, London. 

The Unspeakable Crosland : being a Scots 
reply to "The Unspeakable Scot." By 
T. VV. II. Crosland. 1902 ...1243 J 

Unspeakable Scot. L902 1234] 

Wila Irishman. 1905 3601 

Croslegh (C. ) Christianity Judged by its Fruits.. 269 A 
Cross (C. P.) and Bevan (E. \.) Researches on 

( ellulose. 1901 .' 1629 I) 

I L-Book Of Paper Making. I 8SS 6668 D 

W . I Impr< ion, oi Dante and ol the 

\ World 9239 F 

Li i of George Eliot. 1885 9071 B 

(M. I.) and ( ble (M. [.) Modem Micro- 
copy. 1908 ' 325] I) 

andother . Quantitative ( Uassifica 

ol [gneoua Ro< I. . 1903 2139 I) 

A . L.) Developmi nl ol the English 

1899 768 F 

Crosse (Mrs. A.) Red-Letter Days of My Life. 

1892 9895 B 

Contents : — Vol. 1. Hours Counted on tbe Sundial ; 
Thomas Poole; John Kenyon and his Friends; Walter 
Savage Landor ; The Wedded Poets ; A Many-sided Man. 

Vol. 2. Science and Society in the Fifties ; Incidents in 
the Life of a Naturalist ; Alexander Knox and his Friend > ; 
A Twilight Gossip with the Past. 

I Crosse (C. H.) Analysis of Paley's Evidences 

of Christianity. 1 872 55 A 

CROSSES, Early Sculptured, in the Diocese 

of Carlisle. By W. S. Calverley. 1 899.... 3222 B 
- Short History of Sepulchral Cross-Slabs. 

By K. E. Styan. 1902 2930 B 

I Crossing (W.) From a Dartmoor Cot. 1906... 1021 F 
Stories and Traditions of Dartmoor. 

i Crossley(E.) Handbook of Double Stars. 1879.2232 D 
CROSSLEY (F. W.) of Manchester. Life. 

By J. R. Harris. 1899 1224B 

j Croston (J.) On Foot through the Peak. 1868.877 C 

; A Summer Ramble among the Hills and Dales of Derbyshire. 
! Crotch (W. W. ) The Cottage Homes of Eng- 
land. 1901 


The Case Against the Housing System in Rural Districts 
of England. 

I Crothers (S. McC.) The Gentle Reader. 1906. 1136 F 

Contents:— Enjoyment of Poetry; Mission of Humor; 
Cases of Conscience Concerning Witchcrafts ; Honorable 
Points of Ignorance; That History Should be Readable; 
Evolution of a Gentleman ; Hinter-Land of Science ; The 
Gentle Reader's Friends among the Clergy ; Quixotism ; 
Intimate Knowledge and Delight. 

' Crouch (A. P.) On a Surf- Bound Coast ; or 

Cable- Laying in the African Tropics. 1887. 554 C 
Crow (A. H.) Highways and Byewaysin Japan. 

1883 747C 

j Crowe (C.) Night Side of Nature ; or Ghosts 

and Ghost Seers. 1852 16 A 

] Crowe (E. E.) History of France. 1831 107 B 

-and James (G. P. R.) Lives of the Most 

Eminent Foreign Statesmen. 1833 453 B 

Crowe (G.) Commission of H.M.S. Terrible, 

1898-1902. 1903 4304 B 

Events Relating to the Anglo-Boer and the China Wars. 

Crowe (Sir J. A.) Reminiscences of Thirty-Five 

Years of My Life. 1895 4586 B 

In this Work are related the Circumstances in which Sir 
J. Crowe wrote, in Collaboration with his friend Cavalcavelle, 
the History of Early Flemish Painters. 

- and Cavalcaselle (G. B. ) Raphael: his Life 

and Works. 1882 3657 B 

Crowest (F. J.) Advice to Singers. 1900 346 K 

- Biography of Cherubini. 1890 9736 B 

-Life of L. Van Beethoven. 1899 966 B 

- Musical Anecdotes. 1878 1251 F 

- Musicians'Wit, Humour, and Anecdote. 1902. 596F 

- Story of Music. 1902 1914 K 

Crowther(W. E. ) Shading of Common Objects. 2515 K 

CROYLAND ABBEY, Chrohicle of. By 

Ingulphus. Trans. By H. T. Riley. 1893... 9103 B 
Crozier (J. B.) Civilization and Progress. 1898.2054 J 

- Lord R. Churchill : a Study of English Demo- 

cracy. 1887 9327 B 

My Inner Life : Being a Chapter in Personal 

Evolution and Autobiography. 1898 6031 1! 

( Iruickshank (J. W. and A. M.) Historical Guide 

to Christian Rome. 1906 6089 C 

Historical Guide to the Umbrian Towns. 1902.6059 C 
CRUIKSHANK (G.) Biography. By E. G. 

Stephens. 1 S95 9876 B 

Life. ByB. Jerrold. 1883 2455 B 

( iiiiii|) (A.) New Departure in the Domain of 

Political Economy. 1878 2055 J 





Crump (J. F.) Light and Leading: Essays. 

1903 3229A 

Selection of Contents : — Ourselves as Others See Us ; Love 
Thou Thy Land ; Golden Silence ; Bane of Books ; Passion 
for Praise ; Submerged Tenth ; The Parish Church ; Golden 
Vge ; Happiness ; Betterment ; Transformation. 


Archer (T. A.) and Kingsford (C. L.) Story 

of the Crusades. 1894 10327 B 

Cox (Sir G.W.) History of the Crusades. 1875.481 B 
Freeman (E. A.) History of the Saracens. 

1876 1777B 

Gibbon (E.) and Ockley (S.) Rise and Fall 

of the Saracens .266 B 

Gilman (A.) Story of the Saracens. 1887... 9328 B 
Gray (G. Z. ) Children's Crusade : an Episode 

of the 13th Century. 1871 853 B 

foinville (J. De) Lord. The Crusade of St. 

Louis. 1848 9566B 

Michaud (J. F. ) History of the Crusades. 

1852 471B 

Ockley (S.) History of the Saracens. 1847.. 1374 B 
Pears (E.) Fall of Constantinople : Story of 

the Fourth Crusade. 1885 3899 B 

- See also Chivalry, Middle Ages. 


Lord (W. B.) Crab, Shrimp, and Lobster 

Lore. 1867 6227 D 

Stebbing (T. R. R.) History of Crustacea. 

1893 9727 D 

White (A.) History of British Crustacea. 1859.678 D 
Cruttwell (C. T.) History of Roman Litera- 
ture. 1898 1433 F 

- Six Lectures on the Oxford Movement, and 

its Results on the Church of England. 1899.441 A 
Cryer (T. ) and Jordan (H. G.) Machine Con- 
struction and Mechanical Drawing. 1906.3458 D 
CRYPTOGRAPHY; or, the History and 
Principles of Cipher-Writing. By F. E. 
Hulme. 1898 1006 D 


Francis (J. G. ) Beach Rambles in Search of 

Pebbles and Crystals. 1861 6276 D 

Lewis (W. J.) Treatise on Crystallography. 

1899 2021 D 

Ruskin (J.) Ethics of the Dust. 1894 2275 A 


Davey(R.) Cuba: Past and Present. 1898. 4200B 
Davis (R. H.) Cuban and Porto Rican 

Campaigns. 1899 2550 B 

Draper (A. S. ) Rescue of Cuba. 1899 1 320 B 

Dumas (A.) Un Pays Inconnu 516 MC 

Ford (I.N.) Tropical America. 1893 2803 C 

PIazard(S.) Cuba, with Pen and Pencil. 1873. 1845 C 
Musgrave (G. C.) Under Three Flags in 

Cuba. 1899 10399 B 

Porter (R. P. ) Industrial Cuba. 1899 2321 J 

See also West Indies. 
CUCKOO, Our Common. ByA.HJapp. 1899. 9229 D 

- See also Birds. 

Cudworth (W. ) Historical Notes on the Bradford 

Corporation. 1881 3746 B 

- Manningham, Heaton, and Allerton. Treated 

Historically and Topographically. 1896... 2814 B 

- Rambles Round Horton. 1886 9740 B 

- Round About Bradford. 1876 8082C 

Cuff (William) In Shoreditch : Sketches of East 

London Life and Work. 1878 417 B 

CUIJP (A.) Painter. Biography. By F. 

Cundall. 1891 2222 B 

Cullingworth (C. J.) Manual of Nursing. 1889. 6631 D 

- Short Manual for Monthly Nurses 6630 D 

CULLODEN. Battle of, Account of the. By 

B. W. Kelly. 1903 9626 B 

Culpeper (N.) The British Herbal and Family 

Physician 1292 D 


Arnold (M.) Culture and Anarchy. 1882 535 J 

Black (H.) Culture and Restraint. 1901 1231 A 

- Practice of Self Culture. 1904 3263 A 

Blackie (J. S.) Self-Culture. 1899 539A 

Clarke (j. F. ) Self-Culture. 1880 2917 A 

Craik (G. L. ) Pursuit of Knowledge under 

Difficulties. 1830 214 B 

Dresser (H. W. ) Studies in the Art of Self 

Control. 1902 3118 A 

Gibbs (P. ) Knowledge is Power: Guide to 

Personal Culture. 1903 1551 F 

Helps (Sir A.) Conversations on General 

Culture. 1871 857 F 

Might (G. A.) Essay on Mental Culture. 

1900 3327 A 

Hillis (N. D.) Studies in Self-Culture and 

Character. 1900 1725 A 

Hood (E. P.) Self- Formation. 1883 358 F 

Jordan (W. G. ) Self-Control : its Kingship 

and Majesty. 1905 3333A 

Mabie (H. W. ) Essays on Nature and Culture. 

1898 142F 

Mason (O. T. ) Woman's Share in Primitive 

Culture. 1895 1355 D 

Shairp (J. C.) Culture and Religion. 1871... 250 A 

Smiles (S.) Self-Help. 1897 784 F 

See also Character, Civilization, Education, Ethics, 

Cumberland (B. ) History of the Union Jack. 

1900 1857B 

Cumberland (C. S.) Sport on the Pamirs and 

Turkistan Steppes. 1895 2923 C 

CUMBERLAND (G. C) 3rd Earl of. Biography. 

By R. Southey. 1895 10159 B 

Cumberland (S.) People I Have Read : an Ac- 
count of Thought Reading. 1905 1887 A 

- The Queen's Highway from Ocean to Ocean : 

a Description of Canada. 1887 2711 C 

- What I Think of South Africa ; its People 

and its Politics. 1896 10216 B 

CUMBERLAND ( W. A. ) 1st Duke of. Life and 

Times. By B. W. Kelly. 1903 9626 B 


Barrow (J.) Mountain Ascents in Cumberland. 

1886 8205 C 

Forster (R. H.) Notes on the Roman Wall 

in Cumberland. 1899 4758 B 

Gilbanks (G. E. ) Some Records of Holm 

Cultram Abbey. 1899 2817 B 

Cuming (E.D.) With the Jungle Folk : Sketch 

of Burmese Village Life. 1897 2502 C 

Cumming (A.N.) Public- House Reform. 1901.1185J 
Cumming (C. F. G.) Fire Fountains: The 
Kingdom of Hawaii, its Volcanoes, and 
the History of its Missions. 1883 2307 C 

- From the Hebrides to the Himalayas : a 

Sketch of Eighteen Months' Wanderings 
in Western Isles and Eastern Highlands. 
1876 2146 C 

- Granite Crags : Being an Account of Travels 

in the Zosemite Valley. 1884 2424 C 

-In the Hebrides. 1883 864 C 

Notes on the Scenery, Customs, and Legends of the Hebrides. 

-Two Happy Years in Ceylon. 1892 2717 C 

-Wanderings in China. 1886 8226 C 

Cumming (D. ) Handbook of Lithography. 1904. 1422D 





Cumming (J. ) Fall of Babylon Foreshadowed. 

1870 ". 408 A 

- Last Woe : Sounding of the Last Trumpet. 

1867 407A 

- Lives and Lessons of the Patriarchs. 1865... 334 A 

- The Seventh Vial, or, the Time of Trouble 

Begun, as Shown in the Great War, the 
Dethronement of the Pope, and other 
Collateral Events. 1871 409 A 

- Watchman, What of the Night? 1876 2120 A 

Cumming (J. G.)The Great Stanley. 1867...1165B 

James, Vllth Earl of Derby, and his Noble Countess, 
Charlotte De la Tremouille, in their Land of Man ; with 
Notices of Manx Manners, Customs, Laws, Legends, and 
Fairy Tales. 

Cumming (L.) Electricity Treated Experi- 
mentally. 1898 821 D 

- Theory of Electricity. 1894 8214 D 

Cumming (R. G. ) La Vie au Desert : Cinq Uns de 

Chasse dans lTr.terieur de l'Afrique Meridi- 

onale. Publie Par A. Dumas. 1895 511 MC 

-Wild Men and Wild Beasts. 1871 1738 C 

Cummings(A. U.) The Churches and Antiquities 
of Cury and Gunwalloe, in the Lizard 
District, including Local Traditions. 1875.3560 B 
Cummings (W. H.) Biography of H. Purcell. 

1881 2230B 

- God Save the King : Origin and History of 

the Music and Words of the National 

Anthem. 1902 717 K 

Cundall (F. ) Landscape Painters of Holland : 

Ruisdael, Hobbema, Cuijp, Potter. 1891.2222 B 

- Studies in Jamaica History. 1900 386 B 

Cundall (J. ) Biography of Hans Holbein. 1879. 1940 B 
Cunningham (A.) Lives of the Most Eminent 

British Painters. 1879 197 B 

- Hogg (D.) Life of Allan Cunningham. 1875.2130 B 
Cunningham (D.) Conditions of Social Well- 

Being. 1878 2056J 

Cunningham (D. D. ) Some Indian Friends and 

Acquaintances. 1903 1695 D 

A Study of the Ways of Birds and other Animals frequenting 
Indian Streets and Gardens. 

Cunningham (G. G.) History of England in the 

Lives of Englishmen. 1851 2511 B 

- Lives of Eminent Englishmen. 1834 2587 B 

Cunningham (Sir H. S.) Biography of Earl 

Canning. 1891 9829 B 

Cunningham (J.) Lecture on Robert Lee: 

Scottish Divine. 1883 1005 B 

Cunningham (R. O.) Natural History of the 

Strait of Magellan. 1871 1846 D 

< 'unningham (W. ) Alien Immigrants to England. 

L897 1386B 

Path towards Knowledge : Discourses on some 

Difficulties of »he Day. 1891 582J 

- Rise and Decline of the Free Trade Move- 
men. L905 329J 

Should Our Railways be Nationalised? 1906. ..2429 } 

ind Abuse of Money. 1801 577 J 

Western Civilization in its Economic Aspects. 

1898 1388 P> 

Wisdom of the Wise : Three Lectures on Free 

Trade [mperialism. 1906 1432J 

and McArthur (1'.. A.) English Industrial 

History. 1898 799J 

Cunynghame 'Sir A. 'I.) My Command in 

th Africa, 1871 78. 1879 2124C 

( onynghame Ml.) Art-Enamelling upon Metals. 

1899 16471) 

Cuppli li G.) Stocking-Knitters'. Manual. 

1878 8007 1) 

Curley (E. A.) Nebraska : its Advantages, Re- 
sources, and Drawbacks 1875 1 990 ( ' 

Curling (J. B.) Some Account of the Ancient 

Corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms. 1850 4192 V, 

CURLING, Handbook of. By J. M. Walker. 

1892 ' 121 K 

- See a/so Ice Sports. 

CURRAN (J. P.) hish Orator, and his Con- 
temporaries. By C. Phillips. 1851 2802 B 

- Life. By W. II. Curran. 1822 1 586 1 ! 

Curry (C. E. ) Theory of Electricity and Mag- 
netism. 1897 ..1653 D 

Curteis (A. M.) Rise of the Macedonian Empire. 

1877 683B 

Curteis (G. H.) Dissent : its Relation to Church 

of England. 1872 803 A 

- Life and Work of Bishop Selwyn. 1889... .9601 B 
Curtir. (J.) Tales of the Irish Fairies : Collected 

from Oral Tradition in South- West Munster. 

1895 2974A 

Curtis (C. E.) Elementary Forestry. 1905 1994 D 

Curtis (E. A.) Needlework : Exemplified and 

Illustrated 26 K 

Curtis (II. R.) Voice Building and Tone Placing. 

1901 !944D 

Curtis (J. C. ) School and College History of 

England. 1891 372 P. 

Curtis (W. E.) Egypt, Burma, and British 

Malaysia. 1905 2512 C 

- The Turk and his Lost Provinces. 1903 2353 C 

Curves. See Geometry. 

Curwen (H.) History of Booksellers. 1873. .. 1754 B 
Curwen (J.) How to Read Music and Under- 
stand It 169K 

-Memorials. 1882 2301 B 

- Tonic Sol-fa Primer 1016 K 

Curwen (J. S.) School Music Abroad. 1901. .. 693 K 
Cury. See Cornwall. 

Curzon (F. ) Leeds. Reminiscences of My Life 

Work. 1904 10354 B 

Curzon (G. N.) Lord Curzon of Kedlestone. Persia 

and the Persian Question. 1892 4318 B 

- Problems of the Far East. 1894 2243J 

Political, Social, and Economic Problems of Japan, Korea, 
and China. 

Russia in Central Asia in 1889. 

.4569 B 

Curzon (L. H.) The Blue Ribbon of the Turf. 

1890 171K 

Curzon (R.) Visits to Monasteries of the Levant. 

1897 568C 

Cusack (M. F. ) Life and Times of Daniel 

O'Connell 3145 B 

- Speeches and Letters of Daniel O'Connell. 

1875 3143B 

Cust (A. M.) Ivory Workers of the Middle 

Ages. 1902 1369 K 

Contents: — Consular and other Secular Diptychs ; Latin 
and Byzantine Ivories ; Lombardic, Anglo-Saxon, Carlo- 
vingian and German Ivories ; Romanesque and Gothic Ivories. 

Cust (Sir E. ) Lives of the Warriors of the Civil 

Wars of France and England. 1 867 1 189 B 

- Lives of Warriors, who have Commanded Fleets 

and Armies in the 17th Century. 1869.. .H90B 
Cust (R. H. H.) Pavement Masters of Siena, 

1369-1652. 1901 703 K 

A Description of the Famous Pavement in Siena Cathedral, 
with Biographies of its Designers. 

Cust (R. N.) Linguistic 

and Oriental Essays. 

2317 F 

Selection of Contents: — Religions of India; Language of 
the East Indies; Collector of Land Revenue in India; Civil 
Justice in the Punjab; Egyptology; Phenician Alphabet; 
Monumental Inscriptions. 





Cusl (R. N.) Pictures of Indian Life. 1881 ...8396 C 

- Sketch of the Modern Languages of Africa : 

Map. 1883 2029F 

- Sketch of the Modern Languages of the East 

Indies. 1878 2031 E 

distance (H.) Riding Recollections and Turf 

Stories. 1894 1021 K 

Custer (E. B.) Boots and Saddles ; or, Life in 

Dakota with General Custer. 1885 821 6 C 

- Tenting on the Plains ; or, General Custer 

in Kansas and Texas. 1888 2556 C 

CUSTOM Revenue of England, History of. 

By H. Hall. 1892 2241 J 

Customs. See Manners and Customs. 
CUTHBERHT, Bp. of Lindisfame, Life and 

Times. By A. C. Fryer. 1880 2385 B 

Cuthbertson (F.) Euclidian Geometry. 1874.. ..915D 
Cuthill (J.) Fruit and Vegetable Manual. 1872.693 D 
Cutting for Tailors. See Dressmaking, Tailoring. 
Cutts (E. L. ) Christians under the Crescent in 

Asia. 1872 1127 C 

On the Condition of the Nestorian Christians ; in 
Kurdistan, and an Account of the Manners and Customs of 
the People. 

- Essay on Church Furniture and Decoration. 

1854 1191 K 

- Historic Colchester. 1888 9276 B 

- History of Early Christian Art, 1893 1 166 K 

- History of the Time of Charlemagne. 1882. . 1 198 B 

- Scenes and Characters of the Middle Ages... 9488 B 

Cuvier (G. L. C. F. D.) Baron. Animal 
Kingdom : Arranged According to its 
Organization. 1834 2450 D 

Cycles. See Bicycles. 

Cyclopaedia of Common Things. Ed by Sir 

G. W. Cox. 1882 1255D 

CYPRIAN (St) Life and Times. By Abp. 

E. W. Benson. 1897 4676 B 

- Life and Times. By G. Poole 2476 A 


Baker (Sir S. W.) Cyprus as I Saw It in 1879.. 2123 C 
Brassey (A. ) Lady. Sunshine and Storm in 

the East. 1880 1741 C 

Dixon ( W. H. ) British Cyprus. 1879 2155 C 

Geddes (Mr. and Mrs. P.) Lecture on Cyprus. 

1899 6059 B 

Hackett (J.) History of the Orthodox Church 

of Cyprus. 1901 1301 A 

Haggard (H. R. ) Winter Pilgrimage in Cyprus. 

1901 2666C 

Lang (R. H.) History and Resources of Cyprus. 

1878 3334 B 

Mallock (W. H.) In an Enchanted Island. 

1889 2588 C 

Smith (A. ) Through Cyprus. 1887 2952 C 

Stevenson (Mrs. E. S.) Our Home in Cyprus. 

1880 2168 C 

Vizetelly (E. ) From Cyprus to Zanzibar. 1901.2309 C 


'ABBS(G. II. R.) Ugly: a Hospital Dog. 

Told by Himself. 1901 1702 F 

Dabney (J. P.) Musical Basis of Verse. 1901... 1405 H 
DABNEY (T. S. G.) Planter. Memoirs. Bv 

S. D. Smedes. 1889 .'.9605 B 

Dadabhai Naoroji. Poverty and Un-British Rule 

in India. 1901 2298 J 

Dadson (A. J. ) Evolution, and its Bearing on 

Religions. 1901 3005 A 

Daft(R.) Kings of Cricket : Reminiscences and 

Anecdotes. With Hints on the Game. 1893. 172 K 
DA GAM A (VASCO) Life. By G. M. Towle. 

1891 9704B 

DAGOBERT (L.) King of the Franks, 711-715, 

par L. Double. 1889 307 MB 

DAHOMEY, Mission to. By Sir R. F. Burton. 

1893 2796 C 

See also Africa, West. 
Dairy Farming. See Agriculture. 
Daisy. See Botany. 
DAKOTA. Life in, with General Custer. By 

E. B. Custer. 1885 8216 C 

- See also United States. 

Dale (A. W. W.) Life of R. W. Dale. 1898 ...4698B 
Dale (J., i.e., J. E. Page) Angling Days and an 

Angler's Books. 1898 563 K 

Dale (J. T. ) Way to Win : How to Succeed in 

Life. 1890 205 A 

Dale (L. ) Principles of English Constitutional 

History. 1902 1229 J 

Dale(R.W.) Christ and the Future Life. 1897. 1806 A 

- Epistle of James and other Discourses. 1898. 2801 A 

- Epistle to the Ephesians : its Doctrine and 

Ethics. 1882 2093 A 

- Essays and Addresses. 1899 2300 A 

Contents: — Christ and the Controversies of Christendom ; 
The Holy Spirit in Relation to the Ministry, the Worship, 
and the Work of the Church ; The Idea of the Church in 
Relation to Modern Congregationalism ; Congregationalism ; 
Matthew Arnold and the Nonconformists ; Doctrine of the 
Real Presence and of the Lord's Supper. 

Dale (R. W.) Evangelical Revival, and other 

Sermons. 1880." 590 A 

- Fellowship with Christ : Sermons. 1891 2547 A 

- History of English Congregationalism. Com- 

pleted and Ed. by A. W. W. Dale. 1907.1388 A 

- Jewish Temple and the Christian Church. 

1896 2800 A 

- Laws of Christ for Common Life. 1896 2745 A 

- Life and Letters of J. Angell James. 1862... 1271 B 

- Living Christ and the Four Gospels. 1895... 2704 A 

- Manual of Congregational Principles. 1884.. 3247 A 

- Nine Lectures on Preaching. 1877 784 A 

- Ten Commandments. 1898 617 A 

- Dale (A. W. W.) Life of R. W. Dale. 1898.4698 B 
Dale (T. F.) Historv of the Belvoir Hunt. 

1899 ' 2690 K 

- Riding, Driving, and Kindred Sports. 1899.. 567 K 

- The Stable Handbook. 1907 143 D 

Dale (T. P.) A Life's Motto, Illustrated by 

Biographical Examples. 1869 388 A 

DALHOUSIE (J. A. B.) Marquis of. Biography. 

By Sir W. W. Hunter. 1890 9627 B 

Dall (W. H.) Alaska and its Resources. 1870.. 1756 C 
Dallas (E. S.) The Gay Science. 1866 2032 F 

An Attempt to Settle the First Principles of Criticism, and 
to Show how Alone it can be Raised to the Dignity of a 

Dallas (W. S.) Natural History of the Animal 

Kingdom. 1868 1148 D 

Dalling (H. L. Bulwer) Lord. Historical Charac- 
ters. 1868 2627B 

Biographies of Talleyrand, Cobbett, Sir J. Mackintosh, 
and Canning. 

- Life of H. L Temple, Viscount Palmerston. 

1870 ' 2688 B 

- Sir Robert Peel : an Historical Sketch. 1874.3149 B 
Dallinger (W. H.) See Carpenter (W. B.) 






Dunkin (R.) Camp Lifeand Sport in Dalmatia. 

1897 2249 C 

Rambles in Dalmatia. 1875 2038 C 

Wilkinson (Sir J. G. ) Dalmatia and Montenegro. 

1848 2179C 

See also Austria. 
Dalriad {pseud. ) The Crofter in History. 1885.9172 B 

Dalton (D.) How To Swim. 1899 577 K 

DALTON (J. ) and the Rise of Modern Chemistry. 

By Sir II. E. Roscoe. 1895 1419 B 

- New View of his Atomic Theory. By Sir 

II. E. Roscoe and A. Harden. 1896 2050 D 

Daly (D. D.) Digging, Squatting, and Pioneer- 
ing Life in South Australia. 1887 2693 C 

Daly {Y.) pseud. See Austin (L. F.) 

Daly (J. B.) Ireland in '98: Sketches of the 

Principal Men of the Time. 1888 4037 B 

- Radical Pioneers of the 18th Century. 1886.9195 B 
Dalziel (H.) The St. Bernard: its History 

and Breeding 9327 D 

DAMARALAND, Birds of, Notes on the. By 

C.J. Andersson. 1882 29491) 

- See also Africa, West. 

DAMASCUS, Five Years in. By J. L. Porter. 

1870 780 C 

- Rob Roy on the Jordan. Bv J. Macgregor. 

1870 627C 

- See also Palestine. 

DAMIEN (FATHER) Life. By E. Clifford. 

1889 9535B 

DAMPIER (W.) Navigator. Adventures and 

Discoveries 9635 B 

- Biography. By W. C. Russell. 1889 9532 B 

Dana (J. D.) Corals and Coral Islands. 1875.8132 D 

- Manual of Mineralogy and Petrography. 

1895 13591) 

Dana (R. H.) Poems and Prose Writings 414 II 

- Two Vears Before the Mast 873C 

A Seaman's Life and Adventures in 1834-1836. 

- and Lees (J.) Seamen's Friend : Containing 

a Treatise on Practical Seamanship 1398 D 

DANBY, Yorkshire : Forty Years in a Moor- 
land Parish. By J. C. Atkinson. 1891 4197 B 

- See also Cleveland, Yorkshire. 
DANCING. By L. (.rove. {Badminton Library.) 

1895 72K 

-in All Ages, by E. Scott. 1899 1205 K 

Dandlikcr IK.) Short History of Switzerland. 

1899 : 6028B 

Dangers of Spiritualism. 1 90 1 3063 A 

Daniel. See Bible, Commentaries. 

Daniel (G. ) Merrie England in the Olden Time. 

1881 1268B 

Daniel (R. B.) Chapters on Church Music. 1894. 1168 K 
Daniell (A.) Text Book of the Principles of 

1 'h\ sir s. | SS5 3361 D 

Daniell (J. |. ) Life of George I lerbert ofBemer- 

ton. 1902 9967B 

Daniels (J. H.) Elistorv of British Postmarks. 

1*98 \ 449 K 

Daniels (W. II.) D. L. Moody: his Earlier 

Life and Worl . 1892 468 B 

Danks (W.) Church on tli<- Moor: Sermons. 

18K6 2348A 

Danrt (J. T.) and Courvoisier (F.) French 

( ommercial Correspondent 1505 F 

|. T.) Wealth of Households. L886 638 J 

ition of ill' Working of tin; Existing Industrial 
immen ial S^ item. 

Danl « . lb,, Peo] l Lif< ol Abp. V. Temple. 

1903 1673 B 

I Dante (A.) Divine Comedy. Prose Translation 

by W. S. Dugdale. 1883 786 II 

! - Another Copy. Trans, by H. E. Cary 760 II 

J - Another Copy. Trans, by II. W. Longfellow 761 H 
j - Cantos from the Divina Commedia. Trans, by 

C. Potter. 1896 .'..762 II 

- The New Life. (La Vita Nuova. ) Trans. 

and Illus. by D. G. Rossetti. 1903 2338 E 

- Butler (A. J.) Dante: his Life and Times. 

1897.....' 1094 B 

- Carroll (J. S.) Exposition of Dante's Inferno. 

1903 2309 E 

- Church (R. W.) Dean. Essay on Dante. 1879. 1350 E 

- Cotes (R. A.) Dante's Garden, with Legends 

of the Flowers. 1898 469 E 

- Cross (J. W.) Impressions of Dante and of 

the New World 9239 E 

- Dinsmore (C A.) Teachings of Dante. 1902.1253 F 

- Dods (M.) Eorerunners of Dante. 1903 3231 A 

- Federn (K.) Dante and his Time. 1902 1862F 

- Gardner (E. G.) Dante's Ten Heavens. 1900.2562 F 
-Essay on Dante. 1900 46 F 

- Harris (W. T. ) Spiritual Sense of Dante's 

Divina Commedia. 1901 581 A 

- Kuhns(0.)Danteandthe English Poets. 1904. 1564F 

- Oliphant (Mrs. M. O W.) Dante and his 

City. 1889 9799B 

-- Dante for English Readers. 1877 428 F 

- Selfe (R. E.) In Paradise with Dante. 1900.1042 F 

- Tovnbee (P.) Dante Studies and Researches. 

1902 2301 F 

- Life of Dante. 1900 561 B 

- Vericour (R. de) Life and Times of Dante. 

1858 1550 B 

-Witte(K.) Essays on Dante. 1898 7386 F 

-Wright (W. }. P.) Dante and the Divine 

Comedy. 1902 1339 F 

- Wyld (M. A.) The Dread Inferno : Notes on 

the Study of Dante. 1904 351 F 

D ANTON (G. J.) The Cat aline of the French 

devolution. Life. By A. H. Beesley. 1899.6030 B 
Dantonists. See France. 


Berger (F. K.) Life on the Lower Danube. 

1877 1123C 

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Danube. 1892 8452 C 

Paton (A. A.) Researches on the Danube. 

1861 1745B 

Stevenson (Mrs. E. S.) A Voyage down the 

Danube. 1883 2447 C 

See also Austria, Roumania, Servia. 
Danvers (E. C.) On Coal, with Reference to 

its Screening and Transport. 1872 2289 D 

D'Anvers (N.) See Bell (Mrs. II.) 
Dnnziger (A.) Jewish Forerunners of Chris- 
tianity. 1904 3248 A 

D'Apligny(M. P. ) Art of Dyeing Cotton. 1901.2110 D 
D'Arblav (Mdme. ) See Burney (Frances). 
Darbyshire (II.) Precision Grinding. 1907.. .. 2473 D 
D'Arcenay (J.) Dianede Poitiers et son Temps.324 MB 
D'Arcy(C. F.) Idealism and Theology. 1899. 1087 A 

DARDENELLES, Vacht and Camera in the. 

By F. E. G. L., Earl of "Cavan. 1 897... 6013 C 

- See also Turkey. 

Dark Ages. See Middle Ages. 

Darling (Sir C. J.) fudge. Scintillae Juris and 

Meditations in the Tea Room. 1903 304 F 

Darlington (J.) Effective Speaking and Writing. 

1902 472F 

Darmesteter {Mdme. I.) See Robinson (A. M. F). 






Crossing (Wm. ) From a Dartmoor Cot. 1906. 1021 F 

Gould (S. B. ) Book of Dartmoor. 1900 1277 C 

Page (J. L. \V.) Exploration of Dartmoor. 

1892 10016 K 

See also Devonshire. 
Darwin (C.) Descent of Man and Selection in 

Relation to Sex. 1896 8317 D 

- Different Forms of Flowers on Plants of the 

same Species. 1877 1642 I) 

- Effects of Cross and Self Fertilisation in the 

Vegetable Kingdom. 1876 1586 D 

- Expression of the Emotions in Man and 

Animals. 1872 14421) 

- Fertilisation of Orchids by Insects. 1862 . . .9002 D 

- Formation of Vegetable Mould through the 

Action of Worms. 1881 8226 D 

- Insectivorous Plants. 1875 9003 D 

- Naturalist's Voyage of the Beagle Round the 

World. 1902 9534 D 

Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selec- 
tions. 1888 9152 D 

- Power of Movement in Plants. 1880 8097 D 

- Structure and Distribution of Coral Reefs. 

1874 9000 D 

- Variation of Animals and Plants under Domesti- 

cation. 1868 1949 D 

- Allen (G.) Biography of Darwin. 1886 9158 B 

-Bettany (G. T.) Life of Darwin. 1887 9364 B 

- Darwin (F. ) Ed. Life and Letters of C. 

Darwin. 1887 3954 B 

- Davey (S.) Essay on Darwin 1300F 

- Fiske (J. ) Darwinism ; and other Essays. 1 879. 1360 F 

- Tapp (A. H.) Darwin considered as a Thinker, 

Reformer, and Pessimist. 1901 1285 D 

- Miall(L. C.) Life and Work of Darwin. 1883.2283 B 

- Memorial Notices of Darwin. 1882 2257 B 

Darwin (F.) Elements of Botany. 1896... .10211 D 

- and Acton (E. H.) Practical Physiology of 

Plants. 1895 10210 D 

Darwin (G. II.) The Tides and Kindred 

Phenomena in the Solar System. 1 898. . . 1481 D 
Darwin (L.) Bimetallism. 1897 641 J 

- Municipal Trade. 1903 2339 J 

Darwinism. See Evolution. 

Daryl (P.) Public Life in England. 1884 1066 J 

Contents: — On Books; The Periodical Press; The 
Theatre ; Philosophy and Poetry ; The House of Commons ; 
The House of Lords ; A Parliamentary Election ; The City 
of London and Municipal Corporations ; The Queen ; The 
Army ; The Navy ; The Law Courts and Police Courts. 

Dasent (Sir G. W.) Jest and Earnest. 1873 928 F 

Contents : — Vol. 1. England and Norway in the 11th 
Century ; Origin of the English Language. 

Vol. 2. Latham's "Johnson's Dictionary"; Greek and 
English Quarrel ; Story of Free Trade ; How We Were All 
Vaccinated ; Magnus the Good and Harold Hardrada ; 
Harold Hardrada, King of Norway. 

Story of Burnt Njal. 1861, 

.3200 B 

Description of Life in Iceland at the End of the 10th Century. 

Daubeny (C.) Ed. Geography of Plants. 1855... 65 D 
DAUBIGNY (C F.) Artist. Biography. By 

J. VY. Mollet. 1890 9888 B 

Daudet (A.) Artists' Wives. 1892 9191 F 

-Another Copy in French 1831 MF 

-L'Obstacle: Play 1915 MH 

- La Lutte pour la Vie. 1890 1958 MH 

- LesAmoureuses:PoemesetFantaisies. 1905. 1947M1I 

- Premier Voyage Premier Mensonge : Sou- 

venirs de mon Enfance 519 MC 

- Recollections of a Literary Man. 1892 9906 B 

- Another Copy in French 295 MB 

Daudet (A.) Robert Helmont 9905 B 

- Another Copy in French 294 M B 

- Thirty Years ol Paris and of Mv Literary Life. 

1889 9907B 

- Another Copy in French 336 M B 

- Daudet (L.) Life of A. Daudet. 1898 789 B 

Daudet (E.) Histoire des Conspirations Royal- 

istesdu Midi Sous la Revolution. 1790- 1793. 345 MB 

Daudet (L.) Daudet's Memoirs. 1898 789 B 

Dauncey (Mrs. C.) An Englishwoman in the 

Philippines. 1906 2701 C 

Daunt (W. J. O'N.) Eighty-Five Years of Irish 

Histor>, 1800-1885 9343 B 

- Life Spent for Ireland. 1896 4600 B 

An Account of the Life Work of an Irish Nationalist of the 
Daniel O'Connell School. 

Davenport (A.) China from Within. 1904 342 J 

A Study of Opium Fallacies and Missionary Mistakes. 

Davenport (E. ) Ed. Story Poems. 1891 21 1 H 

Davenport (F. ) Elements of Harmony and 

Counterpoint. 1904 176 K 

- Elements of Music. 1904 176 K 

Davenport (R. A.) History of the Bastile. 1892. 25 B 

- Narratives of Peril and Suffering. 1862 570 B 

- The Life of Ali Pasha of Tepeleni : Vizier of 

Epirus. 1837 2B 

Davenport (W. B.) Sport. 1885 1207 K 

Fox Hunting. Salmon Fishing. Covert Shooting. Deer- 

Davey (R.) Cuba: Past and Present. 1898 4200 B 

-The Sultan and his Subjects. 1897 4647 B 

Davev (S.) Darwin, Carlyle, and Dickens, 

with other Essays 1300F 

David (Mrs. E.) Funafuti; or, Three Months 

on a Coral Island. 1899 2105C 

Davidge (II. T.) and Hutchinson (R. W.) 

Technical Electricity. 1907 6013 D 

Davids (T. W. R.) Buddhism: being a Sketch 

of the Life and Teachings of Gautama, 

the Buddha 245 A 

- Story of Buddhist India. 1903 10405 B 

Davidson (A. B. ) Biblical and Literary Essays. 

1902 3126 A 

- Book of Job. ( Cambridge Bible. ) 1884 278 A 

- Ezekiel. ( Cambridge Bible. ) 1 893 1 575 A 

- Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah. (Cam- 

bridge Bible.) 1899 1690 A 

Davidson (A. F. ) Alexandre Dumas, Fire : his 

Life and Works. 1902 4044 B 

Davidson (A. M. C. ) Present-Day Japan. 1904.2162 C 
Davidson (Sir D. ) Memories of a Long Life. 

1890 9663 B 

Chiefly Recollections of Twenty Years' Service in the 
Honourable East India Company. 

Davidson (E. A.) Drawing for Bricklayers. 1872.118D 

- Drawing for Carpenters and J oiners 103 D 

- Drawing for Machinists and Engineers 117 D 

- Drawing for Metal Plate Workers. 1872 547 D 

- Drawing for Stonemasons 107 D 

- Elements of Building Construction and 

Architectural Drawing. 1906 78 D 

- Elements of Practical Perspective. 1870 613 K 

- Gothic Stonework 190 D 

Containing the History and Principles of Church Archi- 
tecture, and Illustrations of the Characteristic Features of 
each Period, the Arrangement of Ecclesiastical Edifices, and 
a Glossary of Terms. 

- Grammar of Colouring as Applied to Decora- 

tive Painting and the Arts. 1 896 668 K 

- Linear Drawing. 1868 30K 





Davidson (E. A.) Manual of Mouse Painting, 

Graining, and Marbling. 1904 6093 D 

- Model Drawing 36 K 

- Orthographic and Isometrical Projection 294 D 

Davidson (Mrs. II. C. ) What Our Daughters 

Can Do for Themselves. 1893 633 J 

Davidson (I.) Theatrocrat : a Tragic Play of 

Church and Stage. 1906 92911 

Davidson (John) Commercial Federation and 

Colonial Trade Policy. 1900 562 J 

Davidson (T. L. S.) Cicero and the Fall of the 

Roman Republic. 1904 10445 B 

Davidson (J. M. ) Eminent Radicals in and out 

of Parliament. 1880 3553 B 

Davidson (J. T.) City Youth : Sermons. 1898. 2802 A 

- Forewarned — Forearmed : Addresses to 

Young Men. 1885 2208 A 

-Good Start: Sermons. 1895 2803 A 

- Sure to Succeed : Sermons. 1896 2804 A 

- Talks with Young Men : Sermons. 1898 2805 A 

DAVIDSON (L. M.) American Poetess. Life 

1834 428 B 

Davidson (M.) Scotland for the Scots: Scot- 
land Revisited. 1902 1303 I 

Davidson (R. T.) Abp. and Benham (W.) Life 
of A. C. Tait, Archbishop of Canterbury. 
1891 4177B 

Davidson (T. ) Rousseau and Education according 
to Nature. 1898 94 J 

DAVIDSON (T.) Scottish Poet. Memoir and 

Poems. By J. Brown. 1877 1775 B 

DAVIE (W. R.) Governor of North Carolina. 

Life. By F. M. Hubbard. 1848 446 B 

Davies (A. M.) First Stage Physiography. 1897.1501D 

DAVIES (Mrs. CHRISTINA) Life and Adven- 
tures. By M. M. Dowie. 1893 4372 B 

Davies (Clementina) Recollections of Society 

in France and England. 1872 1897 B 

Davies (C. J.) Kennel Handbook. 1905 471 D 

Davies (D. C.) Treatise on Slate and Slate 

Quarrying. 1878 1684 D 

Davies (D. F. ) Singing of the Future. 1906... 2753 K 

Davies (D. II.) Cost of Municipal Trading. 1899.3004 J 

Davies (G. C.) Cruising in the Netherlands. 

1894 8529C 

Handbook to the Rivers and Canals of Holland, Friesland, 
a id the North of Belgium. 

Guide to the Rivers and Broads of Norfolk 

and Suffolk. 1897 8474 C 

Norfolk Broads and River; or, the Water- 
ways, Lagoons, and Decoys of East Anglia. 
1883 8086C 

On Dutch Waterways. 1886 3035 C 

Cruise of the S.S. Atalanta on the Rivers and Canals of 
Holland and the North of Belgium. 

Practical Boal Sailing for Amateurs 452K 

md Broughall (Mrs.) Our Homein Aveyron; 

Studies of Peasant Life and Customs. 

1890 2659C 

Davies (G. J.) Papers on Preaching and Public 

Speaking. 1861 232 A 

I < Galvanized Iron ; its Manu- 
facture and Uses. 1899 1917D 

Rev. fames) He^iod and Theognis for 

rs. 1873 353 F 

(J. B.) Practical Naturalist's Guide. 1872.441 I) 
I. II.j Life of R. Baxter, Preacher and 

Pri oner. 1887 4158 B 

!• L.) Lessons ol Hope ■ Readings 
from the Works of F. D. Maurice. 1889.. 2420 A 
from the Poinl of View of 
tian Theology. 1885 2344 A 

Davies (J. L.) Spiritual Apprehension : Sermons. 

1898 2768 A 

Davies (J. S. ) Dolomite Strongholds, the last 

Untrodden Alpine Peaks/ 1896 1103C 

Davies (N. E. Y.) Foods for the Fat. 1889... 6289 I) 

- Health and Condition in the Active and the 

Sedentary. 1894 10032 D 

Davies (P. J.) Practical Plumbing. 1891 3561 D 

Davies (R.) Memoir of the York Press. 1868.3369 B 
Davies (T. W. ) Ed. The Psalms, LXXIII-CL. 

{Century Bible.) 1906 1963 A 

Davies (W.) A Fine Old English Gentleman 

exemplified in the Life and Character of 

Lord Collingwood. 1875 1700 B 

D'Avigdor (E. H.) Antipodean Notes, collected 

on a Nine Months' Tour Round the World. 

1888 8434 C 

Davis (A. ) Native Problem in South Africa. 1903. 1340 J 
Davis (C. T.) Manufacture of Leather. 1885. 3405 D 

- Manufacture of Paper. 1886 2410 D 

Davis (E. J.) Life in Asiatic Turkey. 1879... 2924 C 
Davis (G. E.) Practical Microscopy. 1882 ...2393 D 
Davis (H. W. C.) History of Charlemagne. 

1900 9171 B 

Davis (Jefferson) Rise and Fall of the Confederate 

Government. 1881 3453 B 

The Object of this Work is to Prove that the Southern 
States of America had rightfully the Power to Withdraw from 
the Union, and that the War waged by the Federal Govern- 
ment against the Seceding States, was against the Principles 
of the Declaration of Independence. 

DAVIS (JOHN) Life. By Sir C. R. Markham. 

1889 9547 B 

Davis (J. E.) Elements of Modern Dress- 
making. 1894 10008 D 

- How to Become a Dressmaker. 1903 746 K 

Davis (J. F. ) Army and Navy German Exami- 
nation Papers : With a German-English 
Vocabulary. 1893 543 F 

DavisQ.R.A.) Biography of T. H. Huxley. 1907. 2329B 

- Text- Book of Biology. 1888 9970 D 

Davis (J. W.) and Lees (F. A.) West Yorkshire : 

an Account of its Geologv, Physical Geo- 
graphy, Climatology and Botany. 1878. 2944 D 

Davis (N. N. ) The Transvaal under the Queen. 

1900 2912C 

Davis (R. H.) Cuban and Porto Rican Cam- 
paigns. 1899 2550B 

-Great Streets of the World. 1892 3060 C 

Contents : — Broadway, New York. By R. H. Davis ; 
Piccadilly, London. By Andrew Lang ; Boulevards of Paris. 
By F. Sarcy ; Corso of Rome. By W. W. Story ; Grand Canal, 
Venice. By Henry James ; Unter Den Linden, Berlin. By 
Paul Lindau ; Nevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburgh. By J. F. 

- Three Gringos in Venezuela and Central 

America. 1896 8477 C 

Davis (W. E. ) Quantities and Quantity Taking. 

1899 744D 

Davis (W. M.) Elementary Physical Geography. 

1903 1157 D 

Davison (A. B. ) Thousand Thoughts from 

various Authors. 1880 1556 F 

Davison (C.) Class-Book of Arithmetic. 1905. 8081 D 

Study of Recent Earthquakes. 1905 1548 D 

Davison (W. T.) Psalms, i-i.xxii. {Century 

Bible.) 1962 A 

Davitt(M.) Boer Fight lor Freedom. 1902. .. 4459 B 

- Life and Progress in Australasia. 1898 1401 C 

Within the Pale : True Storv of Anti-Semitic 

Persecutions in Russia. 1903 9372 H 

Davy (Sir II.) Consolations in Travel. 1830. ..135 A 
Salmonia; or, Days of Fly -Fishing. 1869 5K 

Thorpe (T. E.) Sir II. Davy: Poet and 

Philospher. 1896 1093B 





Dawkins (W. B.) Cave Hunting: Researches 
respecting the Early Inhabitants of Europe. 
1S74 243] D 

- Early Man in Britain. 1880 2429 D 

Dawson (A.) Life and Ministry of Dr. Joseph 

Parker. 1901 ". 879 B 

Dawson (C. E. ) First Steps in I 'aiming and the 

Coloring of Engravings. 1900 1580D 

- Pastel Painting and Scene-Painting. 1900. .. 1580 D 
Dawson (C. F.) Elementary Design. 1903... 2710 K 
Dawson (E. C.) Last Journals of Bishop Han- 

nington. 1888 9498 B 

- Life of Bishop Hannington, 1847-85. 1887.. 2781 B 
Dawson (G. ) Authentic Gospel : Sermons! 1881.2062 A 

- Biographical Lectures. 1886 9189 B 

- Prayers, with a Discourse on Prayer. 1900... 1698 A 

- Sermons on Daily Life and Duty. 1878 535 A 

- Sermons on Disputed Points and Special 

Occasions. 1878 494A 

- Shakespeare, and other Lectures. 1888 1010F 

- Three Books of God : Sermons on Nature, 

History, and Scripture. 1882 2084 A 

Dawson (Joseph) Peter Mackenzie : his Life 

and Labours. 1896 10218 B 

Dawson (Sir J. W. ) Chain of Life in Geological 

Time. 1888 8330 D 

- Day of Rest in Relation to the World That 

Now Is and That Which is to Come. 1887.2413 A 

- Egypt and Syria : their Physical Features in 

Relation to Bible History. 1885 2274 A 

- Fossil Men and their Modern Representatives. 

1883 8949 D 

The Characters and Condition of Pre- Historic Men in 
Europe, judged by those of the American Races. 

- Geological History of Plants. 1888 9382 D 

- Life's Dawn on Earth : History of the Oldest 

P'ossil Remains and their Relations to 
Geological Time and Development of the 
Animal Kingdom. 1875 8145 D 

- Modern Ideas of Evolution. 1890 6270 D 

Religious Aspect as against Scientific Objections. 

- Modern Science in Bible Lands. 1888 9344 D 

- Origin of the World. 1877 9004 D 

- Points of Contact Between Revelation and 

Natural Science. 1886 2411 A 

- Some Salient Points in the Science of the 

Earth. 1893 98141) 

- Story of the Earth and Man. 1898 1689 D 

Dawson (M. M.) Veldt and Heather : Memories 

of Home and Sketches of Life from the Land 

of Lobengula. 1902 1305 C 

Dawson (P.) Electric Railways and Tramways : 

their Construction and Operation. 1897.. .4282 D 

- Engineering and Electric Traction Pocket- 

Book. 1901 6519 D 

DAWSON ( W. ) Local Preacher. Life. By J. 

Everett. 1844 785 B 

Dawson (W. H.) German Life in Town and 

Country. 1901 1151 J 

- History of Skipton. 1882 3394B 

- Social Switzerland. 1897 635J 

__ An Account of Social Movements and Legislation in 

Dawson (W.J. )Makersof EnglishFiction. 1905.1571 F 

- Makers of Modern Poetry. 1897 875 F 

- Makers of Modern Prose. 1899 2896 F 

-Quest and Vision. 1892 743F 

Contents : — Essays on Shelley ; Wordsworth and his 
Message ; Religious Doubt and Modern Poetry ; H. W. Long- 
fellow ; G. Eliot ; G. Meredith ; New Realism ; O. Schreiner ; 
M. Rutherford ; R. Kipling and J. M. Barrie ; Poetry of 

Dawson (W.J. ) ( Hiest of the Simple Life. 1903.3230 A 

- Table Talk with Voting Men. 1898 982 F 

Day (C. ) Indicator Diagrams, and Engine and 

Boiler Testing. 1897 1654 D 

Day (C. W.) Art of Miniature Painting. 1852.185 K 
Day (G.) Metal Work : a Practical Handbook. 

1906 4231) 

- Stone Cutting and Polishing. 1900 15801) 

- and Leland (C. G.) Bent Iron or Strip Work. 

1900 1579D 

Day (L. B.) Folk Tales of Bengal. 1883 3388^ 

Day (L. F.) Alphabets Old and New. 1898... 179 K 

- Anatomy of Pattern. 1892 180 K 

- Application of Ornament. 1891 182 K 

- Lettering in Ornament. 1902 1280 K 

- Nature in Ornament. 1894 201 K 

- Ornamental Design. 1893 199 K 

- Pattern Design. 1903 2711 K 

- Planning of Ornament. 1893 202 K 

- Some Principles of Every- Day Art. 1898 183 K 

- Stained Glass. 1903 1284 K 

- and Buckle (M.) Art in Needlework. 1900... 462 K 
Day (R. E.) Electric Light Arithmetic. 1893.. 305 D 

- Exercises in Electrical and Magnetic Meas- 

urement. 1896 811 D 

Day (W.) Reminiscences of the Turf. 1886... 3284 B 

- The Horse : How to Breed and Rear Him. 

1888 2859 D 

Day (W. H.) Headaches: their Nature, 

Causes, and Treatment. 1888 1589 D 

Day (W. J.) Life and Letters of E. Gibbon, 

Historian : With his History of the 

Crusades. 1900 363 B 

Dead Sea. See Palestine. 


Boultbee(E. F.) Lip- Reading for the Use of 

the Deaf. 1902 957 D 

Keller (Helen) Story of Mv Life. 1903 9526 B 

KittoQ.) Lost Senses. 1845 3D 

Deakin (R.) Euclid: Books I. -iv. 1897 6691 D 

Dealey (J. Q. ) and Ward (L.F.) Text-Book of 

Sociology. 1905 384J 

Deane (W. J.) Abraham : his Life and Times. 2363 A 
Dearden (H. W. ) Modern Romanism Examined. 

1899 2832 A 

Dearmer (P. ) Highways and Byways in Normandy. 

1900 8612 C 

De Arteaga (F. ) Practical Spanish. 1902 636 F 

Deasy(H. H. P.) In Tibet and Chinese Turkestan. 

1901 1552C 


Benson (A.C.) Gate of Death, a Diary. 1906.3456A 
Chambers (A.)Our Life after Death. 1903 ...3127 A 
Jukes (A.) Second Death and the Restitution 

of All Things. 1882 2155 A 

Luckock (II. M.) After Death. 1880 2063A 

Myers (F. W. II. ) Human Personalitv and its 

Survival of Bodily Death. 1907...' 1377 A 

Nicoll (W. R.) The Key of the Grave. 1897. 3001 A 
Pearson (K. ) Chances of Death, and other 

Studies in Evolution. 1897 ...1120 A 

Premature Death : its Promotion or Prevention. 

1878 781D 

Randies (M.) After Death : Is there a Post- 

Mortem Probation ? 1904 3253 A 

Whiting ( L. ) Death as an Event in Life. 1900. 1 19 A 

Wilmans (PI.) Conquest of Death. 1902 3175 A 

See also Burial, Cremation, Eschatology. 

DEBATE, Art of. By R. M. Alden. 1900 404 F 


L. M. Gibson. 1898 7381 F 

De Bovet (M. A.) Charles Gounod, his Life and 

Works. 1891 4225 B 





De Bovet (M. A.) Three Months' Tour in 

Ireland. 1891 8424 C 

- Another Copy in French 526 MC 

DECATUR (S.) American Commodore. Life. 

By A. S. Mackenzie. 1848 442 B 

Decle(L.) The New Russia. 1906 2426 J 

- Three Years in Savage Africa. 1898 2073 C 

- Trooper 3809 : a Private Soldier of the Third 

Republic. 1899 628 J 

Decorative Art. See Art, Decorative. 

De Cosson (E. A.) Cradle of the Blue Nile : a 

Visit to the Court of King John of Ethiopia. 

1877 2020 C 

- Days and Nights of Service, with Sir G. 

Graham's Field Force at Suakin. 1886. . .9315 B 
Dedekind (R. ) Essays on the Theory of Numbers. 

1901 1487D 

DEE, RIVER, Cheshire, its Aspects and His- 
tory. By 1 . S. Howson. 1875 3056 C 

Deecke(W.) Italy. 1904 3066 C 

Popular Account of the Country, its People, and its Institu- 
tions, Including Malta and Sardinia. 


Conway (J.) Forays among Salmon and 

Deer. 1861 838 C 

Grimble (A. ) Deer Stalking. 1886 1049 K 

lefi'eries(R.) Red Deer. 1884 9041 D 

Macpherson (II. A.) Red Deer. 1896 220 K 

Macrae (A.) Handbook of Deer Stalking. 

1880 500 K 

See also Hunting, Sport. 
De Felice (G. ) History of the Protestants of 

France. 1853 1803 B 

Defoe (D.) Journal of the Plague Year. 1904... 212 B 

Memorials of the Great Pestilenee in London, 1655 ; Also 
some Account of the Great Fire in London, 1666. 

- Forster (J.) Biographical Essay on Defoe. 1860.993 B 
-Lee(W.) LifeofDefoe. 1869 2923 B 

- M into (VV.) Biography of Defoe. 1879 1927 B 

- Morley (H.^ Ed. Earlier Life of Defoe 2308 F 

- Wright (T.) Life of Defoe. 1894 4471 B 

Defries(E. P.) A Browning Primer. 1894. .. 7289 F 

This Hook (iives a First Sketch of Browning's Poetry for 
Those Who are Unacquainted With It. 

De Garmo (C.) Interest aud Education: the 
Doctrine of Interest and its Concrete Applic- 
ation. 1902 1275 J 


Demoor (1.) Evolution by Atrophy. 1899... 8255 D 

Nordau (M.) Degeneration. 1895 1117 A 

Regeneration : a Reply to M. Nordau. 1895.1135 A 
Talbot (E. S.) Degeneracy: its Causes, 

Signs, and Results. 1898'. 8047 D 

See also Evolution. 
Degerdoil (VV. E.) Grammar of Wood -Work. 

L892 22001) 

Di La Beche (Sir II. T.) Researches in 

Theoretical ( Jeology. 1 N34 6272 I ) 

Delaborde (II.) Engraving: its Origin, Pro 

• , and History. 1880 531 K 

DELAGOA BAY: its Natives and Natural 

History. By R. Monteiro. 1 Si) I L245C 

The Key to South Africa. By M. G. fessett. 

1890. ' L003B 

'. frii i, South. 
■■ 1 1 . I .. ) Media val Alphabets for 

Illuminators. I HSfi 614 K 

Delamotte (P. H.) Arl of Sketching from 

Nature. 1888 3112K 

' opies 3002 K 

Drawing Book. Iktx 187 K 

Deland(M.) Florida Days. 1889 2641 C 

Prose Sketches of the OKI Spanish Town of St. Augustine 
and of the Picturesque Country Bordering upon the River 
St. John. 

DELAROCHE(P.)/>fl////<?r. Biography. By J. R. 

Rees. 1880 2020 B 

Delbos(L.) Commercial Spanish. 1894 439 F 

- John Bull in France ; or, French as It is Spoken. 

1903 78 F 

- Manual of the Metric System. 1900 972 D 

De Leon (T. C. ) Four Years in Rebel Capitals. 

1890 4249 B 

An Inside View of Pife in Southern America. 

Delf(T.) See Martel (C.) 

DeLiefdejT. C.) Great Dutch Admirals. 1873. .. 910 B 

DE LISLE (R.) Memoir. By II. M. Oxenhain. 

1886 9316B 

DELLA ROBBIA (L.) Sculptor. Biography. 

By L. Scott 2022B 

DelMar(W.) India of To-Day . 1905 1771 C 

DeLolme(J. L.) Constitution of England. 1853. 728 J 

Being an Account of the English Government, Compared With 
the Republican Form of Government and Other Monarchies 
in Europe. 

De Long (G. W.) Voyage of the Jeanette : The 
Ship and Ice Journals of G. W. De Long, 
Commander of the Polar Expedition of 
1879-1881. 1883 2385 C 

Delusion. See Witchcraft. 

Demachy (R. ) Gum Bichromate Printing. 1905. 2765 K 

De Manaceine (M.) Sleep : its Physiology, Path- 
ology, Hygiene and Psychology. 1897 8368 D 

Demaus(R.) Biography of Hugh Latimer. 1869.1 068 B 

- Biography of W. Tyndale. 1871 9787 B 

Demidoff(E.) Prince. Shooting Trip to Kamchatka. 

1904 2236C 

Democracy. See Government. 


Alexander (W. M.) Demonic Possession in 

the New Testament. 1902 1236 A 

Ashton (J.) The Devil in Britain and America. 
1896 1088 A 

Brooks (C. E. ) Satan and Sorrow 3330 A 

Conway (M. D. ) Demonology and Devil- 
Lore. 1879 651 A 

Scott (Sir W.) Letters on Demonology. 1884. 382 A 

See also Witchcraft. 
Demoor (J.) Evolution by Atrophy in Biology 

and Sociology. 1899 8255 D 

De Morgan (A. ) An Essay on Probabilities : 
Application to Life Contingencies and 
Insurance Offices. 1838 478 D 

- De Morgan (S. E. ) Memoir of A. De Morgan. 

1882 3646 B 

Demosthenes. Oration on the Crown. Ed. by 

B. Drake 7225F 

- Another Copy. Trans, by H. L. Brougham... 9201 F 
-Orations. Trans, by C. R. Kennedy. 1897. .. 1063 F 
Dempsey (G. D. ) Rudimentary Treatise on the 

Drainage of Towns and Buildings. 1874. ..101 D 
Dempster (C. L. II.) Essays. 1872 838 F 

Contents: — Literary Remains of Albert Diirer \ Anjou ; 
French Anti-Clerical Novels ; Memoirs of Madame Du 
Plessis-Mornay ; Contributions to the Life of Rubens; 
Dragons and Dragon-Slayers; Charles Victor de Bonstetten; 
English Vers de Societe ; Victorial of Don Pedro Nino; 
Sketches of French Protestantism ; Modern Provencal 
Poems ; On Some Christina; Carols. 

- The Maritime Alps and their Seaboard. 1 885.2442 C 
Dendy (W. C.) Philosophy of Mystery. 1841. ..860 A 
Deniker (J.) The Races of Man : an Outline of 

Anthropology and Ethnography. 1900... 9301 D 
Denison (E. P>.) See Grimthorpe (E. P>. I).) ist Lord. 





Denison (G. A.) Notes of My Life. 1805-1878.3350 B | 
Denison (H.) Treatise on Photogravure. 1895.2601 K 
DENMAN (T.) lord. Memoir. By Sir J. 

A.nould. 1873 2996 B 


Brochner ([.) Danish Life in Town and Coun- 
try. 1903 6062 C 

Gallenga (A.) Invasion of Denmark in 1864. 893 B 
Knight (E. E.) Yachting Cruise in Denmark. 

1889 8333C 

Marryat (H.) Residence in the Danish Isles 

and Copenhagen. 1860 617 C 

Murray (J.) Handbook to Denmark. 1893... 483 C 
Pratt (E. A.) Licensing and Temperance in 

Denmark. 1907 14241 

Sellers (E.) Danish Poor Relief System. 1904.330 J 
Thomas (M.) Denmark, Past and Present. 

1902 1024 C 

Wilde (F. S.) Lady. Driftwood from Scandin- 
avia. 1884 8141 C 

Dennett (R. E.) Seven Years among the Ejort : 
I'eingan English Trader's Experiences in the 

Congo District. 1887 698C 

Denney (J.) Atonement and the Modern Mind. 

1903 ...3176 A 

- Death of Christ : its Place and Interpretation 

in the New Testament. 1902 3112 A 

- Studies in Theology. 1895 2681 A 

- Thessalonians. ( Expositor s Bible). 1 892. . .2605 A 

- and others. Questions of Faith : Lectures on 

the Creed. 1904 3265 A 

Contents:— What is God? By J. Orr ; Is Christ the Son of 
God ? By H. R. Mackintosh ; Did Christ Rise from the 
Dead? By M. Dods ; What do We Mean by the Holy 
Spirit? By J. Laidlaw ; What is the Catholic Church? By 
T. M. Lindsay; Can Sin be forgiven? By J. Denney ; Is 
there Life after Death? By P. C. Simpson. 

Denning (D.) Fretwork and Marquetry: a 

Practical Manual. 1895 646 K 

Dennis (H. J.) Model Drawing ; or, Drawing 

from Objects HOOK 

- Second Grade Perspective in Theory and 

Practice 3003 K 

Dennis (J.) Age of Pope. 1896 260 F 

- Heroes of Literature : English Poets. 1883... 1565 F 

Brief Biographies of English Poets, and a Sketch of their 
Works, for Young Readers. 

- Realms of Gold. 1899 734 F 

Book for Youthful Students of English Literature. 

- Studies in English Literature. 1883 1573 F 

Dennis (Robert) Industrial Ireland : a Practical 

and Non-Political View of Ireland for the 

Irish. 1887 95 J 

Dennison (C. G.) Fight to a Finish. 1904. ...9655 B 
Reminiscences of the Great Boer War of 1899-1902. 

Denslow (V. B.) and Parker (J. M.) Lives of 

T. A. Edison and S. F. B. Morse. 1887.10171 B 

Dent (C. T. ) Above the Snow Line: Moun- 
taineering Sketches. 1885 8126C 

- Mountaineering {Badminton Library). 1892... 78 K 
Dent (H. C.) A Year in Brazil : With Notes 

on the Abolition of Slavery, the Finances 
of the Empire, Religion, Meteorology, 
and Natural History. 1886 2536 C 

DENT, Yorkshire, History of. By W. 

Thompson. 1892 4250B 

Dentistry. See Teeth. 

Denton (J. B.) Sewage Disposal. 1885 3540 D 

Denton (W.) Montenegro : its People and 

History. " 1877 1774 B 

Depping (G.) Wonders of Bodily Strength and 

Skill. 1870 189 K 

De Quetteville (P. W.) The Pardon of Guin- 
gamp ; or, Poetry and Romance in 
Modern Brittany. 1870 647 C 

De Quincey (T.) Collected Writings. Ed. by 

I). Masson. 1896 580 F 

Contents :— Vol. 1. Autobiography from 1785 to 1803. 
Vol. 2. Autobiography and Literary Reminiscences. Vol. 3 
London Reminiscences : Confessions of an Opium Eater. 
Vol. 4 and 5. Biographies and Biographic Sketches. Vol. 6 
and 7. Historical Essays and Researches. Vol. 8. Specula- 
tive and Theological Essays. Vol. 9. Political Economy and 
Politics. Vol. 10, 11. Theory and Criticism. Vol. 12. Tales 
and Romances. Vol. 13. Tales and Prose Phantasies. Vol. 
14. Miscellanea. 

- Confessions of an English Opium Eater. 1897.630 F 

- Uncollected Writings. 1892 9133 F 

Contents : — Vol. I. Appraisal of Greek Literature ; German 
Language and Kant ; Moral Effects of Revolutions ; Measure 
of Value ; Malthusian Doctrine of Population ; Education ; 
Swedenborgianism ; Prof.Wilson ; Storms in English History : 
On Novels. 

Vol. 11. English in China ; Shakespeare's Suetonius Un- 
ravelled : How to Write English ; Casuistry of Duelling ; 
Love-Charm ; Ludwig Tieck ; Household Wreck. 

- Anton (P.) Essay on De Quincey. 1883 32 F 

- Findlay (J. R. ) Recollections of De Quincey. 

1886 294 B 

- Japp (A. H. ) Life and Writings of De Quincey. 

1877 1772 B 

- Masson (D.) Biography of De Quincey. 1881.2157 B 

De Quincy (Q.) Life of Raphael. 1891 326 B 

DERBY (J.) 7th Earl of, and his Countess in the 

Land of Man. By J. G. Cumming. 1867.. 1165 B 
DERBY (E. G. G. S.) r^h Earl of . Biography. 

By G. Saintsbury. 1892 9800 B 

-Life. By T. E. Kebbell. 1890 9813B 


Baker (E. A.) Moors, Crags and Caves of the 
High Peak. 1903 2560C 

Black (A. and C.) Guide to the Peak of Derby- 
shire. 1904 6073C 

Brown (J.) Tourist Rambles in Derbyshire. 

1878 8581 C 

Credland (W. R.) Days Off in Derbyshire. 

1898 1989C 

Croston(].) On Foot through the Peak. 1876.877 C 

Firth (J.B.) Highways and Byways in Derby- 
shire. 1905 8617 C 

Gallichan (W. M.) Fishing in Derbyshire. 

1905 1361 K 

Grindon (L. H.) Country Rambles in Derby- 
shire. 1882 1443 C 

Hall (S. T.) Days in Derbyshire. 1863 8271 C 

Jewitt (L. ) Ed. Ballads and Songs of Derby- 
shire. 1867 449 II 

Pendleton (J. ) History of Derbyshire. 1886.4098 B 

Robertson (W. H.) Handbook of the Peak of 
Derbyshire 220 C 

See also Dove-Dale. 
Dering (E. H.) Memoirs of Georgiana, Lady 

Chatterton. 1878 . 3235 B 

De Salis (Mrs. H.) Dressed Vegetables a la Mode. 
1888 6314 D 

- Floral Decorations, Suggestions, and Descrip- 

tions. 1891 647 K 

- Oysters a la Mode. 1888 6315D 

- Soups and Dressed Fish a la Mode. 1888 6313 D 

De Salis (H. R. ) Chronology of Inland Naviga- 
tion in Great Britain. 1897 875 D 

De Satge (O.) Pages from the Journal of a 

Queensland Squatter. 1901 2361 C 

Descartes (R.) Discours de la Methode. 1894.52 MA 

- Fouillee (A.) Descartes 239MB 

- Mahaffy (J. P.) Life of Descartes. 1880 1679 A 

Deschamps (G.) Marivaux 255MB 





Deschanel (A. P.) Elementary Treatise on 

Natural Philosophy. Based on the Traite 

de Physique. By J. D. Everett. 1894 3341 U 

Design. See Architecture, Art, Decorative. 
DESMOULINS (L. S. C B.) and his Wife. 

By J. Claretie. 1876 3175 B 

D'Este (M.) Through Corsica with a Camera. 

1905 1369C 

Deuteronomy. See Bible, Commentaries. 
Deutsch (L.) Sixteen Years in Siberia : Some 

Experiences of a Russian Revolutionist. 

1903 , 2349J 

Devant ( D. ) Magic Made Easy. 1903 761 K 

Devas (C. S.) Key to the World's Progress : 

Essay on Historical Logic. 1906 3350 A 

I )e Vere (A. T.) Antar and Zara : Inisfail, and 

other Poems. 1877 190 H 

- Essays, Chiefly on Poetry. 1887 988 F 

-Poems ' 254H 

Ward (W. ) Memoir of Aubrey De Vere. 1904.4024 B 
De Yere (M. S.) Romance of American History. 

1872 1527B 

Devereux(G. R. M.) Etiquette for Men. 1902. 1230 J 
Devereux (R., i.e., Mrs. D. Pember) Side 

Lights on South Africa. 1899 861 C 

Devev (|.) Life of Joseph Locke, Civil 

Engineer. 1862 2805 B 

- Logic; or, the Science of Inference. 1854. ...210 A 
Devey(L.) Life of Rosina, Lady Lytton. 1887.3951 B 
Devil. See Demonology. 

Devil's Acres. 1891....' 555 A 

Contents: -Sunrise in the Desert; Home of the Cattle 
Lifter ; Gambler's Hell ; Grave of Dreams. 

De Yilliers (J.) The Transvaal. 1896 1289 B 

A Short History of the Boers and their Government. 
Devonport. See Plymouth. 
DEVONSHIRE (S. C), 8th Duke of. Bio- 
graphy. By H. Leach. 1904 4389 B 


Black (A. and C.) Guide to Devonshire. 1906.6027 C 

Gould (S. B. ) Book of the West. 1899 8607 C 

Murray (1.) Handbook to Devon. 1879 398 C 

Page (f. L. W.) Rivers of Devon. 1893 8489 C 

Sn'ell (F. J.) North Devon. 1906 1373C 

Symonds (W. S.) Geology, Natural His- 
tory, and Antiquities of Devon. 1872 1592 D 

Ward' (C. S.) Guide to North Devon. 1 904.. 402 C 
Ward and Lock's Guide to North- West 

Devon 463C 

Whitcombe (Mrs. II. I'.) Bygone Days in 

Devonshire. 1874 997 J 

See also Dartmoor. 
Devrient (E.) My Recollections of Felix Men- 
delssohn. 1809 1464 B 

Dew. See Meteorology. 

\>< Waal (D.C.) With Rhodes in Mashonaland. 

1896 H29C 

An Account of two Journeys into Mashonaland with Cecil 
Rhodes in 1890-91. 

(G. A. B.) Birds in Our Woods. 1903.4-258 1) 

Glamour ol the Earth. L904 1172D 

Contents: Al Fall; Little Birds in Miniature; Stray 

.'.,. I >.•-, from the Wood I >iarj ; 1 1 ills 
• A God; Garden; Shining River ; In the Village Portrait 

Hampshire, with the Isle of Wight. [Dent's 

i ounty Guide). 1900 200C 

The Faery Vear. 1906 2228D 

■ ..> h Month of the Vear. 
; u al » I ag< i (J. O.) 

[ the Nyanza. L892...2816C 

..i ,i 'I in' • S > .u \ ai hting < > uise in the 

Dewar (Sir T. R. ) A Ramble Round the Globe. 

1894 1212C 

Travels in the United States. Pacific Islands, New Zealand, 
Australia, and China. 

DE WET (C) Chase of. By F. II. Howland. 

1901 2407B 

- See also Africa, War with the Boer States. 
DeWindt(H.) From Paris to New York by 

Land. 1904 .'.1984C 

- From Pekin to Calais by Land. 1889 2622 C 

Impressions of China and Siberia. 

- New Siberia. 1896 2446 C 

An Account of a Visit to the Penal Island of Sakhalin, and 
Political Prisons and Mines of the Trans-Baikal District, 
Eastern Siberia. 

.2700 C 

- Ride to India. 1891 

Across Persia and Baluchistan. 

- Through the Gold-Fields of Alaska to Bering 

Straits. 1898 1765 C 

DE WINT (P.) Painter. Biography. By G. R. 

Redgrave. 1895 10068 B 

De Wit (A.) Java : Facts and Fancies. 1905... 2372 C 
De Witt {Mdme. G.) A Christian Woman, being 

the Life of Mdm. J. Mallet. 1882 626 B 

Madame Mallet was the Founder of the Infant Schools of 

- Guizot in Private Lite, 1787-1874 3432 B 

Dexter (E. G.) Weather Influences. 1904 1350 A 

An Empirical Study of the Mental and Physiological Effects 
of Definite Meteorological Conditions. 

Dialect. See Language. 

Redman (W.) Hall Marks, and List of Great 

Diamonds. 1894 1134 K 

Reunert (T. ) Diamond Mines of South Africa. 

1892 2912 D 

Streeter (E. W.) Great Diamonds of the World. 

1882 2254 D 

See also Mineralogy. 
DIANE DE POITIERS et Son Temps. Par 

J. D'Arcenay 324 MB 

Diary of a Church-Goer. 1904 1828 A 

DIAZ(N. V.) Painter. Life. By J. W. Mollett 

1890 2220 B 

Dibdin (W.J.) Lime, Mortar, and Cement: 

their Characteristics and Analyses 572 D 

Dicey (A. V. ) England's Case against Home Rule. 

1887 626J 

- Leap in the Dark ; or, Our New Constitution. 

1893 625J 

An Examination of the Home Rule Bill of 1893. 

- Lectures Introductory to the Study of the Law 

of the Constitution. 1885 2059 J 

- Lectures on the Relation between Law and 

Public Opinion in England during the 19th 
Century. 1905 2434 [ 

- The Verdict. 1890 99) 

A Tract showing the Political Significance of the Report of 
the- Parnell Commission. 

- Why England Maintains the Union. 1887 93J 

A Statement of the Case against Home Rule in Ireland. 

Dicey (E.) Battle- Fields of 1866 820 B 

An Account of Visits to the Battle-Fields of the Austro- 
( rerman Conflict. 

Biography of Victor Emmanuel II. of Italy. 

1882 ...2282B 

England and Egypt. 1881 _ 2182B 

Six Months in the Federal Stales. 1863 526 C 

Story of the Khedivate. 1902 3537 B 

Dick (A. 11.) Outlines of Political Economy. 1873.23 J 





Dick (C.) Society Snapshots taken at Random 

in a Trip through the World. 1901 1438 F 

A Series of 1 Halogues and Imaginary Conversations. 

Dick (J.) Here and Therein England : including 

a Pilgrimage to Stratford-upon-Avon. 1871. 975 C 
DICK (R.) Geologist and Botanist. Life. By S. 

Smiles. 1898. 1894 B 

Dick (S.) Arts and Crafts of Old Japan. 1904.1345 K 

Dick (St. J.) Flies and Fly Fishing. 1873 492 K 

Dickens (C.) American Notes. 1880 1733 C 

-Child's History of England. 1893 265 B 

- Christmas Carol {in Shorthand) 7437 F 

- Cricket on the Hearth [in Shorthand). 7436 F 

- Letters. Ed. by M. Dickens and G. Hogarth. 

1880 3391 B 

- Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi. 1853 698 B 

- Pictures from Italy. 1880 1733C 

- Selections from his Works, for Reading and 

Recitation. Ed. by A. H. Miles 7376 F 

- Sketches of Young Gentlemen. 1838 26 F 

-Speeches: Literary and Social. 1880 7022 F 

- Bardell v. Pickwick. Ed. with Notes and 

Commentaries by P. Fitzgerald. 1901. .. 2572 F 

- Chesterton (G. K. ) Charles Dickens : a Study. 

1906 1716 F 

- Davey (S.) Essay on Dickens 1300 F 

- Dickensian : a Magazine for Dickens' Lovers 

and Monthly Record of the Dickens Fel- 
lowship. Ed. byB. W. Matz. 1905-6 1879 F 

- Dolby (G.) Charles Dickens as I Knew Him. 

1885 9001 B 

- Fitzgerald (P.) History of Pickwick. 1891... 3193 F 

- Places and People of Dickens 7330 F 

- Studies ot the Pickwick Papers. 1899 2573 F 

- Forster (J.) Life of Dickens. 1872 2795 B 

- Gissing (G. ) Dickens : a Critical Study. 1898.7406 F 

- Hughes (J. L.) Dickens as an Educator. 1901. 1097 J 

- Hughes (W. R.) Week's Tramp in Dickens' 

Land. 1891 2708 C 

-Kent(C) Dickens as a Reader. 1872 1162F 

- Lang (A. ) Mystery of Edwin Drood : an 

Attempt to Unravel the Plot. 1905 700 F 

- Langton (R.) Childhood and Youth of Dickens. 

1891 9690B 

- Marzials (F. T.) Life of Dickens. 1887 9347 B 

- Pierce (G.A.) The Dickens' Dictionary. 1878. 1407 F 

- Rimmer (A.) About England with Dickens. 

1883 1476 C 

- Saunders (Mrs. B.) Philosophy of Dickens. 1905. 696F 

- Taylor (T.) Dickens: Story of his Life. 1870.410B 

- Ward (A. W.) Dickens : a Biography. 1905.2195 B 
Dickens (C. ,/««.) Life of C.J. Matthews. 1879.3346 B 
Dickie (W.) Christian Ethics of Social Life. 

1903 3223 A 

Dickinson (G. L. ) Development of Parliament 

during the Nineteenth Century. 1895 2302 J 

- Greek View of Life. 1896 134 A 

- The Meaning of Good : a Dialogue. 1901 . . . 1694 A 
Dickinson (W. H.) King Arthur in Cornwall. 

1900 2744B 

An Attempt to Bring Together What May Be Accepted With 
Regard To The Personality and Actual Life of King Arthur. 

Dicksee (L. R. ) Bookkeeping for Accountant 

Students. 1903 1956 D 

- and Blain (H. E.) Office Organisation and 

Management, including Secretarial Work. 

1906 2427J 

Dickson (H. N.) Meteorology: the Elements 

of Weather and Climate. 1893 6044 D 

Dickson (W. K-L.) Biograph in Battle. 1901... 1612 B 

Experiences in the South African War, with Photographs 
of Incidents and Battles. 


Annandale (C. ) Concise English Dictionary. 

1900 1119F 

Quilter (H.) Dictionary of Information in 

Various Subjects. 1902 1415 F 

Skeat (W. W.) Etymological Dictionary of the 

English Language. 1901 1102 F 

Walker (J.) Rhyming Dictionary. 1866 7255 F 

Diderot (D. ) Thoughts on Art and Style : Essays. 

Trans, by Mrs. L. Tollemache. 1904 1656 F 

- ReinachQ.) Diderot 240 MB 

- Morley (J. ) Diderot and the Encyclopaedists. 

1878 3227B 

Didier (E. L. ) Life and Letters of Madame 

Bonaparte. 1879 1982 B 

Didon (H. N.) Life of Jesus Christ. 1893 2845 A 

Diehl (C.) Excursions in Greece to Sites of 

Classical Interest. 1893 8540 C 

DIES, Construction and Use of. Bv J. V. 

Woodworth. 1903 3103 D 

Diesel ( R. ) Theory and Construction of a Rational 

Heat Motor. 1894 3302 D 

Diet. See Cookery, Digestion, Food, Household 

Management, Hygiene, Narcotics. 
Dieterich (K. ) Analysis of Resins, Balsams, and 

Gum-Resins : their Chemistry and Pharma- 

cognosis. 1901 3010 D 

Digby (R. H. ) Broad Stone of Honour ; or the True 

Sense and Practice of Chivalry. 1877-76 ...1080 I 
Digby (W. ) India for the Indians and for Eng- 
land. 1885 618 J 

- Natural Law in Terrestrial Phenomena : a Study 

in the Causation of Earthquakes, Volcanic 
Eruptions, Wind-Storms, Temperature and 
Rainfall. 1902 2252 D 


Dutton (T. ) Digestion and Diet. 1892 6494 D 

- Indigestion Rationally Discussed. 1895... 6731 D 
Gillespie (A. L.) Natural History of Digestion. 

1898 10288D 

Roberts (W.) Digestion and Diet. 1891 9576 D 

See also Food, Liver. 
Diggle (J.W. ) Bp. Lancashire Life of Bp. Fraser. 

1889 4118B 

- Sermons for Daily Life. 1891 2542 A 

Dilapidations. See Building. 

Dilke (Mrs. A.) Women's Suffrage. 1885 637 J 

Dilke (C. W.) Ed. of the Athemeum. Papers 
of a Critic ; with a Biographical Sketch by 
his Son, Sir C. W. Dilke. 1875 464 1 F 

Contents: — Vol. 1. Pope's Writings; Lady Mary Wortley 
Montagu ; Swift. Vol. 2. Junius ; Wilkes ; Grenville ; Burke. 

Dilke (Sir C. W.) British Army. 1888 2242 J 

Contents : — Present Position ; Modern Armies ; Our 
" System " ; Ideal of a British Army ; Practical Approxima- 
tions to the Ideal ; National Defence. 

-British Empire. 1899 10196B 

A Series of Articles on India, New Zealand, Africa, New- 
foundland and France, Canada, Australia, Imperial Defence. 

- Greater Britain. 1868 1928C 

A Record of Travel in English-Speaking Countries during 
1866 and 1867. 

- Problems of Greater Britain. 1890 2060 J 

- and Wilkinson (H.S.) Imperial Defence. 1892.631 J 

Contents : -Primacy of the Navy ; Command of the Sea ; 
Peace of India ; North-West Frontier ; Armies ; Manage- 
ment of the Home Army. 

Dilke (E. F. S.) Lady. Art in the Modern 

State. 1888 1025 K 

- Renaissance of Art in France. 1879 1 1 12 K 

Dillmont (T. de) Encyclopedia of Needlework. 

1904 2736 K 





Dillon (E. [.) Life and Writings of Maxim 

Gorky. 1902 9184 B 

Dimier (L. ) French Painting in the Sixteenth 

Centurv. 1904 1300 K 

Dingev(P.S.) Machinery Pattern Making. 1898.9948D 
Dingle (F.) The Art of Icing and Piping. 1904.50 D 
Dinsmore (C. A.) Teachings of Dante. 1902... 1253 F 
Diosy (A. ) New Far East. 1904 2362 J 

Contents:— Birth of the New Far East; Parting, Pigtail, 
and Topknot ; Men of New Japan ; Men of Old Japan ; 
Women of the Ne* Far East; Almighty Dollar; Fighting 
Power; Yellow Peril ; Russia, France, and Germany in the 
Far East ; Britain's Clear Course. 


Bloomfield (G. L. ) Baroness. Reminiscences 

of Diplomatic Li fe. 1883 3637 B 

Diplomatic and Consular Sketches. 18S3 792 J 

Disbrowe (C. A. A.) Old Days in Diplomacy, 

1810-1851. 1903 :..9419B 

Malortie(C. Von) Baron. Diplomatic Sketches. 

1878 3313B 

Murray (E. C. G. ) Embassies and Foreign 

Courts. 1855 90J 

S mith( Mrs. G.) Romance of Diplomacy. 1861.1589B 
Smith (G. B. ) Half-Hours with Famous 

Ambassadors. 1885 9004 B 

Walpele (Sir S. ) Ambassadors, their Duties 

and Privileges. 1882 984J 

I)iprose(L) Epitaphs: Humorous, Eccentric, 

Ancient, and Remarkable 1715 F 

Diicks (H.) Nature Study : As Applicable to 
I he Purposes of Poetrv and Eloquence. 

1870 291 F 

DISBROWE (Sir E. C) Recollections of his 

Diplomatic Career. By his Daughter. 1903.9419 B 
Discoveries. See Inventions. 


Barnes (E. G.) How to Arrest Infectious 

Diseases. 1883 1000 D 

Bennett C.) Modern Malady; or, Sufferers 

from Nerves. 1890 9655 D 

Burggraeve (A.) Dosimetric Medicine. 1882. 8272 D 
( Vandal] (F.M.) Modern Methods of Preventing 

Disease. 191)4 9505 D 

Day (W. II.) Headaches: their Nature, 

Causes and Treatment. 1888 1589 D 

1 lasse (C, E.) Diseases of the Organs of 

Circulation and Respiration. 1846 2036 D 

Hecker (J. F. C. ) Epidemics of the Middle 

Ages. 1S44 3202B 

Richardson (Sir B. W.) Diseases of Modern 

Life. 1876 1559D 

Field of Disease. 1883 2687 D 

\Y:ii son (Sir T. ) Abolition ofZymotic Diseases. 

1879 795D 

Wesl (C) Mother's Manual of Children's 

Diseases. 1885 8860 D 

! . Medicine, 

ilishment. Set ( Ihurch of England. 
Disraeli [B.)See Beaconsfield (B. Disraeli) Earlof. 

Disraeli (I. | Amenities of Literature. 1S4I -zr,\H V 

Calamities and Quarrels of Authors. 1867 831 F 

Curiosities >f Literature. 1834 110F 

iry Character and Literary Miscellanies. 

1859.... '. 1411 I- 

Baptists, I mum h "f England, 

( ongregationahsm, Friends (Society of), 

Methodism, Nonconformists, Puritans, 

(I.), Whitefield (G.) 

Id (P. II.) in tory o! English VU- 

1901 2006 B 

ol Old Buckinghamshire. 1901. .. 3010 B 
I nl at Hi'- I'i- 'Hi 
I . 1901.. 11971 

Ditchfield (P. H.) Old English Sports, Pastimes, 

and Customs. 1 891 459 K 

- Primer of English Gothic Architecture. 1904. 1923 K 

- Story of Our English Towns. 1901 2137 B 

Diversions of the Echo Club 1 39 F 

A Companion to the Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. 

DIVING AND DIVERS, Account of. By 

A. Esquiros. 1868 1065J 

Dixie (Lady F. ) Across Patagonia. 1880 2159 C 

-In the Land of Misfortune. 1882 2286 C 

A Visit to South Africa after the Boer War of 1881. 

- Songs of a Child. 1901 417 II 

Dixon (C. ) Among the Birds in Northern 

Shires. 1900 2129 D 

Annals of Bird Life : a Year-Book of British 

Ornithology. 1890 9437 D 

- Birds' Nests : an Introduction to the Science 

of Caliology. 1902 1400 D 

- Curiosities of Bird Life. 1897 1885 D 

- Idle Hours with Nature. 1891 3129 D 

Selection of Contents: — The Masquerade of Life; The 
Swallow and his Kindred ; The Orchard in Spring ; Bird Life 
from a Railway Carnage ; Nature at Night ; Birds and 

- Lost and Vanishing Birds. 1898 1 920 D 

- Migration of Birds : An Attempt to Reduce 

Avian Season-Flight to Law. 1892 3227 D 

- Nests and Eggs of British Birds : When and 

Where to Find Them. 1894 3403 D 

- Our Favourite Song Birds. 1897 2755 D 

- Story of the Birds. 1900 1441 D 

- Stray Feathers from Many Birds. 1890 3070 D 

Notes Concerning the Habits, Economy and Haunts of Bird*. 

Dixon (II. H.) The Druid. Saddle and Sirloin ; 
or, English Farm and Sporting Worthies. 
1870 191 K 

- Scott and Sebright. 1862 561 K 

Reminiscences of Racing and Hunting in England. 

- Silk and Scarlet. 1859 193 K 

An Account of Hunting and Racing. 

- The Post and the Paddock 192 K 

- Lawley (F. ) Life and Times of H. H. Dixon. 

1895 10202B 

Dixon (W T . G.) Land of the Morning. 1882... 1460 C 

An Account of Japan and its People, including Travels into 
the Remotest Parts of the Interior. 

Dixon (W. Henry) Lives of the Archbishops of 

York. Vol. 1. [All published.] 1863 4593 B 

Dixon (W. Hepworth) British Cyprus. 1879.. .2155 C 

Sketches of Life in British Cyprus after the British 

- Free Russia. 1870 2397 C 

Journeys in Russia, descriptive of the Land and the People. 

Her Majesty's Tower. 1 869 2878 B 

A History of the Tower of London 

History of W. Penn. 1872 2832 B 

Holy Land. 1866 2673 C 

Studies of Scenery in Palestine. 

New America. 1867 529 C 

Descriptive Account of the United States and lis People. 
Personal History of Lord Bacon. 1861 3452 B 

A Defence of Lord Bacon, from (he Criticisms of his 

Roberl Blake, Admiral and General, at Sea. 

1885 37H9B 

Royal vV i ndsor. 1 879 3469 B 

\ History of Windsor Castle and of Events Centreing 
Round li. 





Dixon (\V. Hepworth) Spiritual Wives. 1868. ..698 A 

In this Work an Attempt is made to Describe the Morbid 
Growth of Certain Peelings, from their Birth in the Revival 
Camp to their Wreck on the Domestic Hearth ; to Paint in 
its Diseased Activity one of those Passions which Control the 
Innermost Lives of Men ; to Show in what Subtle and Seduc- 
tive Ways the Poison of Spiritual Pride can Work into the 
Heart ; and in the End, to Warn the Young Seeker after a 
" Newer Way" and a " Higher Law" what Perils Beset his 
Feet the Moment he Quits the Safe Old Path of Experience, 
on any Imaginary " Leading of the Spirit." 

- Storvof Lord Bacon's Life. 1862 19 B 

- The Switzers. 1872 1786C 

Deals with the Government, Education and Life of the 
People of Switzerland. 

- White Conquest. 1876 1899C 

Pictures of the Great Conflict of Races on the American 
Soil as seen in 1875. 

Dixon (W. M.) English Poetry from Blake to 

Browning. 1896 570 F 

- In the Republic of Letters : Critical Essays. 

1898 1329 F 

Contents : —Poetry of Matthew Arnold; Poetry of George 
Meredith ; Poetry of the De Veres ; Novels of George 
Meredith ; Romantic Revival. 

Dixon (W. W. pseud. Thormanby) Kings of 

the Rod, Rifle, and Gun. 1901 2725 K 

A Biographical and Anecdotal Record of Famous Sportsmen. 

Do We Believe? 1905 3284 A 

The Correspondence published in the Daily Telegraph, 
1904, on matters of Faith. 

Dobbin (L. ) and Walker (I.) Chemical Theory 

for Beginners. 1900 21 D 

Dobell (H.) Diet and Regimen in Sickness and 

Health. 1882 1834 D 

Dobell (S.) Thoughts on Art, Philosophy, and 

Religion. 1876 646 F 

Dobney(H. H.) Letters to the Perplexed. 1878.548 A 
A Series of Letters dealing with Doubt and the Bible. 

Dobson (A.) Biography of II. Fielding. 1883.2289 B 

- Biography of O. Goldsmith. 1888 9385 B 

- Biography of W. Hogarth. 1879 2008 B 

- Biography of S. Richardson. 1902 554 B 

- Biography of R. Steele. 1886 9162B 

- Biography of H. Walpole. 1893 9963 B 

-Collected Poems. 1902 747 H 

- Eighteenth Century Essays. 1882 7120F 

- Eighteenth Century Vignettes: Essays 9173 F 

- Four Frenchwomen. 1891 728 B 

Mademoiselle De Corday ; Madame Roland ; Princess De 
Lamballe ; Madame De Genlis. 

- Memoir of Fanny Burney. 1903 699 B 

- Paladin of Philanthropy : Essays 1899 7410 F 

- Side- Walk Studies. 1902. 1487 F 

Dobson (Sir B. A.) Humidity in Cotton Spin- 
ning. 1901 4167 D 

- Some Difficulties in Cotton Spinning. 1901.3501 D 
Dobson (E.) Art of Building. 1874 76 D 

- Foundations and Concrete Works. 1891 191 D 

- Pioneer Engineering. 1898 880 D 

A Treatise on the Engineering Operations Connected with 
the Settlement of Waste Lands in New Countries. 

- Rudimentary Treatise on the Manufacture of 

Bricksand Tiles. 1903 8834 D 

- Rudiments of Masonryand Stonecutting. 1873. 192 D 
Dobson (G.) Russia's Railway Advance into 

Central Asia. 1890 8428 C 

Dobson (W. T.) Literary Frivolities, Fancies, 

Follies and Frolics. 1880 7023 F 

- Royal Characters from the Works of Sir W. 

Scott. 1881 3240 F 

Docks. See Ports. 

Doctors. See Medicine. 

Dodd(A. B.) Falaise, the Town of the Conqueror. 

1901 9569 B 

An Account of Falaise's Earlier Military Importance, Growth 
in Commercial Prosperity, and the Charm of its Modern Aspect. 

- On the Broads. 1896 1705 C 

Description of a Ten Days' Cruise on the Norfolk Broads. 

Dodd (A. F.) Short History of the English 

Colonies. 1901 703 B 

Dodd (C. I.) The Child and the Curriculum. 

1906 1431 J 

Dodds (S. J. V.) Stories from Early English 

Literature. 1879 9030 F 

Dods (M.) Corinthians. {Expositor' s Bible). 1891.2598A 

- Erasmus, and other Essays. 1892 2958 A 

Contents: — Christian Element in Plato; Hippolytus's 
Homily against Noetus ; Clement of Alexandria and his 
Apologetic ; F. D. Maurice ; Confucius ; Christianity and 
Civilisation ; On Preaching ; Marcus Aurelius. 

- Genesis. ( Expositor's Bible. ) 1892 2584 A 

- Gospel of St. John. {Expositor's Bible. ) 1892. 2568 A 

- Forerunners of Dante. 1903 3231 A 

The Purpose of this Book is to Trace from their Earliest 
Beginnings the General Notions of a Future Life, to follow 
their Main Line of Development, and Roughly to Present the 
Full-Grown Conception as it Most Commonly Occurred at the 
time of Dante. 

- Mohammed, Buddha, and Christ : Four Lec- 

tures on Natural and Revealed Religion. 
1905 3325 A 

- Prayer that Teaches to Pray. 1904 3274 A 

- The Bible : its Origin and Nature. 1905. ..3410 A 
Doe (J.) Bridge Manual. 1901 1916 K 


Beeton (S O. ) Dogs : How to Manage and 

Keep Them 702 D 

Cobbe (F. P.) Friend of Man, and his Friends 
the Poets. 1889 551 F 

Compton (IT.) Twentieth Century Non- 
Sporting Dog. 1904 2180D 

- Twentieth Century Sporting Dog. 1904... 2168 D 
Dalziel (H.) St. Bernard : its History, Points, 

Breeding, and Rearing 9327 D 

Davies (G. J.) Kennel Handbook. 1905 471 D 

Dogs in Disease. 1885 9245 D 

Drury (W. D.) British Dogs. 1903 1883D 

Hill (J. W. ) Our Canine Companions in 

Health and Disease. 1891 6357 D 

Hutchinson (W. N.) Dog Breaking. 1891... 650 D 

Jesse (E.) Anecdotes of Dogs. 1858 1163D 

Lane (C. H.) Dog Shows and Doggy People. 

1902 1775 D 

Lee (R. ) History and Description of the 

Collie Dog. 1890 3282D 

- History and Description of the Fox Terrier. 
1890 3283 D 

Lloyd (F. ) Whippet and Race-Dog : How to 

Breed, Rear, Train, Race, and Exhibit It. 

1894 10039D 

Maeterlinck (M.) My Dog : a Psychological 

Study. 1906 3468A 

Mayhew (E.) Dogs and their Management 231 D 

Pearce (T. ) The Dog ; with Simple Directions 

for his Treatment. 1876 1539D 

Price ( R. J. L. ) Dogs' Tales. 1901 1393 D 

Shand (A. I.) Handbook on Dogs. 1903.. .. 1295 K 
Stables (W. G. ) Guide to the Breeding of 

Dogs. 1887 1578 D 

Williams (C. ) Dogs and their Ways. 1893.. 9786 D 
Doherty (H.) Organic Philosophy; or, Man's 

True Place in Nature. 1864 1103 A 






Doherty (M.) Saunters in Social Byways. 1878. 1255 F 

Contents:— Pilgrimage to the Grande Chartreuse ; Among 
the Mad Folk ; Criminal Lunatics ; Day in a Dockyard ; In 
a Convict Prison ; Prisons of Paris ; Reformatories ; Sussex 
Fig Orchards ; Valentine's Eve in the General Post Office ; 
French Asylum ; Needle-Making ; Practical Christian. 

Doidge (T. S.) Sharpened Tools for Busy 

Workers. 1898 2742 A 

Containing Materials for Preaching, Public Speaking, 
Sunday School Teaching, Temperance Work, and the Conduct 
of Religious Classes. 

Dolhear (A. E.) Machinery of the Universe. 

1897 354 D 

Mechanical Conceptions of Physical Phenomena. 

- Matter, Ether, and Motion : the Factors and 

Relations of Physical Science. 1899 8087 D 

Dolbv (George) Charles Dickens as I Knew 

Him. 1885 9001 B 

Story of the Reading Tours in Great Britain and America. 

Dole (N. H. ) Famous Composers. 1905 10078 B 

Contents: — Vol. 1. Sketches of Palestrina ; Purcell ; 
Bach ; Handel ; Gluck ; Haydn ; Mozart ; Beethoven ; 
Rossini ; Weber. Vol.2. Schubert; Spohr ; Meyerbeer ; 
Mendelssohn ; Schumann ; Chopin ; Glinka ; Berlioz ; Liszt ; 

Dolling ( R. R. ) Ten Years in a Portsmouth Slum. 

1896 1125 B 

- Clayton (J.) Father Dolling: a Memoir. 1903. 562 B 

- Osborne (C. E. ) Life of Father Dolling. 1903. 3367 B 
Dollinger (J. F. and J. J. I. von) Pope and the 

Council. 1869....; 340 A 

An Investigation by the Light of History of the Dogma of 
Papal Infallibility. 

Dollinger (J. J. I.) The Gentile and the Jew : 
An Introduction to the History of Christi- 
anity. 1906 1380 A 

Dolomites. See Alps. 

Doman (W.) Production and Use of Acetylene 

Gas. 1902 4289 D 

Domestic Economy. See Household Management. 

Domvile(Z<z^M.) Lamartine.l888.9508B 

Don (J.) First Stage Sound, Light, and Heat. 

1897 6686D 

Donaldson (A. B. ) Five Great Oxford Leaders : 
Keble, Newman, Pusey, Liddon, and 
Church. 1900 898 B 

Donaldson (F. ) Lepcha Land, or, Six Weeks 

ir the Sikhim Himalayas. 1900 1751 C 

Donaldson (11. 1 1. ) Growth of the Brain. 1895. 837] D 

Donaldson {}.) Apostolic Fathers: a Critical 
Account of their Writings and Doctrines. 
1*74 2307A 

Donaldson (J. W.) Theatre of the Greeks. 1891. 824 11 

A Treatise on the History and Exhibition of the Greek 

Donaldson (W.) Fifty Years of Green-Room 

ip; or, Recollections of an Actor. 18(55. 1496 F 

Memories of Kemble, Kean, Macklin, Macready, Booth, 
and Mrs. Siddons. 

D0NATELL0, Sculptor. Life and Works. By 

Lordly, A. I.. Balcarres. L9Q3 ..9651 B 

-Life. By L. Scott. L895 2022B 

DONEGAL. Highways and Bywaysin. By 

S. Gwynn. 189!).' ....8605C 

t at o I reland. 
Donelly (N.) Sell Defence ; or, the An of 

Boxing. 1901 656K 

I kmington (G. ( .) Pi ctical l ercis< in 

mistry. 1906 6025 I) 

Donkin (B.) Heal Efficiency of Steam Boilers. 

1898 '...— 4(150 1) 

Donkin (B.) Text-Book on Gas, Oil, and Air 
Engines ; or Internal Combustion Motors 

without Boiler. 1896 1735D 

Donkin (W. F.) Theoretical Acoustics. 1870.1361 D 
Donne (J.) Dean. Poems 84 II 

- Gosse (E. ) Ed. Life and Letters of Donne. 

1899 3188B 

- Jessopp (A. ) Biography of Donne. 1897 10200 B 

- Lightfoot( \.B.)Bp. Lecture on Donne. 1877.2064 A 

- Walton (I.) Life of Donne. 1858 1353 B 

Donne (W. B. ) Euripides for English Readers. 295 F 

- Tacitus for English Readers. 1901 234 F 

Donnelly (I.) The Cipher : in the Plavs and on 

the Tombstone. 1900 1497 F 

Treatise on Francis Bacon's Cipher in the Plays of Shake- 
speare, and on his Tombstone. 

- The Great Cryptogram ; Francis Bacon's Cipher 

in the so-called Shakespeare Plays. 1888.2712 F 
Donovan (D., i.e.,]. E. P. Muddock) Crime of 

the Century ; being the Life Story of R. 

Pigott. 1904 1934 B 

Donovan (H. C. ) Brain Book, and How to 

Read It. 1904 1852A 

Being an Exposition of Phrenology. 

Doolittle (W. H.) Inventions in the Century. 

1903 1525 D 

Dora d'Istria [Countess, i.e. Elena Ghika Princess 
Koftsova MasaPska) Switzerland, the Pioneer 
of the Reformation. 1858 3467 B 

Doran (J.) A Lady of the Last Century : Mrs. 
E. Montagu. With a Chapter on Blue 
Stockings. 1873 2902 B 

- Habits and Men, with Remnants of Record 

touching the Makers of Both. 1855 1098 F 

- Knights and their Days. 1856 1568 B 

Contents: — Training of Pages. Knightsat Home. Duelling, 
Death and Burial. Female Knights and Jeanne D'Arc. Sir 
Guy of Warwick and What Befel Him. Sir John FalstafL 
The Kings of England, as Knights. The Stuarts. Richard 
Carr, Page, and Guy Faux. 

- London in the Jacobite Times. 1877 3210 B 

- Mann and Manners at the Court of Florence, 

1740-1786. 1876 3062 B 

- Memories of Our Great Towns ; with Anec- 

dotic Gleanings concerning their Worthies 

and their Oddities, 1860-1877. 1878 3194B 

- Monarchs Retired from Business. 1857 1537 B 

- New Pictures and Old Panels. 1859 711 F 

Selection of Contents : — A Picture of England a Century 
Ago ; A Group of Queens Unqueened ; Portraits of the 
Daughters of Charles I. ; The Things We Don't Know ;. 
Portraits of Farienelli and Pompadour. 

- Saints and Sinners ; or, in Church and About 

It. 1868 2027A 

- Table Traits with Something on Them. 1859.795 F 

Selection of Contents : — Breakfast ; French Cafes ; Dinner 
Trails; Diet of Saints of Old; Support of Modern Saints; 
English Kings at their Tables ; Authors and their Dietetics. 

- Their Majesties' Servants, or Annals of the 

English Stage. 1865 979 B 

DORIE (H.) Martyr. Life. By F. Baudry 80 B 

I )orling( W. ) Memoirsof DoraGreenwell. 1885.9135 B 
Dormer (F. J.) Vengeance as a Policy in 

Afrikanderland. 1901 2282J 

DORSET: The Hardy Country. By C. G. 

Harper. 1904 1678 C 

Dos Passos (J. K.) Anglo-Saxon Century and 

the Unification of the English-Speaking 

People. 1903 2332J 

- ( oinmercial Trusts : the Growth and Right of 

Aggregated Capital. 1901 1220 J 

Dostoteffsky (F.) Prison Life in Siberia. 1887. 9922B 
Double (L.) Le Roi Dagobert. 1879 307 MB 





Doubleday (R. ) Stories of Inventors. 1904 2169 D 

Dougall(C. S.) The Burns Country. 1904 1626 C 

Pilgrimages in Scotland. 

Doughty (H. M.) Friesland Meres, and Through 

the Netherlands. 1890 8372 C 

- Our Wherryin Wendish Lands: from Friesland, 

through the Mecklenburg Lakes to Bohemia. 

1891 2815C 

Doughty (M. ) Afoot Through the Kashmir Valleys. 

1902 ' 2609 C 

Douglas (A. F.) Practical Treatise on Prayer. 

1901 3038A 

Douglas (Sir G. B. S.) Biography of James Hogg. 

1899 230 B 

- Diversions of a Country Gentleman. 1902. ..1801 F 

Contents: — Across the Border by a Disused Road ; Sport 
and Meditation on a Loch; Carting the Bee-Hives; Eel- 
Spearing; Some Usages of the Harvest Field ; Rural Coursing- 
Match ; Reminiscences of Poachers ; Motor Car on Border 
Road ; Old Village Life and Character ; Salmon-Netting in 
the " Upper Waters'" ; Scottish Gipsy Vendetta. 

Douglas {Rev. II. ) Into the Deep ; or, the Wonders 
of the Lord's Person. 1886 2653 A 

Douglas (Hester) Heavenly Teachings in Earthly 

Proverbs. 1890 2441 A 

Douglas (M.) Across Greenland's Ice-Fields. 

1897 1089C 

A Record of the Adventures of Nansen and Peary in 

Douglas (Sir R. K.) Confucianism and Taouism. 

1879 :... 1641A 

- Europe and the Far East. 1904 1147 B 

- Li Hung Chang. 1895 10130B 

- Society in China. 1894 2522C 

-Story of China. 1899 10324 B 

Douglas (R. S.) and Walker (A. Ii.) System of 

Brush Drawing and Design. 1902 3153 K 

Douglas (Mrs. S.) Life and Correspondence of 

William Whewell. 1881 3562 B 

Douglas (W.) Duelling Days in the Army. 1887. 1992 B 
- Horse-Shoeing as It Is and as It Should Be. 

1873 ...1673D 

Douglas (W. S.) Cromwell's Scotch Campaigns, 

a.d. 1650-1. 1898 2762B 

DOUGLASS (F.) Slave and Orator. Life and 

Times. 1817-82. Ed. by J. Lobb. 1882. .. 3640 B 
D0UKH0B0RS: the Peculiar People. By 

A. Maude. 1904 3381 A 

Doumic (R. ) Histoire de la Litterature 

Francaise 1 808 M F 

DOVE DALE Revisited. By E. Marston. 1902.6014 C 

- See also Derbyshire. 

Dow (J. W. ) American Renaissance. 1904... 3162 K 

History of American Domestic Architecture from Colonial 
Times to the Present Day. 

Dowden (E.) Biography of R. Browning. 1904.9486 B 

- Biography of R. Southey. 1879 1948 B 

- Introduction to Shakespeare. 1893 9210 F 

- New Studies in Literature. 1902 1800 F 

- Primer of Shakspeare. 1877 480 F 

- Puritan and Anglican : Studies in Litera- 

ture. 1900 1822F 

- Shakspere : his Mind and Art. 1892 2791 F 

Dowden (J.) Bp. Workmanship of the Prayer 

Book. 1899 2979 A 

Dowie (J.) The Foot and its Covering. 1871. ..617 D 
Dowie (M. M.) Girl in the Karpathians. 1891.8407 C 

An Account of the Author's Wanderings in Central Europe. 

Things about Our Neighbourhood. 1903 1693 D 

Description of Country Life and Work. 


Dowie (M. U.)Ed. Women Adventurers. 1893.4372 B 

Lives of Madame Velazquez, Hannah Snell, Mrs. A. Talbot 
and Mrs. C. Davies. 

Dowling(R.) Ignorant Essays. 1887 .....7179 F 

Contents : — Only Real Ghost in Fiction ; Best Two Books ; 
Lies of Fable and Allegory ; My Copy of Keats ; Decay of 
the Sublime ; Borrowed Poet ; English Opium Eater ; Guide 
to Ignorance. 

- Indolent Essays. 1889 9064 F 

Contents :— Other People's Windows; Holiday Making; 
Borrowed Robes ; Zero in Space ; University of Youth ; 
Cockney Dog ; Unfortunate Tribe of Men ; The Sea ; 
Ancient and Modern ; Broaching of the Cask of Amontillado ; 
Imaginary Mortal Coils ; Minimum Fortune ; Points in the 
ImmortalLine ; Binding up the Sheaves; " Action, Action, 
Action;" Borrowed Plume; Fiction of Finance; Well of 
Wisdom ; Shopkeeping ; Venice Preserved ; For the Marines ; 
Huckster's Accounts for Crime ; " Past Twelve ; " Sunday in 
the Upper Circles ; Wrong End of the Stick. 

Downes (R. P.) Art of Noble Living. 1902. ..3125 A 

- Pillars of Our Faith. 1906 1855 A 

Study in Christian Evidence. 

- Woman : her Charm and Power. 1900. ..*... 2816 A 
Downey (E.) Publiskei . Twenty Years Ago. 

1905 3741B 

Book of Anecdote Illustrating Liteiary Life in London. 
Downing (C.) The Messiahship of Shakespeare. 

1901 ..1837 F 

Study of the Religious Ideals of Shakespeare as Expressed 
in the Symbolism Contained in the Sonnets, Tempest, and 

Downman (E. A.) English Pottery and Porce- 
lain. 1899 737 K 

Concise Account of the Development of the Potter's Art in 

Dowsett (C. F.) Striking Events in Irish 

History. 1890 719 B 

Dowson (E.) Decorations : in Verse and Prose. 85 1 II 
Doyle (Sir A. C.) Great Boer War. 1900 .2507 B 

- Songs of Action. 1898 ....238 II 

- War in South Africa : its Cause and Conduct. , 

1902 :....... 2273 J 

Doyle (Sir F. H. C.) Reminiscences and 

Opinions, 1813-1885. 1886 3893 B 

Sir F. H. Doyle was Successively Receiver-General, and 
Commissioner of Customs, and Professor of Poetry at 

Doyle (J. A.) English in America: Virginia, 

Maryland, and the Carolinas. 1882 3629 B 

A History of the English Colonies in North America 
during their Period of Dependence on the Mother Country. 

- History of America. 1875 93 B 

Drage (G.) Problem of the Aged Poor. 1895... 1269 J 

- The Labour Problem. 1896 2063 J 

- The Unemployed. 1894 627 J 

- Trade Unions. 1905 362 J 

The History, Constitution, and Aims of Trade Unions.. 

DRAGON FLIES, British. Illustrated Hand- 
book of. 1890 261 D 

- See also Insects. 

Barwise (S.) Purification of Sewage. 1899... 10318 D 
Beardmore (W. L.) Drainage of Habitable 

Buildings. 1892 9686 D 

Buchan (W. P.) Chapters upon House Drainage. 

1902 661D 

Crimp(W.S.) Sewage Disposal Works. 1894. 2194 D 
Dempsey (G. D.) Drainage of Towns and 

Buildings. 1874 101 D 

Denton (J. B. ) Sewage Disposal. 1885 3540 D 

Gerhard (W. P.) Hints on the Drainage and 

Sewerage of Dwellings. 1892 .'....... .9969 D 

- Sanitary Drainage of Buildings. 1890......:.).29 D 





Jensen (G.J.G.) Modern Drainage Inspection. 

1899 6099 D 

King(F. H.) Irrigation and Drainage. 1899. 6007 D 
Middleton (G. A. T. ) Drainage of Houses. 

1903 1884 D 

Naylor (W.) Trades Waste: its Treatment 

and Utilisation. 1902 2204 D 

Reeves (R. II.) Bad Drains and How to Test 

Them. 1885 8827 D 

Roechling(H. A.) Sewer Gas and its Influence 

on Health. 1898 4198 D 

Roland (A.) Drainage of Land, Irrigation, 

and Manures. 1880 8052 D 

Slater (J. W.) Sewage Treatment, Purification, 

and Utilization. 1888 9225 D 

Spinks(W.) House Drainage Manual. 1897.1705 D 
Wardle (T.) Treatment and Disposal of 

Sewage. 1893 3370 D 

See also Building, Engineering, Hygiene, 

Drake (C. F. T.) Literary Remains. Ed. by 

SirW. Besant. 1877 4647 F 

Contents .-—Modern Jerusalem ; Notes for Travellers in 
Palestine ; Morocco and the Moors ; Notes on the Birds of 
Tangier and Eastern Morocco ; Natural History of the Tih. 

DRAKE (Sir F.) 

Adventures and Discoveries of Sir F. Drake.9635 B 
Christie (M.) Silver Map of the World : a 
Medallion Commemorative of Drake's 

Voyage, 1577-80. 1900 1729C 

Corbett (J. S.) Biography of Sir F. Drake. 

1890 9696 B 

Drake and the Tudor Navy. 1899 1256 B 

Southey (R.) English Seamen. 1895 10159 B 

Towle (G. M.) Life of Sir F. Drake. 1891... 9703 B 

Drake (N.) Essays. 1805 7152F 

- Essays : Biographical, Critical, and Histori- 
cal. 1809 7155 F 


Archer(F.)HowtoWriteaGood Play. 1892.9221 F 
Archer (W.) About the Theatre. 1886 9005 F 

- English Dramatists of To-Day. 1882 588 H 

- Study and Stage : a Year-Book of Criticism. 
1899 1475F 

Ayres (A.) Actors and Acting : Elocution and 
Elocutionists. 1894 8K 

Bancroft (M. E.) Lady. Gleanings from On 

and Off the Stage. 1892 9848 B 

Bamett(L. D.) Primer of Greek Drama. 1899.411 

Beale(W.) Enterprising Impresario. 1867. . 1171 F 

Beerbohm (C.) Little Book of Plays. 1897. ..894 II 

Blaze de Bury (M. P.) Baroness. Moliere 

and ih<- French Classical Drama. 1845 19 II 

!' ineandthe French Classical Drama. 1845.19 II 

Campbell (L.) Guide to Greek Tragedy 

1891 ... ..7420F 

Tragic Drama in /Kschylus, Sophocles, and 
Shakes] >eare. 1 904 2001 F 

Cochrane (A. B.) Theatre Francais in the 

Reign of Louis XV. 1879 3356 B 

nan (J.) Players and Playwrights I 
Have Known, isns '. 400s B 

Collier (J. P.) English Dramatic Poetry and 
Annals of the Stage. 183) 247 If 

( ool (E. D.) Hours with the Players. 1881. . 679 H 
the Play. 18S3 OS 1 11 

Courtney (W. L.) [dea of Tragedy in 

Ancienl and Modern Drama. 1900 95 II 

d on(T. W.)TheatreoftheGreeks. 1891.824 II 
d on (W.) Fifty Vears ol Green Room 
( •■< Bip. 1881... I |<)ii y 


Doran (J.) Annals of the English Stage. 1865.979 B 
Edwards (II. S.) Famous First Representa- 
tions. 1886 589 H 

-Filon(A.) Modern French Drama : Essays. 

1898 1403F 

Fitzgerald (P.) Art of the Stage. 1885 250 H 

- History of the English Stage. 1882 3772 B 

Principles of Comedy. 1870 744 II 

- Romance of the English Stage. 1874 3024 B 

- World Behind the Scenes. 1881 106 J 

Fitzpatrick (W. R. ) Influence of the Drama 

for Good or Evil. 1903 1168F 

Garland (II.) Crumbling Idols. 1894 290 F 

Grein (1. T.) Dramatic Criticism. 1899 693 F 

Hale (E. E.) Dramatists of To-Day. 1905...1127F 
Hastings (C. ) The Theatre : its Development 

in France and England. 1901 1402 II 

Hawkins (F.) Annals of the French Stage. 

1884 153411 

Hollingshead (J.) Gaiety Chronicles. 1898... 3568 B 

- Sketches of the Theatre. 1880 1446 F 

Hubert (P. G.) Stage as a Career. 1900 122 J 

Jerome (J. K.) On the Stage and Off. 1885... 651 B 

- Stage- Land : Curious Habits and Customs 

of its Inhabitants. 1892 371 II 

Jones (H. A.) Renascence of the English 

Drama. 1895 670 II 

Tones (S.) Actor and his Art. 1899 745 H 

Leathes(E.) Actor Abroad. 1880 4160B 

Lemaitre (J.) Impressions de Theatre. 1901.1815 MF 
Lennox {Lord W. P.) Plays, Players, and 

Playhouses. 1881 688 H 

Lewes (G. H. ) Actors and Acting. 1875 297 K 

Matthewsd.B. ) Books and Plav- Books. 1895. 2888F 

- French Dramatists of the 19th Century. 1882.586 H 

Meredith (G.) Essay on Comedy. 1905 84 F 

Merivale (H. C. ) Bar, Stage, and Platform. 

1902 733B 

Owen (J.) Five Great Sceptical Dramas of 

History. 1896 1553H 

Purnell (T.) Dramatists of the Present Day. 

1871 357 H 

Ramble with the Early English Dramatists. 

1862 1679F 

Robins (E.) Palmy Days of Nance Oldfield. 

1898 3755 B 

Schlegel (A. W. ) Dramatic Art and Literature. 

1840 954P 

Scott (C. W.) Drama of Yesterday and To-Day. 

1899 4282 B 

Scott (Sir W.) Essays on the Drama. 1874... 71 16 F 
Smilhson (D. J.) Elocution and the Dramatic 

Art. 1889 9036F 

Symons (A.) Plays, Acting, and Music. 1903.1784F 

DRAMATIC WORKS. See the Names of 

following Authors :- — 

jEschylus..327, 405, 820-1 H 

Alcott(L. M.) 476 H 

Alrtere(V.) 822 H 

Aristophanes 435-6 K 

Arnold (Sir E.) 444 H 

Austin (A.) 

802, 806-7, 809, 811 H 
Balzac (H. de) ....1901MH 
Beaumarchais (C. de) 

1902 M H 
Beaumont (F.)and Fletcher 

(J.) 572 H 

Bell (Mrs. II.) 574 H 

Bennett (E. A.) 109 H 

Besant (Sir W.) 617 H 

Blanchard(E. L.) ... 559 H 
Blind (M.) 462 H 

< alderon (,!'., de hi liana) 

841 II 
C.issillis (I. L.) 160 H 

< hapman (G.) 871 H 

Daudet (A.) 
2011 H, 1915 MH, 1958 MH 

Davidson (J.) 929 H 

Dryden(J.) 519-20 H 

Dubourg(A. W.) 480 H 

Dumas (A.).. 1812, 1903 MH 

Euripides 435-6, 825 H 

Harnett (R.) 924 H 

(;askcll(/Wv C. M.).799H 

GemmelKR.) 256 H 

Gilbert (W. S.) 135-6 H 

Goethe (J. W. von) 

635, 787 H, 1965 MH 
Go1dsinith(0. ). 763-4 11,817 K 

Gosse(E.) 52, 884 H 

Grindrod(C) 881 H 

Hardy (T.) 844 H 

Harrison (Mrs. I!.)....161H 

Halted-'. B.) 10171 K 

Hemans(Mrs. F. D.)..270H 
Hervieu(P.) 1489 MH 

I 4< S 





Hewlett (M.) 576 H 

Hobbes(f. O.)....205, 790 H 

Housman(L.) 2020 H 

Hugo(V.) 1930-41 MH 

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Draughting. See Drawing. 


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See also Architecture, Art, Engraving, Painting, 

Perspective, Sculpture. 
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- Untrodden Ground in Astronomy and Geology. 

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Dreams. See Sleep. 


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1903 746K 

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1897 ,...768 I) 


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See also Costume. 
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Kingdom. 1860 2127 D 

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duct and Meaning of Life. 1899 1650 A 

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Life in its Relation to Health and Happi- 
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Life, Optimism, and the Christ. 1899 1647 A 

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Account of the Jummoo and Kashmir 

Territories. 1877 8147 C 

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Dreyfus. 1900 1266B 

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Drill, Musical. See Gymnastics. 

Drinks. See Beverages. 

Driver (S. R. ) Book of Genesis {Westminster 

Commentaries). 1905 1335 A 

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Translation, Introductions and Explana- 
tions. 1906 ...3400A 

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Driving. See Coaching. 

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Drummond (II.) Changed Life: an Address. 

1896 2708 A 

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Greatest Thing in the World. 1897 2710 A 

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Natural Law in the Spiritual World. 1905... 2129 A 

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Programme of Christianity. 1892 2712 A 

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Tropical Africa. 1903 8288C 

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mond. 1901 1907B 

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1899..... 1413B 

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B. O'Brien. 1889 3998 B 





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Drunkenness. .SV^ Alcoholism. 

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Years' Captivity. 1890 2610 C 

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- Insects and other Pests Injurious to Fruit Trees. 

1897 1039 D 

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Analysis of the Music and Commentary on the Dramatic 
Element in the Operas of Wagner. 

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Drying. See Heat. 

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Comfort in House Building. 1890 2090 D 

Dubelle (O. II.) Soda Fountain Requisites of 
Modern Times : A Practical Receipt Book 
for Druggists, Chemists, Confectioners, 

and Vendors of Soda Water. 1893 9940 D 


Gilbert (J. T.) History of Dublin. 1903...1174B 
Recollections of Dublin Castle, and Dublin 

Society. 1902 9355 B 

Ward and Lock's Guide to Dublin 455 C 

See also Ireland. 
Dubois (F. ) Timbuctoo the Mysterious. Trans. 

by D. White. 1897 2876C 

Dubourg (A. W.) Four Original Plays (Unacted). 
1883 480 H 

Contents : — Greencloth : a Story of Monte Carlo ; Vittoria 
Contarini : a Story of Venice ; Land and Love : a Story of 
English Life ; Art and Love : a Sketch of Artist Life. 

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Sources of the English Reformation. Ed. 
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Forest of Equatorial Africa, and the 
Country of the Dwarfs. 1892 8368 C 

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Travels in Equatorial Africa. 

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Travels in Lapland. 

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Winter Journeys through Sweden, Nor- 
way, Lapland, and Northern Finland. 
1881 2253 C 

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and Customs. 1889 3508 B 

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Studies of the Natural History of the Central African Forest. 

Duchochois (P. C. ) Photographic Image : Treatise 
of the Development in the Gelatine, Collo 
dian, Ferrotype, and Silver Bromide Paper 
Processes. 1891 1052 K 

-Photography at Night. 1893 690 K 

Duclaux {Mdme. M.) See Robinson (A. M. F.) 
Du Couret (L., i.e., Hadj-Abd-El-Hamid) 
L'Arabie Heureuse-Souvenirs de Voyages 

en Afrique et en Asie. 1895 501 MC 

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Josephine ; with Anecdotes of the Courts 

of Navarre and Malmaison. 1894 4609 B 

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DUELLING Days in the Army. By W. 

Douglas. 1887 1992B 

-Romance of. By A. Steinmetz. 1868 1593 B 

- See also Sword. 

Duff (II. L. ) Nvasaland under the Foreign 

Office. 1903 2318C 

An Account of Nyasaland and the Shire District of British 
Central Africa, since the British Protectorate in 1891. 

Duff (M.) Novelties and How to Make Them : 
a Collection of Hints and Helps in Pro- 
viding Pleasant Occupation for Children... 1395 K 

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-Notes from a Diary, 1851-1901 9424 B 

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Young. 1895 1588 A 

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Dufferin (F. T. II. B.) Marquis of. Letters 

from High Latitudes. 1856 952C 

An Account of a Voyage to Iceland, Jan Mahen, and 
Spitzbergen in 1856. 

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Dufferin. 1903 3977 B 

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Journal, 1872-8 8427 C 

- Our Viceregal Life in India, 1884-8 2583 C 

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1887 9367 B 

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1892 9879 B 

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Irish History, 1850-54. 1886 9291 B 

- My Life in Two Hemispheres. 1898 4683 B 

- Young Ireland : a Fragment of Irish History, 

1840-1850. 1880 !..3451 B 

Dufton (H.) Journey through Abyssinia in 

1862-3 503 C 

Dugmore (A. R. ) Camera and Countryside. 1903.2739K 

How to Photograph Live Birds and their Nests ; Animals, 
Wild and Tame ; Reptiles ; Insects ; Fish and other Aquatic 
Forms ; Flowers, Trees, and Fungi. 

Duguid (C. ) How to Read the Money Article. 

1901 684 J 

- The Stock Exchange : an Explanation of the 

Complicated Machinery of the Stock Ex- 
change. 1904 1376 J 

Duhamel (J.) Advanced French Prose Composition. 
1892 542 F 

Dukes (C.) Essentials of School Diet. 1891 ...9679 D 

- Health at School considered in its Mental, 

Moral and Physical Aspects. 1 894 9954 D 

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Dulcken (H. W.) Pearls from the Poets. 1860. 1519 H 

- Worthies of the World. 1881 4727 B 

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1887 2219 B 

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-Causeries 1810 MF 

-Cesar 201MB 





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- Henri IV 209MB 

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1897 • 517MC 

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1899 510 MC 

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1896 ' 508 MC 

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1897 512 MC 

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- Impressions de Voyage : Una Annee a 

Florence 502 MC 

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-La Regence, 1715-1723 227MB 

- La Route de Varennes 228 MB 

- Le Drama le Quatre-Vingt-Treize 204 MB 

- Les Drames de la Mer 206MB 

- Les Garibaldiens : Revolution de Sicile et de 

Naples 207 MB 

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- Les Medicis 222MB 

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- Mes Memoires 216 MB 

- Napoleon 215MB 

- Propos d'Art et de Cuisine. 1894 1811 MF 

- Souvenirs Dramatiques 1812MF 

Theatre Complet 1903 MH 

Trois Maitres 230 MB 

Contents:— Michel-Ange ; Titien ; Raphael. 

- Un Gil-Bias en Californie. 1893 507 MC 

In Pays Inconnu 516 MC 

and Dauzats(A.)QuinzeJoursauSinai. 1891.518 MC 

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Dumas. 1 902 4044 B 

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ander I )umas. 1873 2903 B 

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Spurr (II. A.) Stories from the Plays of 

' Duma-, 1904 1536F 

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By I-. Moscheles. 1896 6017B 

Dum< -nil {Abbi\ Recollections of the Reign of 

I error. 1885 9141 B 

De - ription of the French R< 

of 1789. 

Dumb-Bell. See ( gymnastics. 

Du Moncel(T.) Electric Lighting. IS83 970D 

Electricity as a Motive Power. 1883 8489 D 

Elements of Construction for Electro-Magnets. 

I HS.-{ S354 I) 

The Telephone, Microphone, and the Phono- 
graph. 1892 D94D 

Dumont (A. Santos-) MyAirships: the Story 

of M) Life. 1904.... 10204 B 

Dun (F. ) Landlords and Tenants in Ireland. 

1881 640J 

An Inquiry into the Subjects of Land Tenure and Estate 
Management, and the Condition of Tenants and Labourers. 

Dunbar (C. F.) Theory and History of Banking. 

1906 -I422J 

Dunbar (M. J. M.) Art and Nature under an 

Italian Sky. 1860 1003 K 

Duncan (Edmondstoune) Life and Work of 

Schubert. 1905 981 B 

Duncan (Edward) Studies in Marine Painting. 251 7 K 

- Vere Foster's Course of Drawing : Marine 

Drawing 7. 3007 K 

Duncan (F.) The English in Spain; or, The 

Storv of the War of Succession between 

1834 and 1840. 1877 4032B 

DUNCAN (J.) Weaver and Botanist. Life. 

By W. Jolly. 1883 9106B 

Duncan (John) Applied Mechanics for Beginners. 

1903 669D 

Duncan (P. M.) Natural History Rambles: 

The Sea-Shore. 1879 772 D 

- Transformations of Insects. 1877 1 936 D 

Duncan (Sara J.) See Cotes (Mrs. E.) 

Duncker (M. W. ) History of Greece. 1883... 3860 B 
Dunckley (H.) Biography of Lord Melbourne. 

1890 9640 B 

- and Others. Richard Cobden and the Jubilee 

of Free Trade. 1896 632J 

DUNDEE (J.G., of Claverhouse) Viscount of. 

- Barbe (L. A.) Biography of Viscount Dundee. 

1903 612B 

- Clavers the Despot's Champion : a Scots 

Biography. 1889 9602 B 

- Morris (M.) Biography of Claverhouse 9165B 

Dundonald (T. ) iotk Earl of. Autobiography of 

a Seaman. 1861 '....1323B 

- Narrative of Services in Chili, Peru, and Brazil. 

1859 2889 B 

- Atlay (J. B. ) Trial of Lord Cochrane before 

Lord Ellenborough. 1897 6003 B 

Dundonald (T. B. ) nth Earl of, and Bourne 

( H. R. F. ) Life of T. 10th Earl of Dundonald. 

1869 3438 B 

DUNFERMLINE : Problems of a Scottish 

Provincial Town. By J. H. Whitehouse. 

1905 : 372J 

Dunham (S. A.) Europe during the Middle Ages. 

1833 282B 

- Historv of Spain and Portugal. B.C. 480- 

a.d.1790. 1832 351B 

- Historv of the German Empire. 1834 111B 

Dunkerley (S.) Mechanism. 1905 2464 D 

Dunkin(E.) Midnight Sky: Familiar Notes on 

the Stars and Planets. 1891 3608 D 

Dunkin (R., pseud. Snaffle) In the Land of the 

Bora. 1897 2249 C 

Camp Life and Sport in Dalmatia and the Herzegovina. 

- Snaffle Papers. 1898 1274K 

A Series of Papers on Sportsmen and Sport. 

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Dunlop (M. A. W.) Glass in the Old World. 

1882 1024 K 

Dunlop (R.) Daniel O'Connell and the Revival 

of National Life in Ireland. 1900 2324 B 

Dunman (T. ) Glossary of Anatomical, Physio- 
logical, and Biological Terms. 1889' 9429 D 

- Text-Book of Electricity and Magnetism. 

1891 9357D 

Dunmore (C A. \\.)ylli Earl of. The Pamirs. 

IS93 1582C 

lUjin^ a Narrative of an Expedition through Kashmir, 
Western Tibet, Chinese Tartary, and Russian Central Asia. 



Dunn (II. A. C.) Fencing. 1890 120 K 

Dunn (II. T. ) Recollections of Dante G. 

Rossetti and his Circle. 1904 95.39 R 

Dunn (J.) Violin Playing. 1898 754 K 

Dunn (S. H. ) Sunny Memories of an Indian 

Winter. 1898 1821 C 

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Where to Fish in Ireland. 1892 484 K 

Du Nover {Mdme. A. M. P.) Correspondence. 

Trans, and Ed. by F. L. Layard. 1890... 4237 B 
Dunphie (C. J.) The Chameleon: Fugitive 

Fancies on Many-Coloured Matters. 1888. 1155 F 

- Sweet Sleep : a Course of Reading Intended 

to Promote that Delightful Enjoyment. 

1879 1341F 

- Wildfire : a Collection of Erratic Essays. 1876. 1200 F 
-and King (A.) Free Lance: Tiltings in 

Many Lists: Essays. 1881 1623F 

Dunraven (W. T. ) 4th Earl of. The Great 
Divide : Travels in the Upper Yellow- 
stone in the Summer of 1874. 1876 2198 C 

Dunstan(R.) Manual of Music. 1897 666 K 

Dunster (H. P.) How to Make the Land Pay. 

1885 636 J 

Dunton (T. Watts-) Coming of Love: Rhona 

Boswell's Story, and other Poems. 1899... 706 H 

Duntzer(H.) Life of F. Schiller. 1883 9202 B 

-Life of J. W. Von Goethe. 1883 9199 B 

Dupanloup (F. A. P.) Bp. Ministry of Preaching. 

1890 2442 A 

DUPLEIX (J. F.) Ruler of India. Biography. 

ByG. B. Malleson. 1890 9764 B 

Duplessis (G. ) Wonders of Engraving. 1870. . . 1050 K 

Duppa (R.) Life of Michael Angelo. 1891 326 B 

Dupre (G.) Thoughts in Art and Autobiographi- 
cal Memoirs. Trans, by E. M. Peruzzi. 

1884 2494 B 

DUPRE (J.) Fainter. Biography. By J. W. 

Mollett. 1890 9888 B 

Dupuis (N. F. ) Elements of Synthetic Solid 

Geometry. 1893 9947 D 

Duprat (G. L. ) Morals : Treatise on the Psycho- 
Sociological Bases of Ethics. 1903 3163 A 

Dupuy (E.) Great Masters of Russian Literature. 

1886 9285 B 

Durand(A. G. A.) Making of a Frontier. 1899.2120 C 

Five Years' Experiences and Adventures in Gilgit, Hunza, 
Nagar, Chitral, and the Eastern Hindu-Kush. 

Durand (E. R. ) Autumn Tour in Western Persia. 

1902 1812C 

DURBAN. History of. By J. F. Ingram. 1899.2822 B 

- See also Africa, South ; Natal. 

DURER (A.) Painter. 

Allen (L. J.) Biography of Diirer. 1903 35 B 

Eckenstein (L.) Life of Diirer. 1902 28 B 

Heath (R. F.) Biography of Diirer. 1881... 2215 B 
Scott ( W. B. ) Life and Works of Diirer. 1869. 3368 B 
Thausing (M.) Albert Diirer : his Life and 

Works. 1882 3742 B 

Duret(E.) Practical Household Cookery. 1891.9462 D 
Durham (F. A.) Lone-Star of Liberia : Being 
the Outcome of Reflections on our Own 
People. 1892 634 J 

Contents: — The Africo-American ; Is the Ethiopian Inferior 
to the Caucasian ; Immorality ; Superstition in the 19th 
Century ; Under Caucasian Rule ; Africa governed by Afri- 
cans ; Repatriation and Liberia. 

Durham (M. E.) Through the Lands of the 

Serb. 1904 2139C 

Being the Account of a Journey through Montenegro and 

Durham (W. ) Astronomy : Sun, Moon, Stars. 

{Science in Plain Language). 1890 6353 D 




Durham (W.) Food, Physiology, etc. {Science 

in Plain Language) . 1891 6543 D 


Brown (J. ) Tourist Rambles in Durham. 1878.8581 C 
Historical and Descriptive View of Durham. 

1847 1331B 

Lightfoot (J. B.) Bp. Leaders in the Northern 

Church. 1890 3268 A 

Sharp (Sir C.) Legends, Songs, Ballads, etc., 

belonging to the County of Durham. 1906.4330 B 
Tweddell (G. M.) Bards and Authors of 

South Durham. 1872 3937 B 

Durnford (E.) A Soldier's Life and Work in 

South Africa, 1872-79 : a Memoir of 

Colonel A. W. Durnford. 1882 3756 B 

Du Toil (S. J.) Rhodesia, Past and Present. 

1897 1646 C 

Dutt (R. C.) India in the Victorian Age. 1904.3441 B 

- Primer of Civilization of India. 1900 174 B 

Dutt(W. A.) Guide to Norfolk. 1900 502C 

- Norfolk Broads. 1905 1694C 

An Outline of the History of the Broads and a Description 
of the Botany, Entomology, Pond Life, Fishing, etc. 

Dutton (C. E.) Earthquakes in the Light of 

the New Seismology. 1904 1853 D 

Dutton (S. T. ) Social Phases of Education in 

the School and the Home. 1899 999 J 

Dutton (T. ) Digestion and Diet, Rationally 

Discussed. 1892 6494 D 

- Treatment of Indigestion, Corpulency, and 

Gout. 1895 6731 D 

Duval (M.) Artistic Anatomy. 1896 1186D 

DWARFS: Land of the Pigmies. ByG. Burrows. 

1898 1835 C 

Dwight(H.O. ) Constantinople and its Problems : 

its Peoples, Customs, Religions, and Progress. 

1901 1603 C 

Dwight(J.) Lawn-Tennis. 1893 198 K 

DW1GHT (T. ) President of Yale College. Life. 

By W. B. Sprague. 1847 435 B 

Dye (F. ) Hot Water Supply : a Practical Treatise 

upon the Fitting of Hot Water Apparatus. 

1906 9055 D 

-Treatise on Steam Heating. 1901 1803 D 


Beech (F) Dyeing of Cotton Fabrics. 1901. 2128D 
Benedikt (R. ) and Knecht(E.) Chemistry of 

the Coal Tar Colours. 1889 8865 D 

Bolas (T.) Dyes, Stains, and Polishes. 1900. 1579 D 
Crookes (Sir W. ) Dyeing and Calico Printing. 

1874 ..1852 D 

- Dyeing and Tissue Printing. 1882 961 D 

D'Apligny( M. P. )Artot Cotton Dyeing. 1901.21 10D 

Erlurt (J.) Dyeing of Paper Pulp. 1901 3614 D 

Gardner (W. M.) Wool Dyeing. 1896 10206 D 

Hellot (1.) Art of Dyeing Wool, Silk, and 

Cotton. 1901 2110 D 

Hummel (J.J.) Dveing of Textile Fabrics. 

1890 . 6469D 

Hurst (G. H.) Garment Dveing and Cleaning. 

1895 '. 10153 D 

- Silk Dyeing, Printing, and Finishing. 1892.9907 D 
Knecht (E.) and Others. Manual of Dyeing. 

1893 33321) 

Macquer (M.) Art of Dyeing Silk. 1901... 21 10 D 
Napier (J.) Manual of Dyeing, and Dyeing 

Receipts. 1875 1600 D 

Nietzki (R.) Chemistry of Organic Dye- 
stuffs. 1892 ,..3384D 

Paterson (D.) Colour-Matching on Textiles. 

1901 ....1815D 

Sansone (A.) Printing of Cotton Fabrics. 

1887 3304D 






Sansone (A.) Progress in Calico Printing and 

Dyeing. 1895.'. 3967 D 

Slater (J. W.) Manual of Colours and Dye 

Wares. 1882 1320D 

Weyl (T. ) Coal-Tar Colours. 1892 9751 D 

Dyer (J.) Poetical Works 1540 H 

Dyer (S.) Dialect of the West Riding of York- 
shire. 1891 541F 

Also contains Reminiscences of Leeds. 

Dyer (T. F. T. ) British Popular Customs. 

1876 1793B 

- Domestic Folk-Lore. 1881 63A 

- English Folk-Lore. 1878 92J 

- Folk-Lore of Plants. 1889 9326 D 

- Great Men at Play. 1889 4072B 

Old English Social Life as Told by the 

Parish Registers. 1898 2174B 

- Royalty in All Ages. 1903 4159B 

The Amusements, Eccentricities, Accomplishments, Super- 
stitions, and Frolics of the Kings and Queens of Europe. 

Dver (T. H.) Pompeii: its History and Anti- 
quities. 1898 9012B 

- Rome : its Vicissitudes and Monuments. 1893.9124 B 
Dykes (J. O. ) From Jerusalem to Antioch : 

Sketches of the Primitive Church. 1875... 2015 A 

- Plain Words on Great Themes : Sermons. 

1892 2638 A 

Dvmond(J.) Essays on the Principles of Morality, 
and on the Private and Political Rights 
and Obligations of Mankind. 1852 861 A 

Dymond (T.S.) Experimental Course of Chemistry 

for Agricultural Students. 1898 10317 D 


Baker (T. ) Principles and Practice of Statics 

and Dynamics. 1887 319 D 

Briggs (W.) and Bryan (G. H.) Tutorial 

Dynamics. 1898 6751 D 

Clifford (W.K.)Elementsof Dynamic. 1887.9092 D 
Hicks (W. M.) Elementary Dynamics. 1897.852 D 
Lock (J. B.) Elementary Dynamics with Key. 

1892 1014D 

Loney (S. L. ) Elements of Dynamics with Key. 

1899 883 D 

- Treatise on Elementary Dynamics with Key. 
1887 1033 D 

Madan (H. G. ) Lessons in Elementary Dynamics. 

1886 6194D 

Mellor (J. W. ) Chemical Statics and Dynamics. 

1904 700 D 

Pirie (G. ) Lessons on Rigid Dynamics. 1875.816 D 
Routh (E. J.) Dynamics of a System of Rigid 

Bodies. 1897 2080 D 

- Stability of Motion. 1877 2082 D 

Tait (P. G.) Dynamics of a Particle. 1856.8828 D 
Thomson (J. J.) Application of Dynamics to 

Physics and Chemistry. 1888 10073 D 

See also Mathematics, Mechanics. 
Dynamo. See Electricity. 
Dyson (C. E. ) Bird-Keeper : Management of 

Singing and Cage Birds. 1889 6250 D 

Dyson ( Mrs. ) Stories of the Trees. 1890 9397 D 

Dzierzon (Dr.) Rational Bee-Keeping. 1882... 8359 D 

JcLADIE (J.) Life of John Kitto. 1886 10172 B 

-Brown (J.) Life of Rev. J. Eadie. 1878 1916 B 

Eagles (J.) Essays 908 F 

Contents : — Church Music ; Medical Attendance ; Few 
Hours at Hampton Court ; Grandfathers and Grandchildren; 
Sitting for a Portrait : Temperance and Teetotal Societies ; 
Thackeray's Lectures ; — Swift. 

Bales (S. J.) St. Bernard, Abbott of Clairvaux 

A.n. 1091-1153. 1890 725B 

Fames (C. G.) A. B.C. of Table Tennis. 1902... 1915 K 
EAR, Management of the. By H. Power and 

others. ^1886 8917 D 

- See also Deaf. 

Karl (A. ) Living Organism : Introduction to the 

Problems of Biology. 1 898 10304 D 

Earle(A. M.) Colonial Dames and Good Wives. 

1900 897J 

Curious Punishments of Bygone Days. 189(5. ..898 J 
Customs and Fashions in Old New England. 

1893 726 T 

Home-Life in Colonial Days. 1898 10312 B 

Old Time Gardens : Description of Gardens 
and Garden Flowers of North America. 1902. 1587D 

Slage-Coach and Tavern Days. 1900 1138 J 

Romano ■/( Travel in America in Early Days. 
Parle (( '. \Y. i Pot-Pourri from a Surrey Garden. 

IH97 1619 D 

More Pot-Pourri from a Surrey < iarden. 1899. 1620 1) 

Earle (J.) Anglo-Saxon Literature. 1884 24 F 

|.C.) Knglisli Premiers from Sir Robert 

WalpoletoSir Roberl Peel. IH7I 932B 

(W.) Profitable Market Gardening. L882.8891D 


Bit I erton (A. W.) Romance "I the Earth. 

1900 Kill D 

Bonney (T. G.) Siory of Our Planet. 1893. ..3392 I) 
Brown (K ) Qui Earth and its Story. L887...3591D 


Dawson (Sir J. W.) Salient Points in the 

Science of the Earth. 1893 9814 D 

- Story of the Earth and Man. 1898 1689 D 

Dewar(G.A.B.) Glamour of the Earth. 1904.1172D 
Eiguier (L.) World before the Deluge. 1872.8605 D 
GeikieQ.) Earth Sculpture. 1898 4048 D 

- Fragments of Earth Lore. 1893 4196 D 

Hartwig(G.) Subterranean World. 1892 3060 D 

Humboldt (F. H. A. von) Baron. Cosmos : 

a Sketch of a Physical Description of the 

Universe. 1871 1158 D 

Marsh (G. P.) The Earth as Modified by 

Human Action. 1874 3522 D 

Nicholson (H. A.) Ancient Life-History of the 

Earth. 1877 1797 D 

Poynting (J. II.) Mean Density of the Earth. 

1894 1826 D 

Reelus (E.) Descriptive History of the Earth. 

1871 2044 D 

Seeley (Sir J. R.) Story of the Earth. 1896.6737 D 
Wilson (J. S.) Geological Mechanism. 1889.9715 D 
See also Astronomy, Earthquakes, Geology, 

Physiography, Volcanoes. 

EARTH-WORM and Common Housefly. By 

J. Samuelson and J. B. Hicks. 1858 8479 D 

- See also Insects. 
Earthenware. See Ceramics. 


Davison (C. ) Study of Recent Earthquakes. 

1905 1548D 

Digby (W.) Natural Law in Terrestial 

Phenomena. 1 902 2252 D 

Dutton (C. E.) Earthquakes in the Light of 

the New Seismology. 1904 1853 D 

Milne (J.) Earthquakes and Earthmovements. 

1898". 928 1) 






Milne (J.) Seismology. 1898 1421 I) 

Zurcher (F.) and Margolle (E.) Volcans el 

Tremblements de Terre. 1866 805 MD 

See also Earth, Geology, Volcanoes. 

East ( II. ) Leather Work. 1902 1582 D 

EAST INDIA COMPANY : In the Company's 

Service: a Reminiscence. 1883 2764 B 

Eastern Question. See Turkey. 

Eastlake (C. L. ) Hints on Household Taste. 

1872 1034 K 

- History of the Gothic Revival. 1872 2519 K 

Eastlake (E.) Lady. Five Great Painters. 1883.2225 B 

Essays on L. da Vinci, Michael Angelo, Titian, Raphael, 

- Life of John Gibson, R.A. 1870 2838 B 

- Sketch of Mrs. Grote. 1880 606 B 

Eastlake (F. W.)and Yamada (Y.) Heroic Japan. 

1897 6097 B 

History of the War between China and Japan. 

Easton (H. T.) History and Principles of Banks 

and Banking. 1904 2357J 

Easton (J. G.) First Book of Mechanics. 1891.6377 1) 

Easton (M. G.) Illustrated Bible Dictionary. 

1894 1000A 

EAST WICK (R. W.) Life and Adventures. 

Ed. by H. Compton. 1891 4196 B 

Eastwood (J.) and Wright (W. A.) Bible Word 
Book : a Glossary of Old English Bible 
Words. 1866 1556 A 

Eaton (J. R.T.) Permanence of Christianity. 1873. 672 A 

Eaton (T. T.) Talks to Children. 1887 1736 A 

EATON (W.) American General Life. By 

C. C. Felton. 1834 430B 

Ebbard (R. J.) How to Acquire and Strengthen 

Will Power. 1903 1287 A 

Ebbutt (P. G.) Emigrant Life in Kansas. 1886.2470 C 

Ecarte. See Cards. 

Eccles (A. S.) Practice of Massage : its Physio- 
logical Effects and Therapeutics. 1895. ...4056 D 

Ecclesiastes. See Bible, Commentaries. 

Ecclesiastical Architecture. See Architecture. 

ECHEROLLES (A. E. M. C des) Memoirs. 

Trans, by M. C. Balfour. 1904 9472B 

Being a Description of the Horrors of the French Revolution. 

Echoes from the Counties. 1889 1086 J 

Eckardt (J. W. A. von) Russia : Before and 

After the War. 1880 3476 B 

Eckenstein (L.) Life of Albrecht Diirer. 1902... 28 B 

- Woman Under Monasticism : Chapters on 

Saint-Lore and Convent Life between a.d. 

500-1500. 1896 1221 A 

Economics. See Political Economy. 

ECUADOR, Travels in. By A. Simson. 1886. 1464 C 

- Tropical America. By I. N. Ford. 1893 2803C 

- See also America, South and Central. 
Edden (H.) Gas Cookery, with Practical 

Recipes. 1903 341 D 

Eddy (M. B. G.) Miscellaneous Writings: 
being Articles Published in the Christian 
Science Journal from 1883-1896. 1904. . . .3299 A 

- Science and Health, with Key to the Scrip- 

tures. 1906 2914 A 

A Study of Christian Science. 

Eddystone Lighthouses. See Lighthouses. 
Eden (C. H.) China: Historical and Descrip- 
tive. 1877 1995 B 

- Frozen Asia : a Sketch of Modern Siberia. 

1879 8247 C 

EDEN (C P.), The Earnest Parish Priest. 

Life. By Dean J. W. Burgon. 1888 4050B 

Eden (11. K. F.) Juliana Horatia Ewing and 

her Books. 1896 9279 B 

Eden (L. S. ) Lady's Glimpse of the Late War 

in Bohemia. 1867 1028 B 

Edersheim (A.) Bible History 2217 A 

- Golden Diary. 1866 13 A 

Heart Converse with Jesus in the Book of Psalms. 

- History of the Jewish Nation. 1896 2581 B 

- Jewish Social Life in the Days of Christ. 

1876 % 2351 A 

- Life and Times of Jesus. 1883 951 A 

- The Temple : its Ministry and Services as 

They Were at the Time of Jesus Christ. 

1874 2498 A 

Edgar (J. G.) Boyhood of Great Men 348 B 

- Heroes of England. 1887 300B 

Contents: — Edward the Black Prince ; Henry V. ; Drake ; 
Raleigh ; Sidney ; Blake ; Marlborough ; Clive ; Wolfe ; 
Abercromby ; Moore ; Nelson ; Collingwood ; Sidney Smith ; 
Wellington ; Napier ; Raglan ; Sir W. F. Williams ; Sir H. 

Edgar (J. H.) and Pritchard (G. S.) Practical 

Solid or Descriptive Geometry. 1880 152 D 

Edgar ( R. McC. ) Genius of Protestantism. 1900. 2972A 

- Resurrection of Jesus Christ in its Historical, 

Doctrinal, Moral, and Spiritual Aspects. 

1887 2412 A 

Fdgcumbe {Lady E.) and Wood {Lady M.) 
Four Months' Cruise in a Sailing Yacht. 
1888 8432 C 

An Account of a Cruise in the Mediterranean. 
Edgcumbe (E. R. P. ) Fallacies regarding Trade 

and Foreign Duties 609 J 

- Zephyrus. 1889 8293 C 

A Holiday in Brazil and on the River Plate. 


Hare(A. J. C.) Life and Letters of M. Edge- 
worth. 1894 10123 B 

Ritchie (Mrs. R.) Book of Sybils. 1883 2371 B 

Zimmern (H.) Biography of M. Edgeworth. 

1883 2297 B 


Chambers (R.) Traditions of Edinburgh. 1868. 419 B 

Field (Mrs. J. M.) Literary Essays on Edin- 
burgh. 1894 1856 F 

Geddie (J. ) Romantic Edinburgh. 1900 9170 B 

Grant (J.) Old and New Edinburgh 4763 B 

Harrison (W.) Memorable Edinburgh Houses. 
1898 829B 

Leighton (A.) Mysterious Legends of Edin- 
burgh. 1864 1078 J 

Masson (D. ) Edinburgh Sketches and Memories. 
1892 3662 B 

Miller (H.) Edinburgh : Geological and His- 
torical. 1891 1313 D 

Oliphant (Mrs. M. O. W.) Royal Edinburgh. 
1891 9689 B 

Smeaton (O. ) Story of Edinburgh. 1905 344 B 

Stevenson (R. L. ) Picturesque Notes on 

Edinburgh. 1889 8485 C 

Wilson (D. ) Reminiscences of Old Edinburgh. 
1878 1820B 

See also Scotland. 
EDISON (T. A.) Inventor. Life. By Van B. 

Denslow and J. M. Parker. 1887 10171 B 

Edmondston (B.) and Saxby (J. M. E.) The 
Home of a Naturalist, and other Studies. 

1892 2253 B 

Edmunds (F.) Traces of History in the Names 

of Places. 1869 829 F 

Edser (E.) Heat for Advanced Students. 1905.6038 D 

- Light for Students. 1903 6008 D 







Adams (F.) Free School System of the United 

States. 1875 2002 J 

Arnold (M.) Reports on Elementary Schools. 

1852-1882 529J 

Aveliurv (J.) Lord. Educational Addresses. 

1879' 2124J 

Bain (A.) Education as a Science. 1879 541 I 

Baker (J. H.) Education and Life. 1901 683 j 

Browning (O. ) Educational Theories. 1881... 555 T 
Cassell's New Popular Educator. 1888-92 .3131 D 
Clarke (J.) Short Studies in Education in 

Scotland. 1904 13881 

Collins (T.) School and Sport. 1905 10407 B 

Compayre (G.) History of Pedagogy. 1895. ..857J 
Cornwallis (M. C.) The Philosophy of Ragged 

Schools. 1881 ^.\...62A 

Craik (Sir H.) The State in its Relation to 

Education. 1884 579 J 

Davidson (T.) Rousseau and Education 

according to Nature. 1898 94 J 

De Garmo (C. ) Doctrine of Interest in its 

Application to Education. 1902 1275 j 

Dresser (II. W. ) Education and the Philo- 
sophical Ideal. 1900 2977 A 

Dutton(S.T.) Social Phases of Education. 1899. 999 J 
Farrar (F. W.) Dean, Ed. Essays on a Liberal 

Education 2064 J 

Fitch (Sir J.) Educational Aims and Methods. 

1900....: 185] 

Gorst(H. E.) Curse of Education. 1901 614 J 

( ioschen (G. J. ) Lord. Addresses on Educational 

Subjects. 1885 2081 J 

Hadlev (A. T. ) Education of the American 

Citizen. 1901 2297 T 

IIaldane(R. B.) Education and Empire. 1902. 322 J 
Han us (P- H.) Educational Aims and Values. 

1899 6571 

Harper (J. W.) Education and Social Life. 1907. 1451 J 
Ilaufe (E. ) Passages from the Life of an 

Educational Freelance. 1902 2197 B 

I Ienson (H. H. ) The Education Act and After. 

1903 1 339 J 

Ilerbart (J. F.) Application of Psychology 

to the Science of Education. 1898 '..'.3121 A 

Science of Education. 1 892 739 J 

Hi me (M. C.) A Schoolmaster's Retrospect 

of an Irish School. 1885 703J 

IIoie(L) Education in Leeds, and How it 

Canbe Improved. 1860 171 J 

I lolman (II. ) English National Education. 

1898 732J 

Home (II. II.) Philosophy of Education. 

1904 L383J 

Hughes (J. L.) and Klemm (L. R.) Progress 

of Education in the 19th Century. 1907... 1450 J 
Hughes(R. E.) Making of Citizens. 1902... 1228 J 
Huxley (T. II.) Essays on Education. 1893. ..736 J 
[ngham (C. B.) Education in Accordance 

with Natural Law. 1902 204 [ 

Kingsley(C) Health and Education. 1874. .. 167 F 
Landon (J.) Pi inciples and Practice of Edu- 
cation. 1902 1409 J 

Latham (H.) Action of Examinations. 1877... 777 J 
Leighton (R. L.) 'I he Boy and his School : 
What It Can and Whal Ii Cannol Give 

Him. 1905 368 J 

Lo< ke (J.) I hough ts ( !on< erning Education. 

1880 1104 | 

l ,oh -• (J.) Mistal en Views on the Education 

of Girl . 1884 I29| 

I National Education. 1901 2301 | 

iffy (J. P.) Old Greek Education. 1881. ..812 J 


EDUCATION, General. 

Mark (H. T.) History of Educational 

Theories in England. 1899 81 9 J 

- Individuality and the Moral Aim in Ameri- 
can Education. 1901 11 77 J 

Mason (C. M.) Some Studies in the Formation 

ofCharacter. 1906 339.3 A 

Maurice (F.D.) Learning and Working. 1855.580 A 

- Representation and Education of the People. 
1866 2134J 

Milton (J.) Tractate on Education 136 J 

Minchin (J. G. C.) Our Public Schools: their 
Influence on English History. 1901 1834B 

Montmorencv (J. E. G. de) State Intervention 
in English Education. 1902 1219J 

Muir (R. J.) Ruskin Revised and other Papers 
on Education. 1897 1171 K 

Nettleship (H.) Classical Education in the 

Past and Present. 1890 7182F 

O'Donnell (F. II.) Ruin of Education in 

Ireland. 1902 2336 J 

O'Shea (M. V. ) Education as Adjustment. 

1903 1362 J 

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of Education. 1880 21461 

Public Schools from Within. 1906 1452 J 

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ers. 1894 ..9228 F 

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ity in Education. 1898 894J 

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of Education. 1876 50J 

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Century. 1901 1282 J 

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Addresses. 1902 1299J 

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1894 ' 904J 

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tion. Trans, by W. H. Payne. 1906 244 J 

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1899 1046J 

Seeley(H. G.) Lecture on Education. 1887.9159 D 

Smedley (M. B. ) Boarding-Out and Pauper 

Schools. 1875 930J 

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Spencer (H.) Education : Intellectual, Moral, 
and Physical. 1883 2169J 

Tadd (J.L.) New Methods in Education. 1899. 41 92D 

Teale (T. P.) Hurry, Worry, and Money, 

the Bane of Modern Education. 1883 1331 J 

Thomas (W. C. ) Symmetrical Education. 1873.962 J 

Todhunter (I.) Conflict of Studies: Essays. 

1873 2191J 

Ware (F.) Educational Reform. 1900 1133 J 

Welton (J.) Logical Bases of Education. 1899. ..4 J 

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tion. 1877 1000 J 

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Chapters on Education 1250 | 

Woods (A.) Ed. Essays on Co-Education. 
1903 1276J 

Woodward (W. H.) Erasmus concerning the 

Aim and Method of Education. L904. 333 J 

Home Teaching. 
Abbott (E.A.) Ilintson Home Teaching. L883.522J 

Kirkland (C. M.) Book for the Home Circle. 

L853 2912 F 

Martineau (II.) Household Education. 1867... 82 J 
Mason (C. M.) Home Education. 1896 2133 I 

Parents and Children. 1897 2132 J 

I 'earl ( E. ) Book for Governesses 75 A 

Taylor (I.) Home Education. 1838 2279 A 





EDUCATION, Kindergarten : Slojd. 

Barter (S.) Manual Instruction : Woodwork. 

1892 3211 D 

Benson (W. A. S.) Elements of Handicraft 

and Design. 1893 127 K 

Browne (M.) Kindergarten at Home. 1891... 9548 D 
Cameron (M.) Bead Threading and Laving. 

1900 1194 K 

Froebel (F.) Education of Man. 1893 11 19 J 

llarbutt (W.) Plastic Method and the Use of 

Plasticine. 1897 1069 K 

Hasluck (P. N.) Clay Modelling and Plaster 

Casting. 1905 585 D 

Haycock (G. S.) Clay-Modelling for Schools. 

1894 3043 K 

Heerwart (E.) Course of Paper Plaiting or 

Mat- Weaving. 1895 2534 K 

Hill (Mrs. R.TBrush Work for the Kinder- 
garten. 1894 2218 J 

Kalb (G.) Hand and Eye Training; or, 

Manual Work for Boys and Girls. 1893... 1076 J 
Kindergarten System, or Toy-Teaching, and 

Play- Learning. 1879 172 J 

Lewis (E. ) Scheme for Advanced Kindergarten. 

1894 2263 J 

Mitchell (J.) How to Gain the Eye of the 

Young. 1898 2765 A 

Mortimer (E. ) Practical Kindergarten for 

Infant Schools. 1891 164J 

Nelson (W. ) Working Diagrams of the High 

School Series of Slojd Models. 1895...... 3610 D 

Pearson (W.W.) and Oxenford(E.) Action 

Songs for School and Concert. 1903 2709 K 

Pernot (A.) and Akehurst (F. E.) Teaching 

By Picture. 1904 2371 J 

Pullar (A.) Geometry for Kindergarten 

Students. 1896 6689 D 

Ricks (G.) and Vaughan (I.) Hand and Eye 

Training. 1894 3012 J 

Rooper(T. E.) Kindergarten Drawing Book. 

1885 2217 J 

Salomon (O.) Teachers' Handbook of Slojd. 

1891 9511D 

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Technical and Commercial. 

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See also Character, Children, Culture, Gymnastics. 





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Law. By E. Jenks. 1902 10390 B 

-Life. ByT. F. tout. 1893 2310 B 

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EDWARD IV. Chronicles of the White Rose. 

1845 •• 3732B 

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EDWARD VI. Life. By A. Strickland. 1861... 927 B 

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Rambles Amorg the Green Woods and Meadowlands of 
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1877 3006 C 

- Untrodden Peaks and Unfrequented Valleys: 

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1906 2006 C 

Edwards (C.) More Nails for Busy Workers. 

1903 3361 A 

Scriptural Note for Preachers and Teachers. 
Edwards ((dement) Railway Nationalization. 

L898 1118 J 

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[882 1028 K 

Our Seamarks. 1884 92791) 

An Account of ih<- Lighthouses, Lightships, Beacons, 
Buoys, and F og-Signals of our ( 'oast. 

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Philosophy. L900 20701) 

Edwards (H. S.) Famous First Representations. 

1886 58911 

Contents'. The English Monsieui '; Moliere's Tartufe ; 

iah ; B< auman hais s Mai i iage ol 

,; Mozart Nozzedi Figaro ; Mozart's Don Giovanni ; 

Si villi ; In land 1 \ ortigern ; Wi bei 

Dei Freyschfltz; Meyerbeer's Robert le Diable ; Hugo's 

Dm Dame Ai ' amelias ; 'I annhauser at the 

' >p< ra 1861 ; Ballet ( omique de la Reine, and The 


i i 187] 2186 B 

Old and \< •• Pari i. 1803 177<i B 

i hi School. 188) 2232 B 


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1879 2070 B 

- The Germans in France : Notes on the Method 

and Conduct of the Invasion. 1874 1814 B 

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1888 4015 B 

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- France of To- Day : a Survey, Comparative 

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Contents :— Fernan Caballero. A. Tinne. C. Herschel, M. 
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An Account of a Residence in Algeria. 

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The Nature and Effects of Alcohol. 

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Travels in the Far North and Along the Pacific Slope of 

Edwin and Angelina Papers : Reprinted from 

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and Seelye(L. E.) Montezuma and the Con- 
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EggS. See Birds, Cookery. 

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i.e., T. Longueville. 1892 125 A 





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Description and Travel. 

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EGYPT, History, Modern. 

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Egypi and its Future. 1882.. .8021 C 

■ (F. B.) Egypi of the Pharaohs and 

tii- Khedive. 1871 L822C 


EGYPT, Religion. 

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- House of the Hidden Places: a Clue to 

the Creed of Early Egypt. 1895 3137 A 

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Sec also Africa, Central and East, Cairo, 

Ehrenfechter (C. A.) Study in the Art of 

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Ehrlich (A.) Celebrated Violinists, Past and 

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EIFEL, In the Volcanic. By K. S. and G. S. 

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- See also Germany, Rhine. 

Eight Months on Duty : Diary of a Young 
Officer in Chanzy's Armv. From the 
French of Roger De M . l'872 1 305 B 


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Studies Tracing the Italian Influence in Kna;land from the 
Beginning of the Fifteenth Century until the Death of Eli7a- 

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ELASTICITY, Mathematical Theory of. By 

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- See also Building, Engineering, Mechanics, 

Strains and Stresses. 
ELBERFELD, Relief of the Poor at. By 

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former. 1898 3416 D 

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ELECTRICITY, Alternating Currents. 

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- Principles of Alternate-Current Working. 

1897 1245 D 

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and Multiphase Currents. 1896 .....973 D 

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1897 913D 

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Distribution-. Wiring. 

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1892 1811 D 

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1903 10344 D 

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1898 10314 D 

- Electric Wiring, Fittings, Switches, and 
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Metcalfe (C. C. ) Electric Wiring for Lighting 

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Distribution of Electricity. 1901 9732 D 

Dynamos and Motors. 

Bottone (S. R. ) Dynamo : How Made and 

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- How to Manage the Dynamo 101 15 D 

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Construction. 1895 8443 D 






ELECTRICITY, Electrical Appliances: 

Applevard(R. ) Conductometer and Electrical 

Conductivity. 1904 1823D 

Bonney(G. E.) Induction Coils. 1892 910 U 

Bottone (S. R.) Electrical Instrument Making 
for Amateurs. 1900 9216D 

- Galvanic Batteries : their Theory, Con- 
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Care and Management of Electrical Machinery. 

1906 2197 D 

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Electrical Machinery. 1896 2088 D 

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Theory, Construction, and Use. 1901. .. 1958 D 
Dry Batteries : How to Make and How to 

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Electrical Designs. 1901 2000 D 

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1903 6306 D 

Hare (A. T. ) Construction of Large Induction 

Coils. 1900 2496 D 

Kinzbrunner (C. ) Continuous Current Arma- 
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- Testing of Continuous Current Electrical 

Machines. 1904 1898 D 

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1904 1543D 

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Applications of Electricity. 

Allsop (F. C.) Electric Bell Construction. 

1890 9469 D 

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tricity and Applied by the Electric Motor. 

1902 1206 D 

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Belcher (J. H.) Practical Electricity. 1902. .. 582 D 
Bottone (S. R.) Amateur Electrician's Work- 
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- Klectric Bells and All About Them. 1895.9321 D 
Dawson (P. ) Engineering and Electric Traction 

Pocket-Bopk. 1901 6519D 

Du Moncel (T. ) Electricity as a Motive Power. 

18S3 8489 D 

Electric Telegraph. See Telegraphy. 

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1907 2229 D 

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1901 ' 1995D 

- and Kennelly (A. E.) Manual of Electric 

Heating. 1895 705 D 

Lupton ( A.) Electricity ;is Applied to Mining. 

1903 2307D 

Ni< hols ( E. ].. ) I .aboratory Manual of Applied 

Electricity. 1894 ". 3480 D 

Pre cotl (< >. b. ) El< ctri< ity and tin- Electric 

'I elegraph. 1885 2832 I) 

Scrutton (P. E.) Electricity in Town and 

( ountry Houses. 1898 . ...6710 I) 

i (R. II. i Ele< trie I raction. 1905 1988 I) 

mann (G. W. '\<j Electricity in Modern 

Life. 1889 9570D 

ELECTRICITY, Applications of Electricity. 

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of Man. 1905 3203 D 

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Traction and Power. 1904 686 D 

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Electric Lighting. 

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Ayrton (Mrs. H.) Electric Arc. 1902 2071 D 

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1884 9831 D 

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Electric Incandescent Lighting. 1896 707 D 

Jehl (F. ) Manufacture of Carbons for Elec- 
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Power Distribution. 1898 10314 D 

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Ram (G. S. ) Incandescent Lamp and its 

Manufacture. 1894 3414 D 

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tions. 1898 1521 D 

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1904 9494 D 

- Electric Light : its Production and Use. 

1902 9674 D 

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Electro Magnetism. 

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and Magnetism. 1891 1202 D 

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an Elementary Course. 1898 1840 D 

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Electricity. 1901 1089 D 

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Students. 1876 9017 D 

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Heaviside(0.) KlectromagneticTheory.l893.3418D 
Henderson (J.) Practical Electricityand Mag- 
netism. 1898 1191 D 





ELECTRICITY, Electro-Magnetism. 
Hyndman(H. II. F.) Radiation: an Elemen- 
tary Treatise on Electromagnetic Radiation. 

1898 836D 

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Electricity. 1898 6460D 

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Magnetism. 1899 845 D 

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for Beginners. 1898 610D 

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Magnetism and Electricity. 1906 2459 D 

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Electricity and Magnetism. 1905 6389 D 

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1884 8981 D 

See also Magnetism. 


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Metals 2069 D 

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Analysis. 1898 974D 

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Handbook. 1899 984 D 

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and Electro- Refining of Metals. 1902 1648 D 

Measurements and Calculations. 

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Magnetic Measurement. 1896 811 D 

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Electricity. 1902 256 D 

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Swinburne ([.) Practical Electrical Measure- 
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Medical Electricity. 

Houston (E.J.) and Kennelly (A. E.) Electricity 
in Electro-Therapeutics. 1896 704 D 

Mattei (C.) Count. Electro-Homcepathic 

Medicine. 1891 10137 D 

Electrons. See Electricity, General. 
Electrotyping. See Printing. 

Andersson (C. J. ) Lion and the Elephant. 1873. 1 904C 

Holder (C. F. ) Popular History of the Elephant. 
1886 9663 D 

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Equatorial Africa. 1898 2900C 

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India. With a Narrative of Elephant 

Catching in Mysore. 1891 2732C 

Eley (H.) Geology in the Garden ; or, the Fos- 
sils That Are Found in Our Garden Walks. 
1859 69 D 

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1905 1161 B 

-Biography. By E. Newman. 1906 1948 K 

Elgie (T. If.) Commercial Efficiency. 1904 1390 J 

ELGIN (J.) 8th Earl of. Narrative of Elgin's 
Mission to China and Japan. By L. Oli- 

phant. 1859 1808 C 

ELIJAH and the Secret of his Power. ByF.B. 

Meyer. 1902 3054 A 

Eliot (George, i.e., M. A. Evans, afterwards 
Mrs. J. W- Cross) Essays and Leaves from 
a Note-Book. 1884 1223 F 

Contents: — Worldliness and other Worldliness ; The Poet 
Young ; German Wit ; Heinrich Heine ; Evangelical Teach- 
ing ; Dr. Cumniing ; Influence of Rationalism ; Lecky's 
History; Natural History of German Life; Rield ; Three 
Months in Weimar ; Address to Working Men, by Felix Holt; 
Authorship ; Judgments on Authors ; Story-Telling ; Historic 
Imagination ; Value in Originality ; Birth of Tolerance. 

- Impressions of Theophrastus Such 1355 F 

- Legend of Tubal, and other Poems 402 H 

- Spanish Gypsy 401 H 

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Works. 1881 263 A 

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and other Studies 1649 F 

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Study of her Life. 1883 2483 B 

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1877 1210 F 

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George Eliot 639 F 

- Mottram (W. ) True Story of George Eliot. 

1905 10413 B 

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1902 950B 

- Thomson (C. ) Biography of George Eliot. 1901. 10 B 
ELIOT (Sir J.) Biography. By J. Forster. 

1864 2882 B 

ELIOT (J.) Apostle to the Indians. Life. By 

C. Francis 426 B 


Beesley (E. S. ) Life of Queen Elizabeth. 1892.9825 B 
Clinton (W.) English Worthies in the Reign 

of Elizabeth. 1869 978 B 

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1899 10328B 

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Elizabeth. 1896 4615 B 

Lee (F.G. ) The Church under Queen Elizabeth. 

1880 2937 A 

Strickland (A.) Life of Queen Elizabeth. 

1906 10175 B 


Bv W. M. Freer. 1857 1557 B 

-Sketch of. ByC. Gearey. 1897 10238 B 

ELIZABETH FARNESE, the Termagant of 

Spain. By E. Armstrong. 1892 4386 B 


Lite. By R. H. Hodgkin. 1902 3253 B 

Ellacombe (11. N.) In a Gloucestershire Garden. 

1906 8452 D 

Records of the Author's Observations of the Natural Life 
in his Garden. 

- In My Vicarage Garden and Elsewhere. 1902. 1032 D 

Selection of Contents : — Spring, Summer, and Autumn 
Flowers ; York and Lancaster Roses ; Plant Names ; Scents 
of Flowers ; Medical Propeities of Flowers ; Railway Gardens; 
Our National Gardens. 





Ellangowan, pseud. Out of Door Sports in Scot- 
land : their Economy and Surroundings. 
1889 .' 203 K 

ELLENBOROUGH (E.) 2nd Lord. Political 
Diarv, 1828-30. Ed. bv Lord Colchester. 
1881' .' 3480 B 

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- Housman (H.) Ellerton's Lite and Writings 

on Hymnology. 1896 10246 B 

Ellerton (J. L. ) Elixir of Youth, and other Poems. 610H 
ELLERY (W.) Life. By E. T. Channing. 1834. 427 B 
Eliet (Mrs. E. F. ) Women Artists in all Ages 

and Countries. 1859 1515 B 

Elliot (A. R. D. ) The State and the Church. 1882.645 J 
Elliot (F. M.) Diary of the Idle Woman in 

Spain. 1884 8161 C 

- Old Court Life in France. 1873 2916 B 

- Old Court Life in Spain. 1893 6076 B 

- Pictures of Old Rome. 1892 623 C 

Elliot (G. F. S.) First Course in Practical Botany. 

1906 6160 D 

- Naturalist in Mid-Africa : Being an Account 

of a Journey to the Mountains of the Moon 

and Tanganyika. 1896 1722C 

- Nature Studies : Plant Life. 1903 719 D 

Elliot (J. ) Logarithms and Plain Trigonometry. 

1863 8219 D 

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1898 2617 K 

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the French Revolution. 1859 2890 B 

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and the Seal Islands. 1886 2499 C 

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A. E. Newboult. 1906 10403B 

Ellis (A. B.) History of the Gold Coast of West 

Africa. 1893 6079 B 

- South African Sketches. 1887 1048 C 

Ellis (A. J.) Speech in Song : Being the Singer's 

Pronouncing Primer of the Principal Euro- 
pean Languages 1032 K 

Ellis (F. S.) Ed. History of Reynard the Fox : 

a Poem 69711 

Ellis (G.) Modern Practical Joinery. 1902 4279 D 

Ellis (G.) F.R.S'. Parodies and other Burlesque 

Pieces. 1890 1547 H 

Ellis (G. E.) Life of Anne Hutchinson : With 
a Sketch of the Antinomian Controversy 

in Massachusetts. 1847 437 B 

Life of John Mason : Deputy Governor of 

Connecticut. 1848 434 B 

Life of W. Penn, Founder of Pennsylvania. 

1847 ... 443B 

Ellis (II.) Nineteenth Century: a Dialogue in 

Utopia. 1900 186J 

Study of British Genius. 1904 1293 A 

An Analysis <,( the Lives given in the "Dictionary of 
National Biography." 

Ellis (Sir Henry) Journal of the Late Embassy 

to China. ' 1840 1827 C 

Ellis (If. W.) Our Eastern Sisters and their 

Missionary J lelpers 2105 A 

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Tools for the Master's Work. 1900 2863A 

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Biography Of Lord Lawrence. 1891 754 B 

Lifeol VV. E. Gladstone. 1892 9911 B 

'■lis. S. S.) Beautiful in Nature and Art. 

1866 1 030 I) 

ol England. 1845 701 A 

r: its Social and Religious Pro- 

1863 .' 327C 

Mothei ol England. 1843 2906 A 

Ellis (Mrs. S. S.) Mothers of Great Men. 1859.3850 B 

- Prevention Better than Cure ; or, the Moral 

Wants of the World We Live In 1519 A 

- Wives of England. 1843 2907 A 

- Women of England. 1839 2208J 

Ellis (T. J.) Sketching from Nature. 1903.... 1278 K 
Ellis (W.) Madagascar Re-Visited. 1867 1666C 

- Martyr Church 875 A 

History of Christianity in Madagascar. 

- Polynesian Researches. 1829 2251 C 

Ellis (William) The Royal Juhilees of England : 

With Introductory Sketches of the Mosaic 

and Roman Jubilees. 1886 673 B 

Elliston (T.) Organs and Tuning. 1898 590 K 

ELLWOOD (T.) Quaker. History of. 1885.9204 B 

Elmet. See Yorkshire. 

Elmhirst(E.P.) Cream of Leicestershire. 1883. 1029 K 

Sketches of Eleven Seasons' Hunting in Leicestershire, 1870-82. 

- Fox-Hound, Forest, and Prairie. 1892 1030 K 

Reminiscences of Sport in England, Germany, India, and 
the Far West. 

- The Best Season on Record. 1885 1185 K 

Papers on Fox-Hunting Originally Contributed to the "Field." 

Elmslie (W. G.) Ernest Renan and his Criticism 

of Christ. 1884 2408 A 


Ayres (A.) Acting and Actors: Elocution 

and Elocutionists. 1894 8 K 

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Preceded by the Principles of Elocution. 

1895 8 24F 

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1902 1178F 

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1898 ,§ 16 F 

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1902 6 472F 

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1904..:. ...1237F 

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1888 ; 9Q28F 

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1899 :. _1456F 

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Lectures. 1 902 519 F 

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1892 909 F 

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1879 ! 554F 

Seymour(( ).)Howto Speak Effectively. 1905. 1235 F 






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1889 9036 F 

Tenney (A. F.) Elocution and Expression. 

1906 1666F 

Webb (F. G.) New Reciter, Reader, and 

Orator. 188S 7264 F 

Wordsworth (G. S.) Home and Platform 

Elocutionist 1596 F 

See also Debate, Drama, Eloquence, Oratory, 

Preaching, Recitations, Rhetoric, Voice. 
ELPHINSTONE(M.) Ruler of India. Life. By 

J. S. Cotton. 1892 9868 B 

Elson (A.) Critical History of Opera. 1901 423 H 

Elson (L. C.) Great Composers and their Work. 

1905 731B 

- Shakespeare in Music. 1901 1309 Iv 

Collection of the Chief Musical Allusions in the Plays of 
Shakespeare, together with Much of the Original Music. 

Elton (C. I.) The Career of Columbus. 1892... 4281 B 

Elton (J. E. ) Travels Among the Lakes and 
Mountains of Eastern and Central Africa. 
1879 2145C 

Elton (O. ) European Literature of the Augustan 

Ages. 1899 7415 F 

Elton (R.) Life of Roger Williams : the Earliest 
Legislator and Champion Absolute for Lib- 
erty of Conscience. 1852 323B 

Eltzbacher (O. ) Modern Germany : her Political 
and Economic Problems, Policy, Ambitions 
and the Causes of her Success. 1905 2410 J 

ELVEY (SiP G. J.) Musician. Life and Remini- 
scences. By M., Lady Elvey. 1894 10076 B 

Elward (R. ) On Collecting Engravings, Pottery, 

Glass, and Silver. 1905 1931 K 

Elwell (E. S.) Short Readings for Parish Visitors. 
1904 3245 A 

Elwes (A.) Grammar of the Spanish Language. 

1891 141F 

- Italian Grammar. 1893 157 F 

Ely (R. T.) Labor Movement in America. 1890.644 J 

- Monopolies and Trusts. 1900 1126 J 

- Outlines of Economics. 1901 1 144 J 

Ely (T.) Manual of Archeology. 1890 206 K 

ELY : In a Minster Garden. By Bp. C. W. Stubbs. 

1902 1601 F 

Elze (Carl) Biography of Shakespeare. 1888.... 9094 B 

Emancipation of Egypt. 1905 2418] 

Contents: The Great Powers and the Egyptian Question. 
France and Italy. British Imperial Policy. False Position of 
Great Britain in Egypt. The Egyptian Nation and the 
Neutralization of Egypt. Ultimate Consideration. 

EMBLEM WRITERS and Shakespeare. By 

H. Green. 1870 2496 F 

EMBLEMS, Book of. BvMrs. R. Gatty. 1872. 996 F 

- Divine and M oral. By F. Quarles. 1 888 753 1 1 


Christie (A. H.) Embroidery and Tapestry 

Weaving. 1906 1386 K 

Dav(L. F.) and Buckle (M.) Art in Needle- 
work. 1900 462 K 

Goubaud (A.) Embroidery Book 28 K 

Lady's Bazaar and Fancy Fair Book 9095 D 

Masters (E. T.) Book of Stitches. 1899 561 D 

See also Lace, Needlework. 
EMBRYOLOGY, Elements of. By Sir M. 

Foster and F. M. Balfour. 1898 1045 D 

Emerson (P. H.) Birds, Beasts and Fishes of 

the Norfolk Broadland. 1895 2406 D 

- Marsh Leaves from the Norfolk Broad-Land. 

1898 1034 F 

Nature Studies and Folk Sketches. 

- Naturalistic Photography. 1899 2568 K 

Emeison (R. W.) Essays 9204 F 

Emerson (R.W. ) Lectures, and Biographical 

Sketches 1398 F 

- Letters and Social Aims : Essays 1159 F 

- Miscellanies 1436 F 

- Society and Solitude : Essays. 1895 162 F 

-Works 901F 

Contents ;— Vol. 1. Essays ; Lectures ; Representative 
Men ; Poems. 

Vol. 2. English Traits ; Nature ; Conduct of Life. 

Vol. 3. Society and Solitude ; Letters and Social Aims ; 
Miscellaneous Papers ; May- Day and other Pieces. 

- Cabot (J. E.) Memoirs of Emerson. 1887... 9404 B 
-Conway (M. D.) Emerson at Home and 

Abroad. 1883 3632 B 

- Cooke (G. W.) Life of Emerson. 1882 2205 B 

- Garnett (R.) Biography of Emerson. 1888. .. 4516 B 

-Ireland (A.) R. W. Emerson. 1882 3590B 

Emerton (J. H.) Structure and Habits of 

Spiders. 1878 1462 D 

Emery (G. F. ) Handbook for Parish Councils. 

1895 102 J 

Emin Pasha Relief Expedition. See Africa, 

Central and East. 
EMIGRATION. Problem of the Immigrant. 

By J. D. Whelpley. 1905 2391 J 

- Treatment of Pauper Immigrants in New 

York. By R. H. Sherard. 1902 1221 J 

- See aho Alien Immigration, Colonies, Pauperism. 
Emmanuel (C.) and Joseph (E. M.) How to 

Choose a House. 1906 8012D 

Emmens (S. H.) Selections from Lock's Essay 

on the Human Understanding. 1866 1617 A 

EMMET (R.) Irish Patriot. Life. By L. T. 

Guiney. 1904 3305 B 

- Sketch of his Life and the Irish Rebellion. 

1870 900 B 

Emmet (T. A.) Ireland under English Rule. 

1903 3035 J 


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See also Psychology. 

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See also Ceramics, Glass. 
Energy. See Force. 
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on (B.) Strev, and Strain ol Elai tic 

d 1894 99531) 

( rtemistry, I drainage, I )rawing, 
ri< ity,Hydrauli< s, Ma< hinery, Marine, 
rn Making, Pipes, Railways, Shor- 
ing, no Stresses. 

Engines. See Machinery. 

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Constitution and Government. 

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1 66 




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1 68 




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1899 2626 B 

6 9 




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Republic and the Restoration of the Mon- 
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Eighteenth Century. 

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18th Century, a.i». 1700 1880. 1892 4136B 

rthy (J.) History of the four Georges. 

1884 3803 15 

i I listorv of England during the 
'.-org-- Ill, A.D. 1760-1820. 1 855. 3593 15 

ENGLAND, Eighteenth Century. 

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and the British Armies. 1891 9045 B 

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Nineteenth Century. 

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- England under the Coalition, 1885-1892 ...1307 J 
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Grey with William IV. and Sir Herbert 

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1880 3498 B 

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1850. 1882 488B 

- History of Our Own Times, a.d. 1837-1897. 
1897 3423 B 

-Modern England beforetheReformBill.l899.9166B 

- Modern England from the Reform Bill to 

the Present Time. 1899 9167 B 

- Short History of Our Own Times, a.d. 1837- 
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Social Life and History. 

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Humour, Wit, and Satire of the 17th Centurv. 

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- Social Life under the Regency. 1899 1355 B 





ENGLAND. Social Life and History. 

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- Old English Home, and its Dependencies. 

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Traditions of Great Britain. 1889 10360 B 

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Stuarts. 1857 9032B 

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- One Generation of a Norfolk House : 
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Reign of the First Two Georges. 1 882. . . .2330 B 
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Court and Private Life of Queen Charlotte. 

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ENGLAND, Social Life and History. 

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ofEngland. 1877 3364 B 

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Spectacles 314 J 

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1862 3395 B 

See also Abbeys, Antiquities, Architecture, 

Army, Art, Battles, Cathedrals, Church, 

Costume, Crime, Geography , Geology , La w, 

Local Government, Military Science, Mon- 

asticism, Naval Science, Parliament, 

Politics, Trade. 

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Studies of Animal Life and Character. 
English Illustrated Magazine, 1883-1906 2651 L 


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1905 2742 K 

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1892 1067 K 





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1903 * 1289 K 

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- Grammar of Lithography. 1880 9342 D 

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- Fine Prints. 1897... 1165K 

Wilkinson (W. T.) Photo-Engraving, Photo- 

Litho, and Collotype. 1894 596 K 

See also Art, Drawing, Printing. 

Ennemoser (J.) History of Magic. 1854 211 A 

Entertainments. See Theatricals, Amateur. 
Entomology. See Ants, Bees, Insects, Lepi- 


EON DE BEAUMONT (C. G. L. A. A. t.) 

Strange Career of. By J. B. Telfer. 1885.3718 B 
Ephesians. See Bible, Commentaries. 

EPICS, Indian : Stories of the Ramayana and 

Mahabharata. By T. C. Oman. 1895 738 H 

- of the Middle Ages. By J. M. Ludlow. 1865. 188 F 

- See also Folk-Lore. 

Epictetus. Discourses. Trans, by G.Long. 1890.2006 A 
Golden Savings. Trans, bv H. Crossley. 1903.1773 A 

- Teaching. Trans, by T. VV. Rolleston. 1891.2267 A 
Epicureanism. See Philosophy. 

Epidemics. See Disease. 

EPILEPSY : Description of a Home for 

Epileptics at Bielefeld. By J. Sutter. 1901. 613 J 


Diprose(JV) Epitaphs: Humorous, Eccentric, 

Ancient and Remarkable 171 5 F 

Fnnl.y (W.) Epitaphiana. 1873 968B 

Tissington (S.) Epitaphs and Monumental 

[nscriptibns. 1857 3279 B 


Airy (SirG. B.) Elementary Partial Differen- 
tial i L873 100501) 

Boole (G.) Treatise on Differential Equa- 
tions. 1 865 8215 D 

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'J heory of Equations. 1880 8217 D 

"' o Algebra, Mathematics. 

(D.) Praise oi folly. 1876 713A 

l l II. ; Lifi '.I Erasmus. 1902 31 B 

Dod (M.)Ei mus, and other Essays. 1892.2958A 
\. ) Life and Leltei "I Erasmus. 

1894 L0033B 

.m Mm Oxford Reformers. 1887 4581 B 

(W. EI.) Lectures on the Oxford 
Reformei . 1900 1527 A 

Erasmus (D. ) Woodward (VV. H.) Desiderius 
Erasmus Concerning the Aim and Method 
of Education. 1904 333 J 

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Church. 1892 4378 B 

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the Court and Times of. By A. C. Wil- 
kinson. 1886 9235 B 

ERNEST II. Duke of Saxe-Cobur^and Gotha. 

Memoirs. 1888 4213B 

Ernest (R. ) How to Become a Successful Estate 

Agent. 1904 369J 

Erni (H.) and Brown (A. P.) Mineralogy Sim- 
plified. 1901 154 D 

ERSKINE (E.) Scottish Divine. Lecture on. 

By J. Mitchell. 1883 1005B 

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By A. R. Mac Ewen. 1900 798 B 

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Memoir. By A. H. Fergusson. 1882 3652 B 

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Howard. 1834 105 F 

- Speeches 2211 J 

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W. Hanna. 1878 1811 B 


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Beet (J. A.) Immortality of the Soul. 1902.. 1235 A 
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1900 2187 A 

- Our Life After Death. 1903 1779 A 

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1874 3014 A 

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Punishment. 1886 3329 A 

- Hades ; or, the Intermediate State of Man. 
1893 3339 A 

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State. 1892 29 A 

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1897 1806 A 

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Farrar (F. W. ) Dean. Eternal Hope. 1892. ..2666 A 

- Mercy and judgment. 1881 2056 A 

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Punishments. 1847 687 A 

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1906..' 3393 A 

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Guide through Life to Immortality. 1858.2359 A 

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jukes (A.) The Second Death. 1882 2155A 

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a Clerical Symposium. 1885 2184 A 

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its Survival of Bodily Death. 1907 1377 A 

Science and Future Life. 1893 904 F 

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Pettingell (J. II.) The Unspeakable Gift. 

IS9S .' 3332A 

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1899 360A 






Plumptre (E. H.) Spirits in Prison, and other 

Studies on the Life after Death. 1885 2182 A 

Randies (M.) After Death: Is there a Post- 

Mortem Probation. 1904 3253 A 

- For Ever : Essay on Eternal Punishment. 

1878 2237 A 

Resurrection Glory, or Thoughts on I. Corin- 
thian xv. 1893 1571 A 

Russell (P.) After this Life-What Next. 1881.2490 A 
Salmond (S. D. F. ) Christian Doctrine of 

Immortality. 1896 1080 A 

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Shore (T. T.) Life of the World to Come. 

1878 2005 A 

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and a Future State. 1875 858 A 

Thisted (W. A.) Letters from Hell. 1885. ..2207 A 
Tufail (I.) Awakening of the Soul. 1805. ..1801 A 
Wale(B. B.) The Day of Preparation: or, 

the Gathering of the Hosts of Armageddon. 

1893 3331 A 

Welldon (J. E. C.) Bf>. Hope of Immortalitv. 

1898 '.529 A 

Whiting (L. ) Spiritual Significance; or, 

Death as an Event in Life. 1900 119 A 

Wood (J. G. ) Man and Beast : Here and 

Hereafter. 1874 1549 D 

Wright (A.) Life : its Mysteries Now and 

Atter Death. 1901 3070A 

Escombe (E.) Phases of Marriage. 1907 3475 A 

Escott (T. H. S.) British Sovereigns in the 

Century. 1903 1259 J 

The Nature of the Influence That May Be Exerted Upon a 
Generation or Posterity By the Personal Character and Life 
of a Reigning Sovereign Is Dealt with in This Book. 

- England: its People, Polity and Pursuits. 1 885. 9043B 

- King Edward VII. and his Court. 1903 3543 B 

- Lord Randolph Churchill : Personal and 

Political Monograph. 1895 2452 B 

- Personal Forces of the Period. 1 898 642 J 

- Pillars of the Empire : Sketches of Indian 

and Colonial Statesmen, etc. 1879 1981 B 

- Platform, Press, Politics and Play : Being Pen 

and Ink Sketches of Contemporary Celebri- 
ties. 1895 1351B 

Escreet (J. M.) Life of Edna Lyall. 1904 9630 B 

Esoteric Buddhism. See Theosophy. 
Esperanto. See Language. 

Espin(T. E. ) Critical Essays. 1864 608 F 

Contents : — Wesleyan Methodism ; Essays and Reviews ; 
Life of Edward Irving ; Dr. Hessey's Lectures on Sunday ; 
Life ot Bishop Wilson, of Sodor and Man ; Life of Bishop 
Wilson, of Calcutta ; Life of Calvin. 

Espinasse (F.) Lancashire Worthies. 1874-7. . .2168 B 
Esquemeling(J.) Buccaneers of America. 1898.6054 B 
ESQUIMAUX. Life with the. By C. F. Hall. 

1865 917C 

- See also Greenland, Polar Regions. 
Esquiros(A.) English Seamen and Divers. 1868. 1065 J 

Descriptive Sketches of Greenwich Observatory, The 
Admiralty, Port of London, Lloyd's, Sailor in the Port of 
London ; Ships, Divers and Diving. 

Essay Writing. See Composition. 

Arts and Crafts Essays. By Members of the 

Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society. 1893.. .486 K 

Chap-Book Essays. 1897 680F 

Selection of Contents : — Ibsen's New Play ; J. Burroughs ; 
Bits of Criticism ; Degeneration ; Pleasures of Historiography ; 
Bureau of Literary Revision ; Mr. Meredith and his Aminta ; 
E. Gosse ; Popularity of Poetry; Intellectual Parvenu; 
T. W. Higginson : School of Jingoes ; Uses of Perversity ;' 
Comment on Some Recent Books ; R. L. Stevenson ; Some 
Edinburgh Notes ; R. H. Stoddard ; Is the New Woman 
New?; Return of the Girl ; Art of Saying Nothing Well. 


Essays and Addresses Given by Professors and 
Lecturers of the Owens College, Man- 
chester. 1874 2497 F 

Contents : — Relations of Culture to Practical Life. By 
J. G. Greenwood. Original Research as a Means of Education. 
By Sir H. E. Roscoe. Solar Physics. By B. Stewart. Distance 
of the Sun from the Earth. By T. H. Core. Limits of our 
Knowledge of the Earth. By W. Boyd Dawkins. Use of Steam. 
By O. Reynolds. Primeval Vegetation in its Relation to the 
Doctrines of Natural Selection and Evolution. By W. C. 
Williamson. Science and Medicine. By A. Gamgee. His- 
torical Results of the Science of Language. By A. S. Wilkins. 
The Talmud. By T. Theodores. Provencal Poetry in Old 
and Modern Times. By H. Breymann. Judicature Act of 
1873 in its Relation to the History of the Judicial System in 
England. By J. Bryce. Railways and the State. By W. S. 
Jevons. Peace of Europe. By A. W. Ward. 

Essays by the Birmingham Speculative Club. 

1870 2265 J 

Contents: — Hold Fast Your Colonies. By W. L. Sargant ; 
Relation of Universities to Practical Life. By W. Mathews ; 
Thoughts on Pauperism. By A. Hill ; Natural History of 
Law. By G. J. Johnson ; Future of Women. By C. E. 
Mathews ; Euthanasia. By S. D. Williams. Method and 
Medicine. By B. W. Foster. 

Essays for the Times : a Series of Essays on 
Biblical, Religious, Theological Subjects, 
Written in the Light of Modern Criticism, 
in Defence of the Faith. 1905. 3452 A 

Essays from the Times. 1852 7002 F 

Contents: — Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton; Railway 
Novels ; Louis Philippe and His Family ; Drama of the 
French Revolution ; Howard the Philanthropist ; Lord 
Holland's Reminiscences ; Robert Southey ; Dean Swift — 
Stella and Vanessa ; Reminiscences of Coleridge and Southey 
by Cottle ; John Keats ; Grote's History of Greece ; Litera- 
ture of the Rail. 

Essays in Liberalism HQ1 J 

Contents:— Liberal Tradition. By.H. Belloc; Liberalism 
and Wealth. By F. W. Hirst ; Liberals and Labour. By J. A. 
Simon ; Liberalism in Outward Relations. By J. S. Philli- 
more ; Liberal View of Education. By J. L. Hammond ■ 
Historic Basis of Liberalism. By P. J. Macdonell. 

Essays on Social Subjects, from the "Satur- 
day Review." 1864 787 F 

Contents: — Essays on Busy People ; Snubbing; Ignor- 
ance ; Foolish Things ; False Shame ; Fluency ; Contempt ; 
Dulness as a Sensation ; Mistakes in Life ; Scenes ; Acquaint- 
ances and Friends ; Saying Disagreable Things ; On Being 
Understood ; Study of Character ; Prejudices ; Shirking 
Constancy ; Reserve ; Explanations ; Hugger-Mugger ; 
Attention; Strong Wills; Talking of Self; Folly; Time 
Past; Alloys; Uses of Pathos ; Choice; One's Own Way; 
Want of Money. 

Essays on the Teaching of History. Ed. by 

W. A. J. Archbold. 1901 1199 J 

Mind of the Century. 1901 642 F 

Silver Domino ; or, Side Whispers, Social 

and Literary 91 75 F 

Tangled Talk : an Essayist's Holiday 1132F 

Through Spectacles of Feeling. 1904 1161 F 

Thumbnail Essays. 1905 1332 A 

Collections of Essays will be found under 
the following Authors :— 

Abbott (E.) 1588 F 

Adams (F.) 7409 F 

Addison (J.) ....882,7036 F 

Ainger(A.) 976 F 

Allen (G.) 8453D, 9034,9295F 

Anton (P. N 32 F 

Archer (W.) 9005 F 

Arnold (Sir A.) 2006 J 

Arnold (F.) 1512, 1712, 9159F 
Arnold (M.) 1312,1463, 1785 F 

Austin (L. F.) 1244 F 

Avebury (J.) Lord. . .2337 F 
'Bacon (F.) Lord. ... 9111 F 

Bailey (L. H.) 1273 D 

Bain (A.) 1346 F 

Balfour (A. J.) 7286 F 

Ballantyne (T.) 5F 

Bax(E. B.) 1117 J 

Beeching(H. C.) ....3081 A 

Belloc (H.) 1587 F 

Benson (A. C). .1193, 1683F 

Berdmore (S.) 886 F 

Besant (Sir W.) . .569, 640 F 

Birrell(A.)..16, 1632, 7144, 

7319, 7333 F 

Bisset(A.) 3120 B 

Black (H.C.) 1434 F 

Blackie(J. S.) 9058 F 

Bland (H.) 1538 F 

Blunt (J. J.) 2639 F 

Bodington (P. E.) . . . . 1659 F 
Bosanquet (EI.) < 3045 J 





ESSAYS, Collections of 

Boyd (A. R. H.) 1002, 1049, 

1128, 1717 F 

Boynton(H. W.) ....1163 F 

Bradford (A. H.) ....3312 A 

Brierley(T.) 3260 A 

Brimley(G.) 885 F 

Broderip(F. F.) 181 F 

Brodrick(G. C.) ....2154 1 

Browning (O.) 1908 B 

Browning (R.) 1658 F 

Brunetiere (F.) 1263 F 

Buchanan (R.) 2332 F 

Buckland(F.) 9287 1) 

Bullen(F. T.)..1665, 1701 F 

BurrilKK.) 1183 F 

Burriit(E.) 309 F 

Burroughs (J.).. 1777-1779 D 

Bushnell(H.) 186 A 

Bute ().)jrd Marquess of. 

1838 F 
Butler (E.) ....7074, 7123 F 

Caird(J.) 3379 A 

Carlyle(T.) 3243 B, 161, 

397, 437, 7072, 9193 F 

Carman (B.) 1256 F 

Carpenter (E.) ..3273 A 

Cesaresco (E. M.) Countess. 

9008 F 

Chambers (R.) 913 F 

Chesterton (G. K.). . ..1643 F 
Church (R. W.) Dean. 

1773, 2899, 9269 F 

Clarke (J. F.) 1313 F 

Clay(W. L.) 841 A 

Clifford (W. K.) 685 A 

Clulow(W. B.) 973 F 

Cobbe(F. P.) 690 A 

Coleridge (S. T.).648, 1026 F 

Collins (J. C.) 1025 F 

Collins (M.) 1369 F 

Compton(H.) 1849 F 

Cooke (C. W. R.) ....173F 

Coppee(F.) 1832 M F 

Cornaby(W. A.) ....3436 A 
Courtney (W. L.)....9170F 

Cowley (A.) 7272 F 

Cox (Mrs. J. F.) 154 F 

Craik ( M rs. D. M . )9139,9041 F 
Creighton (M., B/>.). .9295 B 

Crosland (N.) 1437 F 

Crosse (Mrs. A.) ... .9895 B 
Crothers(S. McC). . . 1136 F 

Crump (J. F.) 3229 A 

Cust (R. N.) 2317 F 

Dale(R. W.) 2300 A 

Darling (Sir C. J.) Justice. 

304 F 
Dasent(SirG. W.)....928F 

Davey(S.) 1300 F 

Davidson (A. 15.) ....3126 A 

Dawson (W. J.) 743 F 

Dempster (C. L. H.) . 838 F 

DeVere(A.) 988 F 

Diderot (D.) 1656 F 

Dilke(C. VV.) 4641 F 

Dixon (W. M.) 1329 F 

Dobson (A). 1487, 7120, 7410, 

9173 F 

Dods(M.) 2958 A 

Dohertv(M.) 1255 F 

Doran(J.) 795 F 

I- en(E.) 1800 F 

Dow ling (R.) . 7179,9064 F 
(N.) ...7152, 7155 F 
Dufl (Su M. ).. G.) .9424 IJ 
Dumas (A.) .1809-1811 MF 
Dunphie (C J.) 1155, 1200, 

1623 F 

<).) 908 F 

Eastlake (E.) Lady..2225to 

Eli.,t (G.rorg.-) . ... 1223 K 

W.)162, 9204F 

E»pin(T. E.) 608 F 

■ \.( ..) 9797 i: 

• tt(H.and M.G J20661 

(W.W.) 1771 /• 

224 i 
l - ' Mi .. I. '1 | 

1 403 i 
l ei (J. H.) L458 i' 

L360 1491 i 
i | | 

< 2055-6); 

Essays— Continued. 

Forster (J.) 993 B 

Frazer(J. F.) 213 F 

Freeman (E. A.) 60201! 

Friswell(J. H.) 1264 F 

Frost (G.) 1404 F 

Fry (Sir E.) 1848 F 

Garland (H.) 290 F 

Gebhart (E.) 624 B 

Gibbs(P.) 1534, 1551 F 

Gibson (I.) 656 F 

Goldsmith (O.) 817 F 

Goodwin (H.) P/> 2378 A 

Gosse(E.)... 317, 1320, 1546, 

9165 F 

Granger (F.) 3040 A 

Gray(C) 1180 F 

Gray(E. C.) 9083 F 

Greenwood (J.) 1075 I 

Grierson(F.) 377 F 

Hall (ID H.) 1337 F 

Halliday(A.)....793, 1007F 

Hamerton(P. G.) 244 K 

Hamilton (J.) 765 H 

HanlonQ.) 7101 F 

Hannay(J.) 7090 F 

HapgoodiN.) 7385 F 

Harrison (F.)...1657, 3185 F 

Hatton(J.) 9169 F 

Hayden(E. G.) 1532 F 

Hay ward (A.) 2937 P, 

Hazlitt(W.)....1069, 1409 F 

Head (Sir F. B.) 668 F 

Headlam(C) 1310 F 

Helps (Sir A.).. 261 A, 911 F 

Henderson (F.) 229 I 

Henley (W. E.) 314 F 

HerscheI(Sir J.F.W.) 2324 F 
Higginson(T. W.). ..2902F 

Hinton (J.) 2042 A 

Hodge (H.) 1470 F 

Holland (Sir H.) 1927 D 

Holmes (O. W.).9074, 9259 F 

Hope (A. R.) 412 H 

Hoskyns(C. W.) 677 F 

Housman(D) 1544 F 

Hueffer(F. M.) 1408 J 

Hugo(V.) 1814 MF 

Hume(D.) .... 1268, 9253 F 
Hume(M. A. S.)..-.4614B 

Hunt (J. H. L.) 7035 F 

Huxley (T. H.) 8410 D, 736 1 
James (H.) .... 1006, 1745 F 

James (S. B.) 1340 F 

James (W. P.) 774 F 

Jefferies(R.) 754 J 

Jessopp(A.)..2403B, 1246 F 
Jewsbury(M. J.).... 1207 F 
Johnstone (J. A.).. ..1563 F 

Jones (H.) 853 F 

Jowett(B.) 4305 A 

Kendall (M.) and Lang (A.) 

7037 F 

Kernahan (C). .1363, 7358 F 

Kingsley(C) ....167, 1108, 

1993, 9282 F 

Kingsley(H.) 1184 F 

Knight(C) 1229 1! 

Knolly&(G.) 983 F 

Krehbit-KH. E.) . ..7398F 

Lamb(C) 1304, 1305 F 

Lane (Mrs. J.) 1682 F 

Fang (A.) 3811 B, 1559,1748, 

7188 F 

Lee(H.) 1431 F 

Lee(V.) 860, 1307 F 

LeGalhenne(R.) 595, 7343 F 

Leighton(F. F.) 534 F 

Lemaitre (J.) 319MP, 

Leopardi(G.) 3198 F 

Lever (C.) 1011 F 

Lilly (W. S.) 3215 F 

Linton (E. L.) 2281 J 

Locke (J.) 1617.2268A 

Lofti< (M. ).) 45J 

Lowell (J. R.)..23C,9135F 

Lower (M. A.) 851 F 

Luca i(E. V.) 308 F 

Lucy(H. W.) 7242 1' 

Lunn(W. A. B.) . ...136JF 
Lytton (E. (.. I.. Bulwer) 
Lord 1149, 1151 F 

'II. VVJ....130, 142 F 

Macaulay (T. B.) Lord 

1234, 7337 F 

McCarthy (J.) 568 F 

Macdonald (G.) 651 F 

Macleod (N.) and Guthrie 

(T.) 461 A 


Maitland(E. F.) 88 F 

Martineau (J.) 2795 F 

Marvin (F. R.) 1621 F 

Masson(D.) 1008 F 

Masterman(C. F. G.).1752F 

Mathews (W.) 3223 F 

Matthews (B.) 2888 F 

Maxwell(Sir H.). 2864,2897 F 
Maxwell (Sir W. S.)..3397F 

MazziniQ.) 7214 F 

Meath (R.)Earl of. . . .538 J 

Merivale(H.) 2839 B 

Meynell(A.) 147 F 

Miller (Hugh) 906 F 

Milman(C) 7353 F 

Mogridge(G.) 1575 F 

Montaigne (M. de) 

1267, 7423 F 
Morley (H.). . .1061 B, 987 F 

Morris (Sir L.) 1631 F 

Mozley(A.) 9163 F 

Muirhead(J.H.) ....3470 A 

Miiller (F. M.) 1292 F 

Miinsterberg(H.).. ..2876 A 
Murray (D. C.).7373, 9037 F 

Murray (H.) 1828 F 

Myers (F. W. H.) 904 F 

Nettleship(J. T.) 11 F 

Nevinson(H. W.). . . .1611 F 
Newlandsmith (E.). . . 1343 K 
Newman (J. H.) Card.Qdb F 

Nicoll(W. R.) 1019 F 

Norris(F.) 1560 F 

O'Hagan (T.) Lord. . .1364 F 

Oliphant (J.) 688 F 

01iphant(T. L. K.)..4512H 

Ormsby (J.) 1194 F 

Ouida 1845 F 

Pain (B.) 9182 F 

Palgrave(F. T.) 497 K 

Parkes(B. R.) ..501 15,48 [ 

Parry (E. G.) 566 F 

Pater(W.)1640,9194F, 347 K 

Patmore(C) 14 F 

Pattison(A. S. P.) ..3147 A 

Paul(H.) 1247 F 

Payn(J.) 1323 F 

Pearson (K.) 1120 A 

Picton(J.A) 2002 A 

Plutarch 2989 A 

Pretyman(J. R.) 836 F 

Prime (W.C.) 7119 F 

Proctor (R. A.) 8466 1) 

Pry (P.) 1067 J 

Quick (R.H.) 9228 F 

Raymond (W.) 1479D.1681 F 

Reade(C) 927 K 

Reed(M.) 1530 F 

Rees(J. R.) 151 F 

Reeve (H.) 2855 B 

Repplier(A.) ..1075, 1081-2, 
1088-9 F 

Ritchie (D. G.) 1222 J 

Ritchie (Mrs. R.)....1229F 

Robertson (VV.) 2561 A 

Robinson (F. S.) ....2720 K 

Robinson (P.) 7181 F 

Rodenburg(J.) 2156 [ 

Rogers (J. "E. T.)....1675P> 
Romanes (G. J.) ....7352F 

Roosevelt (T.) 1507 F 

Rosebery(A. P.) Lord. 

7414 F 

Runciman (J.) 1108 J 

RuskinQ.) 3217 F 

Russell (G. W. E.)....1690, 

1863 F 

St. Helier (M.) LadyAOll ] 

Sainte-Beuve (C. A.).. 7184 F 

Saintsbury (G.) 75SOF 

Sala(G. A.).. .9003, 9007 F 
Salisbury(R.)J/ar ? // ( M,339J 
Schopenhauer (A.).... 2293 A 

Scott (J.) 305 F 

Scott (Sir W.) 7116 F 

Seeley(Sir J. R.)....7351F 

Senior (N. W.) 644 F 

Shipley (O.) 653 A 

Sidgwick(H.) 1868 F 

Sinnett(A. P.) 3450 A 

Skeltcn(J.) 3639 B. 15 F 

Smith (Adam) 1233 F 

Smith (Alex.) 355 F 

Spencer(H.) 666 A 

Steele (Sir R.).. .504. 958 F 
Stephen (Sir J. F.)942, 7257 F 
Stephen (Sir L.).1093, 1788 F 

Stephens (C.) 183 F 

Stevenson (R. L.) 

528, 1457, 1521, 9162 F 

Stillman(W. J.) 1586 F 

Stone (J. M.) 2629 F 

Story (A. T.) 7273 F 

Street (G. S.)...1488, 1542 F 

Sullivan (Sir E.) 2184 J 

Tartt(W.) 970 B 

Taylor (Sir H.) 1224 F 

Thomas (E.) 61 F 

Thompson (D'A. W.) 

7016 F, 965 J 
Thompson (H. M.). ... 1404 J 
Thomson (W. )Ab/>... 2149 A 
Thoreau (H. D.) 

719 721, 7215 F 

Todhunter (I.) 2191 J 

Traill (H. D.) 538 F 

Trevelyan (Sir G. O.).1630 F 
Tuckerman(H. T.)...1645F 

Tylor (D) 249 F 

Valles(J.) 1828 MF 

Van Dyke (H.).... 3423 A 

Vernon (J. R.) 9116 F 

Vernon (J. R.). .1097, 1133 F 

Vincent (L. H.) 766 F 

Waithman(F. \V.)....853F 

Walker (T.) 1141 F 

Ward(W.) 2315 F 

Warner (A.) 137 A 

Warren (S.) 917 F 

Watkins(M. G.) ....1478C 
Watson (E. H. L.)....971F 

Webster (A.) 1314 F 

Wells (H. G.) 1653 F 

Whibley(C) 1452 F 

Whi PP le(E. P.) 1537 F 


Wilde (O.) 2628 F 

Wilson (H. Schiitz) ..661 F 

Wilson (lohn) 813 F 

Wilson (J. M.) 1767 F 

Wilson (W.) 1036 F 

Windsor (A. L.) 2555 F 

Witte(K.) 7386 F 

Wood berry (G. E.) ..7421 F 

Wordsworth (E.) 237 A 

Zangwill(I.)..2310, 2792-3 F 
Zola(E.) 1829 MF 

ESSEX (R. D.) Earl, in Ireland. By E. Lawless. 
1890 9658 B 


Beckett (R. A.) Romantic Essex. 1901 1375 C 

Cowper (F.) Sailing Tours Round the Essex 

Coast. 1892-96 8, r )!)-2C 

Ilissey (J. |.) Tour in a l'liaelon through the 

Eastern Counties. 1 8S9 2619 C 

McConnell (P.) History of a Year's Farming 

in Essex. 1900 .2257 D 

Tompkins (II. VV.) Marsh Country Rambles. 

1904 15 53C 

Ward (C. S.)Guide to Essex. 1902 478C 





Estabrooke (E. M.) The Eerrotype, and How 

to Make It. 1898 1246K 

ESTATE AGENT, Successful, How to Become a. 

By R. Ernest. 1904 369 J 

Esther. See Bible, Commentaries. 
Etching. See Engraving. 

Etchings from Nature: Poems 142 II 

Eternity. See Eschatology. 

Ethelwerd. Chronicle : Trans, by J. A. Giles. 

1848 9585 B 

Ether. See Air. 

Addams (J. ) Democracy and Social Ethics. 

1902 1233 J 

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- Nichomachean Ethics. Trans, by Bp. 

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Banks (D. C.) Ethics of Work and Wealth. 

1904 1380 J 

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Bruce (A. B.) Moral Order of the World in 

Ancient and Modern Thought. 1899 1082 A 

Bruhl (L. L. ) Ethics and Moral Science. 1905. 1349 A 
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1869 ":.... 186 A 

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1901 1694 A 

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1874^ ..213 A 

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1876 763 A 

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Holland ( I. G. ) Letters to Young People. 1875. 193 A 
Illingworth (J. R.) Christian Character. 1905. 1873 A 
Kedney (J. S.) Problems in Ethics. 1900... 2343 A 
Kelley (F.) Some Ethical Gains through 

Legislation. 1905 387 J 

Knight (W. ) Varia : Studies on Problems of 

Ethics. 1901 1216 A 

Lccky (W. E. H.) Map of Life : Conduct and 

Character. 1900 1089 A 

Lilley (W. S.) On Right and Wrong. 1890.1110 A 
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- Epistles of St. John : Lectures on Christian 

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1904 3252 A 

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Zimmermann (T. G.) Essavs on National Pride. 

1805 .. 139A 

See also Character, Culture, Morals, Philosophy. 
ETHIOPIA, Egypt and Nubia. By J. Bonomi. 

1862 2958 C 

- See also Abyssinia, Egypt. 

Brace (C. L.) Manual of Ethnology. 1869... 1507 D 
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See also Anthropology, Man. 

Devereux(G. R. M.) Etiquette for Men. 1902.1230 J 

Etiquette for Ladies 101 T 

Etiquette for Women. 1902 1201 J 

Family Etiquette 100 J 

Glass of Fashion. By the Lounger in Society. 

1881 27J 

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Humphry (Mrs. C. E.) Etiquette for Every 

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- Manners for Men. 1899 1064J 

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Etive, Loch. See Scotland. 

ETNA : History of the Mountain and its 

Eruptions. By G. F. Rodwell. 1878 1264 C 

- See also